ELEAGUE Major viewer's guide

The tenth Major starts today in Atlanta and we've prepared a viewer's guide with all the details you need to follow the $1,000,000 event, including the initial matchups, schedule and talent.

Starting today at 16:00 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the ELEAGUE Major will run for eight days from January 22-29. Sixteen teams from around the world will gather to compete for their share of the $1 million prize pool.

The group stage, which will take place from January 22-25, will use a Swiss format which means that after the initial matches, teams with the same record will face off. Three losses will result in elimination while three wins will get the teams to the playoffs. All the matches will be played as best-of-ones.

The Major is upon us

Eight teams that manage to get three wins in the group stage will qualify for the playoffs which will start on January 27 after a one-day break. The 5,000-seater Fox Theatre in Atlanta will host the playoffs.

The quarter-finals will be played on January 27 while the semi-finals will be on January 28. The last day will feature the grand final which will start at 16:00.

Here are all the teams in attendance:

Kazakhstan Gambit Sweden fnatic Brazil SK Poland Virtus.pro
CIS Natus Vincere  United States Liquid Denmark Astralis CIS FlipSid3
Denmark North France G2 Europe HellRaisers  North America OpTic
Europe mousesports France EnVyUs  Sweden GODSENT Europe FaZe

The first day matchups are revealed but because of the Swiss format the matches for the rest of the group stage will be determined as the tournament moves on. Below is the schedule:

Sunday, January 22nd
16:00  Kazakhstan Gambit vs. Denmark North BO1
17:15 Sweden fnatic vs. France G2 BO1
18:30 Brazil SK vs. Europe HellRaisers BO1
19:45 Poland Virtus.pro  vs. North America OpTic BO1
21:00 CIS Natus Vincere  vs. Europe mousesports  BO1
22:15 United States Liquid vs. France EnVyUs BO1
23:30 Denmark Astralis vs. Sweden GODSENT BO1
00:45 CIS FlipSid3 vs. Europe FaZe BO1
Monday, January 23rd
16:00 Group Stage Round 2 begins BO1

Tuesday, January 24th
16:00 Group Stage Round 3 begins BO1

Wednesday, January 25th
16:00 Group Stage Rounds 4-5 begin BO1
Friday, January 27th
16:00 Quarter-final #1 BO3
18:30 Quarter-final #2 BO3
21:00 Quarter-final #3 BO3
23:30 Quarter-final #4 BO3
Saturday, January 28th
16:00 Semi-final #1 BO3
18:30 Semi-final #2 BO3
Sunday, January 29th
16:00 Grand final BO3

The $1 million prize will be distributed in the following manner:

1. $500,000 + Legends status
2. $150,000 + Legends status
3-4. $70,000 + Legends status
5-8. $35,000 + Legends status
9-11. $8,750
12-14. $8,750
15-16. $8,750

The Major will be streamed on ELEAGUE's Twitch channel and the grand final will be broadcasted on both TBS and Twitch. The following broadcast crew will be bringing you the action live from Atlanta.:

United Kingdom Richard Lewis – Host

United Kingdom Duncan "Thorin" Shields - Analyst
United States Jason "moses" O'Toole – Analyst

United States Sue "Smix" Lee – Reporter
United States Chris Puckett - Reporter 

Denmark Anders Blume – Commentator
United States Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat – Commentator
United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia – Commentator
United Kingdom James "JZFB" Bardolph – Commentator
United Kingdom Henry "HenryG" Greer – Commentator
Canada Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett – Commentator

While you're waiting for the matches to start, be sure to read our previews and articles which can all be found below:

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Denmark Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth: "I love the Swiss format"

HLTV.org is in Atlanta to bring you galleries and interviews, so follow us on Twitter and keep your eyes on our website for extensive Major coverage.

