Immortals to attend DH Austin

The Brazilian squad Immortals has accepted an invite and will attend DreamHack Open Austin that is set to take place at the end of April.

Immortals have impressed in their first showing with Lincoln "fnx" Lau at IEM Katowice 2017 placing 3-4th, and have now secured another LAN appearance—at the $100,000 DreamHack Open Austin. The tournament will be held on April 28-30, with the action set to take place at the Austin Convention Center.

fnx and co. will be present at DH Austin 

The Brazilians will now be joining Cloud9 and G2 on the invitee list, with three more invited teams to be announced and the last two spots to be filled via open qualifiers.

The team list for DreamHack Open Austin 2017 is now as follows:

France G2 United States Cloud9
Brazil Immortals  Other TBA
Other TBA Other TBA
Other Qual.
Other Qual.

Professeur writes for and can be found on Twitter.

Brazil Lincoln 'fnx' Lau
Lincoln 'fnx' Lau
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Serbia SF94 
2017-03-14 21:48
Denmark JustYes 
nice! but why no fnatic faze or vp ? :(
2017-03-14 21:48
Turkey Tormund1 
100k$ i think they dont care
2017-03-14 22:01
Why would G2 care then... when they have bigger salary than all 3 teams.
2017-03-14 22:15
India transformer 
impov, new team and they need to play as many LANS as possible to know where they team work stands, i think it is good, now ENVY needs to be invited or fnatic. Then it will be good.
2017-03-14 22:18
french-swedish test of how good they are, invite also envyus fnatic and nip xD Would be nice battle to see who still got it.
2017-03-14 22:33
India transformer 
true, i forgot about new NIP.
2017-03-15 01:35
k0nfig | 
Denmark strogie 
Because finally something they could make out of groups they need confidence we mig also see nip godsent and optic here
2017-03-15 06:43
What about Fnatic LUL.
2017-03-15 15:44
fnatic is still good, i dont know if they want to attend small event :)
2017-03-15 17:40
You're delusional if you think they're good...
2017-03-15 18:05
fnatic and vp play shit in last tournament, but faze deserve the invite
2017-03-14 23:24
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
dude there are still 3x "TBA" & 2x "Qualifier" slots so wtf?
2017-03-15 10:04
Norway prbn 
2017-03-14 21:48
2017-03-14 21:48
where are the good teams
2017-03-14 21:48
There is G2 and Immortals, Finland hasn't good teams sorry
2017-03-15 16:35
The irony
2017-03-15 16:35
no cuz my country don't have a scene and I don't care
2017-03-15 16:36
2017-03-14 21:48
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Thank you DH, we appreciate that! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-03-14 21:48
Argentina Darkboss45 
good opportunity for the brazilian team :)
2017-03-14 21:48
Brazil LuTzzSS 
2017-03-14 21:48
ez for G2 #G2EraGoGo!
2017-03-14 21:49
ez for my MAN MAN
2017-03-14 21:51
Ezpz #RunIMT
2017-03-14 21:52
Denmark potatomato 
2017-03-14 22:01
NiKo | 
Brazil wnttl 
ez fnx
2017-03-14 22:07
Bulgaria sN7 
Are we going to have a News Post about every team attending?
2017-03-14 22:13
Unexpected but why not, SK attend at time another event so Immortals invited by show at last event big potential.
2017-03-14 22:17
ez IMT
2017-03-14 22:21
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Niiice :D Now: +Astralis +SK +VP +FaZe (Qual) +Optic (Qual) Please
2017-03-14 22:25
Friis | 
Poland Austinn 
nice to see they finally get invite
2017-03-14 22:42
Netherlands EliteBekkers 
Can't wait for them to invite a good team.
2017-03-14 22:47
Sri Lanka 1v1meRust 
like NiP right?
2017-03-14 23:01
France kennySsSsS 
read again what he said "good team"
2017-03-14 23:17
Denmark clutchkongen 
Only tier2 teams so far. Kinda sucks :/
2017-03-14 23:06
Omg shit event inc
2017-03-14 23:14
then dont watch :D
2017-03-14 23:30
2017-03-14 23:19
- Faze - North - SK/VP/Astralis - Qualifier - Qualifier And that's It, you have a SOLID tier 1,5 tournament.
2017-03-15 01:10
Fair enough.. Immortals is right now the 2nd best NA team, after SK.
2017-03-15 01:37
Immortals is better than SK at this moment
2017-03-15 02:19
Nope.. If they play a match today it's gonna be 2-0 do SK.. Just like it happened on the current EPL season 5. 16-11 Cache 16-7 Cobble The two best maps for Immortals.. Can you imagine if they play overpass or Train ?
2017-03-15 16:29
Cloud9, G2 LUL tier 3 event
2017-03-15 04:53
Brazil Collee 
Good luck boys, we can do this Brazil zil zil! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL!
2017-03-15 05:38
France Wyrd 
Why people expect tier 1 teams to attend this tournament? Gambit, fnatic, NiP, Heroic, EnvyUs, Optic, Liquid are the most likely teams to attend.
2017-03-15 07:04
2017-03-15 08:55
Japan Menedreal 
Why guys you want t1 teams in here? If FaZe,SK,Astralis or VP join this - easy win. So its good tournament for t2 teams.
2017-03-15 08:56
Netherlands Imrivendill 
I want Faze to be there so they can actually win because they haven't won anything yet
2017-03-15 09:59
Immortals to attend DH Autism
2017-03-15 09:04
Invite NIP kappa keepo L U L best team best fanboys
2017-03-15 10:42
NIP The best team in the world
2017-03-15 11:40
not expected
2017-03-15 12:56
I hope FaZe, Astralis and VP won't get invited or attend, would be too ez for them. Boring when it's the same teams in every playoff in every tournament. Keep this tier 2, invite maybe Heroic, Gambit, NiP, fnatic, mouz or OpTic. Solid competition with all invited teams between #7 - #15 on ranking list.
2017-03-15 15:32
2017-03-15 18:18
sad news, reroll please.
2017-03-15 19:52
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