Miami Flamingos sign new team

A new Latin American team has been created. Based in Miami, the Flamingos have acquired players from Argentina, Colombia, and Chile to compete in North America. To get a deeper look into the team, we talked to Jonathan “JonY BoY” Muñoz.

In a migration started more famously by Brazilian teams such as SK, Immortals, and other Brazilian teams, the Miami Flamingos will move into a gaming house in the United States where they will try to find opportunities to display their talents.

The team, which initially was going to feature three Latin American players and two North American players, finally opted for a fully South American lineup with three Argentines: Jonathan "⁠JonY BoY⁠" Muñoz, Guillermo "⁠guishorro⁠" Areco, and Matias "⁠tutehen⁠" Canale; a Chilean, Cristian "⁠Proxure⁠" Rojas; and a Colombian, Juanes "⁠sickLy⁠" Valencia.

JonY BoY celebrating after a win at TWC 2016 with Flamingos coach kam1kaze

When asked about the beginnings of the project, team manager Lucas Noya responded it all started when he was looking for a sponsorship for his team in Argentina, Guerreros del Mouse. After finding some Argentine and North American investors, the idea was to mix North American and Latin American players. After several talks, though, the idea of giving some of the region’s most notable figures the platform they crave arose.

As the organization dots the i’s and gets its Visas in order before the team travels North, we spoke to JonY BoY to get his insight into Miami Flamingos’ inception, what the team’s move means for the region, and what goals they have for the next six months.

Let’s start with the last time we heard of Argentine players on a main stage, which was at TWC. There, you and tutehen got a second place which is more than most people expected. What has your time between then and now been like?

As you said, we exceeded expectations. Our own and those of the Latin American community in general. After that we made it to the WESG offline qualifier in Brazil, but there we weren’t able to repeat our performance. That somewhat sentenced us, because a lot of the people that were keeping an eye on us to help us, be it financially or with a gaming house, to keep growing and living off of this fell through.

So would you say that bad result at WESG is what broke that team?

I’m not sure if it’s what broke the team, it just broke the expectations some organizations from, for example, North America, had. We still believed and wanted to play out the rest of the year together. We get along really well and we have really good chemistry, but we couldn’t let this new opportunity [Miami Flamingos] slip away.

Where did the opportunity to create this team come from?

I got called up a couple weeks ago. I was told there was a new project which was aiming at integrating Latin America and the United States, which makes sense in a place like Miami. The initial idea was to mix North American and Latin American players. The two Argentine players were going to be guishorro and myself, and a third player would be from Brazil or another country in the region, and two players from the United States. Finally, it was a Chilean player instead of a Brazilian as we found Proxure, who I really like.

After some more talks we reached the conclusion that we could just make a full Latin American team, so we brought tutehen and sickLy on board.

Having players from three different countries, how well do you know each other? You know your countrymen well, but what about the others. Have you played much with and against them, or are you just going to get together and figure it out?

I know both Proxure and sickLy from having played against them, especially Proxure since we’ve played several tournaments against each other. I met him personally at WESG, same as sickLy, although I only played against the latter at WESG. We play a lot of mixes together, though. We also watch streams together and we actually spend a good amount of time together and we share a lot of similar views about the game, so even if we haven’t played much together we do see eye to eye on a lot of things.

As far as all five of us playing together, it’s all going to be new. It’s going to be the first time we see who’s going to play with who and all that, so it just comes down to working it out.

Lately guishorro has been playing with the AWP a lot, and you play it as well. How are roles going to be divvied up? Who’s going to lead?

As far as I know I’m going to be the team’s leader, but we need to figure out who’s going to be calling the shots in-game. I’m guessing it will be sickLy since he’s currently leading his team. I’m going to be the primary AWPer and guishorro will be secondary AWPer, especially on CT side. Then we have tutehen who will be playing support, Proxure who will be entrying with guishorro on the terrorist side, and sickLy who will play as a lurker.

It seems a lot of people really liked players from the Argentina team like Straka, nbl, or tomi, perhaps even instead of guishorro. What are your thoughts on the organization’s decision to bring him on?

