fox: "I was feeling the pressure a bit"

In the second meeting between SK and dignitas at ECS, in the deciding match of group B, the Brazilian team managed to secure the 2-1 win to qualify for the playoffs. To hear a bit about the tournament so far, we talked to SK's stand-in Ricardo "fox" Pacheco.

After a rough start to the tournament, SK managed to secure a semi-final spot by best-of-three victories over Immortals and Dignitas.

To finish off a long day at the Anaheim Convention Center, we had a short talk with Ricardo "fox" Pacheco to hear his thoughts on joining the SK squad and tomorrow's match against Astralis

Talk to me a bit about fox after FaZe, how were you feeling after that period ended, what were you planning, what were you doing in the meantime?

After getting kicked from FaZe I was a bit down, and I stop playing for maybe a month. Then I started playing with the Portuguese guys, my old teammates, just for fun. Then I just got this offer, to play two tournaments with SK because - as the people asked a lot - I'm not staying at all, we just talked about playing ECS and the Major and then they will pick some Brazilian guy to play with them and that's it.

When the offer came, tell me about how it went, what were you talking about, what were you expecting from this period?

I was feeling the pressure a bit, only because we were practicing two days before coming to ECS. There are maps that I never played, like Overpass, with them, so I'm a bit lost.

To play with the best team in the world without any practice, I was feeling a bit of the pressure. I think that's normal. But everything is going kind of okay, considering I changed my role, normally I'm the main AWPer and now I'm playing as a rifler. But yeah, everything is going kind of okay.

fox is currently struggling on Overpass 

Talk me a bit through this match against dignitas, the first map was pretty easy, then on the second a pretty good performance from k0nfig it seemed to shut you down?

We talked about Cache, that it would be easy for us because on practice on Cache we feel very confident. Mirage they just played much better than us. I think that they are still much better than us, but we will fix it till the major. And Overpass, we knew if we start as T, if we get like 8-9 rounds at least, that we are ok. Because the problem right now is CT, I don't know how to play on Overpass because if you look at my ex teams, we never played Overpass at all and I don't play that map at all.

Looking forward, the next match is against Astralis - what are your expectations?

We are going to play to win of course, but Astralis, I think that they are the strongest team in Europe right now. We are going to talk and discuss everything when we get home and try to watch some games from them and try to beat them tomorrow.

