TyLoo win China Cup 2017

March 19th, 2017 12:56

TyLoo won China Cup 2017 after defeating fnatic Academy 2-0 in the grand final (16-13 on Mirage and 16-13 on Cache).

The six-team tournament taking place in Chengde, China started with a group stage where TyLoo and fnatic Academy won their respective groups.

TyLoo faced one of their regional rivals 5POWER in their semi-final match and came on top with a 2-1 result. The Swedish team on the other hand beat B.O.O.T-d[S] 2-0 to reach the grand final.

TyLoo won their first event after AttackeR left

The first map in the grand final between TyLoo and fnatic Academy was Mirage and the Chinese won it after going on a four round streak towards the end (16-13).

Cache was next and the first half ended 8-7 in TyLoo's favor. The Swedes had a bad start to their T-side and couldn't recover, losing 16-13. With this result, TyLoo became the champions at China Cup 2017.

China Cup 2017Best of 3
19th March 2017

 TyLoo K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Indonesia Hansel 'BnTeT' FerdinandBnTeT 52 - 34 +18 98.7 1.39
China Zhen 'HZ' HuangHZ 49 - 38 +11 95.0 1.25
China HaoWen 'somebody' Xusomebody 44 - 38 +6 75.9 1.17
China Ke 'Mo' LiuMo 40 - 38 +2 70.4 1.07
China Hui 'DD' WuDD 33 - 40 -7 67.9 0.92
 fnatic Academy K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Sweden Niclas 'PlesseN' PlessenPlesseN 50 - 43 +7 98.4 1.22
Sweden Maikil 'Golden' SelimGolden 44 - 42 +2 80.1 1.11
Sweden David 'Jayzwalkingz' KempnerJayzwalkingz 36 - 40 -4 62.4 0.94
Sweden Linus 'Bååten' AnderssonBååten 26 - 44 -18 52.9 0.78
Sweden Alex 'Karus' SaglamogluKarus 31 - 49 -18 72.3 0.75

The full standings at China Cup 2017:

1. China TyLoo - $58,232
2. Sweden fnatic Academy - $21,836
3. Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S] - $11,647
4. China 5POWER - $7,279
5-6. China Born Of Fire
5-6. Denmark eFuture