Yeah, that was one of the first decisions the organization made. From the first moment when the idea was to have two Argentine players, a third Latin American, and two North Americans, the two Argentines were going to be guishorro and myself.

This also has a lot to do with something that a lot of people in Argentina don’t understand, which is that it’s not all about playing, and guishorro knew how to sell his brand, streaming, etc. Yeah, sure, I think the players from the national team were perhaps playing a bit better but he can demonstrate that he can be, like he has been, a big name in Argentine CS.

He’s an experienced player. Perhaps that can be advantageous?

Yeah, definitely.

So tell me a bit about the goals. You have six months, right?

Yeah, our first contract is for six months and our goal is to play everything we can. Every open qualifier, trying to make it to the closed qualifiers, ESEA, CEVO, everything. We’ll just miss the first qualifier of the year for DreamHack because sickLy and Proxure are going to be in China with their countries for WESG during those dates, but they’ll join the rest of the team in Miami when they get back.

So where do you think you stand amongst the North American teams?

I’m not sure since I’ve never played against any of them except for some of the Brazilians like SK and Immortals, but after TWC in Serbia where we played for the first time against teams that had players from the likes of Heroic and Space Soldiers I think we’ll be able to fight and we’ll just have to adapt and put in a lot of hours and dedication.

You know, players like tutehen, for example, worked nine hours a day and then played after work when he could. If he could play well in those circumstances, I think when we can play eight, nine, ten, or more hours a day we’re going to become much better. We’ll have to see if we can play at that level but I think it’s about time and dedication and I think it’s possible. There’s not that much of a gap. The gap is more in the opportunity of making it your livelihood. If one wants to get better, he can. Only then can you see if one can become as good as the best.

So what do you think will be the biggest change going from Latin America to North America?

Yeah, what I was saying about tutehen. Here we either have jobs or we study, playing is our hobby. We spend eight or nine hours at work plus commuting and then we play a few hours when we can. In North America people play for a living, and it’s also their hobby, so they spend all these hours playing. If you’re dedicated and can play all these hours, that’s a great advantage. The second part will be the ability to play against better competition and being able to keep motivation high, because we will have a lot more opportunities to play qualifiers, well organized leagues, and so on. I just think all of this will really motivate us to practice hard day by day and to not lose that motivation.

So the most advanced region in South America as far as CS goes is Brazil, with several teams having already moved to North America. How can you compare an Argentine team or a mixed Latin American team to Brazilian teams?

Yeah, that ties in with what I was just explaining. In Brazil you have more tournaments, more organizations, more motivation to play. You know, the mentality is: “if sometime in the future one of our teams in North America need a player they may call on me.” So motivation is a huge part of it. Think about it this way, just as an example, if SK or Immortals suddenly need an AWPer the first thing they’ll do is look for one here. So for example kNg from g3x might think: “I have to play really well because if they ever need an AWPer, it could be me.” A clear example of that is what just happened with steel. Immortals needed someone to lead the team and now he’s back in North America.

So having someone representing you and knowing that maybe someday soon you could be playing there, that’s huge for the scene. That’s the mentality I’m going there with. What I really like is that we’re a mixed team from many countries, because it’s helping kick-start the scene in all these places. So maybe not so far in the future we need another player and it could be another Colombian, or a Chilean coming over. This will help these communities grow, and grow together by supporting a common team, and it will give players motivation to think: “yeah, I can make it there.”

Do you think there are chances for the scene to ever grow enough to be independent? Meaning teams won’t have to go to North America to compete, for example.

Well, that’s my objective and that’s why I want to go to the United States, so we can get exposure. But the reality is that it’s not just about esports. The region has to grow politically, economically… there are other priorities for society, and if that doesn’t get better it doesn’t matter how good the players get, they’re still going to try and get out. I mean look at Suarez, Neymar, and Messi. If it were good enough here they wouldn’t be playing in Europe. And we’re talking about football, where there’s plenty of talent. So I think the issues are more about culture, politics, and economy. The only shot we have is for the region to stay united.

