AdreN: "We're confident on Inferno"

After Gambit defeated fnatic on Inferno earlier today, we interviewed Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev to find out how much time his team put into the new map and what they expected from the Swedes on it.

Gambit have advanced to Group B's winners' match with a confident win over fnatic on the new Inferno, which was only added to the map pool two weeks ago.

Gambit passed their first test

Following the match, we sat down with Dauren "⁠AdreN⁠" Kystaubayev to find out how Gambit's preparation on the new map went, and what their expectations of fnatic were:

Let's start with Inferno and your preparation on it, how much time did you put into it seeing as it was only announced two weeks ago?

We played Inferno for about one week, but before [the old version] was our favorite map, so we're pretty confident on it individually. We just fixed some strats and played to our individual skill, and the setup is perfect for us that it is a new map no one knows how to play yet. Someone might have forgotten how to play it, so it worked well for us.

With how significantly the map was changed, do you keep playing it the same way as you did the old version, used what you had before and adjusted a little bit, or did you come up with new ways of playing it?

We used what we had before, but we got new spots for the nades, and new positions, but everything looks similar, it's just a little different with smokes and little gaps, but nothing changed for us.

Did you know anything about fnatic on it, whether they played it at all?

We practiced them once online, we didn't know much, but we knew that they play an aggressive style, they played the same on the old Inferno. We didn't exactly know what they'd do, but we expected everything, aggressive plays and stuff. Everything just went well for us.

You'll be facing next, who beat you at the ELEAGUE Major, what do you expect for this match, what needs to change for you to beat them?

First of all, I think this match will be different, because we had a little bit of pressure on ourselves, we felt shaky because everything was on this game, we really needed to win it. Right now, we don't feel any pressure, we'll just play our style and try to focus on our game and not do some stupid mistakes that we did at the Major. We will see.

You had quite high expectations at the Major, what will be Gambit's goals here in Vegas?

Nothing changed, we want to be top three at least, that's the minimum. Winning would be great, we don't feel like we are there yet, because we didn't practice much after the Major, we had about eight days. If we win, it'll be good, we're just hoping we will find our form during the tournament, gain some confidence and experience during the tournament.

Kazakhstan Dauren 'AdreN' Kystaubayev
Dauren 'AdreN' Kystaubayev
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2017-02-16 02:12
United States r0seCS
ez for AdreN
2017-02-16 02:12
Lithuania Paulius_CS
ez for best CIS team
2017-02-16 02:12
Good luck to Zeus & co
2017-02-16 02:13
ya da king of Kymis
2017-02-16 02:12
yeah gl everyone will ban it against you xD
2017-02-16 02:12
Brazil BuddyINSANE
n1 We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from brazil!
2017-02-16 02:12
well fnatic played pugstyle and inferno is not really a pugstyle friendly map. I guess gambit would get rekt vs a real inferno team ... at least it would be way closer than vs fnatic :p
2017-02-16 02:14
1 reply
either way they still got rekt, and inferno used to be one of fnatics best maps so x2 rekt
2017-02-16 10:05
France stambert
HAHHAH YES! RIP FNATIC <3 <3 <3 their level is horrible! retire now flusha and jw
2017-02-16 02:17
ez xgod
2017-02-16 10:11
Well when Olof plays like a bot, it's an ez win for gambit.
2017-02-16 11:51
2017-02-16 13:03
throwmeister in the house baby
2017-02-16 13:06
2017-02-16 13:06
Brazil HigorIsi
2017-02-16 23:47
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