China qual. details for IEM Sydney

The Chinese (and Mongolia) qualifier for IEM Sydney will be held this coming weekend onwards from March 25-30 with sixteen invited teams.

After hosting the eXTREMESLAND 2016 Zowie Asia $100k tournament in September last year, the Chinese platform known as B5 will also be the organisers for the IEM Sydney Chinese qualifier.

It has been revealed that TheMongolZ will be the only team outside of China to participate in the qualifier, while the rest of the spots will be occupied by the Chinese teams featuring the likes of Bin "Savage" Liu's VG.Renascence and Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand's TYLOO, who just recently won China Cup 2017 over Fnatic Academy. It seems that YuLun "Summer" Cai's Flash Gaming roster will not attend, as they have not revealed their final member yet.

TyLoo to take part in Chinese qualifier 

The teams will be separated evenly into four groups, utilising a best-of-one double-elimination GSL format with the exception of the group decider matches being best-of-threes.

Top two teams from each group will advance to the single-elimination best-of-three playoffs, where the participants will fight it out until one team remains and earn their qualification spot to the main event in Australia. 

Meanwhile, the Oceanic region is already underway with its open qualifier, which is expected to be completed this Sunday local time. Two teams from the open qualifier will join six other top invited Australian teams in the closed qualifier, to clash for the other remaining spot.

The groups for the the Chinese qualifier is as followed:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
China TYLOO China ViCi China 5POWER Mongolia TheMongolz
China VG.Renascence China Wings China eFuture China HG
China EHOME China FIVE China New4 China Born Of Fire
China HegemonyPerson China EMP China AllGamers China LGD

To catch all the matches live, you can check the schedule in our event page here.

China YuLun 'Summer' Cai
YuLun 'Summer' Cai
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
China Bin 'Savage' Liu
Bin 'Savage' Liu
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Indonesia Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand
Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ez for ViCi
2017-03-24 10:47
ez tailoo
2017-03-24 11:34
Finland Lehtori 
Tyloo Vici 5power Bof ezez
2017-03-24 12:00
gl asian cs
2017-03-24 10:46
Sweden geo. 
2017-03-24 10:46
World Notb8ing 
2017-03-24 10:46
ez for tyloo,as always
2017-03-24 10:48
2017-03-25 07:44
Ez for asian niko bnTeT
2017-03-24 10:49
2017-03-24 10:49
Rip Flash
2017-03-24 10:51
EZ mongolz.. mongolz will go chine for take spot
2017-03-24 10:55
India Cutlass 
ez for tylgoo
2017-03-24 10:56
China $ Mongolia qualifier then dont invite mongolian tier2 good teams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2017-03-24 10:57
With a player like BnTeT on already the best Chinese team, it's hard to see any other team qualify.
2017-03-24 11:01
no flash no party
2017-03-24 11:01
India j4v0 
too much china for so little result
2017-03-24 11:01
Azylu | 
New Zealand Azylu 
Where is Flashgaming?
2017-03-24 11:20
2017-03-24 11:26
Germany Tunio 
2017-03-24 11:32
Finland kappaboi 
ez for machinegun
2017-03-24 11:33
Gogogo mongolz
2017-03-24 11:44
No flash?
2017-03-24 11:53
Ez BnTeT
2017-03-24 11:53
Germany IamNada 
ez BnTeT
2017-03-24 11:59
flash gaming ???
2017-03-24 12:02
United States yeep 
they only have 4 players
2017-03-24 12:15
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
I was don't know this details
2017-03-24 12:07
Mongolia ehlel 
Mongolian interner ping up packet loss up bullshit
2017-03-24 12:17
ez for mongolz or tyloo
2017-03-24 12:20
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Khronov 
why not asia qualifier? why china + mongolia qualifier? at least iem give a chance for sea and korea scene to contribute like recca,mvp,boot ds, and jyp they are a good team too tho
2017-03-24 12:50
allu | 
Indonesia KAKKIKU 
2017-03-24 12:54
AdreN | 
United Kingdom Lonom8 
Instead they invite a bunch of shitty chinese teams rather than the better asian teams, why the fuck does this keep happening.
2017-03-24 13:29
BnTeT in Tyloo there are no hope from any other team from SEA+Korea region
2017-03-24 15:10
wtf another EZ tournament for Hansel "BnTeT" Ferdinand a.k.a Hansel "AsiaNiKo" Ferdinand
2017-03-24 12:59
Ez 4 Tyloo
2017-03-24 13:15
France t3r4byt3 
How can HegemonyPerson even be a team name lol
2017-03-24 13:22
Was hoping that Recca and Flash in this qualifier tbh
2017-03-24 13:45
waste of spot
2017-03-24 13:45
buster | 
China qwe8706 
ez for vg.r
2017-03-24 14:03
buster | 
China qwe8706 
ps:I think Flash add kaze
2017-03-24 14:18
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
No flash Gaming, no fancy, no FUN... Why they don't show up there? We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-03-24 14:32
No flash so ez for tyloo asia numba waan
2017-03-24 14:48
Sad that it's mostly only Chinese teams, would have loved to seen some other top Asian teams in attendance.
2017-03-24 15:26
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
I agree, for example I'd love to see MVP PK attend IEM, it's been way too long since solo & co. competed in a big international event, sadly they are not on their 1.6 level. China teams aren't on the same level as 1.6 either tbh. I miss the days when asian teams like Lunatic-Hai/e-STRO/WeMade FOX and wNv Teamwork could beat even the best teams in the world. Seems like those days are long gone...
2017-03-24 18:28
While I agree id like to see MVP PK return to their 1.6 form unfortunately they aren't there yet and there are a lot of Asian teams better than they are that are missing from this competition, such as: - The MongolZ (Mongolia) - Recca (Indonesia) - Ultimate (Vietnam) - JYP Gaming (Malaysia) - ENZO (Hong Kong) - Signature (Thailand)
2017-03-24 18:56
return of qz PogChamp
2017-03-24 16:12
We already know that the top4 will be: Astralis FaZe North SK Why do we have to wait, for a team that will get out in groups ?
2017-03-24 16:49
World Nydhogg 
ez BnTeT
2017-03-25 08:49
where is my boys from flash ?
2017-03-25 21:03
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