Lastly, any parting words you’d like to add?

Yeah, first of all just thank you for your time. Second, I want to tell people we love the support when things go well, but it’s also important to support us when things don’t go as well. I’m not trying to get ahead of myself or say it’ll be bad, of course I’m wishing for the opposite. But if people really want us to do well, they must support us when things go well and when they don’t. Things will start to happen with hard work and dedication. It’s a huge responsibility for us to be the first team to represent our countries in North America. It’s a lot pressure for all of us. This can work in our favor—to motivate us—, but it can also play against us because people may think we’re not the right players or because we’re not trying hard enough. The thing is, I feel like a lot of times people don’t realize our rivals are also playing, it’s two teams in a server. For example, sometimes you lose a big lead and people say “how could you lose that?”, but just like we got twelve rounds one half, so can they. People will study us, like we will study them. So support is in the good and the bad!

With Proxure and sickLy attending the WESG offline finals with their respective countries, the Miami Flamingos will start playing together in January when they move into their house in Florida. The team’s starting five is:

Argentina Jonathan "⁠JonY BoY⁠" Muñoz
Argentina Guillermo "⁠guishorro⁠" Areco
Argentina Matias "⁠tutehen⁠" Canale
Chile Cristian "⁠Proxure⁠" Rojas
Colombia Juanes "⁠sickLy⁠" Valencia

Argentina Eugenio "kam1kaze" Mongi (coach) 

