WESG Finals dates announced

December 20th, 2016 02:01

The WESG Finals will be held from the 12-15th January at the Olympic Center in Changzhou, China. The prize pool consists of a whopping $1,500,000 with 24 teams participating.

The World Electronic Sports Games Finals will have teams from all regions in the world competing in a BO2 round robin format. The 24 teams will be split into four groups of six teams each and the first-placed team will proceed straight to the quarter-finals, while the second and third-placed teams will battle it out for the last four playoff spots.

This format is very similar to the one we saw used at EPICENTER: Moscow in terms of the group stage. The quarterfinals and onwards will be standard fare in the form of a BO3 single-elimination bracket.

Virtus.pro will be favorites to win in China

There will be familiar names among the players attending, but as the tournament organizer have an 'only same nationality' rule in place for the participating rosters, some of them will appear in some new constellations. Virtus.pro, EnVyUs, and GODSENT will be playing in full lineup among others though.

The full list of teams can be seen below:

Poland Virtus.pro France EnVyUs Denmark ex-dignitas Russia .Russia
Poland Kinguin Sweden GODSENT Ukraine Ukraine Finland iGame.com
China TyLoo China VG.CyberZen Kazakhstan K23 China FIVE
Malaysia JYP Thailand Signature Hong Kong ENZO United States Selfless
Canada subtLe Mexico QuetzaL Brazil TeamOne Chile Force of Nature
Colombia Colombia Turkey Space Soldiers South Africa Bravado Turkey DarkPassage

The prize pool distribution will be as follows:

1. - $800,000
2. - $400,000
3. - $200,000
4. - $60,000
5-8. $10,000

United States slendersleeper 
ez for ex-dignitas again
2016-12-20 02:02
ex for ez-dignitas
2016-12-20 02:39
United Kingdom trtr098 
EZ 4 ENCE.ASUSROG btw this prizepool is stupidly huge. Most of these teams are nonamers. Chinese people have too much money to throw away?
2016-12-20 03:04
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
"Virtus.pro will be favorites to win in China" Why the fuck should they be favourites?
2016-12-20 03:31
VP envy dignitas Who else would win it?
2016-12-20 06:02
Finland Madd!z 
Ez for iGame
2016-12-20 10:30
homesent ?
2016-12-27 09:01
Denmark nalleB 
Because the other top teams will be playing with stand-ins.
2016-12-20 09:43
Finland coswell 
Cos EnvyUs is EnvyUs.. Dignitas will be using Aizy instead of Rubino. The only team i see suprising those three teams, is Godsent (they might also lose to any team :D).
2016-12-20 10:13
dignitas is not using aizy msl said this in an interview
2016-12-22 13:15
Finland coswell 
Well... It doesnt really change anything though. Same story. Its probably Valde then..
2016-12-22 20:22
Andorra TYZ4 
lul godsent lost to everybody xD
2017-01-11 20:55
why the fck shouldnt they? you ever watched cs mate?
2016-12-20 11:04
Dignitas needs a stand in due to wesg rules Thats probably why
2016-12-20 22:40
Fuck the prizepool .... welcome Tier4 team to earn money
2016-12-20 04:13
Turkey RooseBolton 
Dude Virtus-Envy-ExDig are the favorites so the money is not thrown away lmao
2016-12-20 06:03
Sweden AstralisEzRa 
they definitely have so much money to throw, look around the world,most of them are filled with them .even my aussie friend have so much MingLee around his house
2016-12-20 06:41
World scrape 
There are 24 teams, and it seems that only top-8 places get all the money.
2016-12-20 07:51
Alibaba the biggest online store in the world, forget Amazon and ebay etc
2016-12-20 10:28
Finland pumtac 
yeah thats sooooooo fucking stupid
2016-12-20 11:00
Marketing. Read a book about it ;)
2016-12-20 20:07
Malaysia phyzell 
these gamers thinks that corporate sponsors are making huge profit margin in Sweden compared to other regions.
2016-12-22 09:49
Aye ^_^
2016-12-23 08:51
The organizer is one of the biggest internet company in china, I'm not surprised with this huge of prize pool.
2016-12-21 15:10
2016-12-20 06:34
Germany JuaNiko_^ 
that dignitas with aizy is the best lineup...
