OpTic confirmed at DH Las Vegas

ELEAGUE Season 2 champions OpTic Gaming have been invited to DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, the event's organisers have revealed.

OpTic have become the fifth team confirmed for the event, joining invited trio Virtus.pro, Cloud9 and Astralis, and Asian qualifier champions TyLoo.

The North American team are currently competing at the offline qualifier for the ELEAGUE Major, where they are one victory away from securing a spot at the $1 Million competition.

OpTic confirmed at DH Masters Las Vegas 

Four more teams will be revealed by DreamHack in the coming days, with the remaining seven spots in this 16-team tournament being filled through European and North American qualifiers.

DreamHack Masters Las Vegas will take place from February 15-19, with $450,000 up for grabs. The group stage will take place on the MGM Grand Casino Floor, while the playoffs will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. 

The list of participants for the event currently looks as follows:

China TYLOO Poland Virtus.pro
United States Cloud9 Denmark Astralis
North America OpTic

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Sweden cute! 
Nice and well played optic, team on the rise.
2016-12-18 09:55
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
good to hear invite fnatic now
2016-12-18 09:55
2016-12-18 09:55
Sweden Linoslele 
2016-12-18 09:55
United States Tryx[M] 
astralis too???
2016-12-18 09:55
Poland Kozzinho 
2016-12-18 09:58
ropz | 
Sweden fearl3ss2 
fuck mixwell, blocking me on twitter when i don't even tweet anything to anyone
2016-12-18 09:56
And also destroyed your favourite team, NiP.
2016-12-18 13:32
ropz | 
Sweden fearl3ss2 
u think i give a fuck about nip? lmao they deserve to get rekt so they finally can change players
2016-12-18 13:52
2016-12-18 09:59
2016-12-18 10:11
When will fucking fnatic and godsent be invited? Holy shit.
2016-12-18 10:26
France t3r4byt3 
nt but they won't they'll get invited to the EU closed qualifier but thats it
2016-12-18 10:32
Read interview with Pronax. He said they will play qualifier.
2016-12-18 11:00
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Immortals tho
2016-12-18 16:33
God tarik
2016-12-18 10:35
2016-12-18 10:40
Clown9, Tyloo... lmao, such a joke tournament
2016-12-18 10:52
Faroe Islands shubaNN 
tyloo lul
2016-12-18 11:16
Brazil mibrzera 
no SK ?
2016-12-18 11:34
World Vidua 
Probably no. I don't think they'll want to come considering unstable 5th.
2016-12-18 18:01
cbbk | 
World Babyface_ 
Nice video!
2016-12-18 11:55
Korea Damianlee 
2016-12-18 12:08
KLnT | 
Pakistan Huzaifa 
Where is gambit u fucking idiots or navi ?
2016-12-18 12:17
Why invite tier-2? :S
2016-12-18 12:54
so why they invited tyloo and cloud9?
2016-12-18 14:26
Tyloo for chinese viewership,and cloud9 coz they have achieved way more stuff than gambots and navi recently. And i dont even like c9,but facts cant be changed.
2016-12-18 16:03
World Vidua 
They haven't invited Tyloo. Cloud 9 is one of three most popular teams and most popular in US.
2016-12-18 18:02
thats deserved for sure, considering their recent form ^^
2016-12-18 12:20
2016-12-18 12:40
Other VladimirLucas 
RUSH will be aimlocking from vegas? nice
2016-12-18 12:41
Norway Shaquelele 
Then FaZe will get an invite too. And they will meet each others. FaZe vs Optic = alot of viewers.
2016-12-18 12:55
Should be about time to start inviting FaZe directly to some tournaments.
2016-12-18 15:25
tyloo qualified and 15 other teams will be invited. Its obvious every top 10 team will attend,unless they are busy
2016-12-18 16:02
There was already some open eu qualifier qualification for that. So there will be closed EU qualifier.
2016-12-18 16:44
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
2016-12-18 12:58
2016-12-18 13:16
this voice Kreygasm
2016-12-18 13:22
NiP Na`Vi SK G2
2016-12-18 14:41
United States EmperorTrump 
2016-12-18 15:11
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Nice... But what the fuck is Tyloo doing there?
2016-12-18 15:11
They qualified. It's good to have one spot for all regions to ensure the best possible viewership and more sponsor money.
2016-12-18 15:25
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas
2016-12-18 15:13
why tyloo... they should take best teams not tyloo just because they are from china
2016-12-18 15:18
they played qualifiers,tyloo won asian qualifiers.
2016-12-18 16:00
yes but why the fuck there is asian qualifiers?
2016-12-18 16:06
viewers, chinese money etc
2016-12-18 16:06
0 chinese money and 0 viewers
2016-12-18 16:08
So, why announce each team like every 2 days?
2016-12-18 15:36
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Because they want to "build a hype" i guess.
2016-12-18 15:54
TUROK in Vegas PogChamp
2016-12-18 16:10
United States TruthEmbargo 
WAUW, such an announcement..... OPTIC GUYS, better get the big boys clothes out naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah christ is it me or is counterstrike just fucking boring now, activity is super low the last many months, people aren't as engaged anymore at all, and the teams are a huge snorefest
2016-12-18 16:50
Brazil braga1 
no sk no fun
2016-12-18 18:04
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