Argentina Jonathan 'JonY BoY' Muñoz
Jonathan 'JonY BoY' Muñoz
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Maps played:
Argentina Guillermo 'guishorro' Areco
Guillermo 'guishorro' Areco
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Argentina Matias 'tutehen' Canale
Matias 'tutehen' Canale
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Colombia Juanes 'sickLy' Valencia
Juanes 'sickLy' Valencia
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Chile Cristian 'Proxure' Rojas
Cristian 'Proxure' Rojas
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Maps played:
gl JonY BoY
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<3 Jony
2016-11-25 02:11
gl jony, but I don't agree on tutehen, they should have called the other guy from nature force, or other argentina or maybe some peru's player
2016-11-25 02:38
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I really want to see this lineup succeed to see the rest of the SA scene grow
2016-11-25 07:41
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me to, it's sick to see a Latin american team
2016-11-25 22:28
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gl jony boy
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400dpi sucks
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2016-11-25 02:11
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What? Its gonna be awesome with more people and Nations involved. The scene is growing and we should be happy for it
2016-11-25 09:10
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yea it looks good ;) im thinking about the name hehe ^^
2016-11-25 19:26
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Oh gotcha;)
2016-11-25 21:46
i love you <3
2017-01-05 13:16
what a name that is
2016-11-25 02:11
2016-11-25 02:11
2016-11-25 02:11
I don't really like their name...
2016-11-25 02:11
Russia .cyb3r
2016-11-25 02:11
Hell yeah! Good luck Jony Boy & Co.! #RUNLATINAMERICA
2016-11-25 02:11
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Denmark mikey4320
lol Miami They'll fit right in (if they manage to stay safe)
2016-11-25 02:11
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They gotta watch out for Cubans
2016-11-25 05:55
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There's a lot of Cubans in Miami who cause trouble
2016-11-26 22:54
what a weird name
2016-11-25 02:12
United Kingdom tr@c
Glad they've come out and shown their flamboyant pink selves.
2016-11-25 02:11
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2016-11-25 02:12
steel | 
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This is amazing! GL JonY BoY<3!
2016-11-25 02:12
Good luck boys from BRAZIL! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2016-11-25 02:12
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Jony boy!!!!!
2016-11-25 02:12
gl boys
2016-11-25 02:12
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Brazil hugoooo
Very nice!
2016-11-25 02:14
Brazil RisenNTC
GL hermanos
2016-11-25 02:14
2016-11-25 02:14
good luck boys, hope you can do it well.
2016-11-25 02:15
This guy reply way too long Who wanna read a chapter per question
2016-11-25 02:16
16 replies
Those who are interested in it... I personally enjoy reading what Jony Boy says, since he is one of the beste xponents we have here in Argentina, and moving into NA is a huge step for us. Hopefully they will do well and push forward our CS scene.
2016-11-25 03:57
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+1 It's just arrogant, rude and uncivilised in my eyes not to read the entire text present.
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Stalker doyou have zero friends? Searching up my comment just to say something? You're a creepy dude, Mr jonty
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Your insult really goes to show how mentally challenged you are. I honestly feel sorry for you. Good luck in life.
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Fuck you yeah
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Statistics say that Norway actually have a lot of inbreds. I didn't think this was true but im amazed with what you've shown thus far.
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Interesting point, however cogito ergo sum. Also i find it somewhat amusive that you assume that my reasons are political? Why would that be?
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If i was your retarded brother, would that not affect your genes aswell? You just played yourself with that tiny mind of yours.
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I'm not your bro gypsy fucker
2016-11-26 16:36
