dupreeh: "More than satisfied"

November 21st, 2016 00:18

After Astralis finished 3rd-4th at IEM Oakland after a narrow loss to SK Gaming, we got Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen's thoughts about the semi-final and how satisfied the team is with their results since the addition of Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander.

Topping their group, Astralis faced SK in today's first semi-final of IEM Oakland, where the Brazilians won two very close maps, Train and Mirage.

dupreeh is satisfied with Astralis' results at ELEAGUE and IEM Oakland

We talked to Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen to find out what his thoughts on the semi-final were, what Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander has changed in the team and what the team can take away from their last two events with the new in-game leader:

In the semi-final against SK, they decided to leave in Cache which they never play, why did you go for Mirage instead?

I'm not in charge of the veto, so I don't know that much, but we talked about it yesterday. I think it's mainly because SK had a shaky Nuke lately, they lost pretty hard to G2 and TACO said they had to fix Nuke, so they probably didn't feel confident on it. We had an okay showing against G2 even though we didn't win, so I think they mainly did it because they feel uncomfortable on it themselves, not because they feared us on it. We decided to pick Mirage because we weren't comfortable playing Cache, we hadn't put much time into it. So we wanted to play a map that we knew we put a lot of time into already.

Would you have picked Nuke if that was in the pool instead of Cache?

Yes, we would.

Train was down to the wire really, and it came down to a pretty big comeback from SK on the CT side. How much did you think you'd be able to do on the T side beforehand?

I'm pretty confident in saying SK is the best team in the world on Train, they have a huge record in beating the best teams in the world. We've had a pretty big success on Train as well and I think in the end we are probably the second best team on it right now, everyone is so confident on it and we have a lot of ideas. We got behind like 0-5 in the beginning and we started figuring them out. As Terrorists we knew exactly what to do against them, we knew what type of strategies to use, but in the end they just adapted to us and we couldn't close it out, but I still believe we can become better on it than them.

On Mirage, like you said one of your comfortable maps, it was looking good at about 12-13 when you came back from a deficit. You managed to make a game out of it but dropped the ball in the end, did they adapt to your defence again?

It's kinda funny, because on Mirage we made a lot of changes to the roles, especially myself, I'm playing new roles on both T and CT, I'm in the B apartments now. I had a really bad T half, mainly because the thing is that if the guys don't get anything from the default on middle, I don't really have much to do as a lurker in B apps, I'm just standing around waiting for everyone to get killed. So I didn't have much impact as Terrorists, and obviously I hate not having any impact as an entry fragger and a lurker.

It came down to that we didn't have that much success doing the defaults in the beginning. I think we had like a 4-4, and then we just went a little bit away from what we wanted to do, making specific fakes rather than trying to bruteforce ourselves through it. They adapted as well, pushing us as CT, they made a lot of information plays at the right times and they knew where we were going. Generally they played very aggressive in middle to kill our momentum and the default before we could do anything.

So, the funny thing as CT is that we struggled more on the B bombsite in practice, and this time it felt like we played way better than we usually do there. That's why they went there that much, we played against them quite a few times on Mirage and they had so much success on the B bombsite against me and Xyp9x. We played pretty well there now and in the end they made really good splits on A and they're insanely good at that, so they just figured us out I guess, as they did on Train. That's why they won I guess.

So far you made playoffs at ELEAGUE and top four here, first of all, are you satisfied with what you've done since the addition of gla1ve and secondly, what can you take away from the past couple of weeks?

Oh yeah, definitely. I'm more than satisfied. Obviously I would've liked to make the final and I feel like we could've done it as well, we should've won Train and we could've won Mirage too, but they won the right rounds, in general they're a more strategical and better team than we are right now. That's just it, we've changed so much since we removed karrigan, gla1ve came in with a completely new playstyle and so many of us got new roles. So I'm satisfied with what we've achieved so far, and the mental state, which has been a problem for us for a long time. People were playing pretty well individually, everyone had good rounds, so I think we did pretty well considering how much time we had to prepare, because we only had a bootcamp and about a week of practice, then we went to ELEAGUE and been on the road ever since. I'm looking forward to the future, we're just gonna have to change a few things here and there, add a few strategies, and I'm pretty sure we're gonna win something pretty soon.

