ESEA Premier Season 24 set to start

The 24th season of ESEA Premier for North America, Europe and Australia is set to start, with all of the participating teams now known.

As the start of the upcoming season nears, ESEA has released the team lists as well as a lengthy post detailing the process of moving up and down the different leagues. With the post, that is available here, ESEA responded to the recent issues that were brought up by the UK team Endpoint and explained the relegation system they use in Premier.

Dosia's Gambit will participate in ESEA Premier S24 

The North American division of ESEA Premier will consist of 24 teams with most of them remaining in the division from the previous season. Selfless, Splyce and Ze Pug Godz are probably the most notable teams, alongside Muffin Lightning and Denial—who have signed the young Estonian Kristjan "⁠fejtZ⁠" Allsaar.

You can find the full list of North American ESEA Premier S24 teams below:

United States StrictlyBusiness Mexico QuetzaL North America RONIN United States VeloX
United States Muffin Lightning United States eUnited United States Eanix United States Ajax
United States Blight Europe Denial United States SMAZING United States Dethrone
North America subtLe Canada Mostly Harmless Canada EnVision Canada SetToDestroyX
Canada Insomnia United States Selfless United States Splyce United States Ze Pug Godz
United States Bee's Money Crew United States Ambition Gamers  United States vitrioL United States The Foundation

The European division of ESEA Premier will also feature 24 teams, but the competition will be tougher than in North America as Major attendees such as Gambit, FlipSid3 and GODSENT will be competing for a spot in Pro League alongside a number of dark horse teams such as Space Soldiers, BIG, Rogue and Epsilon.

The full list of teams for ESEA Premier S24 Europe is as follows:

Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX  Denmark Team123  Denmark Rogue Sweden GODSENT
Sweden Epsilon Turkey Space Soldiers Finland LGR Russia Spirit
Turkey DarkPassage Lithuania Playing Ducks Sweden Crowns Sweden EnVision
Bulgaria Bpro Finland ENCE United Kingdom Endpoint Europe PENTA
CIS FlipSid3 Sweden fnatic Academy Russia Vexilla United Kingdom ROYALS
Kazakhstan Gambit Germany BIG France Vexed Sweden dreamchasers

In Australia, ESEA Premier season 24 will feature only 17 teams, with Corvidae, The Trash Pandas and Athletico Academy joining the top flight.

The following teams will compete in the Oceanic region of ESEA Premier S24:

Australia Tainted Minds Australia Immunity Australia Chiefs Australia Exile5
Australia Bullet Club Australia Legacy Australia Cypher Australia AVANT
Australia NOXIDE Australia SSU eSports Australia Athletico Australia Alpha Sydney
Australia SYF  Australia Dark Sided  Australia Corvidae  Australia The Trash Pandas
Australia ATH Academy

