apEX: "Played too much individually"

EnVyUs had a strong display against dignitas on Nuke, winning 16-3 to secure a spot in the semi-finals. To hear what went on in their two matches and how the team felt at the last couple of events, we talked to Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire.

The French team finished their group stage with a resounding victory over Dignitas, but the start to the tournament wasn't so great - as Envy were 12-5 down to Immortals at one point during the opening match.

Dan "apEX" Madesclaire talked to us about their results at ELEAGUE Season 2, ESL Pro League Season 4, Northern Arena and the atmosphere in the team at the moment.

Let's talk about stuff that happened before this tournament, you had ESL Pro League, Northern Arena Montreal and ELEAGUE, the group stages. Nothing was pretty impressive from you guys - how are you feeling after all these tournaments?

It's difficult to talk about it because we played bad all three tournaments, we expect a bit more and we failed pretty much. At ESL Pro League it was against NiP, we lost 2-0 in the quarter final. We had a good group stage, even though we it was the easier group, but we managed to lose against NiP with stupid mistakes. We tried to change a few things for the upcoming event that was Northern Arena Montreal. There we played against our French rivals G2 and it's always a tight game. In this match we fucked up everything, we played really bad, they adapted more than us in the game, they played better and and we lost 2-0. It's was a bit disappointing for us and it affected the next event that was ELEAGUE, where we played really bad, even if we lost in a best of three against the eventual winner, OpTic. Overall we played pretty bad games and were not on our top level.

At ELEAGUE there were some tweets from NBK that things in the team don't feel good that people are not trusting each other, what was going on there?

We are not together for a long time, we try to sort many things and it's a bit hard to explain because it is more internal problems. Overall it's about being a good teammate and being a player who wants to win and wants to give everything to win. And this didn't happen in the games in ELEAGUE, mainly, as I said, because the last few events were a big fuckup from us and we just… not give up but play bad and are not confident about ourselves.

Coming here the first match was against Immortals, what happened in that match? You started very bad, the comeback didn't seem that likely on the T side of Cache?

It's the same as at ELEAGUE, we started really bad, we didn't listen to each other so it was a bit fucked up for the game, we just played bad overall. Until 9-1 we played too much individually, not with the team, not with the team spirit. We were losing 9-1 and lost the CT half 10-5, but that was OK because we knew we could come back, mainly if we win the pistol.

But we lost the pistol and it was 12-5, but we have a good T side, so we knew if we win a few rounds in a row we can come back.

EnVyUs were confident in their Terrorist side on Cache 

Moving on you played against dignitas - let's start with the veto. In the end it ended up on Nuke, but some people maybe expected Cobblestone to be played - were you expecting to play Nuke against them?

The three map against them are always Nuke, Cobble and Dust2 in best of ones. We thought we would play Cobble but they decided to play Nuke, so that was OK for us. Even if we lost against them at ELEAGUE on Cobble, we were OK to play Cobble again because we made many mistakes and lost crucial rounds against them. Nuke is ok for us as well as we like the map, we know their playstyle and yeah, it ended pretty well.

Why was it so easy for you guys on Nuke?

When you win pistol on CT and you don't lose many weapons you can buy a lot of rounds. That's what happened actually, we won the pistol round, the two anti-eco's were pretty easy, we didn't lose a single gun I think. Then we were we had four UMP's and an AWP, and we decided to push in the lobby in a 5 on 3 advantage and we lost the round. That was a bit disappointing for us, we were like: "WTF we cannot lose that". And then there was a round when KennyS and SIXER managed to save two weapons and we could buy again. So then dignitas didn't have money because we lost every single round in one-on-one.

It worked ok for us and in the end we managed to win two rounds in a row and that was pretty easy. But they are still a mix, they are playing with valde instead of magisk who is the best player in the team with k0nfig. Even if we are not on our top level, without him they lost confidence I think and it's not the same at all. They won against SK before, but if you don't win rounds in a row it's pretty hard.

Going back to that round where you had four UMP's - I recently talked to FalleN and he feels like the weapon is overpowered at the moment, what are your thoughts on the UMP?

I think you can almost play with bad weapons all game long if you know how to play with them. The UMP is really powerful. The difference in cost between the UMP and the M4 is like $1800, and they are not the same, but the price is too low compared to the power. I think it's too powerful.

Are you using the new sound update, since you were playing Nuke?

No, I don't know why, but I played yesterday in Rank S and I tried it but it was too weird for me so I decided to come back to the normal one.

Lastly what are your thoughts looking forward in the tournament?

We are going to play someone between FaZe, Cloud9 or OpTic - I think we can go into the final and then it's going to be maybe really hard, but the semi-final could be ok if we play like we did. And if we are in a good mindset, because that is our main problem right now. If we have a good mindset we can go to the final and then we will see. I hope we can have a good semi-final and give our best, that's it.

Professeur writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter.

France Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire
Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire
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Hltv corrects most of wrong London for written interview
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