Last ECS Dev. League qualifiers over

The second and last round of qualifiers to ECS Season 3 Development League has come to an end with Rogue, Space Soldiers, Splyce and Denial claiming a spot in the league.

During this weekend thousands of teams in both Europe and North America duked it out in the qualifiers for ECS Season 3 Development League, but the league can only fit two qualified teams for each region so it came down to a close race.

In Europe Rogue, who recently benched Nicolai "⁠glace⁠" Jensen, had a great run with their coach and stand-in Frederik "⁠LOMME⁠" Nielsen. They were underdogs versus Heroic in the deciding match, but Marco "⁠Snappi⁠" Pfeiffer and co. couldn't handle Rogue.

TENZKI and Rogue surprised by beating Heroic 

The other qualified team from Europe is Space Soldiers as they knocked out teams like Spirit, Vega Squadron and DenDD through the qualifier. Especially Ismailcan "⁠XANTARES⁠" Dörtkardeş had a great run as he ended with a rating of 1.26.

The North American qualifier was played a bit later where Splyce managed to qualify this time as they were surprisingly knocked out by Bee's Money Crew in the first qualifier. The last spot was taken by Denial who managed to beat eUnited 2-1 in the deciding match.

The list of participants for the Development League currently looks as follows:

Europe North America
Poland PRIDE United States Bee's Money Crew
Kazakhstan Tengri Canada Premier Rejects
Europe Rogue United States Splyce
Turkey Space Soldiers Europe Denial
Europe Invite North America Invite
Europe Invite North America Invite
Europe Invite North America Invite
Europe Invite North America Invite

The invites for the Development League, through which it is possible to secure promotion into the main league, are expected to be announced soon.

