Best photos from Katowice day 3

Our final batch of photos of IEM Katowice quarter-finals has been uploaded to the gallery and we picked out the best out of all day three photos.

For the quarter-finals, the competition moved to the Spodek Arena stage, which saw Immortals grabbing a 2-1 victory over North and Astralis passing Natus Vincere in two maps with relative ease.

Take a look at some of our best photos captured by João "rzyx" Ferreira and Radosław "MAKKU" Makuch from today's stage matches in our highlight reel below:

For all day three pictures, head over to the respective gallery. In case you missed some of our pictures from the previous days, you can go through them in the gallery listing.

Nice photos!
2017-03-03 19:48
They are ok
2017-03-03 19:59
OK photos!
2017-03-03 19:59
Turkey DebbSoray 
2017-03-03 20:00
hahahah photos!
2017-03-03 23:50
2017-03-04 00:13
xd photos!
2017-03-04 09:16
nice photos
2017-03-03 19:49
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
eh not that good
2017-03-03 19:49
i want photo with simple crying
2017-03-03 19:49
2017-03-03 20:10
nice vp photos
2017-03-03 19:49
Denmark potatomato 
2017-03-03 20:02
This is not the same without VP being at this venue..
2017-03-03 21:03
lol fnx on this photo looks like old wise anime character
2017-03-03 22:17
Hahahahah +1
2017-03-04 00:22
best crowd in Katowice like always, i didnt even see in Las Vegas so much people like here. And even VP is out
2017-03-03 22:30
Germany Stan1k 
Amazing photos!!!
2017-03-03 23:31
where NaVi photos? OMG hltv disrespect
2017-03-04 05:14
Poland lupina385 
Spodek without vp. Is this a real life? Or just a fantasy?
2017-03-04 11:52
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