Selfless secure last-chance EPL spot

Selfless won their last-chance match against Splyce to stay in ESL Pro League, taking the spot that was left vacant by Echo Fox.

As we posted yesterday, the North American organization Echo Fox informed ESL that they were unable to field a line-up for the 5th season of ESL Pro League, so a match between Selfless and Splyce was played to decide who will fill the spot.

Both teams have lost their ESL Pro League Season 4 relegation matches and were due to play in the next season of ESEA Premier before this opportunity arose.

kaboose and co. will be playing in Pro League after all 

The series started on Cobblestone, Splyce's map pick, but the team that featured Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen as a stand-in wasn't able to take it home in the end, losing narrowly: 16-14. It was a different story on Mirage where Selfless were crushed 16-6 on their map pick, securing only one round on the CT side.

It all came down to the decider, Cache, where Selfless ran away with the lead on the T side and managed to close it out 16-12 in the end.

With Selfless winning the last-chance match, they regained a spot in the North American division of ESL Pro League S5. The full team list is as follows:

United States NRG North America OpTic
United States CLG Canada Complexity
United States Liquid Australia Renegades
United States Misfits  Australia Winterfox
United States Cloud9 Brazil SK
United States Rush Brazil Immortals
United States Selfless  Brazil Luminosity

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Canada Kory 'SEMPHIS' Friesen
Kory 'SEMPHIS' Friesen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brunei Jizzy 
2017-02-03 09:18
Kazakhstan Bombardian 
Who cares
2017-02-03 09:43
2017-02-03 13:31
KLnT | 
Pakistan Huzaifa 
EPL should also make an Asian table so Asian teams could get chances :) like NA table , Eu Table and hopefully Asian Table
2017-02-03 10:36
f0rest | 
India compL1 
That would be not be good tho as all Asian teams are matchmaking teams except some Chinese.
2017-02-03 17:51
Hong Kong AllanHo 
INDIAN CS LUL ALL GOT VAC BANNED? using hacks and still never go into tournaments
2017-02-03 22:45 fun stream ;)
2017-02-03 17:09
2017-02-03 09:17
ez for slemdog millionaire
2017-02-03 09:17
2017-02-03 13:56
Brazil bandicoot 
2017-02-03 09:17
hardstyle | 
Sweden SLITZ 
2017-02-03 09:17
n2g | 
United States n2g 
Rip Splyce
2017-02-03 09:17
so ez
2017-02-03 09:17
Australia aucs 
Winterfox is now a NZ team lol.
2017-02-03 09:23
New Zealand tyfnz 
I'm triggered that they didn't change the bloody flag icon lol.
2017-02-03 10:15
Australia aucs 
On ESL's website its still a american flag. (also in game).
2017-02-03 10:16
Feelsbadman for crucial
2017-02-03 10:02
Lithuania fRc_ 
2017-02-03 11:26
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Rip splyce, they didn't their jobs!
2017-02-03 12:27
United States CWalker 
Ez for papa slem
2017-02-03 12:32
EU Premier > NA EPL
2017-02-03 13:36
2017-02-03 13:57
Panama JJAU 
Why Ex Sharks owner invested on echo fox??
2017-02-03 14:33
echo fox has multiple lineups
2017-02-03 17:34
literally who
2017-02-03 15:27
In the near future, there will be no American team in the American pro league
2017-02-03 16:34
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
lmao looking forward to the "hopeless" twitch spam
2017-02-03 20:53
5 non american teams in NA League LUL
2017-02-03 23:18
6, not 5. ;-)
2017-02-04 04:19
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