WESG World Finals Day 2 recap

The second day of group stage play has come to a close at the WESG World Finals, resulting in EnVyUs, iGame.com, Kinguin and DarkPassage taking the top seeds and thus directly moving to the playoffs.

In the stacked Group A Envy ended up taking care of their own fate with two additional 2-0 wins over .Russia and TeamOne and then split their series with Virtus.pro.

No rest for the wicked. VP will have to rise and shine from early tomorrow

The Polish veterans did much the same, but the overall round difference saw the Frenchmen taking the first place. Epsilon could not contend with either of the Major teams, but crucially could split their series with Dmitry "⁠hooch⁠" Bogdanov's mercenaries and a healthy round difference saw them place ahead of the Russians.

Group A final standings:

Teams M W D L P
France Envy 5 3 2 0 11
Poland Virtus.pro 5 3 2 0 11
Sweden Epsilon 5 2 2 1 8
Russia .Russia 5 2 2 1 8
Brazil TeamOne 5 1 0 4 3
North America subtLe 5 0 0 5 0

Over in Group B the Finns from iGame.com continued their dominance with straight wins, only drawing with K23 in their last match, when they were already qualified. VG.CyberZen picked up wins over Colombia and rEAK to stay alive, while K23 also won their series over the Colombians to pull ahead of them.

Group B final standings:

Teams M W D L P
Finland iGame.com 5 4 1 0 13
China VG.CyberZen 5 3 1 1 10
Kazakhstan K23 5 2 2 1 8
Colombia Colombia 5 1 1 3 4
Chile rEAK 5 0 3 2 3
Hong Kong ENZO 5 0 2 3 2

In the weakened group C it was a duel between Kinguin and Space Soldiers to take first seed, as they draw 1-1 yesterday. Both teams won their remaining games, so once again round difference had to decide the winner and the Poles came out on top for that.

The same backstory was the case between Signature and Bravado and the same factor ended up separating them, just a measly difference of six rounds for the Thai team.

TyLoo are still in the competition

Group C final standings:

Teams M W D L P
Poland Kinguin 4
3 1 0 10
Turkey Space Soldiers 4
3 1 0 10
Thailand Signature  4
1 1 2 4
South Africa Bravado 4
1 1 2 4
China FIVE 4
0 0 4 0

And lastly in Group D it ended being a highly contested affair, as the Ukrainians did their best to come back from their bad start and won 2-0 over both TYLOO and QuetzaL. They were close to end above Selfless, but the North Americans managed to take a map away from DarkPassage to split 1-1, placing them just a single point ahead of Ukraine. TYLOO took care of their own business against JYP.

Group D final standings:

Teams M W D L P
Turkey DarkPassage
5 3 2 0 11
China TYLOO 5 2 2 1 8
United States Selfless 5 2 2 1 8
Ukraine Ukraine 5 2 1 2 7
Mexico QuetzaL 5 1 1 3 4
Malaysia JYP 5 0 2 3 2

With those results the decider matchups have been drawn, leaving us with the following games to start the third matchday before the playoff stage commences.

04:00 China TYLOO vs. Thailand Signature
04:00 Turkey Space Soldiers vs. United States Selfless
04:00 China VG.CyberZen vs. Sweden Epsilon
04:00 Poland Virtus.pro vs. Kazakhstan K23

To get the full overview of how the bracket will play out, head over the event page here