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Portugal Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco
Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco
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2016-12-11 10:32
fox >>>> fnx
2016-12-11 10:32
fox is too good for SK imo, he should join a more better team xDDDDD
2016-12-11 10:34
Georgia bazuking 
naf is best of da world lmao
2016-12-11 10:35
2016-12-11 10:36
Georgia bazuking 
the best randomer unskilled murica player i have ever seen. kappapride
2016-12-11 10:37
you must be retard to think he is random
2016-12-11 10:41
Georgia bazuking 
hahah ofc he is randomer like any murica players :D murica players are retardeds not me bro u are just mistake
2016-12-11 10:43
work on your english before commenting in an english based forum. ty
2016-12-11 11:04
Finland Lehtori 
This is an international site, please write your comments in English. Comments in another language will be deleted. Lol bye canada (isnt even real)
2016-12-11 13:17
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2016-12-11 19:05
>work on your english >more better >must be retard
2016-12-11 16:23
2016-12-11 16:47
2016-12-11 18:56
Nt fake flaggot
2016-12-11 11:07
Seriously, you are fucking retarded
2016-12-11 13:11
What ?! He's a good player... What does random even means btw ???
2016-12-11 13:48
kek only dropping glocks and knifing teamm8s lool
2016-12-11 13:38
where is fnx /.
2016-12-11 15:08
2016-12-11 14:52
United States DC_USA 
ez for fox, very good player, so much hate from fox hator!!
2016-12-11 18:20
Russia fraerGOD 
2016-12-11 18:46
Lithuania Tomekas85 
k then
2016-12-11 10:32
2016-12-11 10:32
Indonesia Tuvny1 
2016-12-11 10:32
Indonesia Tuvny1 
2016-12-11 10:32
2016-12-11 11:07
2016-12-11 11:44
Indonesia Tuvny1 
Can im cry?
2016-12-11 12:26
This is an international site, please write your comments in English. Comments in another language will be deleted.
2016-12-11 20:11
Indonesia Tuvny1 
Nt oxford dictionary
2016-12-12 02:51
2016-12-11 13:08
Portugal dascouves 
2016-12-11 15:50
2016-12-11 17:57
ez for astralis 2-0 :)
2016-12-11 10:32
Netherlands Nycto 
2016-12-11 10:32
2016-12-11 10:32
Netherlands mlkush 
well played fox.
2016-12-11 10:32
Argentina juanme555RIP 
he doesn't he is just excusing xd
2016-12-11 10:32
fox really bad player
2016-12-11 10:32
Portugal do0msh 
silver hater detected
2016-12-11 13:12
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
Go and play better than him you fuckin' hater
2016-12-11 19:22
pressure because he is shit old man noob
2016-12-11 10:33
ez ronaldo
2016-12-11 10:33
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Bye fox byeeeee it's been fun but byeeee noobbbbb
2016-12-11 10:34
Brazil XEMBAO 
after major maybe cry is free
2016-12-11 15:58
Georgia bazuking 
ez for foxGOD
2016-12-11 10:34
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
as the people asked a lot - I'm not staying at all, we just talked about playing ECS and the Major and then they will pick some Brazilian guy to play with them and that's it. fuck
2016-12-11 10:35
#believe #foxthechosenone #foxkg
2016-12-11 14:49
fox besterest <3
2016-12-11 10:37
"We are going to talk and discuss everything when we get home and try to watch some games from them and try to beat them tomorrow", believe fox believe...
2016-12-11 10:40
2016-12-11 10:44
Lets go Beast!! Fox caralho
2016-12-11 10:54
Slovakia pgb1 
worst player ever
2016-12-11 11:04
Portugese mad fans makes negative hype against him. Give him chance... he feeling big pressure atm
2016-12-11 11:05
lueg | 
Czech Republic Lueg 
fucking bot kys
2016-12-11 11:07
Ez 4 Sk top 1
2016-12-11 13:01
another team boosted by god fox
2016-12-11 13:14
I like the fact that is honest about his performance and try his best.
2016-12-11 13:50
Brazil Luca0 
2016-12-11 14:37
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
best of luck mate
2016-12-11 13:52
Turkey vortex1g 
>fox >tier1 team i aren't think that.
2016-12-11 13:57
Poland ekedeke 
>astralis > strongest team in europe pick one fox please
2016-12-11 14:02
Atm is nip and astralis lul
2016-12-11 15:08
KLnT | 
Pakistan Huzaifa 
FNX paided Fox ( he knifed wallen ) #double_agent
2016-12-11 14:16
