hooch, diNGo, Xenitron join Virtus.pro

Russia’s finest Virtus.pro is once again only consisting of Russians – Edward, Zeus and Kane out, hooch, diNGo and Xenitron join.

Vitrus.pro has for quite some time been a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian players. The time has however come for Virtus.pro to once again be full-blooded Russian. The team was last seen in the Rekrut.ru Championship 2008 Grand Final against mTw, where they came short to the trophy as mTw once again grabbed another title. The team has however been delivering solid results over the last couple of months.

The time has however come for roster changes in Virtus.pro. Out will be going Ioan "Edward" Sukhariev, Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko and Mykhailo "Kane" Blagin. Joining up will be the former Amazing Gaming member Dmitry hooch Bogdanov and two former EYEsports members, Ivan "Xenitron" Totsky and Denis "diNGo" Kolomenskiy. This sets Virtus.pro with following five for the new year:

Russia Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov
Russia Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov
Russia Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov
Russia Ivan "Xenitron" Totsky
Russia Denis "diNGo" Kolomenskiy

The team is to be playing x6tence in Extreme Masters III Main Round tomorrow Sunday, but will most likely be using the departed players, as ESL does not allow the new members to play right away.
Poland bkx 
That's so f**king nicee!!! GL to the team, hope they'll win something big! diNGo is sick :)
2008-12-20 19:10
+1 :D:D:D sick lineup btw; I just noticed... I've been agreeing quite much with you lately, wtf have you done with me? xD
2008-12-20 23:17
Poland bkx 
I don't know mate :P
2008-12-21 10:33
Maybe you two just connected to each other. Hehehehehe ;)
2008-12-26 20:21
gl hoochiemama~
2008-12-20 19:04
bad for the other members :X they play so sweet :D
2008-12-20 19:08
Korea xff 
nice team, edward :((((((((((((((((((((
2008-12-20 19:09
That's nice! Xenitron is a brilliant player. Old school ftw! :)
2008-12-20 19:12
Poland kar07 
OMG :O Edward and Zeus out... Xenitron and diNGo in... Why they didn't choose redman? Isn't he better than Xenitron or diNGo? I don't tell that they are bad but for me it's a big surprise. Hooch in Virtus. Like we thought :) Good luck VP.
2008-12-20 19:15
nice! kane allwayz pissed me off. btw, what happend with Eyesports?
2008-12-20 19:18
Xenitron is good!!!
2008-12-20 19:22
OMG Edward and Zeuz was very good players.. :( And VP didnt play bad. I dont understand the roster change.
2008-12-20 19:25
It is excellent structure. AT LAST there will be completely a Russian command. GL LEX and HoochR
2008-12-20 19:25
whats wrong with you russians... it's minor mistake -.-
2008-12-20 19:26
chill elsie chill , no one will die because of it. GREAT lineup , good luck.
2008-12-20 19:30
EDWARD ZEUS GO A-gaming YEEEEEEEEEe GO GO in A-gaming WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice nice nice nice nice very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-12-20 19:30
weiss & vadik already took in AG
2008-12-20 19:35
2008-12-21 05:52
Unique for VP the competing structure will be: xek ex redman EDWARD ZEUS
2008-12-20 19:32
gg kane,zeus,edward gl & hf VP
2008-12-20 19:34
Very nice VP :) good luck!
2008-12-20 19:34
gl VP but edward and zeus :((((((((((
2008-12-20 19:38
gl Edward
2008-12-20 19:38
very very very very very nice :D GL! diNGo n1
2008-12-20 19:38
dingo LOW xenitron LOW
2008-12-20 19:40
hahaha stupid user :))
2008-12-21 05:53
nice :) i want Flatra for Xenitron but and now is good gl :P
2008-12-20 19:41
i think team pro100.UA : EDWARD,ZEUS,KANE,KEKC and anyone from UA, maybe AMI,MAD,EMELIK or some other...
2008-12-20 19:42
i hope pro100 comes back too :)
2008-12-21 02:42
woxic | 
Fucking Nice GL VPPP
2008-12-20 19:54
Edward & ZeuS --> amazing gaming -xenitron +redman pls :[
2008-12-20 19:56
i dont know diNgo or Xinetron but i know hooch and he is a good player, but Edward should not leave, he plays so f***ing nice. but who maked those changes must know what he is doing. good luck VP
2008-12-20 20:01
they r old begrip.ru and FOR MOTHER RUSSIA :)
2008-12-20 20:10
Why you deleted my comment #1 ?
2008-12-20 20:03
Please avoid writing using capitals only. Thank you.
2008-12-23 18:35
lOl. i dont like the new lineup. but time will show how its good or bad.
2008-12-20 20:03
-xenitron +redman pls :[ YYY get redman !
2008-12-20 20:15
good news boys gl virtus.pro !!!!
2008-12-20 20:16
Brazil fzZ 
Nice news, but i feel sorry for Edward gl VP :)
2008-12-20 20:22
Turkey huth 
I want to see redman.I hope...
2008-12-20 20:25
Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov Ivan "Xenitron" Totsky Denis "diNGo" Kolomna This lineup is awesome! hooch and dingo will make a great job. How is it with Xenitron skill today guys ? Redman might be a beter change for this team. -Xenitron +Redman or Flatra
2008-12-20 20:38
niceeee :D gl Virtus.pro
2008-12-20 20:42
2008-12-20 20:55
