jR: "Just came here to play some CS"

To get to know how the CIS Minor winners Vega Squadron feel coming into the ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier, we talked to the team's manager Alexander "Lk-" Lemeshev and their captain Dmitriy "jR" Chervak.

A night before the Major Qualifier is set to start, the two Vega Squadron members were willing to answer some questions about their Minor success, leaving ANOX and preparation for tomorrow.

Except answering some questions himself, the manager Alexander "Lk-" Lemeshev also translated Dmitriy "jR" Chervak's answers to help with the interview.

Let's start with the Minor that you won as ALL IN, what were the expectations going into that, did you think you would win it and how did you feel after that accomplishment?

jR: It all started when we won the ESWC qualification and got the slot for the tournament, but we lost our organisation so we had to change our roster a little bit. Then we came up with the idea to play alongside hutji and Keshandr once again. We decided to abandon all the tournaments, all the qualifications and focus only on the preparation for the Minor. We had roughly a month, we were playing around 10-12 hours a day so it was hard work. Talking about expectations before the tournament - we actually came there just to play some Counter-Strike, not expecting to win, but to show our best. Our first goal was to get out of group and then we were like - it will be what it will be.

Can you tell me more about losing the organisation before the Minor and how that went down? You were playing with the Belarus players before that, was that why they left the team?

Lk-: It had nothing to do with a roster change, it was just a matter of the organization. We were waiting for them to pay us salary for like two months and there was still no money. It was questionable if we could go to Paris because ESWC didn't cover anything. We were waiting for ANOX to start solving the visas and so on. There was an ultimatum from us to ANOX, we waited for them to deliver their part. On the day of the deadline, the Belarusians decided to stay with ANOX so we were left with three players and me as the manager. That night we came up with the decision to take back hutji and Keshandr to play with us.

After that you won the CIS minor, upseting Spirit. What do you think went right for you there, why were you able to beat them?

jR: Let's start with the upper bracket final - we played a BO3 (against Spirit) and won the first game, it was kind of easy for us. We didn't expect to win that huge. The next two maps were 16-14 even though we were winning both of them 14-11 or something, so they made comebacks both times. We knew that we lost both maps because of our mistakes. Spirit won those games but we did our mistakes. Coming to the loser bracket, I think it's just a huge joke, not to blame StarLadder, but it shouldn't be that you are playing a best-of-one match for the spot in the Major qualifier. We won against the Lithuanians, and coming into the grand finals we knew the map pool will be actually almost the same as it was in the winners finals so we came into that game really confident, we knew what to expect and we were just - come, win - as expected.

jR and co. did not set their expectations high for the Minor or the Major Qualifier

What are your thoughts on the Minor itself? There are a few things to discuss, for starters, all of the Minors have different formats?

Lk-: There were some discussions, even with pro players, but the whole community - reddit, HLTV and so on - that the CIS Minor itself is like a joke, why would you let CIS teams get in, but, let's look to the fact. There are actually three CIS teams that are Legends now. There are still some teams now that, in my opinion, are worth going to the Major Qualifier and are capable of showing decent results. Even though, at the last Major Qualifier, for Cologne, Team Empire and Fluffy Gangsters both went 0-3. That happens when players come to an event and it's their first international event. Even though, those teams had some problems in matter of the spirit in the team coming into the qualifier, they knew they would change their lineup right after. So it's hard to play like that.

Lk-: Talking about the format, I don't think we can have something better than we have now. I think for the Major itself it's the right time to start expanding. You have the Major Qualifier and there are 11 teams from the Top 20, and eight teams from the top 20 are already Legends. So I think it's start to start expanding the tournament in terms of the number of teams.

Let's focus on your team a bit, can you talk me through the roster? Who does what, which players are in which roles?

jR: I'm AWPing and in-game leading, hutji is more like a support on all the maps. About the other three guys, Keshandr is our main rifler, chopper and mir are both lurks and support depending on what map we play and the situation we are in, how we feel the game. Our playstyle doesn't only depend on the map but also how the team feels. So we could just rush all around or adjust to the team.

Can you tell me about the preparation between the Minor and now?

Lk-: Right after the Minor we were contacted by Vega so they picked us up and a few days after we went to their gaming house to boot camp. All the players came except jR, he was doing his visa in Ukraine and playing online with us for let's say 1,5 weeks. When he got his visa accepted he joined us and we had around a month practicing six days a week, and 10-12 hours a day. We weren't playing any qualifiers or leagues, we were just focused on preparing for the Major Qualifier.

The only match you know at the moment is the one against CLG. Can you tell me what you expect going into that match?

jR: Talking about matchup we don't really care who we play against because we want to focus on our own game. We would like to start to game and force CLG to adjust to our game, not to do the opposite. As before the Minor, we just came here to play some Counter-Strike and see how it goes. Someone could call us underdogs, someone could call us a mistake by the whole CIS Minor system, but we might just prove them wrong, we will see.

To end it up here, any shoutouts or things you wanted to mention?

Lk-:We would like to thank Vega Squadron for solving all of our problems. It would be really hard to get it without their help, especially getting the visa for all the players who have their passports all clean. They got all of our problems covered so we just had to play Counter-Strike and nothing else. And we would also like to thank our main sponsor esports.bet.

Professeur writes for HLTV.org and can be found on Twitter.