Denmark Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander
Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander
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Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Rating 1.0:
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Well to be honest, I can understand why dupreeh is feeling more than satisfied but I expected more from them still too early for Astralis as they changed their ingame leader lately, hope they will do better on major and eleague playoffs. kek
2016-11-21 00:19
NiKo | 
Austria Phil_1337 
Nice copy paste
2016-11-21 00:31
Post edited 2016-11-21 00:19:46
2016-11-21 09:08
NiKo | 
Austria Phil_1337 
Same as #6
2016-11-21 09:50
Go tell your friends. kek
2016-11-22 18:12
Denmark RandomDane 
I could see them winning But yeah.. :(
2016-11-21 07:04
Congrats to "EZestest4me" for posting his post 2 seconds before mine getting that top comment ;) GJ BRO !
2016-11-21 00:20
2016-11-21 00:42
noice dupreeh :D
2016-11-21 00:18
I tried
2016-11-21 00:18
Well to be honest, I can understand why dupreeh is feeling more than satisfied but I expected more from them still too early for Astralis as they changed their ingame leader lately, hope they will do better on major and eleague playoffs.
2016-11-21 00:18
get owned slow guy
2016-11-21 00:18
Poland mamba99999 
He wrote his comment after reading the whole article.
2016-11-21 00:23
nt but he has them ready and then he just cnps
2016-11-21 00:23
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
lul so bad
2016-11-21 00:18
more like "Slowest_bot_ever"
2016-11-21 00:18
Utter failure. LOOOL. Beaten by your apprentices.
2016-11-21 00:19
you are so slow , what a BOT , so bad ,delete your account please
2016-11-21 00:28
2016-11-21 00:43
Brazil mibrzera 
u era ends
2016-11-21 00:49
you can delete your account now k ty
2016-11-21 14:29
lol disband
2016-11-22 21:41
Spain Arhlex 
not 1
2016-11-21 00:18
United States kamil0vsky 
Astralis will be 2nd team in Denmark, dignitas is going better and better...
2016-11-21 00:18
United States grundhoog 
gj asstralis
2016-11-21 00:18
shox | 
Canada dB- 
2016-11-21 00:18
2016-11-21 00:18
"More than satisfied" expected from choketralis!
2016-11-21 00:18
Go ur favela in zoo and eat some bananas my monkey best friend :>
2016-11-22 16:25
2016-11-22 17:02
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Congratz and thank you my friend, we appreciate that! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-11-21 00:18
Brazil dng0 
+1 #runSKG
2016-11-21 00:19
2016-11-21 00:19
+1 We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2016-11-21 00:21
Brazil MommyStealer 
2016-11-21 00:23
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
2016-11-21 00:23
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
2016-11-21 00:35
fucking nationalists
2016-11-21 12:43
hes getting fat again
2016-11-21 00:20
Poland mamba99999 
They might be back. Now we are waiting for enVyus.
2016-11-21 00:21
It was a semifinal finish, which isn't bad, but just winning a couple of bo1s and nothing else is bad lol
2016-11-21 00:22
losing to the best team in the world isnt that bad...
2016-11-21 00:25
Not anymore :>
2016-11-21 17:14
BnTeT | 
Poland B4R73K 
I'm pretty confident in say SK is the best team in the world on Train, they have a huge record in beating the best teams in the world. We've had a pretty big success on Train as well and I think in the end we are probably the second best team on it right now KEK
2016-11-21 00:31
Astralis played without pressure that's why they got a "good result" it was like Navi in the first tournament with seized as igl they were looking promissing now they didn't even went to playoffs... Im not saying that they are bad but u know... Doesnt mean anything...
2016-11-21 00:35
rain | 
Brazil gbonfera 
2016-11-21 00:39
Denmark clutchkongen 
unfortunately it just looked like more of the same.. didn't look like enough if any had changed. sad face :(
2016-11-21 00:55
Thx to that stupid interviewer tilting dev1ce with ridiculous questions just before the first map...
2016-11-21 00:59
dupreeh always give good interviews. He is fair in his assessments and recognize when the other team plays better, while still pointing out what they, themselves, could have done better. GL going forward to Astralis
2016-11-21 01:02
2016-11-21 01:38
goes full loser mentality lol satisfied with a semi final
2016-11-21 02:08
More likely realistic mentality. Would be full on retarded to expect more than that at this point. Before this tournament they were legit tier 4 team.
2016-11-22 10:59
no... team without confident in themselves will never win anything gutless
2016-11-22 13:44