EG Corey "hanes" Hanes Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert Danny "fRod" Montaner Tyler "Storm" Wood Matt "Warden" Dickens vs. VP Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov Ivan "Xenitron" Totsky Denis "diNGo" Kolomna hope to see this match in the future.
2008-12-20 21:00
hooch is back!
2008-12-20 21:02
Estonia rEDv 
2008-12-20 21:04
edward out? how fucking stupid can u get. edward<3<3<3
2008-12-20 21:11
Well even if edward is a little bit stronger player, than dingo or xenitron. But, considering they are Russians, they're always >.
2008-12-21 04:54
realy bad news! Zeus, Edward T_T
2008-12-20 21:24
EeeeEEeeeEEE!!!! Hooch in vp!!!!!
2008-12-20 21:25
let them know sth better to choose xenitron instead of flatra good line up i hope they will be practising a lot to get in the 1st place of em3 !??
2008-12-20 21:26
Edward where ?
2008-12-20 21:40
edward :( he is my favourite, and my favourite team is vp :P but this lineup is so nice, pro100 reborn pls :)
2008-12-20 21:58
gl VP.... edzie, zeus into AG!!!it's well be nice!
2008-12-20 22:09
Bulgaria OPJ 
gl to the russian killing machines
2008-12-20 22:10
hohohoh. is nice for sure but strength of the team just stays the same
2008-12-20 22:30
noooooooooo((( - edzie zeus why?
2008-12-20 22:39
nice lineup. *Try not to use "however" so many times Nix0n ;)*
2008-12-20 22:39
big shock for me that those 3 left VP, they were the best from that team, it's a shock for me like the news whem kuben left mym :o hope AG from Ukraine will give them a chance because they are world class players at least Edward and Zeus are
2008-12-20 23:09
now it is "Russian" without Ukrain players!
2008-12-20 23:07
credible line-up in AG: B1ad3 xaoc strike weiss vad1k KERCH.Net lmbt(c) starix craft1k isNa kucher
2008-12-20 23:18
Ukraine me3m 
will see... hope pro100 back) GL VP
2008-12-20 23:17
Oh my :(
2008-12-20 23:32
Why Zeus, Edward? :(
2008-12-20 23:34
the new editons are nice,all are pretty well known and oldschool but yeah sure there might of been some better opions to get but that lineup has been pretty decent in the past aswell theres always a opion to change roster again if someone isnt performing or is slacking .. well AG should try to pick zeus and edward up cause they would be bigger force to be considered with then tbh.
2008-12-20 23:54
O.O fuuuck! Surprised!!!
2008-12-21 08:27
Ukrainians lived in Moscow and rented apartment. Financing has probably decreased, have not arranged a condition both Edward Zeus and Kane have left the team
2008-12-21 10:43
imba now tbh ^^
2008-12-21 12:13
zameni to chto nado....tol`ko vmesto dingo > xek
2008-12-21 12:24
woxic | 
groove ?
2008-12-21 12:27
i didnt really like kane, but i think zeus and edward, were great players and played their role in the team very good, so it's a pitty they leave VP :(. On the other hand, hooch its a great player, and the other 2 players seens to me good, but no one could replace edward i belive
2008-12-21 13:08
Pretty nice, gl Virtus !
2008-12-21 14:01
:DDDDD I am so happy for VP at least thats what i am waiting for Awsome news thank you Admins. :DDDD
2008-12-21 15:22
Estonia rEDv 
Now Vp can play on WCG !!!
2008-12-21 15:35
Yeah ,Edward and Lex were the best players in old lineup ..
2008-12-21 16:04
groove is great manager,he can add all players...he know all polish,he know k23,he can do what he want,if he finds money...I love DiNgo's game,nice guys,gl..
2008-12-21 16:10
at last all russians gl! :)
2008-12-21 16:39
I'm waiting for tonight Virtus.pro vs. x6tence!
2008-12-21 16:55
STUPID CHANGE Zeus and Edward are more good DUMBASS
2008-12-21 17:18
Oh snap this should be interesting! :]
2008-12-21 17:51
Cool gl hf ...
2008-12-21 18:23
i knew it after hooch leaving from ag...but i thought that only one player will leave vp...I think that edward, kane and zeus will create another good ukrainian team...
2008-12-21 19:14
awesome line up
2008-12-21 21:30
n1 team next WCG 09
2008-12-21 23:01
gl in future
2008-12-22 13:20
GL p.s. where will go Ukrainians?
2008-12-22 13:46
i like redman's game style. His game style is like shaguar, spawn or ofkeli.
2008-12-22 14:16
diNGo welcome!
2008-12-22 15:00
yes and xeni groove get out
2008-12-22 15:16
lol :D
2008-12-24 14:40
Groove played instead of hooch in EM3 ,because hooch will finish this tournament with AG. Am I right ?
2008-12-22 15:43
hooooooch they will strick :D its lu looks like to russian team
2008-12-22 21:35
i think the out of edward and zeus was bad for VP let's see
2008-12-23 00:41
we must see but i think just kane would be moved instead of hooch
2008-12-23 03:00
No money no funy
2008-12-23 14:10
i - romjk + xek- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-12-23 17:43
ckN | 
Estonia ckN 
and now -romjke +redman
2008-12-23 19:23
no : ) romjke is ok ,it is all about teamwork anyway
2008-12-25 20:19
gg Guys :P :)))
2008-12-26 17:14
lets see what can they do ;]
2008-12-26 19:09
VP go go go my favorite team
2008-12-26 19:47
zeusF*CKS! remove him from the squad-bad move
2009-01-01 10:58
dingo&xenitron like T&T = TT
2009-01-06 16:23
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