fnc academy are actually so fucking bad lmao gj bntet
2017-03-19 12:57
China Numba Juan
2017-03-19 13:01
ez for BNTET LETS GO HUGE TALENT gyazo.com/5d2e8514bf7c4962712d5039e22658..
2017-03-19 13:14
Russia sNQ- 
nice performance @ lan
2017-03-19 14:04
2017-03-19 12:58
they are all so fucking bad....60k for beating low dmg plebs so wow
2017-03-19 12:58
Why you were not here?.... If you are such a hater Tell me how much you lose?
2017-03-19 14:24
why i wasnt here? cuz im not pro? how much i lose? wut? why should i lose something wtf?
2017-03-19 14:30
How much u lose niga give us the amount
2017-03-19 15:06
HOW MUCH ??????????? CRY IS FREE!!!!!!!!!
2017-03-19 19:19
2017-03-19 13:00
h o w m u c h
2017-03-19 13:06
gyazo.com/a546083c5f8a32838127bd01495171.. That gyazo he posted leads to this gyazo.com/1b0fe375b79bd94643af76f9603513.. so theres your answer
2017-03-19 13:09
2017-03-19 13:12
lool how to lose 56$ like stupid
2017-03-19 13:15
I wouldn't say that, they very strong they lost to TyLoo both maps with 13 rounds that is strong. Better a shame for eFuture who marked as 6th place. That more be a risk to get throw from the chinese org for bad performance.
2017-03-19 13:10
Haha i was thinking the same thing. Going out below "Born of Fire" which is an absolute trash team in comparison to their lineup, If they continue that performance you can say for sure they will need to look for new org xD
2017-03-19 14:01
is team in development what expected?
2017-03-19 14:35
Tyloo best team in the World right now.
2017-03-19 17:11
2017-03-19 21:50
Russia band1 
ez for bntet
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
thank bntet
2017-03-19 12:57
china numba won
2017-03-19 12:57
gj china
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
Romania Tise 
ez 4 TyLUL
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
ez 4 bnTeT
2017-03-19 12:57
ez for big brother bntet
2017-03-19 12:57
wrong efuture
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
2017-03-19 12:57
BnTet is now my hero Jl captainMo Sexy Asian boy They need to have their gay porn w bts<3
2017-03-19 12:58
Australia aucs 
2017-03-19 12:58
2017-03-19 13:10
Wasent efuture a danish team ?:0
2017-03-19 12:58
Yep, lose to 5power and fnatic.academy
2017-03-19 13:06
2017-03-19 12:59
Doubt me now. Ez for BnTeT aka Asian NiKo :> Next Asian Minor going to be fking sick!
2017-03-19 13:01
2017-03-19 13:01
bntet vs fnatic academy... bntet win ! insaneee !
2017-03-19 13:01
2017-03-19 13:01
not rigged
2017-03-19 13:01
ez bntet
2017-03-19 13:02
gj BnTeT
2017-03-19 13:02
ez for tyloo
2017-03-19 13:02
Did anyone else see drakemoon post on twitter congrats to fnatic academy for winning the tournament before the match started? It's gone now
2017-03-19 13:03
Gg ez
2017-03-19 13:03
bntet so overpowered
2017-03-19 13:04
ez4BnTeT ! GJ !
2017-03-19 13:04
2017-03-19 13:05
well played! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-03-19 13:06
+1 fakeflagger
2017-03-19 13:10
thank mr BnTeT
2017-03-19 13:06
Good Job Tyloo ! BnTeT MVP for sure
2017-03-19 13:07
nah, hes consistantly drop 20bombs and top fragging for tyloo in this tournament
2017-03-19 13:10
2017-03-19 13:11
ez for Chinese! CSGO2ASIA
2017-03-19 13:12
ez for BnTeT i think XD LOL Kappa
2017-03-19 15:19
bntet best player 2017
2017-03-19 13:12
Right now, they must prepare for Starladder S3 in kiev next month, can BnTeT show up against tier1 team and bring tyloo to the next level? cant wait for it :D
2017-03-19 13:13
2017-03-19 13:17
ggwp bntet ferdinand manchester united legend
2017-03-19 13:19
2017-03-19 14:05
Ez money for BnTeT
2017-03-19 13:19
BnTeT is numbawan
2017-03-19 13:19
god bentet#tyloogo
2017-03-19 13:23
Bntet is sick, really well played.
2017-03-19 13:25
ez money for f.academy from China again, lol
2017-03-19 13:30
Congratulations TyLoo! Looking good with the adition of BnTeT.
2017-03-19 13:34
GJ Bnloo
2017-03-19 13:38
bntet real asia niko
2017-03-19 13:39
ayyyyyyy China > Brazil TyLoo>SK Ez TyLoo championship cyka
2017-03-19 13:42
Gg tyloo. Really looking forward for them at asia minor
2017-03-19 13:43
tier500 tournament MERTZ ON LAN LUL
2017-03-19 13:47
Dude,that bntet guy had verry good stats in the whole tournament lul,the new xantares?
2017-03-19 13:56
i think so. he has good fire power like xantares and also good at awp too. cant wait to see him play at starladder next month. lets see what gonna happen.
2017-03-19 14:06
no, cuz we would never see xantares on major with tyloo is more than possible
2017-03-19 14:38
Who will they kick from the major? U know that the teams like HR will beat tyloo with ease,right? EDIT: If they do -hz +fancy (small chances to happen),maybe they can do a huge upset.
2017-03-19 15:15
cuz asia doesnt have their own slot for major, lul... thats why we have to watch Rank S stars every major.
2017-03-19 15:17