Team with overconfidence is going nowhere either.
2016-11-22 13:58
pretty sure they will go further
2016-11-22 17:28
2016-11-22 18:39
China Yanick 
Could any guy tell me who is the IGL of Astralis now?
2016-11-21 05:25
2016-11-21 06:17
China Yanick 
Thank you guys ;)
2016-11-21 21:14
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
2016-11-21 09:54
Damn, you gotta fix hltv, guys. The text is so damn tiny and hard to read on a fullhd screen, while the 3/4 of the site is empty grey border.
2016-11-21 08:56
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
14-9 => 14-16 never forget
2016-11-21 09:52
Satisfied after loss. Says quite much about their attitude. Can you see e.g. GTR saying this after a loss?
2016-11-21 09:55
Astralis is a Tier 2 team. To be going to the semifinals at a major event of course is a good result for them, and something they should logically be satisfied with.
2016-11-21 12:44
Only pussies doesnt try to win no matter what
2016-11-21 12:48
Dupreeh never said that they didn't try to win. Of course they tried, they just lost to a better SK team.
2016-11-21 20:26
Sweden qgh 
2016-11-21 13:44
2016-11-21 11:36
They got to semis after a couple of bo1 wins, and lets be honest, their group was a complete joke. Then they lost against SK after choke + not even winning their own map pick. That is nothing to be proud of, looks like Astralis have accepted that they will never be tier 1 again. Disband plz
2016-11-21 14:37
Tbh, they had a tier 1 performance. If they keep it up they're tier 1.
2016-11-22 10:46
They really didn't though. They won bo1's against Liquid (tier 2 if ELiGE is going ham, tier 3 if not), Na'Vi (struggling a lot atm), Immortals (tier 2) and Tyloo (lower end of tier 2 at best). They lost against G2 and SK, and the victories were pretty decisive. Only team they beat which can be considered tier 1 is perhaps Na'Vi, and that is only if s1mple is having a good game, which he didn't have. They proved absolutely nothing.
2016-11-22 12:33
Lul they had very close game with top 1 team. Thats tier 1 performance.
2016-11-22 13:55
Tier 1 "performance", just another lame excuse for a loss. A close game means nothing. They didn't even pick up their own map choice. Even Heroic managed to pick up a map against SK. But by your definition Heroic are tier 1 as well, right? Lul
2016-11-22 15:45
Hmm I dont see heroic in the semis, do you?
2016-11-22 16:04
Hmm no but I do see a team that got there by beating a bunch of crappy tier 2 teams in bo1's and then get detroyed 2-0 by a team that didn't even win the tournament in the end, do you?
2016-11-22 16:09
Destroyed? Rofl xD Heroic got destroyed.
2016-11-22 16:15
Yeah I don't give a shit about Heroic, they're tier 2 team just like Astralis, except Heroic have actually won LANs. Astralis didn't even win their own map pick on SK's 5th worst map. That's just pathetic. Even CLG and Liquid have beaten them on Mirage in past 3 months LUL
2016-11-22 16:22
Tier 5 LANs that are too low for astralis to even participate xD Yeah maybe some online shit matches who no one cares about xD Also heroic beat them on first match of the tourney which sk dont care about either and didnt even give value to heroic xD In semis they play their best and no one in that tourney except Nip couldve won them. Top 1 and 2 teams and astralis slight behind them tier 2 topkek.
2016-11-22 18:33
"Slightly behind" biggest lul all week. Please remind me, when did Shitstralis last beat a top 10 team on LAN? MLG Columbus? Hahahaha
2016-11-22 22:56
16-14 16-12 is not close? You're the biggest lul of the week. Oakland helloo? xD Esl ny? I didnt even say they're tier 1 right now, I just said when they continue like this event they will be xD You're so fucking lost ma friend.
2016-11-22 23:46
a top 10 in a bo3 or bo5 obviously, the only formats that matters. I thought that went without saying but I guess you're too dumb? Any shit-tier team can win a bo1 Yeah sure if they continue to loose every bo3 against tier 1 teams 0-2 they'll be tier 1 in no time lol. Maybe in a few years they might even reach a final, wouldn't that be a sight. It's every Astralis players dream to choke in a final
2016-11-23 00:09
Hahah biggest astralis hater I've ever seen, you cant even think straight xD How fucking much did you lose man? xD
2016-11-23 11:16
I don't bet but if I would I would bet on Astralis loose in semis :) Ez money
2016-11-23 11:46
Faze better in train. #FAZEUP
2016-11-22 10:45
So what did they achieve, nothing.
2016-11-22 12:20
25k$ ? xD
2016-11-22 14:00
Astralis played well against SK and I think they will keep upping their game!
2016-11-22 15:19
2º forever
2016-11-22 18:39
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