apEX: "The group draw was like WTF?"

In our first video interview from WESG 2016 World Finals, Dan "apEX" Madesclaire talked about the group draw and EnVyUs' route to semi-finals.

As one of the teams of Group A, which featured three other European teams, Envy secured their place in the quarter-finals after three wins and two ties.

In the quarters, the Frenchmen fought a tough battle against TYLOO and came out with a victory in the end, coming back from a 12-14 deficit on the deciding Dust2.

After nV secured a place in the semis, we sat down with Dan "apEX" Madesclaire to talk about the group draw as well as the team's journey so far. We also asked him about the rumours of another French shuffle coming up after the Major, although he declined to comment:

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France Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire
Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire
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eneshan | 
Poland [P]iku 
Yea, I agree, what were they thinking?
2017-01-14 10:55
Australia aucs 
Chinese seeding lul
2017-01-14 10:55
I agree because u agree my polish friend.
2017-01-14 11:49
United States GeT_ReiCh 
Chinese tournament being corrupt, who would've thought?
2017-01-14 15:34
wait whaaaaaat wesg is corrupt, nooooooooooo
2017-01-14 18:26
Canada PwnNewb 
who cares at least they are straightforward about it, unlike Valve rigging qualifiers, at least the Chinese are honest and in your face with it
2017-01-14 18:59
Its always China, what do you expect #NotMyCountry
2017-01-16 20:16
Lithuania Tomekas85 
yeah indeed WTF
2017-01-14 10:55
after the group draw you were money fucked?
2017-01-14 10:55
money fuck*
2017-01-14 14:34
we were fucked in money
2017-01-14 17:32
ez rapex
2017-01-14 10:55
Norway thisneverends 
>rapex lmfao hes not rapex anymore :(
2017-01-14 10:58
Finland Lehtori 
ez rapex
2017-01-14 13:48
2017-01-14 10:55
Germany Bestgerman69 
u guys are cheating
2017-01-14 10:55
Faroe Islands LIVING_MEME 
They were fucked in the group draw, they were drawfucked
2017-01-14 10:55
2017-01-14 11:00
Europe _EpiC_ 
2017-01-14 10:55
Turkey J4WS 
2017-01-14 10:55
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
2017-01-14 10:55
2017-01-14 10:55
2017-01-14 10:55
World ascet 
2017-01-14 10:55
Korea 2814 
2017-01-14 10:55
Turkey Dair0un 
LUL title
2017-01-14 10:55
OMFG why frenchmans everytime crying about something and trying to complain... so emo
2017-01-14 10:55
Sweden Div-\ 
I think that that's a thing of mediterranean countries like Italy, Spain, south of France...etc. I'm Italian and I see this a lot, while some of my friends moved to Sweden and this type of behaviour doesn't exist up there. Maybe it's the sun that makes us pussies.
2017-01-14 11:25
Netherlands EliteBekkers 
Swedish people constantly complain about immigrants, lmao
2017-01-14 19:56
Cause fuck complaining when something is clearly wrong right?
2017-01-14 13:33
It's a legitimate complaint, the group draw was ridiculous.
2017-01-14 13:42
The mentality of a loser who knows his team is shit has no faith in them to win a t2 tournament. GL in the 'superteam' BOTpex
2017-01-14 10:55
2017-01-14 10:56
2017-01-14 10:56
2017-01-14 10:56
Spain SR4 
We were drawfucked
2017-01-14 10:57
Portugal dracø 
Apex is a meme master. Rigged tournament from the start and they still got rekt wooooooooooo
2017-01-14 10:57
China bechanged 
2017-01-14 10:59
Guatemala KlassiKer 
2017-01-14 11:01
2017-01-14 11:01
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
We also asked him about the rumours of another French shuffle coming up after the Major, although he declined to comment fak
2017-01-14 11:02
China zhoQueeN 
nice professionalism, CS would totally be considered a proper sport with these choice of words
2017-01-14 11:02
Sweden Kasidro 
Maybe the organizers should start by being professional themselves
2017-01-14 11:17
Sorry but CS will never be a sport, most pros agree it doesn't have to be a proper sport. We will transcend sport in terms of entertainment value. Thank god CS is here to uncuck esports since we are letting cuck sports like LoL and Dota ruin esports. LoL and Dota orgs already have damaged CS.
2017-01-14 11:48
Brazil BonezMC 
