fancy1 hits free agency

After a long dispute between YuLun "fancy1" Cai and TyLoo, the conflict has finally been resolved and the player will now join the free agent pool.

The last we heard of YuLun "Summer" Cai the Chinese youngster was benched in TYLOO for maintaining discussions with other organizations after the ELEAGUE Major main qualifier while still under contract with his team.

At the time, he was ousted with coach QiFang "Karsa" Su, and players HaoWen "somebody" Xu and YuanZhang "Attacker" Sheng, the latter two being readded to TYLOO’s active roster ahead of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas.

fancy1 at the ELEAGUE Major main qualifier, his last event with TyLoo

Having been on the sidelines for over a month following the conflict that got him removed from the active roster in TYLOO, Summer is now free from his contract and will now be able to pursue other endeavors.

Now, Summer will have to decide what to do with his future, whether that is to join an already existing team or try to create a project of his own. After the recent movements in Chinese teams, which included the splitting of VG.CyberZEN into ViCi and VG.Renascence—the latter with six players on its roster—anything can happen.


China YuLun 'Summer' Cai
YuLun 'Summer' Cai
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China QiFang 'Karsa' Su
QiFang 'Karsa' Su
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China YuanZhang 'Attacker' Sheng
YuanZhang 'Attacker' Sheng
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China HaoWen 'somebody' Xu
HaoWen 'somebody' Xu
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rain | 
Norway Kimmiix 
Nice one!
2017-02-24 00:53
Switzerland Jubei 
2017-02-24 00:53
someone pick him up
2017-02-24 00:53
somebody will pick him up
2017-02-24 03:27
2017-02-24 04:52
2017-02-28 10:13
Ethiopia BlackBird101 
2017-02-24 13:21
DaZeD | 
Netherlands Floor109 
Fancy1 is so aggresive..
2017-02-24 00:53
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
fancy is so good <3
2017-02-25 22:29
-shroud +fancy1
2017-02-24 00:54
C9 have no teamplay anyways XDxDxdxdxd
2017-02-24 01:14
Canada TwistZzZz 
2017-02-24 01:20
United Kingdom trtr098 
Top 1 NA
2017-02-24 08:01
Asian Trio? best NA?
2017-02-24 08:40
real talk a third Asian is what C9 needs
2017-02-24 09:21
koosta | 
United States kooster 
+koosta -ska
2017-02-24 19:17
2017-02-24 00:54
nice, join VG with savage and you got a potential top 15 team
2017-02-24 00:54
United States xWho 
meh, I don't watch enough Chinese CS to know for sure, but looking at these teams at some other tournaments like Starseries and at the Major Qualifier I just don't see them being able to do that
2017-02-24 01:22
I think they could compete with T2 teams. fancy1 + savage is a really good foundation to build from.
2017-02-24 01:25
VG just split into 2 teams, 1 has zhoking on it and the other has savage, don't know if he'd have any success without teaming with both of them.
2017-02-24 02:15
It blows my mind that VG decides to split into two teams. They would be beating the new Tyloo roster consistently if they stayed together. Now we got 3 teams that will probably make little to no impact on the international scene. They might not even be able to get spots from the asian qualifiers given the rise of other non chinese teams such as recca and mvp. rip chinese scene.
2017-02-24 02:44
team chemistry is immeasurably more important than having 5 skilled players on a roster without knowing the drama behind the scenes i'm surprised the split would 'blow your mind' ha
2017-02-24 02:51
France StickyRice 
GL fancy1, sign to Tier 2-3 EU or Tier 1-2 NA.
2017-02-24 00:54
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
2017-02-24 00:54
First the TyLoo issue, now the VG.Cyberzen split. Rip the Chinese scene. Unless if they build something upon Vici's roster, it's a fucking rippo.
2017-02-24 00:55
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