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Russia Dmitry 'hooch' Bogdanov
Dmitry 'hooch' Bogdanov
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GODSENT will win. Oh Wait
2017-01-13 16:48
3 replies
prntscr.com/dv6ogp nice, so much good text.
2017-01-13 16:49
Finland eMBeJaana
ez igame
2017-01-13 17:06
1 reply
ez igame
2017-01-13 21:29
tyloo vs signature - both shit teams both should go home space soldiers vs selfless - both shit teams both should go home vg cyberzen vs epsilon - cyberzen shit team should go home vp vs k23 - both nice teams
2017-01-13 16:49
13 replies
Turkey vortex1g
2017-01-13 18:29
9 replies
they are tho
2017-01-13 21:07
8 replies
Turkey vortex1g
they will fuck your shitty tier 99 na team
2017-01-13 21:10
7 replies
LMAO shoutout to that time Space Soldiers made it to the major qualif... oh wait
2017-01-13 21:13
6 replies
Turkey vortex1g
Dont try to be funny lil clonw9 fangay
2017-01-13 21:14
5 replies
nt am optic fangay
2017-01-13 21:15
4 replies
Turkey vortex1g
it's good cause mixwell and turok are boosting your shitty scene
2017-01-13 21:17
3 replies
hltv.org/match/2307010-astralis-optic-el.. yea look at that carry braindead turks LUL
2017-01-13 21:18
2 replies
Turkey vortex1g
hahaha expected from murican You're judging people with one match
2017-01-13 21:20
1 reply
"one match" Yea literally the most important match. How did Space Soldiers do at E-League? Oh they went out in the open qualifier? RIP wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/ELEAGU.. Hopefully you guys get a team actually worth cheering for one day, that actually accomplishes things. But that day is not today, and that team will not be Space Soldiers in its current iteration. Sorry m8 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2017-01-13 21:26
k23 nice team... brain dead Ruskin VG shit team...
2017-01-13 19:04
you're straight up blind or braindead. space soldiers is a very solid team and so is cyberzen. on the other hand, this k23 lineup without AdreN and hObbit is not far from trash.
2017-01-13 23:15
ss, selfless, tyloo, cyberzen>k23
2017-01-14 01:15
2017-01-13 16:48
Iceland 29heldeg
today was a good day
2017-01-13 16:48
Sweden pontus767
2017-01-13 16:48
ResidentSleeper event
2017-01-13 16:48
fer | 
Brazil ronibr
noob one
2017-01-13 16:49
2017-01-13 16:58
Europe kennyBeast
ez 4 envyus, if they dont get to the final with the bracket they have, then they shouldnt be playing.
2017-01-13 17:01
i thought Chinese rig the draw? if so VG should play Selfless instead of Epsilon time to throw those tinfoil hats in the garbage ;^)
2017-01-13 17:07
2 replies
The organizers are def rigging it, but they are also smart. Surely its just a coincidence that none of the Chinese teams play VP, despite none of them being in VP's group.
2017-01-13 21:07
1 reply
VP finished 2nd in their group and so did TyLoo and VG in their respective groups. In case you didn't know, 2nd place MUST play 3rd place finishers from another group. That is standard across any competition worldwide. At least get your facts straight before accusing of rigging draws. You want an example of rigged draws? ESL Europe did that for the Cologne major qualifiers when they put 1st seeds against 3rd seeds instaed of 4th seeds just to put G2 (overall best team there before event started) against TyLoo who was in Seed 3 when they won Asian Minor against Renegades. Think before you accuse Chinese because herp derp hating China is cool
2017-01-14 02:58
VP against EnvyUS finals, it will be fun!
2017-01-13 17:11
mhL | 
Poland Trausky
Whaat? Why Envyus is over VP? RIP Polish final! I hate u China so much!
2017-01-13 17:37
3 replies
envyus has the best round difference in a group.. VP should be first bevause they were better vs envyus but.. stupid system.
2017-01-13 18:03
Was draw, u are idiot :/
2017-01-13 18:19
1 reply
Vp won more rounds, u are idiot :/
2017-01-13 19:17
2017-01-13 17:53
Wait what the fuck are these rules now for Group A final standings? So if you're gonna use RD as a deciding factor (I don't agree but w/e) it should be applied like it's been done in every event the rule has been adopted, which is the team that has better RD in the HEAD TO HEAD is the one that gets 1st seed and not fucking RD overall which doesn't make any sense at all. In this case VP should be 1st because in their match vs EnvyUs they won the 1st game 16-7 and lost the 2nd 11-16 so they have +4 RD in their favour. So at least be consistent if you're gonna use fuckin RD as the deciding factor but oh well what can you expect from a Chinese tournament? Especially after seeing how they rigged the groups in favour of the chinese teams...
2017-01-13 18:17
1 reply
They want to try to eliminate theoretically the best team in grup A. Its so obvious. Of course VP should be first.
2017-01-13 18:35
wesg sux
2017-01-13 18:52
errr Epsilon drew envy why it's written could not content with either of the major teams....
2017-01-13 19:38
I have a recap We can't watch more than half the matches....EVER!
2017-01-13 21:12
Russia Buckstabue
I think it's so unfair to determine a winner by a round difference because a map is over when any team gets 16 rounds. Imagine such a map: de_train, ct has huge advantage on this map. the command A starts on the CT side and wins 11-4 over the command B, then it becomes 5-3 on the second half that summary is 16:7 and +9 rounds. But it's almost obvious that if teams continued to play further, the round difference would have been lower since the CT side has advantage
2017-01-14 00:55
Worst tournament ever, dont even show a single stream on a quarterfinal. Pathetic when there is so much money involved.
2017-01-14 10:09
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