This makes it much more interesting to read. Most players just reply common answers seen hundred times before or simply don't elaborate on their thoughts much. It's great to have someone who's ready to give his full opinion. Plus we don't know much about the latin scene so it was nice to read what he thought about it.
2016-11-25 09:41
they could have signed g3x the best brazilian team playing in brazil but sign this lol
2016-11-25 02:16
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g3x is way too much for this organization..
2016-11-25 02:16
Shut up, dude. The objective is exposure in South America, not sign another tier 3 brazilian team that can't even get visas.
2016-11-25 02:57
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brazil is in south america as far as i know and every team that lives in na has visas :>
2016-11-25 18:24
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So? You wanted g3x. kng and khtex can't get visas with that favela face ;)
2016-11-26 23:03
2016-11-25 02:16
I live 30 mins away hope i don't lose any bets on this team
2016-11-25 02:16
Who ?
2016-11-25 02:16
Holy shit Miami, time to root for some Florida boys. Lets go!!!
2016-11-25 02:18
Chile furpU
ez proxure
2016-11-25 02:18
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Argentina Rawix
2017-02-10 15:45
wut :D
2016-11-25 02:18
In the future: SA Cs >>>>> NA Cs
2016-11-25 02:18
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Brazil NurFawzi
in the future? wtf
2016-11-25 05:10
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maybe he wanna said "Latin CS" :)
2016-11-25 07:13
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2016-11-25 16:13
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2016-11-25 02:23
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this is just a cover, they are smuggling drugs to miami obviously
2016-11-25 02:25
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made my day, lol
2016-11-25 06:21
no nbl no party
2016-11-25 02:26
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2016-11-25 03:38
Lets go hermanos! Brasil with you boluditos :D
2016-11-25 02:28
Whaaaaaaaat? GL guys, vamos Argentina!!
2016-11-25 02:28
They may do something with this team, yet tho they're not getting out of tier 400 until 2018 lul
2016-11-25 02:32
couldn't they find a more stupid name?!
2016-11-25 02:35
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Argentina CrayZ
flamingos miami ? kappa
2016-11-25 03:02
Brazil LaicaBoss
why stupid name? they have professional sports team this is a traditional name for america team they always use the name of the city + an animal or nick or something like that
2016-11-25 11:56
Wow, nice team!
2016-11-25 02:36
Go boluditos
2016-11-25 02:36
Gl Hermanos from SA. <3
2016-11-25 02:39
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Finland eMBeJaana
2016-11-25 09:40
Argentina naykos
2016-11-25 02:46
Gl :)
2016-11-25 02:47
por sudamerica ctm #goflamingos
2016-11-25 02:47
gl :)
2016-11-25 02:48
They cant even win a fucking G.A league without g3x, INTZ, CNB, BigGods and they're going to NA? LUL gl at getting 20th place at Open
2016-11-25 02:50
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u mad? cuz i'm not :)
2016-11-25 03:16
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truth hurts huh? 12.Chile Force Of Nature CSGO 9/7 14.Argentina Seleccion Argentina 8/8 Cant even qualify to playoffs in BR open man, this team is a joke
2016-11-25 03:41
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you mad cuz monkey?
2016-11-25 04:08
stfu mad boy
2016-11-25 14:26
2016-11-25 03:45
thats true
2016-11-25 06:08
Bro, they only need some time to improve. Remember that SK at the beggining was totally shit. There's also good level in the other countries of south america, not only brazil ;)
2016-11-25 08:07
1 reply
SK was the best team in Brasil by a long margin, and when they went to U.S they became the best team in u.s in 2 months, don't use SK as an example.
2016-11-25 10:36
Argentina Retegui
Vamos papu #GOFLA
2016-11-25 02:52
that name tho imagine they make it to a major in 2018 KEK
2016-11-25 02:53
GL muchachos!!!
2016-11-25 02:56
GL #RoadToESL lel
2016-11-25 02:58
GL guys!!!
2016-11-25 02:59
Argentina V4TS3L
Gogogogo Jony Boy! <3
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Argentina Kamps22
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are these people known or are hltv writing articles about master guardians again
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2016-11-25 03:20
GL Boludossssssss
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2016-11-25 03:26
Chile Cristoff
GL muchachos, EZ proxure
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gl hermanos
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ayyy boludos in NA to steal more NA spots. GLHF
2016-11-25 03:30