2016-12-20 15:50
aizy isnt playin according to msl bc he is practicing fir major
2016-12-22 13:15
World PoletesCS 
why is dig playing with aizy?
2016-12-20 16:40
Wesg rules state 4 players of same nationalty needed. So rubino isnt allowed for dig
2016-12-20 22:41
aizy isnt playin according to msl bc he is practicing for major
2016-12-22 13:16
Yeah lets see who does!
2016-12-23 08:53
maybe valde
2016-12-26 01:38
They dropped out :( Would have been great though!
2016-12-27 08:33
2016-12-20 02:02
I'm pretty excited at least for how it will be when the Chinese teams play in front of home crowd.
2016-12-20 02:19
BASiC | 
Macedonia Puetz_T 
make dreamteam game bro :D
2016-12-20 02:21
They got their ass whooped against Epsilon in front of home crowd
2016-12-20 07:29
and heroic....more than once....they lost to fnatic academy...they seem to lose to every non tier 1 eu team
2016-12-20 18:09
Poland Apollo93 
2016-12-20 02:03
ez for godsent
2016-12-20 02:02
nice teams
2016-12-20 02:02
2016-12-20 02:02
2016-12-20 02:02
Australia LACH1E 
when the europe tournament is better than the full thing
2016-12-20 02:03
Malaysia phyzell 
coz it sux to be #9. Going back home with no prize :|
2016-12-20 13:32
They already get the money from the qualifier. I think its their responsible to help alibaba to promote esport in china?
2016-12-20 14:35
Malaysia phyzell 
JACK MA fucks the world! haha
2016-12-21 10:41
Brazil alemo 
ez ex-dignitas
2016-12-20 02:02
ez 4 igaem
2016-12-20 02:02
fnx | 
Iceland PrTz1 
800k 1st 400K 2nd LUL
2016-12-20 02:02
Malta hwro 
why LUL? 800k>400k is pretty sick
2016-12-20 09:48
24 team Attempts to the Tournament. Only 8 of them gets money For example : Lower the 1-2-3-4 money . And pay them to the others
2016-12-20 10:37
Malta hwro 
16 teams will play for fun
2016-12-20 10:47
Best pricepool! Shitty teams always get money for nothing just for flights.... Now they have to do the best to get some money!!!
2016-12-20 12:20
fnx | 
Iceland PrTz1 
yeah, i like it
2017-01-02 21:27
1.5 mil for no names wow
2016-12-20 02:02
With that prize distribution the no namers are most likely just competing for 40k, that is 5-8th place. Maybe some random team can break in to top 4 but I doubt it
2016-12-20 10:18
Blame the ones who didn't participate in the qualifiers or did not qualify for the qualifiers
2016-12-20 11:02
Every NA-only tournament ever.
2016-12-20 12:52
Greece anything LUL
2016-12-20 18:10
Atleast I admit it. Also: Greek Doto > NA Doto Edit: Greek LoL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NA LoL
2016-12-20 18:11
dayum that prize money, guaranteed 200k for VP is insane
2016-12-20 02:02
gl to all of the teams, this should be a interesting event.
2016-12-20 02:02
800k sounds like a good start into the year for a team.
2016-12-20 02:03
Horrible lineup due to the horrible rules. Blasphemy of a tournament, which is taking steps backwards in developing the scene.
2016-12-20 02:03
2016-12-20 02:06
+1 such a joke
2016-12-20 02:49
I disagree, tournaments like this was my favorit in 1,6. No superteams allowed. THis is a battle of the best rosters of your country.
2016-12-20 03:27
Poland OmeN_94 
2016-12-20 02:03
no rng :(
2016-12-20 02:03
Ez for Virtus Pro, they can win only events like this with bunch of t4 teams.
2016-12-20 02:04
Poland KingwinBest 
eleague t4 tournament
2016-12-20 02:15
Yeah, everybody knows which team would win E-League season 1 HAHAHA But NA teams fucked up with everything.
2016-12-20 03:16
You mean the same team that failed to win 20 next tournaments choking against t3 teams in finals? nt favela but SK would lose e-league exactly like they lost everything after the Cologne major
2016-12-20 09:45
They still placed Top 4 consistently despite losing.
