fnatic qualify for IEM Katowice

fnatic have secured their place at the $250,000 IEM Katowice after advancing to the closed qualifier's upper bracket final with wins over mousesports and G2.

Earlier today, the IEM Katowice closed qualifier began with 11 teams fighting in the best-of-three, double elimination bracket for three spots at the $250,000 event taking place from March 1-5.

So far, the bracket saw the new-old fnatic taking one of the three spots, defeating mousesports 2-1 and the new G2 lineup 2-0.

The new-old fnatic qualified for Katowice with two wins in a row

Natus Vincere will lock horns with Heroic for another spot tomorrow at 15:00, while the last spot will be decided in the lower bracket.

G2Tricked, Envy, and Epsilon are still in the run as well, while three teams have been eliminated. For the entire bracket, go over to the event page.

The IEM Katowice team list currently looks as follows:

North America OpTic   Brazil SK Poland Virtus.pro  Denmark North
Sweden NiP United States Cloud9  Europe FaZe Denmark Astralis
Sweden fnatic  Europe EU closed qualifier  Europe EU closed qualifier  North America NA closed qualifier

The North American closed qualifier also began today, where Liquid, Immortals, Misfits, and CLG lock horns for a single spot at IEM Katowice.

Estonia m8k 
2017-02-05 01:22
United Kingdom trtr098 
OLOF-Best Player 2015 KRIMZ-Best support best synergy with olof Flusha-Senor VAC. So good people call him cheats. Dennis-Pistol GOD, automatically 6 rounds advantage JW-Explosive entry playmaker capable of insane entries. This team is gonna win the next major (hopefully cologne 2017) Of course their biggest rival at the major will be ENCE.ASUSROG- the Legends from WINLAND
2017-02-05 01:30
Poland Cazzorel 
omg xD
2017-02-05 01:37
winland n1
2017-02-05 01:50
the last part killed me :D
2017-02-05 02:35
United States SERGlO 
same LUL
2017-02-05 04:54
can't deny anything he wrote with that closing statement
2017-02-05 17:10
Dennis-Pistol GOD, automatically 6 rounds advantage LUL
2017-02-05 03:30
Sweden T_T 
is true
2017-02-05 11:15
Twist >JW
2017-02-05 08:05
Romania roly99 
lol you can't really believe that, right?
2017-02-06 01:50
United Kingdom drackula 
very nice very informative fellow brit, expected, we smart, we rich, we have white teeth
2017-02-05 09:24
World omojr 
2017-02-05 13:59
2017-02-05 14:41
2017-02-05 15:04
LUL n1
2017-02-05 15:16
Good post nigel ol chap. expected, we smart, we rich, we have white teeth #RunUK
2017-02-05 16:38
shox | 
Poland dGe_GoD 
JW-Explosive little Pig* I Corrected you.
2017-02-05 17:00
the king is back!!!
2017-02-05 18:28
Finland Lehtori 
yall slow
2017-02-05 01:22
KLnT | 
Pakistan Huzaifa 
This guy scammed my knife plz report him ! I will commit suicide plz report him he has my shadow daggers bluesteel FT steamcommunity.com/profiles/765611983427..
2017-02-05 07:47
I will commit suicide <-- Let me know how it goes :)
2017-02-05 13:22
too ez for my boys
2017-02-05 01:22
2017-02-05 01:22
Ez for Dennis
2017-02-05 01:22
Czech Republic Yaaa 
Fnatic #1 again!
2017-02-05 01:22
ezpz top1
2017-02-05 01:22
2017-02-05 01:22
they are going to win everything again trust my word
2017-02-05 01:22
Croatia mds818 
Hopefully,but we'll see.
2017-02-05 01:23
because they do not have fox! ;)
2017-02-05 06:12
Gods are back
2017-02-05 01:22
Germany AngiMerkel 
2017-02-05 01:22
fer | 
Brazil Ze_Pequeno 
sk will crush them
2017-02-05 01:23
Croatia mds818 