United Kingdom James 'JZFB' Bardolph
James 'JZFB' Bardolph
Maps played:
United Kingdom Daniel 'ddk' Kapadia
Daniel 'ddk' Kapadia
Maps played:
United States Auguste 'Semmler' Massonnat
Auguste 'Semmler' Massonnat
No team
Maps played:
United States Jason 'moses' O'Toole
Jason 'moses' O'Toole
Maps played:
United Kingdom Henry 'HenryG' Greer
Henry 'HenryG' Greer
No team
Maps played:
Denmark Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth
Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth
Maps played:
ELEAGUE - CHEATFEST, just hope Valve actually "handles" anti-cheat measures on this major.
2017-01-22 11:27
gratz. :(
2017-01-22 11:26
Germany Bier 
tuck fhorin. last chance eleague, try to get an good analyst. PLS
2017-01-22 11:45
haha kid
2017-01-22 13:21
Lol, eleague has only 1 game on TV. Thats BS. If it was ESL/Dreamhack major, I could watch every game from TV in 1080p quality instead of cancer Twitch HD quality from PC
2017-01-22 14:25
ez for Gambit lol
2017-01-22 11:27
2017-01-22 13:01
no ynk no party
2017-01-22 11:27
WHy ynk isnt on major?! :((
2017-01-22 11:59
Probably something to do with his accent on us TV
2017-01-22 12:37
Moses specifically said that when he asked the eleague guys about why ynk wasnt there and if it was his accent and they said no
2017-01-22 12:41
That might be true, but then again if it was they might not want to say so
2017-01-22 12:43
Honestly, they either didnt have the budget on the 'talent' side or they had already filled up a of the roles.
2017-01-22 12:45
Yea. Could be anything. Guess we'll never know
2017-01-22 12:50
Thank god that retard isn't there He annoys me so much
2017-01-22 13:42
every tournament is cheatfest atm...
2017-01-22 11:34
Yea but ELEAGUE has like the worst anti-cheating system, even though Valve should be ashamed of their "VAC" and generally anti-cheating measures, i'm sure they do better job than e-league.
2017-01-22 11:35
they gonna pretend like there's no cheating problem until everyone will start spinning in official matches
2017-01-22 11:37
im not sure if -271 angle is gotv bug or not
2017-01-22 11:43
It has been confirmed to be bug a long time ago...
2017-01-22 13:12
Still you are following the scene
2017-01-22 14:03
its very exciting to see when someone finally will get vac midgame xD
2017-01-22 15:12
bckocro who?
2017-01-22 13:34
Yes, it's real BCko.
2017-01-22 13:38
ez 2 cheat just go buy leaguemode
2017-01-22 13:51
Why doesnt HLTV just delete comments like this.. These types of comments are just ridiculous and hurt the community and scene.
2017-01-25 10:13
Censore the truth? Is this communism?
2017-01-25 10:13
You live in a sad world, if you think that is the truth.
2017-01-25 10:28
Look boddy, i wish everything was perfect and peachy but i can't lie to myself and concider myself mentally healthy/strong.
2017-01-25 10:29
Thank you for the info!
2017-01-22 11:26
2017-01-22 11:26
2017-01-22 11:26
2017-01-22 11:26
cant wait
2017-01-22 11:26
2017-01-22 11:26
FlipSid3 will win this major KAPPA
2017-01-22 11:27
2017-01-22 11:26
Lets go
2017-01-22 11:27
Doesn't it feel like they are a bit light in terms of talent? Like they have the best casters but.. They are very few. +yanko +fiffy maybe?
2017-01-22 11:29
Algeria TixQ 
there is GOTV ??
2017-01-22 11:31
You can just open CS:GO and go to the Watch tab. The GOTVs will appear there when they start.
2017-01-22 11:32
Algeria TixQ 
thank you guys
2017-01-22 11:33
of course
2017-01-22 11:32
Fuck this timezone
2017-01-22 11:33
They would get more viewers in eu normal times. But NA viewers bring more money... sad I fucking hate NA tournaments... and eleague, with those retarded murifats inside studio yelling and shit, so I can't hear game sounds properly.... ffs, so retarded
2017-01-22 13:22
Nah,you're actually wrong. This shuffle is great for EU,if someone goes to work he wont be back before 15:30 16:00 for sure,tournament is from 16:00-1:30am which is fine,its actually the best time you can get for EU.
2017-01-22 13:33
Wtf, all the matches starts at 4 pm CET, which is awesome and convinient for us
2017-01-22 13:46