2016-12-20 13:46
Actually they got eliminated by NA orgs in E-League Season 1 then they won ESL Cologne Major HAHAHA Wtf are you saying, they were pratically unbeatable HAHA
2016-12-20 14:44
Yes that's why sk didn't win anything since the major
2016-12-20 10:22
That's why what? Everybody knows the true winner of E-League Season 1. They rekt everybody on group stage then they got eliminated by NA "cryers" orgs because they changed their org. But actually i'm not crying, it's just hilarious that E-League Season 1 is the single title that VP won this year HAHAHAHAHAHAHA And guess what? The didn't beat the best team in the tournament HAHAHA
2016-12-20 14:47
U mean Fnatic right?
2016-12-20 12:52
Yeah the best team in the world in that occasion was Fnatic, right? Haha don't make me laugh! Luminosity just got eliminated by NA orgs, they were the best team in the world in that moment and they would win so easily E-League Season 1 HAHAHA
2016-12-20 14:42
Yes that's why they can't win tier2 event .
2016-12-20 15:16
.Russia have destroyed VP before, and they're gonna do it again. hltv.org/match/2305572-russia-virtuspro-..
2016-12-20 10:14
so much money for tier 10 teams
2016-12-20 02:04
Sadly t11 teams such as sk didnt even quali uhuh
2016-12-20 12:41
they didn't even participate bro
2016-12-20 20:43
Europe Brian_Furious 
Daamn. 1st place more than in the major. I'd focus on this tournament than the major
2016-12-20 02:04
wow 800k first place n1
2016-12-20 02:05
This is srsly just retarded.. strange prizepool; 800k first, 10k 5-8, 24 teams which of at least 15-20 are crap
2016-12-20 02:06
Finals in China? LUL long delay expected LUL
2016-12-20 02:06
imagine if tyloo won this :O
2016-12-20 02:07
inb4 envy vp godsent dignitas are going to dodge this and focus on major
2016-12-20 02:07
Finland Jonzu95 
2016-12-20 02:11
Nah I don't think so. They went to an actual LAN qualifier to get in. It should be an ok warm-up for the most of the teams.
2016-12-20 02:17
Both of them actually will be traveling to Changzhou for playing WESG.
2016-12-20 02:18
Finland jemixD 
both of 4? : D D D D
2016-12-20 03:16
2016-12-20 03:42
There is a extra "g" in your name.☜
2016-12-20 06:03
winning 800K in an easy tourney or winning 500k in a hard tourney.
2016-12-20 13:48
lol, but the question is, will the winners even be given their prize?
2016-12-20 02:09
Denmark clutchkongen 
2016-12-20 02:11
It's funded by the eSports section of Alibaba, which is like the Chinese version of Amazon. Also the guy that owns it, he's the richest man on China and top10 in the world. Should be paid :P
2016-12-20 02:12
Portugal dracø 
Are you going there error?
2016-12-20 02:18
If everything goes alright, yes.
2016-12-20 02:18
isnt 800 k more than first place on major? LOL
2016-12-20 02:23
I believe so.
2016-12-20 02:23
BASiC | 
Macedonia Puetz_T 
bro, k23 trio ( Adren mou hobiit), wont attend on WESG?
2016-12-20 03:07
apparently not, they wouldve done well with them though
2016-12-20 03:40
No, they will be prepping for the Major
2016-12-20 03:40
BASiC | 
Macedonia Puetz_T 
Major is on 17th of january?
2016-12-20 03:44
Bootcamping can take weeks + Going back to family.
2016-12-20 13:49
China is taking over CS GO !! lol !! What a crazy prize pool!
2016-12-20 02:11
North America Oakz 
olypmic centre? 800k for winner? sick
2016-12-20 02:13
ez 800k for JW and flusha
2016-12-20 02:15
Chile wdks 
2016-12-20 02:16
...and time of space soldiers. ez for XANTARES:
2016-12-20 02:16
Brazil xpassw0rd 
800k????? Wtf
2016-12-20 02:17
800k holy fuck
2016-12-20 02:18
tier 4 tournament with $1,500,000 prize pool aight then
2016-12-20 02:20
BASiC | 
Macedonia Puetz_T 
the best tournament for me ! hltv.org please make dreamteam, nomad twgr1s please <3 would be interesting
2016-12-20 02:20
Switzerland veach 
suBtle is using a foreigner
2016-12-20 02:24
2016-12-20 02:24
Brazil coachdag3x 
2016-12-20 02:25
1962 | 
Argentina makuken 
same for JonY BoY
2016-12-20 02:30
Brazil coachdag3x 
Miami Flamingos will win the major, they don't need WESG
2016-12-20 02:34
what if i win both? :D
2016-12-20 02:44
When will we see you guys in action?