Just like last 7 times when they met right? SK 1-7 FNC SK won one match against fnatic,which was opening group of IEM Katowice 2016,later on they were crushed by fnatic 3-0 in grand finals...right sk.
2017-02-05 01:24
he is a baiter
2017-02-05 01:26
fer | 
Brazil Ze_Pequeno 
Why are you talking about games from the stone age?
2017-02-05 01:35
stone age lol... you mean when sk had fnx and not fox? 7-1
2017-02-05 01:37
BRA71L Lul
2017-02-05 12:31
Croatia mds818 
Give one reason why SK>FNC? Dont say anything about felps,we did not see them play with SK,not yet.
2017-02-05 01:47
fer | 
Brazil Ze_Pequeno 
because fnatic has been shit for like 8 months?
2017-02-05 01:53
Aka the only reason SK won anything
2017-02-05 03:24
fer | 
Brazil Ze_Pequeno 
not their fault if fnatic was shit
2017-02-05 03:24
Aka the only reason SK won anything
2017-02-05 06:27
fer | 
Brazil Ze_Pequeno 
not their fault if fnatic was shit
2017-02-05 12:52
Croatia mds818 
Fnatic went shit because they could not accept the fact that they started to take second places...fine.
2017-02-05 09:06
Thailand KillerBee157 
fnatic win?
2017-02-05 13:11
Lmao this poor silver really thinks SK>Fnatic :D listen. SK sucks. You are their fan cuz you are from fucking monkeyland. If you were swedish, you would say fnatic top1 (thats actually true). Deal with it, SK mayb top1 only in Monkeyland, worldwide, they should be happy to be at least top5
2017-02-05 08:31
fnx | 
Norway Trypticon 
Good logic. If fnatic were top1, they'd won the 3 last majors, no?
2017-02-05 11:18
Denmark beastd 
2017-02-05 01:27
ez for fnatic
2017-02-05 01:27
oskar | 
Czech Republic Skleepy 
Mouz in also, y u no say
2017-02-05 01:31
Cuz no one cares about nikosports:D Fnatic>nikosports
2017-02-05 08:33
superteam? wat? wat superteam? xDD.. too hype xDD
2017-02-05 01:33
Poland ramones1 
fnatic will win katowice save this
2017-02-05 01:33
Brazil sprk1 
ohhh shit fnatic is back my friends
2017-02-05 01:37
Brazil bandicoot 
fnatic is back
2017-02-05 01:38
United States BanU 
SK era over Fnatic era begins..again
2017-02-05 01:45
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
Begins era of bullshit? Its the same old fnatic with the same old problems...
2017-02-05 03:09
United States BanU 
true. but good enough to rekt most of the other tier 1 teams at LAN
2017-02-05 03:25
What problems, tell me ? Olof was rekting people again, krimz consistant beast, dennis winning every pistol round, and jw seems to be at least 50% to his old sick form. They have literally no problems. Fuck off and watch them crush your favourite team.
2017-02-05 08:34
Oh and ofc, flusha again being senor vac. Gg wp everyone,unstoppable fnatic
2017-02-05 08:35
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
U personal fan of Olof or u think, that reshuffle Fn-Gods was only for major stickers? Maybe u think, that CS more important for JW than his own shop? Or u dont see CS became more tactical game that it was in 2015?? Now Fnatic one of many pro teams at CS scene
2017-02-05 14:08
Your english is so bad I barely understand you, so I will pretend I know what you are talking about and will try to respond Fnatic was always great cuz they were always way better skillwise than the other teams. They are just a perfect team that can only play MM tactics and win a major. Their skill is unreal, aim and the gamesense, they dont need to be a tactical team when they can HS everyone before the enemy can even react. There are really no problems, if they had big problems that couldnt be fixed, they would not go back to fnatic. There is NO problem in this team. Communication is perfect, everyone is hitting their shots, they got awfuly good synergy, they see through walls, I dont see anything wrong with this team. They are even friends again. No internal problems. So stfu and watch them win another 3 or mojors.o