gl hermanos rooting for you!
2016-11-25 03:31
One questions hermanos.. That's the best team that South Americans except Brazilian can form? The line is good?
2016-11-25 03:33
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Argentina Luchoarts
You mean a Dream Team? It's the first time i ever see a mix south american team like this. So, we have to wait for results even the selection argentina wasn't a dream team. Sorry for my englando
2016-11-25 03:52
hmmm probably
2016-11-25 03:53
Argentina tinchOO
not with guishorro imo
2016-11-25 15:23
Thats a nice question, IMO could be better, the players on the team are really good and all of they have a specific roll. Tbh Guishorro was one of the best aimer in Argentina, now i think he's far way from his best form, hope to recover that in a short time. Tutehen is really good as support and can give the perfect sustain to the team. Proxure is on a really good form, im not a fan of the chilean scene but i like players like this, Tio or even greeps. Jony boy imo is the best team leader and awper that every single team in SA can have, even up on Land1n and Linkz. About sickly i don't know much, he is a lurker and was really good player at WESG. In general terms is a great team, we have to see all togethers
2016-11-25 15:45
2016-11-25 03:36
WHO? irrelevant
2016-11-25 03:39
2016-11-25 03:40
GL with the new roster Jony, but Kam1kaze still coaching without having the proper knowledge will bring the team down a little bit
2016-11-25 03:55
1 reply
Dude's been around forever, why do you think he doesn't have the proper knowledge?
2017-02-14 19:16
Brazil wdks
gogo proxure
2016-11-25 03:56
Argentina macrigato
minimal guishorro straka tutehen JonY BoY that would be a perfect argentinian roster
2016-11-25 04:02
gl <3
2016-11-25 04:03
Argentina Bombtrack
2016-11-25 04:06
RpK | 
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gl sickly
2016-11-25 04:06
2016-11-25 04:11
Congrats Sicly, Colombia support you!
2016-11-25 04:11
2016-11-25 04:13
never heard of this chilean and the colombian dude, are they good?
2016-11-25 04:13
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Chile Romanosky
Proxure is fine, sicky IDK, but is the IGL of team.
2016-11-25 04:21
The Colombian player is the captain of the besar csgo Colombian Team and he go to China to Play in wesg finals
2016-11-25 05:52
pick me and vaati up and we'll adopt bruno so yall can save some $$$$$ ayyyy im kidding, gl lol, lets see what they can do -_^
2016-11-25 04:22
sXe | 
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oxxxymiron > johny boy
2016-11-25 04:27
ez proxure top 1 NA
2016-11-25 04:32
when ur mge and have beaten sickLy in a pug
2016-11-25 04:43
better be quick before that wall gets built
2016-11-25 04:50
gogoogog proxure!
2016-11-25 04:51
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metal, pls
2016-11-25 16:25
miami... wheres the diversity of hispanic/black/asian
2016-11-25 04:58
damn this is some interesting stuff right here
2016-11-25 05:00
Definitely feels bad for the north american counter strike, south american teams are taking their spots at majors and small lan events. #GOLATAM #GOFLAMINGOS
2016-11-25 05:01
kony 2012 < jony 2016
2016-11-25 05:03
gl hermanitos
2016-11-25 05:47
tutehen is the best ! vamo culeaaaa2
2016-11-25 05:49
Great see you in Major Finals
2016-11-25 05:53
GL for them!
2016-11-25 05:55
Go Argentina Go SA Go Flamingos <3
2016-11-25 05:55
Ez for oxxxy
2016-11-25 06:01
#GoFlamingos GL Jonathan, Guillermo, Matias, Cristian and Juanes!! this is history
2016-11-25 06:23
good luck!
2016-11-25 06:28
Argentina sheshev
good luck maiameeee flamingos
2016-11-25 06:33
no nbl no party
2016-11-25 07:15
Argentina tpainarg
2016-11-25 07:34
GL lads
2016-11-25 08:03
Looks interesting :P
2016-11-25 08:09
Gl jonyboy, sounds like a intelligent guy unlike some pros. Could be just a wrong impression, but he talks like a smart man
2016-11-25 08:12
I was hoping something like this would happen but also involving Linkz or bruno or warpath. but still noice
2016-11-25 08:12
KK | 
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plata o plomo?
2016-11-25 08:54
Easy for JonY e guishorro
2016-11-25 08:59
Zero | 
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nice, good luck
2016-11-25 09:11
Thumbs up!
2016-11-25 09:18
Poland Mateo29
this team is very better than sk
2016-11-25 09:33
Lets be honest, they are setting up a cocaine cartel.
2016-11-25 09:40
1 reply
that's ironic actually
2016-11-25 09:49
Good news, 6 months is really short but with great effort and a bit of luck these guys might break into the scene for real and stay under contract.
2016-11-25 09:44
Gl guys, hope you achieve great things, its nice to see latin america trying to compete at a higher level