2016-12-20 07:41
you mean Flamingos or This tournament? xD
2016-12-20 10:26
you did a nice job
2016-12-20 02:33
2016-12-20 02:25
byali | 
Poland vezz. 
Second place gets $400k which is $100k less than winning the major. Sick.
2016-12-20 02:26
apEX | 
Brazil XEMBAO 
ez for envyus
2016-12-20 02:27
Signature and ENZO are there but not Mongolz #FeelsBadMan
2016-12-20 02:29
Mongolia ehlel 
apai bgaz opson sea asia busiin baguud ni tep five xujaa bag bas yu we yaj shalgapuulsan ym bol do
2016-12-20 06:44
Suso h idksnw odnsbau. Fxi forns jeixu go uyskeb rowisy vurnskau fne dkeo fociy poebsj dnsoa u ucugm
2016-12-20 09:12
looks like $800.000 in the bank for VP
2016-12-20 02:35
sickest pricepool
2016-12-20 02:36
Force of Nature is now rEAK
2016-12-20 02:37
KLnT | 
Pakistan Huzaifa 
Would be awesome if tyloo wins that money will make them happy
2016-12-20 02:39
nice to see a huge list of teams you don't see that often when it's about a such high graded tourny.
2016-12-20 02:44
joke event but whatever idc
2016-12-20 02:50
flusha | 
Denmark beastd 
2016-12-20 02:57
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Team ONE! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! <3 Kreygasm
2016-12-20 03:03
Godsent will win Wow, never thought I'd say that.
2016-12-20 03:07
United Kingdom kick_jdm_ffs 
why the fuck is the lineup so bad? yes there was the nationality restriction but where are the likes of fnatic, Renegades and Immortals?
2016-12-20 03:14
How else would the Chinese have a chance at winning?
2016-12-20 03:38
They didn't participate, union rules. It's the team's fault they didn't get to play. Wesa player union.
2016-12-20 05:21
EnVyUs? Virtus.Pro?
2016-12-20 07:39
Those are the rumours being spread. Why else would sk fnatic nip not participate? Same rumours about not allowing C9 to play with standins or mix teams. VP are not in the core of wesa, just a member, faze fnatic nip etc are core members of wesa Astralis lost to godsent in qualifying, they had karrigan. Any sensible team would have attended, considering that the qualifiers were on lan
2016-12-20 11:09
wtf dat prize pool ez money 4 VP and Godsent
2016-12-20 03:24
Basically fuck NA teams
2016-12-20 03:26
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
ez for Team One
2016-12-20 03:26
1,5mln LAN for 99% tier99 teams what should play in some 100$ online tournaments winer take to home fuckign 800.000$ this is biggest prize pool in CS:GO history ! so you say VP cant quali to ECS lan final with 250k for 1st place or ESL with 200k for 1st place hahahahahahahahahahahaahhhhhhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahbhuhbuhuhuhbubhbhuhuhbuuhbhbuhbuuhuuhbuhbu
2016-12-20 03:39
lol yeah, i realized it just now, biggest prize pool in cs history
2016-12-20 03:32
Valve open your eyes!
2016-12-20 03:28
kazakh trio of gambit wont attend supposedly, otherwise top 8 guarantee and top 4 maybe [*]
2016-12-20 03:41
2016-12-20 04:32
I hope there will be english stream ;)
2016-12-20 03:46
1. - $800,000 2. - $400,000 3. - $200,000 :o
2016-12-20 03:47
Singapore derpydm 
dig are having aizy stand in for rubino btw
2016-12-20 03:47
Nope. Aizy has more important things to do than helping dignitas. Like praccin to major WITH HIS team
2016-12-20 07:20
Except he has guaranteed minimum $40k for just attending those finals with dig and likely more so maybe he'll consider.
