pronax: "Always had the Major spot"

GODSENT completed their ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier run with a 3-0 score, making them the first team to secure a challenger spot at the upcoming Major. To hear about the accomplishment, we talked to Markus "pronax" Wallsten.

The Swedish team filled with Major winners, GODSENT, secured a win over the Major Qualifier strugglers HellRaisers to finish their job in Atlanta.

With a Major spot reserved for him and his team, Markus "⁠pronax⁠" Wallsten was happy to chat with us about their games, their playstyle and his spot in the team.

Let's start with the match against dignitas, you faced them on Mirage, one of their better maps and they are considered one of the better teams at the moment. What do you think was the key thing you had that allowed you to totally shut them down on the CT side. Do you feel that they are not as good as people rate them at the moment, them not being in form or something else?

I think that they said before the tournament that they didn't practice that much, and at the same time Mirage is one of our better maps as well, the CT side especially. It's CS, best-of-ones. I think they are a good team but everything just clicked for us, we had a good idea about how to play, we talked about how we should play this tournament, that we should try to play simple, have good communication and I think that's why we managed to win.

Today's match was against HellRaisers, a rematch of the Minor final, and you also played them in the upper-bracket at the Minor. Let's actually start with the veto, that was actually influenced by that win since you were the upper seed and then had the additional ban. How do you think that influenced the whole thing, and the randomizer ending on Train?

We pretty much knew that it would be Cache or Train, so we were very prepared to play them on Train actually, because we know they like Train and we like it as well. We had a pretty good idea at least how they play on the bombsites as CT so we tried to exploit that as much as possible. Other than that we tried to play simple, shoot headshots and go together.

So what are your thoughts on the veto format they have here with the random factor?

I don't mind it that much, it's ok, it's a good compromise even though I don't like the random map. It's fine.

GODSENT have decided to play simple for the time being 

What's your mindset at the moment about the team - as flusha said you play pretty simple in the moment - looking back at your history, how do you fit in this team if you are playing that individualistic, simple style?

I think I have always been able to call quite simple because I like to do mid round calls, but I also like to do a lot of fakes, double fakes - we don't have the structure that you need to win tournament after tournament. I think we can play like this, we are definitely gonna try to build up a little structure in the future but it takes time. We've tried to do it before but we stressed it too much, we need to take it slow with time to actually build it up right this time.

Do you plan to do that before the Major?

We won't have time before the Major because when we come home we have a break for Christmas and New Year. lekr0 is actually going away with his family and is coming back when we have the DreamHack Masters Qualifier. The day after that we travel to China to play WESG and when we come home from that we will have a maximum two days of practice before the Major. So we are going to do everything we can to be as prepared as possible even if we won't practice as a team.

Now when this is all finished, the whole saga with KRiMZ leaving, you losing the Major spot, winning the Minor, the Major Qualifier is over - can you give me a final statement to close out that whole period?

In my mind, we always had the Major spot.

Professeur writes for and can be found on Twitter.

