steel: "The veto was our mistake"

December 3rd, 2016 21:32

Immediately after Immortals took down TSM in their first match of the Americas Minor, talked to Lucas "steel" Lopes, the in-game leader of the Brazilian team. In a short conversation, steel revealed why they decided to go second in the veto and what changes they made to recover on their CT side.

Immortals had a tough opener against TSM, winning 16-14 on Cache after being in a big deficit at the start of the match.

To hear about the match and his team, we talked to Lucas "steel" Lopes who revealed his expectations for tomorrow's game against Cloud9.

How were you feeling coming into the Minor?

I'm feeling happy because I have a chance to play the qualifier. I knew that it was going to be hard and it was. TSM is a great team, the game was really tough, but I'm feeling happy having the chance to qualify for the Major tournament.

This tournament has a different veto to what we standardly have - it's if you go first you veto three maps, if you go second you veto two maps. So you decided to go second instead of first, can you talk me through that a bit?

We knew about this rule, it was our mistake. I don't know if I like this (map veto) because the map is random - I think it's better if you can choose the last map, the team that vetoed second that is. But yeah, it was our mistake, we didn't get how it would work. We should've vetoed first and vetoed three.

It ended up on Cache, were you happy with the map you got?

Yeah, we were happy, Cache is a good map for us. It wasn't the map we supposed it would be, but we were happy with the map.

In the first half you picked the CT side but it was kinda hard for you. Were you scared a bit at that moment, that the match is slipping?

In the beginning we were a little bit shaky, the communication was not so good, we were so hype because it is a LAN tournament, qualifier for the Major/Minor - so it was a little bit shaky in the beginning. Then we had a timeout and then we figured out how we to come back into the game.

steel said that swapping HEN1's and felps' positions helped them on CT

Anything special you changed in the later rounds?

Yeah we changed felps who was playing mid, we put him on A and HEN1 went to play mid. That's the main thing.

You went on to the T side, came back and got the lead. But then there was that one round where FNS got a double kill in the A main because you didn't check that. What happened there?

That round we knew he was going to be there, HEN1 was calling the entire round that someone is in the place we call kennys, someone is going to be at kennys. I don't know how but somehow he got two kills and it was a tough round.

In the end you closed it, you are going on to play Cloud9, a team you have a good record against. How are you feeling and why you are so good against them?

I'm feeling confident to be honest. I think that we are more prepared then we were at iBUYPOWER Masters. I'm sure it's going to be a tough game. It always has been tough against Cloud9, but I'm really confident and I think we have a chance.

Professeur writes for and can be found on Twitter.

Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
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Ireland skend 
omg first comment. what a good day btw znajder > all
2016-12-03 21:33
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recover on ct? lul..
2016-12-03 21:38
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still lucky 7-2 win eco 13-7 14-16
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2016-12-03 21:32
nobody cares
2016-12-03 21:32
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2016-12-03 21:32
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2016-12-03 21:32
lol nt bot
2016-12-03 21:32
steel: "The throw was our mistake"
2016-12-03 21:32
i thought na steel
2016-12-03 21:33
RIP SK -fnx and fox to stand-in for ECS LOOOL CRY IS FREE
2016-12-03 21:33
Veto was the problem
2016-12-03 21:34
Oh, its the other steel :(
2016-12-03 21:38
Denmark Fr0nda 
steel unbanned?
2016-12-03 21:49
? why is steel unbanned
2016-12-03 22:03
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