2016-12-20 08:26
Yeah.. no
2016-12-20 08:41
No what?
2016-12-20 10:13
He will practice with his team>40k
2016-12-20 11:33
Singapore derpydm 
i believe rosters are locked in (?) so more than likely aizy will play with dig for WESG
2016-12-20 12:37
Yeah, because he'd rather practise for a more difficult tournament with a lesser prize pool than this tier 3, $1500,000 one, they are the second best team in the tournament the $400k is almost guaranteed
2016-12-22 13:11
Its not all about money. He wont be playin with ex dick
2016-12-22 13:55
why not?
2016-12-22 21:01
holy shit
2016-12-20 04:01
proxure crack aweonao
2016-12-20 04:15
Jyp pls stop choking
2016-12-20 04:18
they are not even good team anyway
2016-12-20 11:50
Where the fuck is Cloud9? '-' ;-;
2016-12-20 04:35
Ukraine xphenomen 
They can't compete in WESG because they have international roster (US + Canada). WESG only accept national teams. That's why there is no NaVi but shitty "Ukraine" mix.
2016-12-20 06:03
gas | 
Korea kaiske 
with a Canadian
2016-12-20 06:01
800k and 400k for 2nd, where's fnatic?
2016-12-20 04:39
VP EnVyUS Godsent ex-dignitas
2016-12-20 05:12
All those faggots saying so much money for tier 4, should note that the tournament was open to all. The other teams chose not to participate, their loss really. Could have been easy money
2016-12-20 05:22
Ukraine xphenomen 
They didn't choose "to not participate". WESG only accept national rosters (100% of team from same country). That's why there is no Faze, Optic, C9, NaVi, G2, mouz etc
2016-12-20 06:05
If they really wanted to they could've made a plan
2016-12-20 09:14
they could have done like dignitas did, change a player for this tournament
2016-12-20 09:46
Mate sk immortals fnatic and nip are one nationality teams. Explain why they didn't participate? Astralis lost in qualifiers.
2016-12-20 11:11
SK and Immortals probably didnt want to go to Brazil for online qualifier. Nip at that time withdrawn from some events because of schedule, this cant be reason why they didnt want to play. Fnatic idk.
2016-12-20 12:20
Mate it was an offline event,with prize pool and there was free time. As i said, its their fault they did not play. The people here are saying "so much mone for T99 teams"
2016-12-20 13:59
1.6 mayors in China were pretty sick hope this delivers GL SA
2016-12-20 05:52
gl dp & ss this is ur time to show urself
2016-12-20 05:56
Ukraine xphenomen 
that Ukraine mix is just shame for country with so many good players.
2016-12-20 06:06
VP was at the last tournament and they said they were paid. I think they pay since it is a partnership between Chinese government + Alibaba. WCA doesn't pay but these guys do. The tournament is sponsored by the Chinese eSports ministry or some shit. It is all government subsidies and they make it "nationality only team" so a lot of teams are already eliminated and the Chinese have a better chance.
2016-12-20 06:17
Norway suprah1M 
2016-12-20 06:26
1 milion just not enough to "tiny" level of Alibaba.how the fuck they willnt pay
2016-12-20 14:21
SpaceSoldiers vs DarkPassage final confirmed
2016-12-20 06:17
Wont watch
2016-12-20 06:24
K23 easy
2016-12-20 06:27
Mongolia ehlel 
no THE Mongolz really sea TOP 3 asian trash teams fucking wesg zail apai pisda utaa baguuud opchoood bxad mongolz bxagui gutapmaap ym we psda
2016-12-20 06:42
2016-12-20 06:48
EZ for Epsilon in china... oh wait
2016-12-20 07:00
2016-12-20 07:14
why isnt SK and Astralis on this championship?
2016-12-20 07:20
1. ask SK wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/World_.. 2. because GODSENT beat them in the round of 12 wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/World_..
2016-12-20 07:36
ty for answer
2016-12-21 03:19
Why china lans always big prizepool but shitty teams and streams
2016-12-20 07:21
Because China second richest country?
2016-12-20 07:24
That is the reason why shittiest teams and streams?
2016-12-20 07:43
Shittiest teams because they make rules that help Chinese teams. Streams? I don't know. We'll see about this one. Do you watch Chinese or English stream? Maybe first one is better?