I think hz is pretty skilled individually (he was the carry and best player of AllGamers, which got him his chance in Tyloo), he has some performances where he is going off. His decision making in game is a little rusty sometimes from where I seen him play, his aim and holding down sites is not the problem but many of his deaths he is caught out with a nade in his hand or caught overextending. But I think if you give him some time he might be become a polished gem. But in terms of aim and raw skill he might have a higher ceiling than fancy1, who I feel is overrated because he dominates chinese competition but is usually a no show against t1/t2 competition internationally (never ever tops the scoreboard or carries vs international competition, their best players internationally was CaptainMo and SOMEBODY). There is no way of fancy1 going back to tyloo, and I think if tyloo picked up another member it would be bottle (the best player in Born of Fire) who already played with tyloo members at WESG and did well vs european teams. And no one knows the ceiling with this tyloo team yet, they can be a flop or they might finally reach the next level and reach a major (they kept the core of the roster, and moved on from fancy1 and attacker for BnTeT (best player in asia) and HZ (who has potential). I think they are better than before, since the roster before already reached its limit.
2017-03-20 02:03
If bntet performs like this in the major qualifier (if they get there,and i'm pretty sure they will) and the team performs ok,they have a good chance to get some upsets and why not,qualify.
2017-03-20 17:45
BnTeT Carry Tyloo
2017-03-19 14:17
ez tyroo
2017-03-19 14:22
tyloo could be making so much more money by throwing their 95%odds instead of playing for 60k tourneys
2017-03-19 14:23
thoses oods against tylo lol who didint know about this lol
2017-03-19 14:24
-Friberg +BnTeT
2017-03-19 14:30
BNTET is the asian niko
2017-03-19 14:31
Give us bntet settings :@
2017-03-19 14:37
BnTeT, the chinese Coldzera.
2017-03-19 14:37
hes not even from china
2017-03-19 14:59
lol yeah he's Indonesian
2017-03-19 15:06
my man BnTeT
2017-03-19 14:46
gj tyloo gz
2017-03-19 15:16
BnTeT its new Kebabtares ps Ferdinand is the indonesian surname? 0_o
2017-03-19 15:23
2017-03-19 15:21
April 1st 2K17 HTLV News BnTeT sets to join FaZe
2017-03-19 15:23
no awper no problem.
2017-03-19 15:23
TyLoo look really good with BnTeT, he is a monster, also HZ while not on the level of fancy1 and AttackeR, seems to be doing pretty decent. Can't wait to see them at StarLadder after a few weeks, they definitely can cause some upsets. Also hope they finally qualify for a major, but it won't be easy.
2017-03-19 15:25
HZ looks like an amateur sometimes, but I think he has a lot of potential. He definitely looks like the weak point of this roster until he can show some decent level vs international competition. I think if he had some more time to develop he might end up being better than fancy1 or attacker, HZ's raw aim and mechanical skill individually is better than them. I feel like fancy1 and attacker (especially fancy1) was quite overrated, fancy1 was touted as one of the best players in asia but internationally he never stepped up and was overshadowed by all the other members of his team. Fancy1 was known to dominate chinese competition but was often a no-show vs international competition (which Tyloo values most).
2017-03-20 02:09
-shroud +bntet
2017-03-19 15:41
2017-03-19 15:37
Indonesia PNF 
can we call him 'best asian player' guys?
2017-03-19 15:46
He's already the best in asia.
2017-03-20 02:33
lol beating an European Premier team tyloo is still trash and won`t surprise anybody at Starladder. They already had numerous chances and nothing happened only early exits.
2017-03-19 15:51
lets see in few weeks :v
2017-03-19 16:36
first lan for BnTeT with tyloo and he reks everyone, hopefully he can show at least a somewhat equal performance at kiev in april
2017-03-19 15:57
BnTeT want to bring the trophy and HZ take it from him, fak you HZ >:(
2017-03-19 16:06
BnTeTyloo ggwp poland
2017-03-19 16:12
hey indonesian guys, im looking for bntet's cfg i cant find it
2017-03-20 11:52
so this bntet guy always top frag???? lol insane
2017-03-19 16:22
where have you been dude for just knowing that? XD
2017-03-19 16:34
He's been living in a cave i think
2017-03-20 02:34
Thrash lan, zero emotions :D
2017-03-19 16:50
2 ez 4 BnTeT
2017-03-19 16:58
2017-03-19 17:10
100k prize pool for shit teams is pretty good...soon some top teams gonna fight for 100k only in cs_summit lol. And DH austin
2017-03-19 19:35
2017-03-20 16:23
god Hansel Ferdinand
2017-03-19 19:18
fnatic academy throwed they were 3 times better than china teams
2017-03-19 20:08
Hansel 'AsianNiKo' Ferdinand
2017-03-19 22:09
Lots of money for such teams.
2017-03-20 00:42
Gg Tyloo :) !
2017-03-20 04:52
where is JW??
2017-03-20 06:14
He plays in the "main" fnatic roster not the Academy one.
2017-03-20 08:34
nice numbers from bntet
2017-03-20 11:13
I think TyLoo is better as a team, but Fnatic academy is better in aiming. Also here I found fragmovie of Grand Finals. Good video! youtube.com/watch?v=pSS_IIJ5zMM
2017-03-20 11:38
good job for bntet!!!!
2017-03-20 11:59
Tyloo has always been one of those teams that's almost good, but now with their new player I think they will be top 15 best team
2017-03-20 12:01
tyloo needs some ego boosts
2017-03-20 14:39
eu teams china cup
2017-03-20 15:02
Topkekage adonf izi
2017-03-20 18:01
nt China team FnaticAC
2017-03-20 21:28
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