shox: "Focus more on 4-5 maps"

G2 won the match against their French rivals EnVyUs to go 1-1 in the ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier. Following the win, we talked to Richard "shox" Papillon to hear his thoughts on both matches they played in Atlanta.

Envy once again failed to grab the win in the French matchup, losing to G2 in a tight match on Dust 2.

To discuss the match, as well as the talk surrounding the team, we had a chat with G2's Richard "shox" Papillon.

Going back a couple of months you've been in bad form, there has been a lot of talk about you needing to change a player or that you planning to do so. How did all that influence you here, at the last and in a way most important event?

We didn't care about that, we just stayed in our circle, our buble, and focused on us. We knew it was the biggest event of the year and the last one so we just wanted to make it good and make it to the Major in January. We don't care about what people say. If you start caring about it it can really kill your team and some players - we don't want to do that.

You weren't at tournaments since Northern Arena so you had a bit of a period, not a big one, but compared to other teams you had a bunch of rest. How did yo use the time, were you satisfied with the preparation coming here?

We had some specific stuff, because we knew it was the last event of the year and only best-of-one so we could add at least one veto to our map pool and focus more on 4-5 maps. We tried to make our game more clean, and even if we don't do a lot of new tactics, we tried to make those that we make totally clean in execution. I changed some positions on the T side with ScreaM, on 2-3 maps, but nothing special.

The first map against GODSENT was on Overpass. Were you satisfied with that map and how you played on it?

We clearly were not satisfied with how we played because our practice on the internet on Ovepass has been very good, and if you look at the match we lost 16-11 and won both pistols. It was not a very good map for us. We talked about it and we will try to fix some things if we are going to play Overpass in the tournament later. Overall, it's life, it's not the time to be mad about it, just talk and try to fix it for the next game.

Despite their recent record, shox wasn't happy to play against EnVyUs 

Do you have anything specific that you think that went wrong in that match?

On our T side they picked way too much, they were too aggressive and we didn't play versus this kind of a opposition so it was awful. We didn't control it properly. Talking about our CT side, we only took the pistol round and one eco. It was a really bad CT side, they hit the B site two times and it was the two times I wasn't there as a rotator, so that was a bit unlucky. We tried 2-3 different setups but it didn't work. Things like that can happen, but it's most important to know for the next match how to be clean, what went wrong and why.

Today you played against EnVyUs, the domestic rivals. You had the upper hand in the last few matches, were you happy with the draw and were you surprised they let Dust2 through?

Talking about the veto we weren't surprised, we knew it would be either Cache, Nuke or Dust2. And talking about EnVy, we weren't happy about it because they are a French team so it's always weird playing against them. For us it was the worst to play against. But that's the game, we just tried to remember how they play and how we are going to play against them.

What do you think prevailed in that match, why did you win?

I don't know why, but during the game I was feeling way more confident than them. They were very shaky with their moves, their executes, they were not feeling very secure in their mind. Even if sometimes we lost some stupid rounds we knew were in our game and it was going to work.

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France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
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Shox #1
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great interview by great player
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shoxiesETERNALGODHOOD but G2 is still a tier 2 team. can only upset teams. nothing more.
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Glad to see that YO LES NOOBS guy doing insanely god job
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nV done, that's the chance ! G2 stickers incomming !
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