2016-12-20 08:29
In 2016 there is no much delays anymore in good t1 english stream lans but in china lans still huge delays and shitty streams.
2016-12-20 08:42
WESA forced nip fnatic sk to boycott, no reason as to why else they did not play. Astralis lost in the qualifiers There were lan qualifiers for this, with the qualifiers also have 75k prize pool
2016-12-20 10:57
Malaysia jianwen87 
that more prize pool than major, in a huge stadium, this gonna be crazy
2016-12-20 07:27
EZ K23
2016-12-20 08:25
good prep for major for EU top teams
2016-12-20 08:31
Austria gex0r 
lets gooo virtus prooo btw somehow i have a feel we might see .Russia in the finals
2016-12-20 08:37
flusha | 
Sweden moxxy 
I was about to say that I would not have VP as favourites since they'll most likely focus on the major instead, and bomb out early like only VP can do when they don't care. But then I saw the pricepool lol. Imagine if they win both this and the major in just a few weeks
2016-12-20 08:38
Albania Heavon 
It's already hard to imagine them in the finals of either tournaments after knowing they've signed 4 years contracts. +their recent form is dogshit
2016-12-20 10:25
Turkey vortex1g 
SS vs DP final confirmed!
2016-12-20 08:38
2016-12-20 08:39
This is bonkers. I see VP making a lot of cash and second would be ex-dignitas or godsent. Envy not goung to finals
2016-12-20 08:51
ez for bvd
2016-12-20 08:54
3 days b4 major lul And wtf are these teams
2016-12-20 08:56
Its 7 days before major can see that math is not good in your country
2016-12-20 09:12
damn ure right. thank god for favela education
2016-12-20 09:58
Poland cebulae 
1.VP 2. Kinguin Eazzy
2016-12-20 09:07
Russia AR4ER 
Go-go .Russia - hoochiemama ftw!
2016-12-20 09:13
United Kingdom FEodAL 
should be good
2016-12-20 09:16
lets go vp <3
2016-12-20 09:35
Poland jesh 
holy fucking shit $800,000 for 1st place LOL still $1mln on majors xD
2016-12-20 09:42
rip vp .Russia EASYYYYYYYYY
2016-12-20 09:44
how the fuck this tier99 lan has the biggest prizepool
2016-12-20 09:53
Turkey powergs 
Ppl saying tier99 tourney which is not true.Expect NaVi players every other players try to get in to finals And ofc Turkish final inc Dp vs Ss gonna be mind blowing !!!!
2016-12-20 10:01
Finland coswell 
The prize pool is so crazy for tournament like this.. Easy money for the top teams.. VP/Dignitas/Envyus/Godsent/Kinguin/Russia/TyLoo/and one random lucky team to get the last spot in the top8. Easy money for Dignitas or VP..
2016-12-20 10:10
Sk, nip, fnatic did not participate even though they were free at the time, shot teams like selfless won the na slot. Astralis did not qualify It was open for all teams. Blame the wesa union
2016-12-20 10:58
Croatia mds818 
When WESG qualif. was happen at the same point it was WESG TWC and 1 more event.
2016-12-20 13:59
Yeah and which players of Immortals fnatic sk nip were playing twc ? None. And the other event that was going on in asia was a low tier event with no good teams. Doesnt make a difference.
2016-12-20 14:00
2016-12-20 10:12
This will be very entertaining to watch. Teams around the world
2016-12-20 10:12
Biggest tourney in cs history
2016-12-20 10:15
Poland Kodziras 
Ez kinguin boyzzz
2016-12-20 10:18
Latvia Avalank 
1. VP 2. ex-dignitas 3. GODSENT 4. EnVyUs
2016-12-20 10:39
Spain akproxx 
Easy for vp ex-dignitas playing with stand-in
2016-12-20 10:41
Wtf are you talking about ? ex-dig will have their full lineup
2016-12-20 10:49
Nope, rubino ain't from Denmark
2016-12-20 10:58
Aww forgot about that rule my bad :( Aizy to stand-in righr ?