Yes before i thought the matches will start like 20:00 pm until 4:00 eu time but and the final would start at 3 pm like ESL New York but i think that the final at 16:00 EU time on sunday is just perfect.
2017-01-22 14:07
Nice one hltv, thanks.
2017-01-22 11:33
2017-01-22 11:37
No nip no fun
2017-01-22 11:36
Exactly man, if nip were there, they would probably lose to the shittiest team at the tournament in bo3..
2017-01-22 11:58
i don't care... no nip no fun
2017-01-22 21:14
Where is "Machine" ? :'(
2017-01-22 11:39
Richard lewis is working for eleague so its obvious they pick him as host just like when esl have majors they always pick their people first
2017-01-22 11:42
Oh, thank you bro ;>
2017-01-22 13:56
Armenia cGev 
>Major win 500k >WESG win 800k Feels legit.
2017-01-22 11:45
Actually it was 850.000 xD
2017-01-22 12:41
Armenia cGev 
50k who cares Dreamhack Leipzig 1st place - $50.000
2017-01-22 12:53
2017-01-22 12:53
no YNK , NO fifflaren , no spunj pfft .. thorin doesnt know shit , moses was a pro like a decade ago...come on
2017-01-22 11:50
Europe bueR 
Ynk will be missed. spunj is mediocre and fifflaren is just subpar. thooorin is needed if not only for his humor, but his map analysis actually makes sense. tactical knowledge is lacking but that's why you've YNK but he's not there. Moses can fill the spot decently.
2017-01-22 11:59
lol thorin needed lol
2017-01-22 13:10
Thooorin's humor is 75% of the time just pure cringe, 20% of the time insulting and stupid, and 5% of the time actually funny. SPUNJ is much funnier and knows almost as much as wanko.
2017-01-22 13:22
where's babam
2017-01-22 11:57
We want Babam on Major
2017-01-22 12:09
The best casting lineup ever. Although I'd add moses to the casting panel & have yNK to analyse, both are way better in their respective department.
2017-01-22 12:14
is it the first tournament where players are not allowed to wear caps, hats etc or this rule wasn't accepted?
2017-01-22 12:20
hope spamming drop gets you permabanned ffs
2017-01-22 12:27
1 - astralis 2 - north 3-4 - sk/vp 5-8 - mouse/navi/fnatic/faze 9-11 - envy/godsent/optic 12-14 - gambit/flipside/g2 15-16 - liquid/hellraisers ez prediction
2017-01-22 12:32
astralis ahhahah
2017-01-22 12:47
auschwitz hahahaha
2017-01-22 13:24
damn rekt the shit out of him
2017-01-22 14:48
2017-01-22 15:09
ddk and james are my favorite commentators and i don't know why.. glad to see them on the list!
2017-01-22 12:41
+1 they're funny and DDK is knowledgeable, too
2017-01-22 16:42
poor commentator's desk :/
2017-01-22 12:42
Can u tell us better casters than these guys?
2017-01-22 14:09
"joke" dudeee ...
2017-01-22 15:02
oh baby, cant wait to see envy storming trough everyone with ease.
2017-01-22 12:43
then you better learn to wait, because envy will go out in groups
2017-01-22 13:09
you are late for your appointment with the refugees.
2017-01-22 13:20
give up already, like your french idols
2017-01-22 13:38
like germany in ww2?
2017-01-22 13:55
more like france, giving up just when the party starts
2017-01-22 14:26
ez cobble case...
2017-01-22 12:50
Miss yanko and mashine
2017-01-22 13:00
lets gooo
2017-01-22 13:01
good job HLTV we all appreciate that! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! <3 Kreygasm
2017-01-22 13:18
One of worst talents ever
2017-01-22 13:40
james so bad caster, he´s job is doing funny jokes but its just bad jokes terribole caster over all
2017-01-22 13:50
Perfect #RunSK
2017-01-22 14:01
When does the pre-show begin, anyone?
2017-01-22 14:09
It's probably going to be the best major ever, since it's a one week event.
2017-01-22 14:26
still a bo3 final eh
2017-01-22 14:41
When is the next Major ? (because in a week it's already over, so i'd rather wait until May than July) :) Thanks.
2017-01-22 15:10
Sadly my fav teams didn't get into this major
2017-01-22 18:28
Legends status! What does it mean?
2017-01-22 18:41
if they reach playoffs, they wont have to qualify for next major (cologne)
2017-01-22 19:08
there are always 8 teams making into quarter-finals (legends) and other 8 are coming from qualifiers (challengers)
2017-01-25 00:18
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