HLTV.org live from Anaheim

HLTV.org's two-man team has arrived at the Anaheim Convection Center in California to cover the ECS Season 2 LAN finals.

The Esport Championship Series Season 2 LAN Finals start today, on the 9th of December, with a ELEAGUE Season 2 grand final rematch between Astralis and OpTic. The first day will be played without a crowd, while the second and third day will be open to visitors.

ELEAGUE S2 winners OpTic will open the tournament with a match against Astralis 

HLTV.org's coverage team will be bringing you photos and interviews from the tournament, but you can expect the usual statistical and match report coverage on our website as well. In addition to that, we will once again be giving out an HLTV MVP by Zowie Award for the best performing player of the tournament.

If you are interested in a detailed look at the tournament and the attending teams, check out LucasAM's ECS Season 2 Finals preview. For more information about the schedule and format of the tournament, take a look at our viewer's guide.

Keeping up to date with all the action can sometimes be hard, so don't forget to follow HLTV.org's Twitter account for scores, highlights and player of the match picks.

rain | 
Norway Kimmiix 
2016-12-09 20:11
gl optic =)
2016-12-09 20:11
Indeed would be neat for them to win another title.
2016-12-09 21:07
kaboose | 
Finland fe11owH 
2016-12-09 20:10
2016-12-09 20:10
2016-12-09 20:10
Sweden pontus767 
2016-12-09 20:10
2016-12-09 20:10
Syria Gonezxzx 
2016-12-09 20:10
United States HajaX 
2016-12-09 20:10
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Go immortals
2016-12-09 20:11
Hoping to see Optic return in strong form. Nothing would make NA reputation stronger than to have back to back wins.
2016-12-09 20:11
2016-12-09 20:13
I can't wait to see it live tomorrow. Should be a great event
2016-12-09 20:13
2016-12-09 22:57
I live near Anaheim too
2016-12-09 23:29
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