2016-11-25 09:57
Good luck!
2016-11-25 09:58
Faroe Islands _shubaN
Let's me guess, this team will disband after 4 months.
2016-11-25 10:05
Awesome news! Great interview and such a cool team-name! Cheers! :)
2016-11-25 10:07
gl sickLy who responded to me once
2016-11-25 10:34
Gl chicos, make us proud!
2016-11-25 10:43
My jony boy
2016-11-25 11:41
N1 Happy for them
2016-11-25 12:03
GL hermanito Jony Boy
2016-11-25 12:39
k1ck oldschool > johnyy
2016-11-25 12:40
everybody talking shit about them, hope they shut their fucking mouth. GL BOYSSSSS
2016-11-25 12:44
1 reply
2016-11-25 13:25
Good luck!
2016-11-25 13:04
Proxure flag name? Texas? Lol
2016-11-25 13:11
4 replies
2016-11-25 13:29
2 replies
Turkey Mustafa-
lol so bad
2016-11-25 13:50
1 reply
turkey my sides
2016-11-25 16:27
Chile Cristoff
lol that geography education
2016-11-25 14:20
Brazil Kohzito
gl hermanos!
2016-11-25 13:22
GL <3
2016-11-25 13:24
who ?
2016-11-25 13:54
2016-11-25 13:57
2016-11-25 13:58
1 reply
fucke ryou
2016-11-27 23:29
gl new SK, lets hope their fanbase doesnt turn out to be autistic
2016-11-25 14:09
gl pablo escobar
2016-11-25 14:17
Cyprus Swishh_
gl gl
2016-11-25 14:22
Happy to see another SA line-up competing abroad, let's make SA e-Sports scene even greater.
2016-11-25 14:26
what a joke lmao
2016-11-25 14:30
i need miami flamingoes stickers
2016-11-25 14:41
2 replies
woah, it might be cool with that pink colour!
2016-11-25 16:28
2016-11-25 16:36
Poor NA teams, soon they'll have to migrate to asia
2016-11-25 15:22
United Kingdom swellis
wont achieve anything
2016-11-25 15:24
LMFAO This team? lmao dude ak master team.
2016-11-25 15:36
Argentina gonna takeover rip brazzs
2016-11-25 16:12
new team new dream
2016-11-25 16:32
GL boluditos!
2016-11-25 16:39
These guys need to pick better username before they go further in their carrer, those favela nicknames are tonguetwsiters
2016-11-25 16:43
RiP Straka saca aka taka taka y ya gane :c
2016-11-25 17:00
good luck boluditos
2016-11-25 17:05
gl SA brothers!
2016-11-25 17:29
2016-11-25 17:37
Juanes prolly playing dgl only
2016-11-25 17:45
2016-11-25 18:26
proxure is the top 1 in poor texas
2016-11-25 19:38
Serbia SF94
I think Straka was the better choice than tutehen....
2016-11-25 21:34
10 replies
Jony + straka and tomi GG
2016-11-26 01:05
9 replies
Argentina macrigato
yo no entiendo todos los que piden por tomi , el pibito va a la escuela todavia creo
2016-11-26 01:16
8 replies
JAJAJAJ que tiene que ver... va a la escuela pero logró más que vos en tu vida
2016-11-26 17:38
7 replies
Argentina macrigato
yo no estoy diciendo que sea malo , es uno de los mejores.Como que tiene que ver?Sos retrasado vos? que te pensas que los padres le van a permitir dejar la escuela ? rico pibe..
2016-11-26 23:09
6 replies
"yo no entiendo todos los que piden por tomi"
2016-11-27 19:22
5 replies
Argentina macrigato
claro , porque el pibe va a la escuela,digo no tienen sentido comun? en ningun momento dije que sea malo
2016-11-28 01:49
4 replies
Entonces esta frase no iba en la oración : "yo no entiendo todos los que piden por tomi"
2016-11-28 16:17
3 replies
Argentina macrigato
Si iba , porque no entiendo a los que piden por tomi sabiendo que todavia va a la escuela y que es casi imposible que los padres le permitan abandonar la escuela para irse a vivir a eeuu para vivir de un game.
2016-11-28 18:38
1 reply
Argentina EnvyJ
Orto cerrado
2016-11-28 22:01
Niko tenes 27 añitos genio del alma, tenes que dejar de hacerte la paja, mira que bruto te pones. hijo de puta
2017-01-07 22:44
I hope trump deports them.
2016-11-26 01:21
GL guys, you really deserve this opportunity! I didn't know that Tutehen was a working-class hero haha, even working 9-10 hours per day he managed to keep playing.. Remarkable!
2016-11-26 01:27
Miami Vice
2016-11-26 01:28
2016-11-26 01:32
1 reply
jajaja que tarado
2016-11-26 05:11
2016-11-26 02:44
2016-11-26 03:18
Flamingos lipos
2016-11-26 05:14
steel | 
Other ToRu
GL Jony
2016-11-26 06:44
Gl boys hope you guys can do a good work
2016-11-26 16:38
wow gl
2016-11-26 20:46
W H O ? H O ?
2016-11-26 23:07
Miami looks sick at night, so if that helps this team mentally we might have major winners here Kappa
2016-11-27 04:15
I don't really like their name
2016-11-27 11:04
France Graphyx
2016-11-27 19:21
Good luck brothers, it's a really interesting project. #GOFLMNGOS
2016-11-29 16:28
2016-12-31 06:25
lel, gl
2017-02-10 15:45
grande proxure exito
2017-02-10 17:23
so did the mighty flamingos end up dominating the CS scene?
2017-02-10 17:25
2 replies
Cyprus Swishh_
yeah but im pretty sure they disbanded to give other teams a chance too
2017-02-10 17:31
1 reply
2017-02-10 17:36
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