HObbit: "We prepared for everyone"

In our first interview from the ELEAGUE Major, Abay "HObbit" Khasenov talked about Gambit's first win against North as well as their preparation prior to the event.

In the first round of the Swiss format, Gambit played North on Cobblestone and came out on top after a comfortable 16-8 affair.

Gambit won their first match in Atlanta

After the match we grabbed Abay "Hobbit" Khasenov for an interview to see what his thoughts were on North leaving Cobblestone in the veto and find out how the CIS-based team prepared for the Major:

Let's talk about your first match here against North - obviously, Cobblestone was by far your most successful map in the last few months, were you surprised the Danes kept it in?

Yes, Cobble is our best map right now. The first match was very hard, North player very well, but we watched a lot of demos and we knew how they were playing. Zeus did nice calls.

I'd like to get an idea on how much each team played, what their preparation looked like. When did you start practising for the Major and how many hours each day?

I actually got my visa four days ago, and we didn't know if we'd be here or not, but we practised as much as we could. We prepared a lot, eight to ten hours per day, and when we didn't play we at least talked about our game. We had a little vacation around the New Year, but we started preparing for the Major right after DreamHack.

How did you approach the practice considering you can't know who you're going to play. Did you prepare for any specific teams apart from North?

We just want to beat everyone, that's why we prepared for everyone.

Did Zeus actually prepare for every single team?

Yes. He has a lot of experience.

It seems like you played more than most of the teams here, what are your goals for the Major?

Of course we want to win. Our minimal goal is to go to playoffs.

Who do you see as your biggest threats?

Everyone. Every team right now is very strong, the last champions were often different, so...

We're hoping to grab another interview with the winner of the next match between G2 and fnatic, so stay tuned to HLTV.org.

Kazakhstan Abay 'Hobbit' Khasenov
Abay 'Hobbit' Khasenov
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Norway pEyzo 
Pretty cool but i will crush u in 1v5
2017-01-22 17:55
aahahhahahahahhaha says norsk
2017-01-22 18:19
Pretty cool but i will crush u in 1v5
2017-01-22 18:59
you was kicked because you fuckin trash
2017-01-22 19:21
Pretty cool but i will crush u in 1v5
2017-01-22 19:58
CIS sergioff 
2017-01-22 17:55
n1 , hobbit god
2017-01-22 17:55
2017-01-22 17:55
fer | 
Turkey MaskoN 
2017-01-22 17:55
Norway Cento 
2017-01-22 17:55
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
thats what they always say
2017-01-22 17:55
f0rest | 
Estonia Rebae 
nice hobbit
2017-01-22 17:55
Such a sick mindset from Gambit & co! I honestly believe they could get to the quarters and keep their legend spot and maybe even get to the semi's depending on who their match is in the quarters.
2017-01-22 17:56
gl guys, much love
2017-01-22 17:57
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
if thorin said gambit will win --> they will lose
2017-01-22 18:03
they're taking the Hobbits to Isingard to Iingard to Isingard gard gard gard
2017-01-22 18:06
s1mple | 
Russia pEndos 
GOD Zeus
2017-01-22 18:12
3-0 inc
2017-01-22 18:15
United States EmperorTrump 
He is like real life Hobbit
2017-01-22 19:04
es3tag | 
Germany vipitis 
we prepared for everyone.... so you will counterstrat each and everyone like this?=
2017-01-22 19:58
I like how he does not underestimate teams..everyone is a threat so he plays his best on every match, nice approach!
2017-01-22 20:43
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