Sadly I don't think it'll happen, just like in the french/swedish scenes, the chinese have too many players that refuse to play with specific other players or get separated from someone in their current team. For example Savage won't play without tb, also I've heard some (if not all) the players from TyLoo kinda don't get along with Savage. It's just some players want to keep their friendship instead of building a new stronger roster/team. That's also why AttackeR was close to leaving, just because of fancy. It's sad that the talent pool gets split like that, I really do believe China can make a t1 team, that can compete in the top 20. But not with all the behind scene politics, team managements, player drama, etc.
2017-02-24 01:38
That's really sad, didn't knew about all those rifts in the chinese scene. If people knew how to overcome this for the sake of prestige and success, we could actually have a chinese team in a major.
2017-02-24 02:14
gl in your international team
2017-02-24 00:56
To clg for sure
2017-02-24 00:56
Denmark potatomato 
2017-02-24 00:56
C9 fancy1
2017-02-24 00:56
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Finally! good luck fancy1 u deserve!
2017-02-24 00:57
koosta | 
United States kooster 
2017-02-24 01:01
Portugal RKO23 
machinegun , mb?
2017-02-24 01:06
srsly, a western team with a mandarin speaker should pick him up.
2017-02-24 01:10
Canada ssau 
nice. free my nigga young fancy1
2017-02-24 01:10
Ex6TenZ | 
Norway orcaM 
The way Tyloo has treated their players is a pure shame. I hope Fancy1 find a better org! :)
2017-02-24 01:11
-shroud +fancy1 3 asian in team better than 2
2017-02-24 01:25
China zc198608000 
2017-02-24 01:37
suNny | 
United States VAZ1R 
2017-02-24 02:04
-n0thing +Machinegun
2017-02-24 03:29
-Skadoodle +kaze
2017-02-24 04:56
fancy1 is one of the most talented player in asian scene. sucks he is teamless
2017-02-24 01:37
Europe ROMAG 
make a team with savage, somebody and loveyy, go to NA under TSM
2017-02-24 01:38
Is his English good? If Atter doesnt work out they should take Fancy1, then he can help RNG to finally beat Tyloo in a bo3 lan.
2017-02-24 01:42
Good opinion
2017-02-24 04:06
Australia JoshHartSZN 
5th in Maikelele's new team :>
2017-02-24 01:43
2017-02-24 09:19
Can someone clarify the "talking with other teams while he was in tyloo"?
2017-02-24 03:59
good luck fancy1!
2017-02-24 04:03
fancy1 loveyy karsa ? ?
2017-02-24 06:43
fuck karsa that fake ass cunt. He killed fancy1's career and almost killed attacker's
2017-02-24 07:25
yes!! hope someone hook him up, great player.
2017-02-24 07:32
no nody care. he is no good
2017-02-24 08:06
inb4 chinese gangsters go kill him before he can join another team.
2017-02-24 08:12
Renascence????? WAT?????????
2017-02-24 08:25
Turkey tastemycobra 
go to c9. the best chinese org after tyloo.
2017-02-24 08:33
-skadoodle +fancy
2017-02-24 08:40
Luxembourg alex24 
- fallen + fancy SK still top3 :))
2017-02-24 09:00
can this dude speak english? plz someone from NA pick him up, or with maik and fox new team. dude has insane raw talent.
2017-02-24 09:18
Hopefully the free agent is fine, fancy1 looks like he has a mean kung fu
2017-02-24 10:00
Hungary lemusz 
who the hack is he?
2017-02-24 10:21
eZaF maikelele eZaF jkaem eZaF rubino eZaF fancy1 eZaF foxj xD
2017-02-24 11:33
this ^^
2017-02-25 12:05
+fancy1 +botlle +++ some high skill player
2017-02-24 12:20
fancy zhoking loveyy advent uki top 1 asia
2017-02-24 13:30
he should leave chinese cs and join na/european team that talks english ... too much talent to be wasted in chinese cs.
2017-02-24 13:40
new NIP fancy1 get_right forest reasten rubino
2017-02-24 13:46
Would be sick
2017-02-26 09:02
Malaysia phyzell 
deagle and awper good on this one. However, English speaking skills needed improvement if you expect the world wants to buy your talent.
2017-02-24 14:48
N1 bait
2017-02-28 13:25
Time to bounce back fancy
2017-02-24 21:57
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
gl <3 <3 <3
2017-02-25 22:27
nip fancy1 XD
2017-02-26 08:55
African Union ArisA 
Fancy to Rogue inc.
2017-02-27 00:45
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