rain: "Cache was really intense"

Following FaZe's upset over Virtus.pro, we talked to the team's rifler Håvard "rain" Nygaard about the victory, playing with an IGL and the Poles map pick.

The last quarter final match of ELEAGUE Season 2 ended up with the European mixture FaZe taking down Virtus.pro.

After the match, we talked to Håvard "rain" Nygaard to hear his thoughts on the tight Overpass and Cache maps and how he feels playing under Finn "karrigan" Andersen.

Starting with the veto, did you expect Virtus.pro to pick Nuke considering you had some decent results on it coming into ELEAGUE?

We were 100% sure that VP was going to pick Nuke. We didn't know exactly how they played though, so it was kind of a random draw for us, but we knew they were going to pick it.

So how did you feel going into it? In the end it was 16-4 so you were probably disappointed with how it went?

We expected a much tighter match but our heads weren't really in the game in the first map so we had to step it up for the other two. We expected more on Nuke from ourselves.

On Overpass it wasn't looking so good, but you stepped up the pace on the last few T rounds and got a good half. Who did the adjustment, who called that, what was your thinking behind It?

The adjustments during the game and how we play go mostly from karrigan. We all have our inputs but the adjustments themselves are from him. On the T side, we lost some rounds that we had in our hands. In the end we just changed up the pace, we played pretty slow in the start with some weird executes that didn't work out so karrigan found a way to crush their defense somehow.

Then you moved on to the CT side you lost the pistol round, the force buy and won the USP round. That was pretty unexpected, how much do you think that round influenced the rest of the half?

The thing is we just stood there "let's do some economical damage to them" and suddenly they died like flies. So from there we were like "OK, we are going to win this game now". We had the momentum, they are going to be full eco, they were just reset…

FaZe were confident they were going to win Overpass after the USP round win 

Cache was the last map, the decider. It started fairly well for you but it looked like they were going to close it out with their veteran skills, but you managed to win. What happened in those last rounds?

The thing is they did the same thing to them that they did to us. On our T side, we won one round, they won the next one, they got money fucked. It happened to us as as well, we had bad buys, we had full eco's and stuff. When it was 14-13 we had UMP's and not a lot of nades but somehow we managed to win it though, we made the correct call on the stack. Overall, I think the Cache game was really intense to play as well.

What are your thoughts on Virtus.pro not playing anything for about a month, presumably preparing for ELEAGUE since they don't have any more tournaments this year?

It can be a good move, there is a lot of tournaments, we are traveling for a month now almost, dignitas is traveling for five weeks straight. The pause can of course be good but it's also, you have to get into the tournament mood. And if you have only one tournament left in the year I don't see it as a really good move.

A lot has been talked about karrigan joining the team, but for you personally, how does it feel not being forced into the in-game leader role anymore?

I've never played with a proper IGL before, so playing with karrigan is a dream. I don't have to do any thinking anymore I just have to focus on my game and what he wants me to do. It's like playing chess in CS. It feels really good having a IGL in the team.

Was there something wrong with karrigan in the match, some people were talking about it, his performance dropped off as the match went on as well?

He has food poisoning, so he has to go to the bathroom often and he is not feeling very well. But he is always keeping the hype up and keeps talking and doesn't slow down or anything. We're proud of him.

You are playing OpTic tomorrow, any thoughts on the matchup?

In the CoD world FaZe - OpTic is the 'el classico', let's see if it's going to be the same in CS. 

Professeur writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter.

