LG complete team list for DH Austin

Luminosity have earned a spot at DreamHack Open Austin by winning the closed qualifer over CLG, compLexity and Misfits.

Following the European qualifier, the North American one was brought to an end today, with the Brazilians of Luminosity clinching the last spot for DreamHack Austin.

Gustavo "yel" Knittel and co. didn't have an easy task however; due to Derek "desi" Branchen's heroics they were only able to win against Complexity after an overtime on the last map, they dropped a map to Misfits and struggled to close out the decider against CLG.

yeL was the main man for Luminosity

In the end, the Brazilian squad defeated CLG 2-1 with Inferno finishing 16-13, and secured a spot at DreamHack Austin. The $100,000 event will take place from April 28-30, with eight teams in attendance.

The following teams will compete in Austin, Texas next month:

Brazil Immortals  United States Liquid  Denmark Heroic  Kazakhstan Gambit
France G2 United States Cloud9  Europe HellRaisers  Brazil Luminosity

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Brazil Gustavo 'yel' Knittel
Gustavo 'yel' Knittel
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Derek 'desi' Branchen
Derek 'desi' Branchen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
ez for immortals and fnx
2017-03-27 11:08
Brazil Mirekz 
Luminosity wasn't even invited to the closed qualifier they came through the open qualifier and ended up taking the spot lul.......
2017-03-27 11:09
2017-03-27 11:09
Brazil Mirekz 
just pointing out that Luminosity was left out of the closed qualifier while they're better than the teams that got invited to the close qualifier.
2017-03-27 11:10
Bulgaria AboveYall 
As you can see there are 2 na teams that are invited, literally no event outside USA will do this. Ofc LG won't be invited to the qualifier since they are not muricans and it won't benefit as much the tournament organisers. More teams from NA means bigger attendance. :) Don't forget this is all about money after all!
2017-03-27 11:21
World Pepebussu 
2017-03-27 12:26
2017-03-27 13:31
2017-03-27 13:49
2017-03-27 14:47
2017-03-27 18:06
2017-03-27 18:20
Chile Benjamin[BS] 
2017-03-27 19:15
It's a very good point.
2017-03-27 16:18
retarded logic but w/e
2017-03-27 11:44
Brazil Mirekz 
what is retarded is giving spots to bad teams, btw just put your german flag on m8
2017-03-27 11:50
U can stop fakeflagging as well, we all know that there is no internet in brazil.. Unless u r immigrant :thinking:
2017-03-27 12:17
Mongolia flenny2k 
2017-03-27 13:39
Brazil LaicaBoss 
U can stop fakeflagging as well, we all know that there is no internet for refugees
2017-03-27 14:14
hahahhaha , rekt
2017-03-27 15:13
There is? Library? Sry forgot that there is only favelas in brazil, no civilization sry
2017-03-27 15:33
Brazil LaicaBoss 
bad b8, refugee
2017-03-27 15:40
There is? Refugee camps? Sry forgot that you can't badmouth them otherwise you'll be beheaded sry.
2017-03-27 17:34
lul bad comeback attempt, next
2017-03-27 20:25
Brazil Heus 
u can stop talk piece of shit, paid funny on internet, but in the real life is a suck
2017-03-27 16:40
nice london
2017-03-27 17:18
France b9dyk 
What do u even mean??? Wh a t
2017-03-28 05:53
2017-03-28 08:09
its not retarded logic. its what you do to make more money lol. its actually common sense. maybe not to a Monkeee
2017-03-27 23:22
ez clown9
2017-03-27 11:09
fnx | 
Sweden martla 
2017-03-27 14:45
Norway Eng1s 
2017-03-27 16:31
United States EvilDrPurple 
Fnx so cute <3
2017-03-27 17:00
2017-03-27 11:08
Australia JoshHartSZN 
2017-03-27 11:09
Fnx gonna rape those t2 teams
2017-03-27 11:09
shox | 
Moldova CarrieZzZ 
He can't rape his own team or he can threw
2017-03-27 13:21
ez 4 G2
2017-03-27 11:09
Bangladesh drvken 
maybe gambit will win
2017-03-27 13:31
maybe but G2 have best players and if they`ll train ez for g2
2017-03-27 13:32
Bangladesh drvken 
65/35 for g2
2017-03-27 13:36
2017-03-27 13:37
Poland sakkeustnp 
Wasting place
2017-03-27 11:10
Other Mortal_Wombat 
+1 who the fuck invited liquid
2017-03-27 11:40
2017-03-27 16:54
Solid tier2 tournament
2017-03-27 11:11
ez Liquid
2017-03-27 11:11
Brazil mrschagas 
GO LG!!!
2017-03-27 11:13
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
My proud, my team, we did it Brazil zil zil zil zil! #LGLOYAL <3 really well played today boys, We are in AUSTIN, LET's GOOO #LGLOYAL Immortals as always too <3 We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-03-27 11:16