Ukraine Dmitriy 'jR' Chervak
Dmitriy 'jR' Chervak
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Russia Alexander 'Lk-' Lemeshev
Alexander 'Lk-' Lemeshev
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Turkey dogboi2001 
easy for JR the AUSTRALIAN legend player beter than aze from team renagades
2016-12-15 07:59
lol russians..
2016-12-15 08:00
Tipichniy russkiy bomzhara
2016-12-15 08:47
Very sad day for professional gaming, 1.6 legend christopher "get_right" alesund has shown a huge fighting spirtit while the source scumplayer friberg is stabing him in the back. Knowing Get_right is getting tilted out of hes mind while he is not on the top of the killsheet friberg is not giving him the eco-frags he needs. This fat pice of absolute waste is stabing hes teammate and friend in the back. Not suprised though... saw it coming miles away, check my history 4 proof. friberg has once again let down all his fans but not only that but also the whole 1.6 community.
2016-12-18 20:46
ez for vega
2016-12-15 07:58
Nc, me too
2016-12-15 07:58
2016-12-15 07:58
lmao really?
2016-12-15 07:58
2016-12-15 07:58
Syria Gonezxzx 
You just came here to lose.
2016-12-15 07:58
2016-12-15 07:59
Estonia Saurise 
2016-12-15 07:59
Brazil bandicoot 
lack of pressure can benefit them 4 sure
2016-12-15 07:59
2016-12-15 07:59
2016-12-15 08:02
Estonia Delan0 
Yeah and winners mentality makes you kick a teammate without telling him right? Anyway best of luck to them. I hope for some upsets for sure.
2016-12-15 08:25
Germany Bestgerman69 
its the right mentality, this allows them to play without any pressure and this influences their game in a positive way.
2016-12-15 08:32
why would he lie to himself and say "we're gonna win the major ezpz"? it's not going to happen. they have the right mentality for a team of their caliber
2016-12-15 10:16
fuck i thought jasonr
2016-12-15 08:02
Davai davai we belive
2016-12-15 08:07
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
That is actually not a bad read at all. gg prof and the translator
2016-12-15 08:07
Latvia Faaakk 
ROFL really ? :DDDD
2016-12-15 08:09
Yes can u believe that
2016-12-15 08:13
Latvia Faaakk 
2016-12-15 08:37
Hong Kong j0sean 
Rip Isis JR. 0-3 and thanks that it could be worst. Thank me later
2016-12-15 08:15
99% ruski name Dmitriy just like mohamand in muslim country/
2016-12-15 08:25
hes ukrainian but nvm. most usable names for ru - Alexandr, Maxim, Alexey. Even Ivan like top9
2016-12-15 08:45
There is no difference between Russian and Ukrainian.
2016-12-15 08:48
what is this ukranian? city of russia?
2016-12-15 09:09
Citizen of Ukraine.
2016-12-16 08:16
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle 
in 1990-1999 it was very popular name. i dont know why. today most popular names are Alexandr, Maksim, Artem (mb Artyom, i dont know how its write on english, im Dmitry)))
2016-12-15 11:27
AdreN | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
vega will beat clg u heard it here first
2016-12-15 09:03
Norway Noreg 
2016-12-15 09:08
Taiwan SCVready 
ez for JasonR
2016-12-15 09:21
They look confident. GL to them in qualifier!
2016-12-15 09:36
Good thing they aren't playing TF2 then.
2016-12-15 09:40
dafuq! they probably had the longest preparation of all attending teams!!
2016-12-15 10:18
Malta WATSKy 
exactly! looking forward to see what they can do
2016-12-16 16:00
there you go
2016-12-18 20:49
just play on pub :D
2016-12-15 10:37
Ukraine F1L1N 
2016-12-15 12:29
gl JR and co.
2016-12-15 13:11
they can win against clg actually but I'm not sure they can manage to win another one
2016-12-15 15:33
they actually won vs nip xD wtff
2016-12-18 20:46
2016-12-15 16:28
Denmark geerZo 
not expected
2016-12-15 16:52
Ukraine  Pasha 
gl, jR
2016-12-15 17:23
Czech Republic realProkda 
Listen to me Dimitry, rush A no stop and confuse your enemies.
2016-12-15 18:15
2016-12-18 20:45
Sweden lagcats 
lol fking jR haha
2016-12-16 16:01
i really hope they will qualify, i want some vega stickers
2016-12-18 20:44
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
let me fix what he ment jr:"just came to here rape nip in the ass)"
2016-12-18 20:47
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
2016-12-18 20:48
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
wtf dude u want))
2016-12-18 20:49
)) go rape fast men )))
2016-12-18 20:50
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
sory am not sweden xD but it was fast u right
2016-12-18 20:51
top kek you're alright my blyat friend
2016-12-18 20:55
good job vega squad
2016-12-18 20:48
just came here to fuck shit up
2016-12-18 20:48
:D +1
2016-12-18 20:49
2016-12-18 20:49
Poland mamba99999 
markelof: "we didn't practice cahce that much" jR: "just came here to play some CS" NiP getting rekt not only in the game. CiS teams BM'ing the ninjas like little children.
2016-12-18 20:50
United Kingdom trtr098 
just to play some cs
2016-12-18 20:50
Russia remdyx 
just came here to win vs nip wait what
2016-12-18 20:50
Latvia kjyy 
ayy lmao
2016-12-18 20:56
just to play some cs what else? zelda??
2016-12-18 21:03
2016-12-18 21:05
Just came here to send nip home
2016-12-18 22:04
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