kioShiMa: "Happy to face SK"

During the day off, we caught up with Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey during ELEAGUE's media day to talk about FaZe's early run in the tournament, what it meant for him to beat EnVyUs, and what lies ahead.

Sitting in one of the lobbies at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey took a few minutes to answer some of our questions ahead of FaZe's quarterfinal match against SK, which will take place on Saturday ahead of the two semifinal matches.

FaZe secured a spot at the next Major by making it into the top 8 

In the interview, kioShiMa also talked about how his team feels confident ahead of the  playoffs, and what the team will need to bring to the table in order to make a deep run in the tournament.

You guys started winning agaisnt FlipSid3 and then lost to SK in a tight match. How did the early stage of the tournament feel?

We were feeling pretty confident because we all came here having prepared well. We started with f3 and it wasn’t too, too tough. After that we played SK… Yeah, were winning 15-9 and we ended up losing, and then we played Liquid and we had to make a comeback.

Every match has been back and forth. It’s okay in a Swiss round because you can start losing but you can’t afford to do that in the best-of-threes coming up, so it was better that we lost during the group stage.

How about the match against EnVyUs? That wasn’t too crazy.

I mean coming into the match against EnVyUs we already knew how they play. Then the map was going to be Mirage or Nuke, two maps we feel confident in. Mirage would have been a really good map for us, and Nuke was more 50/50 in their head, I guess.

We always felt like we had the advantage, since we know how they play on T side. Finn and me talked about it since I played with them before and I kind of know what they like to do. We did struggle a bit, but we won force buy with the score being 12-11 and broke them. They didn’t win another round after that.

Since you mentioned having played with these guys, what was on the line going into the match against them?

Well the thing is matches against nV for me are personal because I was playing for them and they kicked me. I have only had one chance to play against them and that was in Malmö one day after I joined the team, so I have been waiting for this match for a long time and it finally happened.

You know, going into a match like this you just really want to win. You want to prove that it wasn’t your fault, that you didn’t do anything wrong, and that you can beat them with another team. It was a great feeling to play against them and win.

I personally had you going through as a top 8 team, but it was definitely a struggle up until now. At some point, you could have even gone home, but you eventually made it. What do you think about going into the quarters, playing a best-of-three against SK?

Going into the quarterfinal we’re kind of happy to face SK, because when we played against them we lost, but we lost with a 15-9 advantage. We had that match in our hands and threw it.

We made some mistakes that shouldn’t happen but I think if we just have a good mindset and know that yes, we did lose, but that it was just because of a few mistakes, we can just correct those mistakes in the quarterfinal.

Also, in a best-of-three you can afford losing a map. We’re thought of as a team that can’t win best-of-threes, but now is the time to prove everybody wrong. We actually feel more confident going into a best-of-three than a best-of-one right now.

Do you think you guys can go all the way?

I think so, yeah. If everyone’s on point and playing their A game we’re going to be one of the contenders of the tournament.

And what do you think is needed for everyone to bring their A game?

For us to reach our A game right now we have to communicate well. We need to really focus on having good comms so we can use our players the way we want to and get the most out of them.

Since we’re all speaking in English but none of us are native English speakers, sometimes it’s hard to react fast or say exactly what we want to say really fast. We had to innovate and find some keywords with specific meanings in-game so we can communicate faster. If we can use these well and we all communicate properly that’s going to allow us to bring our A game.

How about the format? You’re one of the two teams that may have to play two games in a day. How do you feel about that?

It can be good or bad. Sometimes it’s good to play two matches during the same day, with the exception of having to play the first and last match and having something like six hours in between. When that happens you don’t know if you should stay at the venue or go to the hotel or sleep or what. You don’t really know how to feel or what to do. On the other hand, if it’s just two hours, I don’t mind.

How do you feel about the veto system? When the draws were happening, it seemed a lot of teams wanted those three vetoes.

Yeah, I mean when you have the three vetoes you can ban the other team’s strongest maps which obviously gives you an advantage and that’s why everyone wanted to have the three vetoes. For example,e when we played against nV we had the three vetoes so we knew what we could ban and we just banned their three strongest maps so we had a really good map pool to play against them.

I even prefer when it’s four bans and then just random. At least then everyone just has to be really ready on everything, and it comes down to having to take a bit of a gamble. Maybe Cobble comes out and you feel like it’s 50/50 or Nuke comes out and you’re really happy, etc.

France Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
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I think FaZe has a good chance against SK.
2017-01-26 22:07
Canada LongBaguette 
I'm "HAPPY" that "KIO" beat ENVYUS
2017-01-26 22:05
Happy to 1v5 SK
2017-01-26 22:06
I'm glad for K1o that it's going well for him since he got kicked. Goodluck in the quarters!
2017-01-26 22:24
"The Problem"
2017-01-26 22:43
the problem was the problem for the envy. AMIRITE?
2017-01-26 23:11
no, he was always really problematic guy since primary school. I remember him cuz i was same year as Fabs, but different class.
2017-01-27 02:03
Poland whoareyou 
can you confirm this?
2017-01-27 02:05
2017-01-27 08:37
Brazil torm3ntin 
2017-01-27 14:20
2017-01-26 22:05
2017-01-26 22:05
You mean SK?
2017-01-26 22:06
fuck i messed up but yea
2017-01-26 22:08
2017-01-26 22:10
Denmark regnant 
Nice name lol
2017-01-26 22:45
Thank you!
2017-01-26 22:45
He is scared LOOL
2017-01-26 23:56
RpK | 
Iceland pumtac 
2017-01-26 22:05
Portugal daris 
I don't think so
2017-01-26 22:05
Finland Tekh 
2017-01-26 22:04
jOELZ | 
Finland Baconguy3 
Sk will lose easily
2017-01-26 22:05
Brazil mibrzera 
2-0 faze
2017-01-26 22:10
LOL... Fears nothing :D
2017-01-26 22:05
2017-01-26 22:05
Finland 2op 
gl faze and god allu
2017-01-26 22:05
he sucks rofl
2017-01-26 22:59
Check his statistics then... People dont realize how good allu actually is, instead they go suck maikeleles cock, the guy who always plays bad and has a negative rating
2017-01-26 23:15
Europe w1ntermu7e 
He is from Portugal and guess who was kicked from faze :D
2017-01-26 23:20
ahahah surely that allu is better than fox, thats the biggest joke ive ever heard, u cant say that some1 is pro when u fail 70 per cent of ur shots m8, admit it, he sucks, and i dont like fox then so dont call me fanboy (;
2017-01-26 23:44
ropz | 
Czech Republic rusteD 
Thank god fox misses only 99 %
2017-01-27 00:43
2017-01-27 10:25
Brazil lulbrazillul 
if he missed 70% of the shots he wouldnt have a positive rating?
2017-01-27 00:46
too bad fox misses more than bot allu kek
2017-01-27 02:27
unhappy to see FaZe instead nV
2017-01-26 22:05 vs who r u puttin ur money in?!??!!
2017-01-26 22:06
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
probly 2:1 idk who will win, i think sk are still favorites even with bot taco and god fox
2017-01-26 22:06
Brazil sprk1 
happy alone?
2017-01-26 22:10
i swear i read "Happy to SK"
2017-01-26 22:10
rekt them pls
2017-01-26 22:11
In other words , "Happy to lose" Ez 4 SK , EZ 4 Fox! Fox wont lose in the Fox Theater :) #SK.FOX Stickers #ObrigadinhoFalleN #RUNSKG #NTC #CRYISFREE
2017-01-26 22:14
0-16 Renegades LUL
2017-01-27 13:11
well when you reach legend status you don't give a shit about who you face, gotta take them down to take #1 anyways
2017-01-26 22:14
kioShiMa: "Happy to face fox"
2017-01-26 22:17
wtf? fox was their one of the best players for all last matches. stop blaming Fox. Sk are shitters by themselves right now...
2017-01-26 22:56
surely.. that's why they did a comeback twice against 2 of the topteams of this major..
2017-01-27 02:23
Brazil torm3ntin 
nuff said
2017-01-27 14:21
nv loves money. they won nation cup last year cause only tier1 players of nv has gone there, wesg, biggest price money, they were there. and now major proves they're just sh*tty team.
2017-01-26 22:23
China Gnikiv 
yea,VP also went WESG and got rekt.
2017-01-27 08:20
SK is a much more mind prepared to this.
2017-01-26 22:23
if allu dont miss shots and kariggan will be killing sk going home
2017-01-26 22:25
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
Hahahaha n1 kio but SK are gonna kick ur shit team's ass not even a close game It's funny how he thinks that faze is a good team or he's a great player lol
2017-01-26 22:26
rain | 
Norway Rezideent 
They're top 8 in the world. No matter what you say that is a fact right now. So they are a good team and he is a great player :)
2017-01-27 00:38
Poland Banan_IDK 
He he gute joke kioshiama. Happy wont face SK, cuz he is out of the tournament Out of tournament coral
2017-01-26 22:27
Out of tournament coral H4H4H4H3J3H4HH3H4
2017-01-26 23:28
ez for vincent schopenhauer
2017-01-26 22:42
ez for vincent schopenhauer
2017-01-26 23:39
Famous last words.
2017-01-26 22:52
Croatia mds818 