Don't comment in here for like 8 years. Just to tell how fuckin toxic this community has become. This was a funny game with a lot of good moments between friends or even people you just met. Now is full of haters that don't even know what's the meaning of having fun with the game. Fox played CS for more than half of his life. From 1.5 he's been going everywhere to play. He travels, plays, has fun and meets new people. And I'm pretty sure he does that because he loves the game. And I know he keeps alot of good moments with him. Fox has friends, wins his life doing what he loves and has great moments to share. What you have? A keyboard and life of staying at home alone hating everyone that's not good enough. Sad. You all make me sad.
2016-12-11 14:28
Brazil Luca0 
Well said!
2016-12-11 14:40
+1 Well said, portuga
2016-12-11 16:14
"To play with best team in the world" fuck you fox fuckin fanboy n00b
2016-12-11 14:34
Asia BurjAlArab 
who's the best team in the world then ?
2016-12-11 14:48
United Kingdom trtr098 
are you blind? look that the left side of the page, it clearly says #1 NiP
2016-12-11 15:02
Brazil bandicoot 
for 1 week? also just because SK made roster changes and lost 20% of points, the planets need to align before NiP will ever be the best cs team in the world
2016-12-11 18:42
Fox was a good player on FaZe and he still a good player now with the SK Gaming, I think he gonna be in place of FNX until the end of the major Good luck Bacalhau
2016-12-11 14:44
Brazil Luca0 
Cmon fox, you can do this! You're playing with the best team in world.
2016-12-11 14:44
sk best team in world pick 0 please
2016-12-11 15:26
Brazil Luca0 
Ok, kid.
2016-12-11 15:41
gl fox gl SK-Gaming!
2016-12-11 14:59
Good guy fox, shut up all these salty haters and I bet if u win the next major with SK u should stay for 2017 #runSKG
2016-12-11 15:06
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
thank you FOX, we appreciate that! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2016-12-11 16:02
Portugal Cyborgy 
fox rekt those astralis shits! best team in Europe? they are called ASStralis for a reason
2016-12-11 16:29
After fox join SK and the PTs started cheering for SK too i can see an extremely similar behavior when it comes to cheering from you ppl too.I guees PTs and BRs are more alike than i ever thought
2016-12-11 17:07
Portugal Cyborgy 
back in the 1.6 days i was a crazy k1ck and foxj fanboy aha,now im a little more calm but the thing sparked it again
2016-12-11 17:13
Yeah but not just you, the PTs fans in general act really similar to the SK/IMT fans i dont know why hahahaha.I mean,every brazilian has portuguese bloods in somewhere along their genealogy so i guess this crazy crazy and explosive passion came from you ppl.
2016-12-11 17:16
portuguese people are very patriotic
2016-12-11 19:19
Portugal antCB 
lul. not really.
2016-12-11 23:31
Poland kiero 
Who from IMT has the best chance to be picked? They all looks like frogs. Hard decision for SK.
2016-12-11 17:10
LUCAS1 is the confirmed first choice by close sources, it's down to him to accept playing with the best brazilian squad or keep playing with his brother (a thing he always intended to do). Hard choice for him.
2016-12-11 18:30
Argentina tinchOO 
why not boltzzz
2016-12-11 19:00
Brazil VAC0 
close sources = bcz? im cheering to felps... is bullshit what people are saying that felps can't play with fer because of similar style. boltz is acceptable but with lucas sk is dead.
2016-12-11 19:12
They won't pick felps. Past disagreements between TACO, coldzera and him.
2016-12-11 19:15
Brazil VAC0 
boltz is the best option thinking in girlfriends situations... (kappa fake rumors)
2016-12-11 19:18
Brazil sprk1 
lets go fox!
2016-12-11 17:51
Brazil bandicoot 
I think you are doing well fox, do your best and this will not be the end. and even if it is, its the best way to crown a long career. rooting hard for you and SK to make this a memorable events
2016-12-11 18:45
I hope SK wins so they keep this fuckin peasant around AHHAHAHAAHHAAH
2016-12-11 18:49
skyrim belongs to the nords
2016-12-11 18:56
i miss the old CS:GO community, where people shared moments & had a good time. Now you're all hating, you're all so bitter..
2016-12-11 18:59
+1 Edit: but there were always LOTS of toxic people out there
2016-12-11 21:02
Lol so much support in the comments, I bet if SK loses tonight, it will not stay that way.
2016-12-11 19:03
2016-12-11 19:11
Portugal dracø 
We believe! Lets go SK!!! Lets go fox!!!!
2016-12-11 19:49
Cant get it why they pick fox over FNX , are they retarded
2016-12-11 19:55
comms and internal problems and fnx not practice
2016-12-11 20:13
fox the best kappa
2016-12-12 03:13
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
dude literally knifed his teamates
2016-12-12 22:45
Fox best player in the world <3
2016-12-14 22:30
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