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Markus 'pronax' Wallsten
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2016-12-17 19:06
god damnit it, my post took forever to post BOTNAX
2016-12-17 19:06
2016-12-17 19:06
n1 pronax
2016-12-17 19:06
2016-12-17 19:06
1 reply
most didn't expect them to go through they go through 3-0 with wins against good teams fuck off
2016-12-17 19:09
2016-12-17 19:06
1 reply
2016-12-17 19:11
ofc pronax
2016-12-17 19:06
get carried
2016-12-17 19:07
Godsent Favourite to win major
2016-12-17 19:07
"Always had a major spot" -loses to t5 teams the next day
2016-12-17 19:07
2 replies
Basically the truth.
2016-12-18 08:30
Its funny cuz its true
2016-12-18 10:55
Nice! EDIT: wth I read the whole thing and still get the #27th comment.
2016-12-17 19:09
"Do you plan to do that before the Major? We won't have time before the Major because when we come home we have a break for Christmas and New Year. lekr0 is actually going away with his family and is coming back when we have the DreamHack Masters Qualifier. The day after that we travel to China to play WESG and when we come home from that we will have a maximum two days of practice before the Major. So we are going to do everything we can to be as prepared as possible even if we won't practice as a team." I can't stand this kind of answer. It reminds me of VERY old SK.swe. Always excuses. I was hoping for a more serious preparation, but gz and gj on the Major Spot!
2016-12-17 19:09
6 replies
they already prove themself, that they are not pieces of garbage anymore
2016-12-17 19:18
United Kingdom jMz86
Not really sure what anyone is expecting with a tournament just after Christmas. There is more ot life than CS.
2016-12-19 13:48
4 replies
it's almost a month after christmas, and yes, sure, but it's their JOB.
2016-12-19 17:27
3 replies
United Kingdom jMz86
Yeah exactly, I have a job too and I'm getting time off :) Also, if you read it properly, they have tournaments between New Year and the major.
2016-12-19 21:24
2 replies
that's not my point if you read my post properly. it's a major, it's the largest, most important thing they do in their line of work. you don't take time off right before that.
2016-12-19 23:07
1 reply
United Kingdom jMz86
This still makes no sense, it's Christmas. I assume they will ALL have time off lol.
2016-12-20 02:38
China Paracios
2016-12-17 19:12
Not surprised godsent made the spot.
2016-12-17 19:12
yeah sure
2016-12-17 19:16
flusha: i didnt even have to call
2016-12-17 19:17
Sweden godname
why not doing video interview´s? :(
2016-12-17 19:17
2 replies
proffeseur isnt sexy as striker, so he's shy
2016-12-17 19:19
1 reply
True, i'm not GODmilan
2016-12-18 04:55
Croatia nAmeless69
Mastermind <3
2016-12-17 19:22
fnatic-godsent finals would be legendary!
2016-12-17 19:29
1 reply
Those are my favourite teams and I'd probably cheer for every single kill in the match xd
2016-12-18 00:31
godsent stickers!
2016-12-17 19:30
2 replies
who cares about godsent stickers when we will have stickers
2016-12-18 09:43
1 reply
2016-12-18 10:43
2016-12-17 19:35
but they never had the spot in mlg and cologne haha
2016-12-17 19:42
pronax: "Always had the bottomfragging spot"
2016-12-17 19:52
Denmark Eredin
pronax: "Always had the bottomfragging spot"
2016-12-17 20:00
pronax: "Always had the bottomfragging spot"
2016-12-17 20:02
2016-12-17 20:10
pronax: "Always had the bottomfragging spot" cunt
2016-12-17 20:14
That's why you had to play a qualifier. 4Head
2016-12-17 20:20
Denmark regnant
Pronax smile in 2017!!!
2016-12-17 20:44
"In my mind, we always had the Major spot." Lmao
2016-12-17 21:16
Pronax might not be the beast fragger, but he sure knows how to lead his teams. One of the best igl's.
2016-12-17 21:23
4 replies
No, he has two csgo best players around himself. Pronax without flusha and JW is pure trash.
2016-12-18 11:19
3 replies
One big reason fnatic won 3 majors along other events is that pronax can make so good mid round calls. He makes calls and let his star players do their thing. Pro cs isnt who is the top fragger, its about the winning as a team. And if pronax is so bad, why do you think jw and flusha wanted to join his team in the first place? To carry pronax into major?
2016-12-18 17:30
2 replies
His calls are overrated. Flusha and JW, even znajder knows how to play swedish cs, how to move on the map. Why they wanted to play with him, its wasnt any other solution. NiP has their five members and they just split up with top swedish team (fnatic), so only one potencionally good team left. It was godsent. Why they come back to pronax, because dennis wanted to get rid of JW, but flusha said bros before fame/money. So there is more reason, why they came back, but not that pronax is best IGL.
2016-12-18 17:52
1 reply
Which pro has ever said that his his calls are overrated? Those 3 major wins kinda says otherwise don't you think? Also it would never make any sense for a pro(jw,flusha) just go play on a team when there's a guy who isnt contributing in any way. Why would they ever choose to join a losing team?
2016-12-18 19:30
African Union pepejerky
pronax: "Always had the bottomfragging spot"
2016-12-17 21:25
Sweden Div-\
I always thought that godsent would qualify, maybe just not with a 3-0 record, but it's even better.
2016-12-17 21:41
Alot of new players dont respect igl anymore. They just watch the scoreboard and flame. I find the new coaching rule good we nedd an igl playing not some puppetmaster and 5 puppets.
2016-12-17 22:14
like legendary Markeloff
2016-12-17 22:26
Don't get cocky pronax. You'll be regretting it when you meet real teams at the major lol
2016-12-18 00:22
legend. cry is free xd
2016-12-18 00:24
schneider stickerssssssssss <3
2016-12-18 05:03
True legend
2016-12-18 08:10
Slovakia Reve_nant
At least we know when will be WESG
2016-12-18 11:01
Flusha will lift his mouse to another major ez
2016-12-18 11:07
2016-12-18 12:19
Sweden lagcats
imagine if they start to win like fnatic used to do, imagine the ppl
2016-12-18 17:32
Poland mamba99999
Get Right is crying reading this.
2016-12-19 13:50
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