Zero: Teams had to be heartbroken

HellRaisers managed to break their Major Qualifier curse by defeating Cloud9 in the last game of the tournament. To hear more about what was going through the players heads during the deciding match, we talked to Patrik "Zero" Žúdel.

The European mixture managed to close out the qualification in dramatic fashion after going from 2-0 to 2-2 by defeating Cloud9 on Overpass.

To get a better insight in the minds of the HellRaisers players during the last three matches, we had a chat with the young Slovakian Patrik "Zero" Žúdel.

Let's start with you being 2-0 up, you played a match against GODSENT on Train. They edged you out in the end, what went wrong for you in the match?

We were trying to play it like every game, like it's the first game and not get in our heads. We had a shaky start and after that it started snowballing. We were starting to get really stressed out with our decisions and basically we started doing things we didn't practice. That was our main problem.

Moving on, the next game was against OpTic, similar story in a way, a team you faced in the past qualifier and they beat you again. Same question more or less, how did the map go from your point of view?

It was the same map and we also lost the pistol. I think we kind of started thinking: "What if the curse is real?". What if we get close to the qualification and just bust. We started losing, we won some rounds, but from individual plays. We were very shaky, we weren't able to play together because everyone was trying to do their own thing and we weren't playing like a team. Again, we rushed our decision making that crumbled our structure.

Coming into the last match, how did that change? You started pretty bad, then got in the lead but when they started coming back was it in your head again?

I think it was in everyone's head. I think a lot of people know what happened on the past qualifiers, we were always really really close but we never made it. Some teams had to be heartbroken today, but I think that the teams that worked the hardest qualified in the end.

Zero and STYKO were not the ones to be heartbroken this time


Towards the end of the match your team called a pause, we saw Johnta communicating something and after that you won the next round and you closed it out after that. Was there anything special that was called, what was the point of discussion?

It was just a normal call. He knows a lot about the game and is really experienced so he knows when to make the right call and that's what it was, nothing special.

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Slovakia Patrik 'Zero' Žúdel
Patrik 'Zero' Žúdel
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No shit.
2016-12-19 03:56
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
Are you mad?
2016-12-19 07:47
Slovakia rekt USA same in icehockey
2016-12-19 09:21
NAF | 
Canada cStrilly 
rip c9
2016-12-19 03:56
GREAT JOB!!! they deserverd the spot and C9 skadaddy carry is real.. shrud and nothing should practise more and dm more.. another CIS TEAM IN THE MAJOR BOISSS!!
2016-12-19 03:56
United States ImCovati 
They're not cis lol
2016-12-19 07:36
Russia sNQ- 
they were cis (ua), now eu
2016-12-19 08:44
2 ua, 3 eu, and they came through EU quals
2016-12-19 11:06
Russia sNQ- 
they WERE cis
2016-12-19 13:26
3 years ago when they had Flipside's and Gambit's roster :)
2016-12-19 14:52
Russia sNQ- 
HR will always .ua team for me
2016-12-19 21:13
Why wasn't ENCE in qualifier?
2016-12-19 03:57
Because 1rd they need to learn how to csgo
2016-12-19 03:59
Russia RacerJuiced_ 
Cuz no Allu
2016-12-19 04:22
cuz so ez 4 Ence
2016-12-19 04:39
Because they have already won the major. We're all living in the past.
2016-12-19 09:12
this guy knows whats up
2016-12-19 11:13
Finland Lehtori 
Dont tell em
2016-12-19 11:17
Luxembourg alex24 
i guess living in all that cold and snow can make an average ence fan really desilusional...
2016-12-19 12:50
2016-12-19 03:56
2016-12-19 03:56
Hungary powi 
pretty boring interview
2016-12-19 03:58
still mad @ C9 lose
2016-12-19 04:03
Argentina ZaraLarsson 
yeah.. such hard work by ENVY! , stfu fucking nonamer noob
2016-12-19 04:06
C9 lul
2016-12-19 04:33
cry9 cry br :(
2016-12-19 04:56
cry9 crynip /pick both above
2016-12-19 08:08
cryrng :)
2016-12-19 11:09
lol i forgot about rng. ok i accepted
2016-12-19 12:45
Europe KappaKaako 
2016-12-19 08:15
NA pro scene? Xaxaxaxaxaxa
2016-12-19 12:17
is good enough
2016-12-19 13:28
congrats hr!
2016-12-19 15:44
oskar was the problem?
2016-12-19 17:15
Hr stickers, wooo
2016-12-20 20:38
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