2016-12-20 11:01
Yeah, most probably
2016-12-20 11:12
Spain akproxx 
Or valde
2016-12-20 16:03
It's gonna be aizy as he already stood in at Regional Finals
2016-12-20 16:34
Not likely
2016-12-20 19:10
800k WESG ARE YOU KIDDIN ME ?? this is the biggest prize fir 1st place in csgo history
2016-12-20 10:49
2016-12-20 10:49
Except Sonic can't run as fast on lan.
2016-12-21 08:04
who needs major when you got wesg with worse teams in it, lmao
2016-12-20 10:51
India StraightEdge 
ez for flusha
2016-12-20 11:53
Vp won here, 1 week later out in group stage on major Kappa
2016-12-20 12:08
The biggest pricepool ever? oO 800k for the first place it's like "international"
2016-12-20 12:23
China Ava1ondraGon 
Actually I don't believe that...
2016-12-20 12:30
Brazil LukkasYuki 
Go Brazil #RunTeamOne
2016-12-20 12:56
Brazil Charizaldo 
ez Team One LUL
2016-12-20 13:27
finally some news on WESG... can't wait!!
2016-12-20 13:38
ez pablo escobar
2016-12-20 13:38
omg 800k, gj VP
2016-12-20 13:40
Turkey SkyGod 
As a solid player back in 1.6, im considering to be professional in Cs:go at the age of 28. Amazing prize money indeed. I wish SS takes top3 place. At least 200k money would be good for their improvement and investments. It will also be a great succes for DP to take place in top8.
2016-12-20 13:48
Mongolia ehlel 
sea asia top team THE MONGOLZ where? bullshit
2016-12-20 13:50
cant qualify..
2016-12-20 14:01
Mongolia ehlel 
okey XMM :(
2016-12-20 14:03
Wtf these teams with this prize pool....
2016-12-20 13:57
So many retards hate china for making so big prizepool? Funny shit
2016-12-20 14:28
World cl^ 
ez for maluk3, sk maluk3 incoming
2016-12-20 14:31
I played with SecretAgent from Queztzal on CEVO he was toxic af and cried after every round xD hope he gets raped there
2016-12-20 14:45
Macau SJ158 
lol what are the chances of them actually paying this? Always be aware of ching chongs.
2016-12-20 14:53
The lan qualifier of every continent had a 75k prize pool and it was paid soon after the qualifier. This is a legit event hosted by alibaba
2016-12-20 18:07
Brazil RisenNTC 
$1.500.000? wait what?
2016-12-20 15:10
It was known before qualifiers started that it was 1.5 million for csgo and 1.5 million for dota2,yet sk immortals nip fnatic did not participate and astralis lost to godsent and got eliminated
2016-12-20 18:08
Poland LeLKZL 
ez for VP
2016-12-20 15:19
free 800k for VP
2016-12-20 17:41
Turkey OdinA 
SS to 5-8 DP to 9-16
2016-12-20 18:11
1 - ex-dignitas 2 - GODSENT 3 - VP 4 - ENVYUS
2016-12-20 18:27
NiKo | 
Croatia SHAGGYxD 
Semis > VP vs nV 2:1 > GODSENT vs dig 2:1 FINALS : GODSENT vs VP 1:2
2016-12-20 19:38
ez for GOD OCEAN
2016-12-20 20:20
Quetzal to turn some heads ;)
2016-12-20 22:07
2016-12-20 23:16
ez money for TR
2016-12-21 00:16
Ez for Zehn and Pelitalo!
2016-12-21 08:03
Spaces this is your time to shine
2016-12-21 13:01
A lot of candies for lil Nela after papabiceps win this xD
2016-12-21 14:46
lets go godsent
2016-12-22 00:28
so pzk!d changed his nationality to Malaysian to attend this event, good.
2016-12-22 12:32
top 8 is: Dignitas, Godsent, Virtus.pro, Envyus, Tyloo, Kinguin, IGame and .Russia
2016-12-23 09:08
EZ - Basically the only teams people know in this tournament :)
2016-12-23 09:14
Nice development. From $60k for first place last year to $800k this year :D I like China
2016-12-23 09:13
Malaysia phyzell 
Then China loves you! huehuehuehuehue
2016-12-23 10:59
Poland Puncoll 
2016-12-23 13:39
Macau jinxw 
Better than major??
2016-12-24 11:37
Epsilon to rek <3
2016-12-28 01:04
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