Norway Håvard 'rain' Nygaard
Håvard 'rain' Nygaard
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
GOD RAIN, well deserved win for FaZe!! #RUNFaZe #eZaF4FaZe
2016-12-02 02:36
Germany Bier 
vp deserved the win
2016-12-02 02:36
Finland BENGOD 
No they didn't. They lost the game.
2016-12-02 02:41
VP always deserves to get invited, even though they fail all qualifiers, right?
2016-12-02 06:44
Vp didn't get invited to this event though. They won it last time.
2016-12-02 11:00
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2016-12-02 16:44
United Kingdom Rlax 
no they didn't. they were getting slow and predictable as the game went by
2016-12-02 11:55
Rain is insane !
2016-12-02 02:36
Skadoodle | 
United States Kdg90 
just me or he looks like a conniving villain?
2016-12-02 02:36
depending on the light, he looks like a bond movie villain or a budget david bowie
2016-12-02 10:37
2016-12-02 11:00
hes getting visibly fatter, same for Aizy...that esport career
2016-12-02 11:56
ez for Optic to beat Faze Clan and then Astralis and win ELEAGUE S2
2016-12-02 02:36
god allu inc 1v5
2016-12-02 14:05
Optic seems promising team.. Optic and C9 have really lifted up NA scene. But I doubt they would win EL. They could surprise FaZe though, if the map veto goes in their favor.
2016-12-02 14:28
eZaF for mixwell
2016-12-02 16:59
Poland rdkN 
rip vp :c
2016-12-02 02:35
shox | 
Iran w_oooooooo 
3worst teams in semis astralis/optic/faze whyyyy
2016-12-02 02:37
go back to your 3rd world with no scene you twat
2016-12-02 02:38
2016-12-02 02:40
United Kingdom drackula 
can confirm 100% twat
2016-12-02 09:47
no scene u twat? NA scene? Echo Fox and rest of wnnb pros?
2016-12-02 10:32
Aerial | 
Finland iFatal 
You don't seem to understand that the better team moves on, not the worse one.
2016-12-02 02:42
no shit
2016-12-02 02:57
You forgot SK
2016-12-02 09:16
ok nice to see el classico match.
2016-12-02 02:37
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
Hehe "money fucked " xd
2016-12-02 02:43
it's well used
2016-12-02 15:59
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
no shit sherlock
2016-12-02 17:42
Just fucking love every player on FaZe, amazing to see how this team has turned out after it begun as Kinguin. It truely is an allstar line up now in terms of roles. Karrigan - best IGL in the world Kio - best entry in the world Aizy - best rifler in the world Allu - best awper in the world Rain - best clutcher and most consistent player in the world
2016-12-02 02:49
I agree 1000% percent #RunFaZe
2016-12-02 03:09
South Africa Bot_Marley 
kkk Kappa!
2016-12-02 03:19
Iceland fatboislim 
raported you racist trump supporter.
2016-12-02 17:04
fer | 
Brazil vikingA 
I think u are being ironic, but, dont you know FalleN?
2016-12-02 05:02
WalleN ?
2016-12-02 05:19
World EarthFlag 
I think he meant "best IGL that doesn't wall"
2016-12-02 07:42
2016-12-02 12:44
2016-12-02 13:25
2016-12-02 13:52
those Brazilians...
2016-12-02 14:24
Malaysia valkom 
>rain >consistent pick one lol
2016-12-02 06:10
I don't follow?
2016-12-02 06:34
Greece lannje 
allu best awper lul
2016-12-02 07:32
Iceland fatboislim 
yea i agree with you, allu is awesome.
2016-12-02 17:05
he is, buthurt vp fan
2016-12-02 10:17
Malaysia valkom 
lol I am FaZe fag bt come on rain's performance only started to consistently show recently
2016-12-02 14:02
so you are saying that he IS consistant. smart guy
2016-12-02 14:06
Malaysia valkom 
"recently" and plus there are probably other consistent players who are contenders for most consistent in the world
2016-12-02 14:17
i agree that he is not the most consistent, but to say that he is not consistant is stupid
2016-12-02 14:39
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
2016-12-02 09:15
you <3 the worst player in the history of cs. Don't even comment.
2016-12-02 12:43
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
2016-12-02 12:44
Oh you are a fan of cheating fallen, I was talking about fallen before he started cheating, the guy that was shit for about 10 years and never improved.
2016-12-02 12:53
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
2016-12-02 13:00
Iceland fatboislim 
1 bad round doesn't make anyone inconsistent.
2016-12-02 17:07
France StickyRice 
One good night of sleep, hydrating himself, Karrigan will be back fully for OpTic's game and for the final. It's time to win that big tourney FaZe.
2016-12-02 03:15
FaZe in ELEAGUE final :> well, gl to them
2016-12-02 03:17
80 - 20 FaZe opTic
2016-12-02 05:34
EZ4FAZE they will pbly lose in the finals but it's still a massive improvement for the team considering they always went out in group stages lol #RunFaZe
2016-12-02 05:52
Upset? I dont think so son.
2016-12-02 05:55
FAZE was good - AIZY GOD! But i think, it's VP loose, they have a chances to win on overpass,but they did 2-3 stupid mistakes and gives FZ rounds. And do same on cache...and very weak Neo on last 2 maps...
2016-12-02 06:47
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
Great job by Karrigan. He is giving his all.
2016-12-02 07:23
Guatemala KlassiKer 
Rain keep it clean its a family show
2016-12-02 07:29
cod mentioned *triggered*
2016-12-02 09:14
Food poisoning again? You guys should ask your org to pack you lunch boxes or something.
2016-12-02 09:31
2016-12-02 10:26
pix or didnt happen
2016-12-02 14:24
dude clanbase is already down. Played offic wars with him inteam. ra1n was his nick in cod1.
2016-12-02 16:32
rain <3
2016-12-02 10:27
Other anarh1st47 
2016-12-02 10:43
Other anarh1st47 
rain good but not best
2016-12-02 10:44
"they got money fucked." XD
2016-12-02 12:55
Flusha: "Aimlock was really intense"
2016-12-02 13:59
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
2016-12-02 16:03
classic faze vs optic, ez for optic tho
2016-12-02 16:57
2016-12-02 18:08
Norway duffz00r 
Rainyswag'sixtyfour #Wp
2016-12-02 17:45
OpTic vs FaZe El Clasico LUL
2016-12-02 19:58
Brollan | 
Sweden LoxXy 
Since when did Nordan Shat play csgo?
2016-12-02 20:29
Norway SpicyJuice 
fuck yeah rain my man!
2016-12-02 21:02
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