hahaha you are too salty kid learn to play & stop crying shitbot
2017-01-14 12:17
World Vidua 
The game has a motive of killing, settings bombs, hitting headshots. We can handle some "fucks". There shouldn't be kids playing or watching anyway.
2017-01-14 12:34
2017-01-19 05:56
shut up salty kid and learn to play cs
2017-01-14 15:19
World NRJ* 
n1 interview, gl apex
2017-01-14 11:05
f0rest | 
Estonia Rebae 
The group draw was like WTF?
2017-01-14 11:12
2017-01-14 11:16
China LeBronGames 
regarding the teams not coming true, teams like GODSENT,North think to highly of themselves. like Apex said when they fail it will crush them hard :DDD
2017-01-14 11:17
"Of course things happen, or else there wouldn't be rumors, but yeah, I cannot comment on it." IF the rumors weren't true, and it was all BS, then every player (like shox, apEX, NBK, kennyS, bodyy) would publicly claim so on twitter to defend their other teammates/orgs. Basically, if the rumors weren't true, apEX would've said something like: "No, there will be no shuffle, and the rumors are totally false". Fact that he didn't kinda confirms it's happening, same thing happened when they asked kennyS on the flickshot podcast, both him and bodyy just said "No comment"
2017-01-14 11:17
Sweden Div-\ 
They were told by orgs not to comment about the shuffle before the major. In any case I sincerely hope they make a decent run at the major (both them and G2), although it'll be extremely difficult because the "left outs" will have practically no motivation.
2017-01-14 11:22
Mby the left-outs has something planned that hasn't been leaked yet tho? For all we know the 2nd team could be all figured out already
2017-01-14 11:41
Sweden Div-\ 
Yeah but take envy for example, they come from a period of "lows" and bad results overall, they know that some of them will be part of the super team and some of them won't, the motivation going to the major cannot be that high... It's just difficult to focus on something if you know that it's basically useless.
2017-01-14 12:05
2017-01-14 11:18
rain | 
Poland HazzardRM 
2017-01-14 11:23
we were money fucked
2017-01-14 11:43
Apex is meme lord money fucked
2017-01-14 11:45
rapexinho <3
2017-01-14 11:59
Group draws were good. It ensures VP and Envy are placed on the complete opposite side of the bracket in playoffs.
2017-01-14 12:06
Turkey LoCoMaNia 
2017-01-14 12:17
World Vidua 
We wanted Kinguin vs Virtus.pro finals though :|
2017-01-14 12:38
United Kingdom zaK- 
Bought tickets to go spectate the event today and they only showed ONE CS:GO match on the stage.... and no where else to spectate any of the other CS:GO games that were happening today, great event.
2017-01-14 12:23
what is he saying, euro play?
2017-01-14 12:23
C'mon, apEX, it's a family show
2017-01-14 12:53
Ya i thought of the same thing yesterday like if godsent fails at the major theyll bite themselves for not coming here as they'd have much better chances winning big here rather than there. Good view
2017-01-14 13:04
Finland ginbay 
What's the problem i know (the problem), FaZe up kio there not with your line up so nice try with "wtf"
2017-01-14 13:12
"In our first video interview from WESG 2016"
2017-01-14 13:21
Hungary leszklaren 
we were moneyfu**ed lol
2017-01-14 13:34
groups are rigged m8
2017-01-14 13:44
best title
2017-01-14 14:32
Serbia ZAG0R 
2017-01-14 14:39
apex is a nub
2017-01-14 15:15
China angle409 
Groups are nearly perfect actually. All good teams came thru, except maybe Russia - That's why i said nearly. Good job for a random draw. All crying IDs here are idiots.
2017-01-14 15:29
Once again a good job by Striker! Enjoying your interviews. Keep being calm, relaxed and positive! And want to say btw. Striker is one of few interviewers who is TRULY LISTENING the answers from players, not looking around etc. It is a good quality of interviewer. Keep improving dude. gj
2017-01-14 16:45
malta | 
Malta vfXy0 
apEX mad xD
2017-01-14 18:31
Godsent would of won this shitty tournament not a single good team there.
2017-01-14 18:46
Brazil hugoooo 
WESG groups draw was probably the worst in history of CS, and WCG were masters of doing shit in this department. They couldn't have done a worse draw.
2017-01-14 19:43
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