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Estonia Kristjan 'fejtZ' Allsaar
Kristjan 'fejtZ' Allsaar
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
MEZi | 
Finland Sukrami
Nice! Gl to the teams ENCE will win obviously, ez 4 ence
2017-01-28 16:19
3 replies
Not sure about that, sir.
2017-01-28 16:51
2 replies
ENCE will win Premier in memory of xartE, Välimaas Mikko.
2017-01-28 16:52
1 reply
Finland Paddle
Findictus is replacing ence
2017-02-01 23:52
Pretty easy for Gambit, unless the German cheaters start toggling
2017-01-28 16:20
4 replies
Where Vega Squadron?? Why not play?
2017-01-29 05:19
3 replies
Maybe they is drink to much vodka xdd
2017-01-29 10:43
2 replies
I have friend, who often play cs under cognyak. Thats why its not reason to miss esea
2017-01-29 11:22
1 reply
yes i al so drink while play counter strike but i dont have aim than
2017-01-29 15:26
Greenland freqgod
2017-01-28 16:19
2017-01-28 16:19
2017-01-28 16:19
Israel Valah63
2017-01-28 16:19
2017-01-28 16:19
x god
2017-01-28 16:19
Poland SzyKu
2017-01-28 16:19
gambit, lil
2017-01-28 16:19
Russia Reph
Vexilla wtf
2017-01-28 16:19
2 replies
u must say ez for t0rick
2017-01-28 18:59
1 reply
Russia Reph
ez for t0rick
2017-01-28 19:00
2017-01-28 16:19
Latvia Faaakk
gl Vexilla ;)
2017-01-28 16:19
United States burz3u5
2017-01-28 16:19
Finland San1_
ence with 2 players LUL
2017-01-28 16:20
1 reply
United States burz3u5
3 actually they have tomsku
2017-01-28 16:56
France StickyRice
Look at the names on NA division and look at the names on the EU division -> NA has deserved their bad reputation.
2017-01-28 16:20
1 reply
Hahah, there is bunch of teams who would be doing fine in EPL NA division XD
2017-01-28 17:18
where is vws aka playing ducks? they played in s23 premier
2017-01-28 16:20
2 replies
Lithuania Ultras112
Wrong playing ducks link in the list
2017-01-28 16:24
1 reply
at first there wasn't a lithuanian flag, they must have edited the thread
2017-01-28 18:11
Is ESEA Premier S24 the first season with an Australian division? I don't remember to see one in S23.
2017-01-28 16:20
1 reply Seems like S23 was the first season for Australia.
2017-01-28 16:27
ez 4 dizzy
2017-01-28 16:22
4 replies
dizzy the aussie or dizzywi the american kid?
2017-01-28 19:02
3 replies
american kid
2017-01-28 19:23
2 replies
yeah, I'm interested to see what he can do with a new t2 na team on zpG now that he isnt carrying flom and co
2017-01-29 12:44
1 reply
a2z and dizzy firing squad
2017-01-29 13:58
Latvia Avalank
2017-01-28 16:22
Let's go Gambit... u can do it to PROLEAGUE!
2017-01-28 16:22
ez 4 endpoint
2017-01-28 16:23
gambit vs ence finals
2017-01-28 16:24
byali | 
Poland vezz.
In USA there are no good teams in Premier. In EU you have 3 teams from the major and decent teams that win smaller tournaments and can be competitive with T2 teams(Epsilon, Spirit, Space Soldiers, BIG, Rogue, Penta, DarkPassage).
2017-01-28 16:28
Argentina ECSBOX
Ez 4 quetzal
2017-01-28 16:28
ez for epsilon
2017-01-28 16:29
Ez 4 Ence
2017-01-28 16:31
I thought F3 was in EPL? Gambit, Godsent and F3 will do good. Glad LDLC managed to qualify last season cuz this looks like a hard season!
2017-01-28 16:36
5 replies
F3 was last so they got dropped
2017-01-28 17:04
4 replies
What? I thought PENTA was last and played LDLC for a spot in EPL, and lost?
2017-01-28 17:05
3 replies
2 replies
ahhh ok so the 2nd lowest team is the one to get the chance vs top of premier, thanks!
2017-01-28 17:06
1 reply
No. Top of Premier goes straight up. Second and Third in Premier play against the Second Bottom and Third Bottom of EPL for the spot.
2017-01-29 02:18
fer | 
Turkey MaskoN
gl SS
2017-01-28 16:38
DP GG olmus
2017-01-28 16:41
Turkey KygoD
EU league will be more funny this season.
2017-01-28 16:43
1 reply
indeed. I dont think the premier league has ever had such a high level!
2017-01-28 16:51
VP missing in the EU division virtus.premier
2017-01-28 16:49
Why is there emilio competing?
2017-01-28 16:59
2 replies
Dreamer as well
2017-01-28 17:19
1 reply
KQLY too
2017-01-28 17:48
ESEA europe is packed! esea na... Meh xD
2017-01-28 17:03
Greenland LilPeep
ESEA Europe > NA Esl
2017-01-28 17:13
Turkey SG^^
I hope HLTV adds these matches despite not being casted
2017-01-28 17:13
2 replies
A lot of the premier games get casted
2017-01-28 17:47
1 reply
Turkey SG^^
2017-01-28 17:57
ESEA rigged. No rules, no honor.
2017-01-28 17:17
w8 a minute, dreamchasers is emilio's team. Is emilio who got a VAC ban allowed in ESEA ranked then?
2017-01-28 17:19
1 reply
Turkey SG^^
yeah wth?
2017-01-28 18:02
United Kingdom kpiz
2017-01-28 17:23
Lez go gambit - the major legends! Lez go!
2017-01-28 17:25
Finland miknunoob
2017-01-28 17:44
Chile Cristoff
Miami Flamingos will play some ESEA division this year?
2017-01-28 18:00
1 reply
ESEA Main or Latin America probably
2017-01-28 18:21
Gambit will make it to Pro Season, mark my words.
2017-01-28 18:00
Australia ParaboliC
Where the fuck is SLP for Oceanic region?
2017-01-28 18:01
ez for BIG!
2017-01-28 18:06
Brazil hugoooo
2017-01-28 18:07
Gl spaces and darkpassage :)
2017-01-28 18:34
Turkey KacaKTV
2017-01-28 19:00
lmao emilio playing in premier
2017-01-28 19:38
Finland Madd!z
When ENCE will announce their new team?
2017-01-28 19:40
New Zealand Glyphiss
Too sweet, Bullet Club for life
2017-01-28 21:02
How is emilio allowed to play ESEA premier? lol
2017-01-28 21:14
EZ 4 Bee's Money Crew
2017-01-28 21:27
ez for royals
2017-01-29 01:18
n2g | 
United States n2g
Ze Pug Godz gonna be deadly
2017-01-29 06:25
Brunei cyLoL
ez for gambit and godsent .... tooo stronk for this decision
2017-01-29 09:52
Germany ConAction
Why didnt you add those games for today
2017-02-01 23:47
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