2017-02-06 14:42
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
SK era when?? Did I missed something?
2017-02-05 07:23
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
Yep, u missed sk era))
2017-02-05 13:57
Portugal mrsc 
fnatic to win this bookmark this comment
2017-02-05 01:55
Other two will be Na'Vi and G2
2017-02-05 01:59
ez for Godsent
2017-02-05 02:03
FalleN | 
Brazil Lk1Ng 
old fnatic, g2, vp, astralis, navi and new sk..gonna be good!
2017-02-05 02:46
Yeah cannot wait to see all these teams crush the new SK... Gonna be good!
2017-02-05 09:10
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
Top 4 @ IEM Katowice calling it now: Astralis Virtus.Pro Na'Vi fnatic (no specific order)
2017-02-05 02:56
-fnatic +Gods in pijamas
2017-02-05 04:16
Armenia HrachAsatryan 
Nip in 2k17 LUL
2017-02-05 07:54
France [SPQR] 
old JW is back
2017-02-05 04:24
250k in 2017 lul
2017-02-05 04:27
India hdsheta10 
Old god, and now new gods...
2017-02-05 04:29
The kings of Cs are back People are gonna post the major demos on BestGore under the label brutal rape, anal punishment #Weback #we3timesinarowchampions #runfnatic
2017-02-05 04:38
fnatic making sweden great again
2017-02-05 05:12
Ez 4 Brazil
2017-02-05 05:37
Nice homeless continuing with 250k$ prize pool in 2017 is a joke for csgo
2017-02-05 05:45
Turkey Shanon 
still its a very prestigious tournament, these teams will look for glory anyways.
2017-02-05 07:25
Brazil Gunzel 
kings are back
2017-02-05 08:05
fnatic era is starting
2017-02-05 08:27
shox | 
Europe x1ld3n 
G2 Era is starting
2017-02-05 08:41
CIS Bizkid13 
lol fnatic is so bad, omg ))) inconsistent nabs that do wrong moves every 6 month expecting disband after next major tier 3 team with swedistan thirdworlders ))
2017-02-05 09:24
how much
2017-02-05 12:22
CIS Bizkid13 
cost ur mom ? 2 cheap dollars )
2017-02-05 15:58
so ez
2017-02-05 16:55
2017-02-05 09:45
Europe fuckpayne 
ez for faze
2017-02-05 10:09
nice EZ 1st place IEM KATOWICE inc.
2017-02-05 10:19
Argentina roulettesoad 
March 1-5? it doesn't suppose to start 15 feb or something like that?
2017-02-05 10:28
2017-02-05 10:38
my fucking boys <3
2017-02-05 11:20
Russia baryga007 
lmao nip looks like tier2 NA team in this tourney among all of these strong teams.
2017-02-05 13:09
Russia grEminence 
2017-02-05 13:24
U drunk boy
2017-02-05 14:16
Germany jonko 
Katowice will be on fire
2017-02-05 14:47
Will be a good tourney
2017-02-05 15:09
#107 +1
2017-02-05 15:21
new "old fnatic" good, but not best, VP best
2017-02-05 16:36
fnatic might well be top 3 again but I don't see them having another era. the problems that they had with personality were overwhelming for flusha and the team as a result, so I don't see them winning anything soon unless they fix their problems. ridiculous how massively overhyped they are right now when they relied solely on big performances from mostly olof and dennis and have won a single BO3 over G2 online with this lineup. now that all of the best teams have evolved into a more tactical, thorough play style then this is fnatic's real test to see if their style can still work at the highest level of competition. best of luck to them
2017-02-05 16:56
2017-02-06 03:19
Expected. Fnatic is luf. Fnatic is laife.
2017-02-10 09:32
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