Denmark Frederik 'LOMME' Nielsen
Frederik 'LOMME' Nielsen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Turkey Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş
Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer
Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Nicolai 'glace' Jensen
Nicolai 'glace' Jensen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2017-02-27 09:12
dont worry none of these teams will make the ECS Lg
2017-02-27 09:13
thank mr HMoney1332
2017-02-27 09:13
welcome m8
2017-02-27 09:14
Invite, best team NA
2017-02-27 12:40
ez 4 NA Adren
2017-02-27 13:19
2017-02-27 09:12
Premier Rejects? omg...
2017-02-27 09:12
ayyy lmao
2017-02-27 09:13
Norway Ivenrik
Rip mythic
2017-02-27 09:13
They were unlucky on the bracket.. If they had denial instead of splyce they had a chance
2017-02-27 14:47
Doubt it. All the semi-finalists there are better than them.
2017-02-27 17:32
Bee's Money Crew?
2017-02-27 09:13
They are cheaters
2017-02-27 09:14
Noice Denial
2017-02-27 09:16
Ez for VACtares
2017-02-27 09:17
Where is Ben's Anime Team???
2017-02-27 09:17
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista
busy violating their body pillows
2017-02-27 09:25
Ez for space soldier
2017-02-27 09:22
Most convoluted tournament system ever... Play open qualifier to qualify for the qualifier which allows you to qualify to the development league the winner of which gets into ECS season 3.
2017-02-27 09:25
shit system
2017-02-27 10:12
Why? Should they instead not let super low tier teams like space soldiers have any chance of getting in and just pick the big teams? This way a Cinderella story is possible.
2017-02-27 11:07
Make a qualifier out of 256 teams and winners go to the LAN. What is the point of these tiers.
2017-02-27 11:57
You are wrong btw, you added an extra step that doesnt exist. The open qualifier was for the development league, and from there you go to ECS S3. The obvious reason for this is that they want the top teams to play more matches vs each other, that generates viewers and viewers generate revenue that pays for the tournaments pricemoney. Then they also give a chance for the no name teams to get in through development league. Are you saying that you don't like to watch CSGO matches and just want the tournaments to do a lottery draw and the winner of that gets 1st place?
2017-02-27 13:54
I didn't add an extra step, I only got the name wrong. Qualifier > development > promotion > ECS season 3. The first 3 steps are all qualifiers no matter what you call them. And no, I don't see the point of this. If there was one big qualifier then we would see some good matches towards the end and that's it, same as we will now.
2017-02-27 16:15
Promotion is part of development.
2017-02-27 17:36
Knew you'd link that. Just because its on there doesn't mean its true. Pretty sure it was just to prevent cluster on the page. You can take a look at S2 Dev league and S1 Dev League. Even if I am wrong, which I am fine with being wrong. It's pretty much just another match,
2017-02-27 18:24
It's just like any sport that uses a league system. The best teams in the lower league (development) has a chance to advance to the higher league (ECS). Not sure why you see the development league as a qualifier, better to look at it as the league below ECS. The Championship under the premier league to take a football analogy. Do you really think of every league below the top in a sport to just be "qualifiers"? Or are you just having trouble grasping the Esport is growing and a tier system in leagues in necessary? No other sport would have a 256 team bracket for the championship, much better with a league where everyone plays everyone, more great matches! Again I must ask, do you not like to watch CSGO matches? Seems you just quickly want a winner and then on to the next tournament.
2017-02-27 21:28
2017-02-27 22:00
Lower leagues have prizes. This is a qualifier because the only thing you get for winning is a spot in the main league.
2017-02-27 22:12
So you mean if they added $1000 to the winner of development league then you would not call it a qualifier anymore? The main price in any lower league is the advancement to a higher league for next season. Anything else is just a bonus.
2017-02-28 11:34
Yes, then it would be a league in its own right. Now it's a qualifier, because it's worthless on its own. Playing a lower league in football (for example) is not all about qualifying for the main league. In bigger countries there are probably 15 tiers of leagues all the way down to kindergarten and like 95% of all the players have no chance (or even the will) to get into the elite league, but they still play, because it's their profession/they like it. Playing in this ECS development "league" IS all about qualifying which is why it's a qualifier.
2017-02-28 12:54
super low? space soldiers should be direct invited to next major.
2017-02-27 12:57
No one gets invited to major unless you are legend from the last. And SS didn't even get past the minor last time. And obviously I mentioned them cuz of the flag of the dude I replied too.
2017-02-27 13:55
What do you mean? This is pretty much like EPL. Qualify for Global Challenge or Relegation, pass global challenge or relegation, get into EPL.
2017-02-27 17:35
NA scene teams... giggling
2017-02-27 09:31
2017-02-27 09:32
stronglegs told me to support premier rejects or he would squash my head like a watermelon between his massive thighs go premier rejects
2017-02-27 09:33
Serbia SF94
Ez for Space Soldiers
2017-02-27 09:33
Rip Mythic.. FeelsBadMan
2017-02-27 09:48
Posted at 9:11
2017-02-27 09:53
2017-02-27 13:56
ez SS
2017-02-27 09:53
i hope they will invite extatus :)
2017-02-27 10:04
Keep hoping
2017-02-27 11:15
premier rejects instead of eUnited............
2017-02-27 10:12
Poland zJe
2017-02-27 10:37
2017-02-27 10:40
paz | 
Sweden daboxD
ez 4 turkish snax
2017-02-27 11:16
Rejects got this MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU
2017-02-27 11:49
who are this teams? L O L ps. ez 4 ben's anime team
2017-02-27 11:57
mir | 
Malaysia Clem666
2017-02-27 12:02
nt get right
2017-02-27 12:33
summit we still love you
2017-02-27 12:35
Mythic will probably get invited because they will bring so much popularity. They aren't terrible either.
2017-02-27 13:02
EZ 90k viewers for Jaryd
2017-02-27 13:03
2017-02-27 12:47
Denmark potatomato
2017-02-27 13:42
Sad for miami flamingos
2017-02-27 13:45
Turkey SG^^
I wonder if Navi will decline the invite again
2017-02-27 13:53
Malaysia phyzell
billion dollar man vs bionic woman $$$
2017-02-27 14:10
Germany grabke
the EU dev league is going to be really interesting. Teams like NAVI, Hellraisers, Kinguin, LDLC could be invited. OFC playing VP or Fanatic in a BO5 won`t be easy for the two first place teams.
2017-02-27 15:20
The promotion games is why I think the EU Development league is pointless. I doubt any team there will beat Fnatic or VP.
2017-02-27 15:42
Of course it isn't pointless. It will give lesser teams more competitive games and experience. At some point a few of these teams will standout and become part of the actual elite or the individual players will. fx like North, Gambit and Optic.
2017-02-27 16:49
Good point. I guess it'll really give them some development.
2017-02-27 17:27
LDLC went out pretty early (round of 256) in the qualifier to AUR5, so could be they would look some more at teams that made it to the final 4-8. Heroic would make more sense than LDLC. Being placed higher at the ranking board and ended up in the final.
2017-02-27 16:43
LDLC most likely won't be invited just because they haven't really gone international and have just started to become relevant again.
2017-02-27 18:31
Chile Cristoff
RIP Mythic and Miami Flamingos (both defeated in semis :( )
2017-02-27 17:13
Turkey YoungRay
2017-02-27 18:33
N4j | 
Germany N4j
Invited: Just A Glimpse
2017-02-27 18:39
kinda sad when Splyce and Space Soldiers are the best looking teams there
2017-02-27 21:07
Brazil hugoooo
>>> "Development League" <<<
2017-02-27 21:55
ez Kamen 'bubble' Kostadinov Jesper 'TENZKI' Plougmann Viktor 'v1c7oR' Dyankov Frederik 'LOMME' Nielsen Casper 'cadiaN' Møller #RUNROGUE
2017-02-28 16:47
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