n0thing: "A mindset thing with IMT"

December 3rd, 2016 14:42

Following Cloud9's win over Muffin Lightning at the Americas Minor, HLTV.org talked to Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert to delve into topics such as their recent performances at IEM and DreamHack, their record against Immortals and his thoughts on OpTic.

To open up the tournament, Cloud9 beat Muffin Lightning 16-7, confirming their favorite status in the match.

As the match itself was pretty one sided, we took the chance to hear Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's thoughts on other topics as well, such as the coaching situation in their team.

You had two kind of a disappointing tournaments at IEM Oakland and DreamHack Winter where you didn't make it out of the groups. What do you think were the problems there and what was the team atmosphere like then?

I've mentioned this in a couple of interviews recently, when you are playing this many events, the lines between doing things right or wrong can get blurred. Not necessarily consciously, but between the team, the little things don't happen. I think, if you look at Oakland and aside of our Gambit loss at DreamHack Winter, a lot our losses have been close. At Oakland 16-14 (against NiP) and then an overtime against FaZe - I guess against SK it was a little bit worse, 16-11 or something. I think you know, these small details add up and those small details separate you from the top five teams.

I think it sucks having to play tournament after tournament for five weekends in a row, sometimes things get a little flat and that's the name of the game at the top level Counter-Strike. It's staying fresh, you don't necessarily need to overhaul your whole game but you definitely need to stay fresh and that's the challenge we are facing right now.

Moving into the Minor, this one has a different format compared to the other ones, only four teams which is the biggest difference. How were you feeling coming into here, did you feel it was to easy with two teams going through out of four?

I've never been in a minor before so I didn't even know the format they had in the past, so for me it was just - come and win. I didn't think much more of it.

At the beginning of your match against Muffin Lightning there were some issues, do you want to comment on that?

What happened was I was trying to type "hf" and my H key didn't work. So they weren't sure if it was a fault or something weird, so when we got the first kill and then they typed "not live". Then our team, instead of communicating about the round, started going "Is it live? Is it not live?". So we continued playing and we had an advantage but we weren't communicating about the round, there was a state of dissonance in the team, we were kinda just fighting and playing and were not sure, not a 100% focused.

So we lost the round and it was kinda annoying, and then my TAB stopped working - all after pistol round, so I don't know what happened. But then we just restarted and got into it. We knew it was going to be a pretty easy match, it was just an annoying hickup.

As you said - a pretty easy match, even though on the late part of the first half it was looking kinda shaky until you won that eco round. Everything went as expected?

Yeah, they were just playing so standard, you could tell that they didn't have much of a game plan. So I think a couple of it was just first map jitters, and it's cold in there - I felt pretty comfortable but I know some players are pretty cold. Yeah, just early starts.

n0thing confirmed that they were close to using one of the Brazilian coaches 

You'll probably face Immortals at one point, a team that you don't have a good record against. What are your thoughts going into that, what do you think stopped you from beating them in the past?

I don't know, they are a team that we think we should beat and maybe that mindset gives them enough fire to get that momentum rolling, and sometimes they've owned us. So I think we could definitely beat them here, we are pretty confident in beating them because I think we are not underestimating them as much as we might've before. I think it's a mindset thing with them and we have to be focused.

Another team that's not here but you've got a positive record against is OpTic. They've been having a great run at the ELEAGUE playoffs, why do you think you have such an easy time against them?

Before we beat them the last two time on LAN they've beat us online. I think we know how to play to our strengths, stew especially as our in-game leader knows how stanislaw likes to play. And credit to stanislaw, he actually mixes it up well and has countered me individually and other players as well.

I think teams are on phases, I'm curious to see how OpTic continues. Even with our team we are going through that patch where you do well and you play a lot and you got to keep things fresh. OpTic is definitely got a lot of strengths on their team and I think stanislaw is a pretty underrated leader. If they keep it up they can definitely be a consistent force.

When you were at the ELEAGUE group stage there was a lot of talk about you not having a coach and how that might hinder you. After that there was a period when peacemaker and zews were free agents. Was getting one of them something you have talked about, did you try to get someone?

Yeah we were interested in them, I think the coach thing can definitely help especially if you are playing this many tournaments. To answer your question we did think about zews and peacemaker and we were actually close to using one of them, but I guess it just didn't vibe well with the team at the time. Nothing major, no major issues really. And stewie as our in-game leader has his preferences with him calling. I would've probably got a coach sooner if I was still calling because it really helps with practice.

But it's something we are still keeping an eye out for, going into 2017 we'll see what the landscape of available coaches and will we sign someone. Just to try, because we've had some help in practice from coaches, just some random people here and there to help us - and it's always nice to create disscussions and get an outside perspective on the inside aspects of your game. 

Professeur writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter.

United States Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert
Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert
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yeah gl with that but C9>IMT
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ez c9
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Nothing is too big for n0thing... lol
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no u just suck
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n0thing beast
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Lul. Okay pathetic comment seekers. Try reading it.
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Lets go c9
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Turkey de_insertion 
I READ THE TITLE"A headset thing with IMT" LMAOOO
2016-12-03 20:56
United States LeafyIsHere 
I've never been in a minor before so I didn't even know the format they had in the past, so for me it was just - come and win. I didn't think much more of it. dude ur fucking lying lmao
2016-12-04 21:55
u wot?! u high?!
2016-12-04 21:56
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very good n1
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