PGS return to CS

January 1st, 2009 19:34
The first big news of 2009 is in. PGS have returned to the CS scene with a young squad.

Today it has been announced that the former home of Polish Powerhouses, MYM have picked up a new, young squad looking for glory in 2009. The team consists of former KomaCrew members, and they have been playing for SPQR, and currently like 4th in the ESP Pro Series.

It is going to be hard for them to match up to the glory of their predecesors, who under the organisation won several Samsung Euro Championship medals, a WCG gold medal and technically two ESWC championships.

Pentagram consists of:

Poland Grzegorz "brd" Ścieński
Poland Sebastian "BS7" Furman
Poland Adam "destru" Gil
Poland Jacek "Milt" Raszka
Poland Grzegorz "szpero" Dziamałek

As they are representing the organisation who are technically ESWC Champions, they automatically take a place in ESWC 2009, but with an added challenge - they are the defending Champions.
Israel ky6uk 
2009-01-01 20:39
woxic | 
2009-01-01 20:39
2009-01-01 20:44
nice gl! and GOOOOD LUCK being the defending champions:P
2009-01-01 20:46
defending champions as what? mym won eswc =)
2009-01-01 20:48
Remember that it was PGS's spot ;)
2009-01-01 20:54
was it? ah thank you =)
2009-01-01 21:32
Anytime ;)
2009-01-02 15:44
but PGS didnt have a team at that time so MYM stepped in, right? So it has nothing to do with the players that represent PGS now. They are not the defending champions. They just joined an organisation that hosted a team that won ESWC.
2009-01-01 23:32
Remember that the spot belongs to the organization not to the players. Therefore the 2009 spot belongs too to PGS and, this way, automatically to any CS team they sign. MYM.cs must qualify in order to participate in ESWC '09.
2009-01-02 15:40
but that is bullshit because the players won the tournament, not the brandname. So they should be given the chance to defend their position.
2009-01-02 17:09
Players played under the tag (or using the "rented" spot) of the organization owner of the spot. It is also easier to keep track of an organization than of players. It may sound strange but if not kuben's future team would have, theoretically, a 20% right to defend their title ::)
2009-01-02 20:32
thats what was trying to say. The whole system is wrong and since there are so many changes in LineUps their is no 100% correct defending champion. Same in every other teamsport. The term defending champions sounds very odd especially in this case where you have none of the original winners of MYM/PGS
2009-01-04 14:12
Well, the original winner is PGS. That's all ;)
2009-01-05 17:11
haha:D you gotta pay attention when ur reading ^^ honest mistake:)
2009-01-01 22:46
I was too stressed, my train was leaving in a few minutes, so I only cross-read the news =)
2009-01-01 23:09
hehe^^ you are forgiven
2009-01-02 16:38
gl PGS
2009-01-01 20:51
2009-01-01 20:56
niceeeee good luck PGS
2009-01-01 21:05
NEO | 
Germany BackY was nice to see PGS there..but the names, the players u kno :( mmm Good Luck to the new team :)
2009-01-01 21:06
-some1 +kubeN ? :D
2009-01-01 21:09
Poland qater- 
eeh this team isnt good,they lose with MYM when mym played with 4 players >.< But I've hope,when they are proffesional team,they go to be better ))
2009-01-01 21:17
2009-01-01 21:22
gl hf :P
2009-01-01 21:43
2009-01-01 21:51
GL guys!
2009-01-01 22:15
GL to this team!
2009-01-01 22:19
good )
2009-01-01 22:42
Hard Play|KubenB
2009-01-01 23:00
time pgs never come back
2009-01-01 23:31
PGS is dead forget it
2009-01-01 23:54
Poland bkx 
They won't win anything, anyway GL.
2009-01-02 00:19
haha GL
2009-01-02 01:24
I wanna old PGS :(
2009-01-02 01:41
Brazil htk 
PGS Website please...
2009-01-02 02:02
2009-01-02 02:14
2009-01-02 10:52
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2009-01-02 15:42
<3 Old PGS = NEO - TAZ - LUq - Lorrd - KUBEB
2009-01-02 02:22
As 8Ball said these guys have some pretty big shoes to fill. But gL
2009-01-02 08:29
gl guys. go destru
2009-01-02 08:33
Grzegorz "Brd" &#346;cierski Sebastian "BS7" Furman Adam "destru" Gil Jacek "Milt" Raszka Grzegorz "szpero" Dziama&#322;ek Marek "mars" Stabla (menad&#380;er)
2009-01-02 10:04
PGS is back gl for the guys
2009-01-02 10:10
kuben-sheen-motyv-redrum-rulon needed
2009-01-02 10:47
gl but bad squad
2009-01-02 11:03
Poland Blee 
brd and destru play nice :)
2009-01-04 22:24
2009-01-02 11:30
no win for this team !
2009-01-02 11:36
gl new PGS
2009-01-02 12:34
Sri Lanka ChaQ 
new PGS?? nice:D fire guys
2009-01-02 12:46
2009-01-02 13:53
gl PGS
2009-01-02 14:57
France klwN 
it's still quite funny when you know they had one of the best teams ever, this one won't achieve anything special on an international level.
2009-01-02 15:20
Brazil htk 
2009-01-02 20:18
ale nie bedzie taki pgs co kiedys ; (
2009-01-02 22:35
WOOOOOOHOO!! pgs is back finally! i bet this will spark a comeback for all those other teams. i hope we see faces like heaton spawn and fisker some time soon xD
2009-01-02 23:57
Keep dreaming mate. :D
2009-01-03 03:06
2009-01-03 12:13
w t f - nub crew
2009-01-03 18:10
this is not old good pgs gaming :(
2009-01-03 19:25
maybe this pgs will be like MYM :)
2009-01-03 19:38
Never heard of anyone of these, they should take in kuben :D
2009-01-03 23:53
hmm gl D-Link PGS !! noo this pgs wont be like mym, sad but true ;)
2009-01-04 01:10
2009-01-05 21:38
PGS Back! Young Polish POwer! Good Luck :)
2009-01-06 11:23
Poland mefi 
WoW! GL! New Polish Power :D but don't stronger for mym.
2009-01-06 21:11
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