It's no doubt for Faze that they will beat SK,the only question is can they be the lan gods vp?Hard..,if Faze was in final,Fnatic would stand a chance of winning the major doe.
2017-01-26 22:59
VP no chance against FaZe, would be ez af
2017-01-26 23:11
Just like EL S2 right? loL
2017-01-26 23:28
Croatia mds818 
Well,you guys do have a point,but Karrigan just joined faze at that point,if you remember it corretly a:karrigan's first event with faze b:karrigan did not even have his jersey....
2017-01-26 23:38
SK first event with FNX & Taco they made finals of tier 1 lan what is your point exactly?
2017-01-26 23:50
Croatia mds818 
My point is that you can't judge the team after it was establised on first match. Fnx and Taco are fraggers,Karrigan is igl,faze never played with the real igl. Also,SK was always able to get to the finals of events,but they never managed to win the final in event(same as astralis with semi finals) if we exclude MLG and Cologne 2016.
2017-01-26 23:51
"Also,SK was always able to get to the finals of events,but they never managed to win the final in event(same as astralis with semi finals) if we exclude MLG and Cologne 2016." They were Luminosity at the time and this isn't the truth since they first came to the scene as Kabum they were only able to win best of 1s, gets out of groups at events than never ever win a best of 3 series, G2 (not sure what org they were at the time) was actually the first best of 3 they ever won at a tier 1 lan and this was after the lineup change.
2017-01-26 23:54
Croatia mds818 
Kabum had different lineup then LG/SK,yes they were Lumminosity at the time when they won MLG however SK and LG had same lineup at the time of their so called "dominance". Its also true that they were not able to win bo3,however you did mention that they made it to the finals of T1 tournament,but players that were changed are a lot different.
2017-01-27 00:02
Yeah I mentioned that happened after they brought in Taco & Fnx not before, with Bolts & Steel they never got past top 8 because they couldn't win a best of 3 series and at the time they really only had one map which was mirage so teams would just insta ban it and take the best of 3s against kabum/lg easily until they made the roster change.
2017-01-27 00:04
Croatia mds818 
Well thats true,but the thing is that mirage was "ct sided" back there,I mean damn it I remember teams like Envy and C9 having 12,13 rounds on ct half and still finish 16-14 #Neverforget Envy vs C9(i think it was at major,not sure) 12 or 13 rounds on ct half for C9 first half and then envy bringing it back.
2017-01-27 00:42
VP sucks, they got 16-0'd by FaZe back in the Kinguin days
2017-01-26 23:29
Croatia mds818 
Faze lineup: Karrigan,Kio,Rain,Aizy,Allu Kinguin lineup:Scream,Dennis,Rain,Maikelele,Fox Lineup changes: Aizy replaced Dennis,Jkaem Scream,Rain stays,Maikelele was replaced by Kio,Fox was replaced by Allu. You must put in the fact that Faze swapped between Jkaem and Kio to make space for Karrigan. So..yes Faze is really same as Kinguin lineup.
2017-01-26 23:47
historically every single kinguin/FaZe line up has shown extremelly nice results vs VirtusPro, maybe because even with the changes they've always been a team based on aim and firepower rather than good strats.
2017-01-27 05:45
Croatia mds818 
Well,there's no doubt with that,epsecially at DH Cluj 2015,however that was run and gun team.
2017-01-27 13:00
Did you just forget about NaVi
2017-01-26 23:50
Croatia mds818 
2017-01-26 23:53
Do you think that fnatic > NaVi
2017-01-27 01:13
Croatia mds818 
Well it really depends,it is possible for fnatic to beat both navi and/or astralis,however there're some key factors. Disco doppler being able to do something. Pistol rounds TWIST ON A W P Map pool If they take maps one by one they can do it. Navi showed up as godlike team in bo1 at group stages that is true,however we'll see how good they are at T side. Astralis are..astralis.
2017-01-27 01:52
happy to get rekt
2017-01-27 00:34
Happy all alone vs SK? Wtf? Explain
2017-01-27 02:02
Happy didn't make it out of groups how is he going to face SK
2017-01-27 03:00
Sweden mr-gusse 
+1 Was about to say the same thing :D
2017-01-27 19:26
China Ava1ondraGon 
+1 hahah same here
2017-01-27 19:41
Brazil mibrzera 
2017-01-28 18:54
go envy! go G2. i really hope they win this major!
2017-01-28 18:55
are u happy now? :D
2017-01-28 21:05
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