2017-03-27 11:23
Bangladesh drvken 
what u want
2017-03-27 13:32
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
ez 4 gambit
2017-03-27 11:28
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Hey .@Professeur the flag of the news is wrong, please correct this, LG is a Brazilian Team, change to Brazilian Flag, like u did with HellRaisers early ago with their flag. thank you, we appreciate that! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-03-27 11:31
Nope, it's actually the North American flag since it was the North American qualifier. But thanks.
2017-03-27 11:39
I think it should be based on the team's flag instead. For example if a Swedish team wins a Danish tournament you would have a Danish flag, however, at the end of the day the news is still about the team winning said tournament so the flag should be Swedish, you get what I mean? If a team does something = their flag If a player does something = his flag If a tournament does something = place where it's held If it's a valve update = their logo? If an org signs a team = then the flag of where the ORG is based for example if VP signs an academy team it should be the Russian flag. What do you think? Sorry if I explained it poorly I'm sleepy :/
2017-03-27 13:33
Norway nebulaTC 
I disagree. No offens
2017-03-27 13:37
I agree on some of your points, but ultimately it's not only up to me and it's important to have consistency
2017-03-27 14:08
Brazil LaicaBoss 
"If a team does something = their flag" -> it works like that "If a player does something = his flag" -> it works like that "If a tournament does something = place where it's held" -> it works like that "If it's a valve update = their logo?" -> global flag bcuz update is for everyone who plays "If an org signs a team = then the flag of where the ORG is based" -> I disagree. It should be the country of the players (or region like EU, CIS, etc.)
2017-03-27 15:50
Well you can keep Texas Flag. Also its Austin, capital of Texas. :)
2017-03-27 23:07
"Calexico live from Austin, TX" is one of my favorite albums ;__; (recorded at the Austin City Limits festival) Not attending this event though ;____;
2017-03-27 23:47
You can stay at my place. Hop over :D
2017-03-27 23:54
Now I just need a small loan of a $1,000 for the plane ticket ^^
2017-03-28 00:46
That makes no sense '---, LG is a team formed by 5 Brazilians, for me no matter what where they are the flag must be the nationality of the majority of the team Srry for English.
2017-03-29 14:24
Malaysia phyzell 
Playing entire tournament in one day = human torture.
2017-03-27 11:32
Switzerland Yabbahh 
Thoughts NA teams wont reach quarters. g2 leftovers will choke on semis and gambit will win finals vs a br team.
2017-03-27 11:37
Sweden Flukey 
LANbit could take this one yeah, or Heroic if Jugi has improved since last tournament. G2 will probably get rekt by Immortals, hen1 is always fired up on LAN and going to drop 30 bombs.
2017-03-27 21:02
very good chance 4 immortals
2017-03-27 11:44
g2 or gambit mark my words
2017-03-27 11:54
Brazil XEMBAO 
Ez for g2
2017-03-27 12:04
shox | 
Moldova CarrieZzZ 
2017-03-27 13:21
2017-03-27 12:07
Switzerland GoTMedicine 
Hmm nice one
2017-03-27 12:27
Argentina roulettesoad 
finally a tournament without astralis, nobody can stand them
2017-03-27 12:27
+1, Astralis makes every match rather boring
2017-03-27 14:16
lmao faze, virtuspro navi even gambit on lan could beat them
2017-03-27 14:41
Yes? Can u read? "Nobody can STAND them", we don't like them cus they are bpring to watch
2017-03-27 14:42
sry im stupid
2017-03-27 14:43
np this is HLTV, that's what we all try to achieve c:
2017-03-27 14:44
Serbia REMAIN_Hello 
faze navi gambit lol maybe in bo1
2017-03-27 17:11
Make Luminosity Great Again
2017-03-27 12:34
100k event LUL
2017-03-27 13:41
Brazil LaicaBoss 
that's why there are only t2-t3 teams
2017-03-27 15:43
Envy t1 team confirmed
2017-03-27 18:13
the mos of them are lost aroundt here ;
2017-03-27 13:42
Ez 4 HR
2017-03-27 13:47
Brazil Smartzilian 
Ez for Brazil
2017-03-27 13:53
CLG so bad
2017-03-27 14:17
shox | 
Europe x1ld3n 
Ez for G2.
2017-03-27 14:24
no flag
2017-03-27 14:26
ez 4 fnx clutch master adriano imperador of CS
2017-03-27 14:39
Immortals will win this one
2017-03-27 14:50
Brazil vass28 
imt will take this
2017-03-27 15:04
Imagine if G2 lose this Tier3 tournament
2017-03-27 15:08
Tier 2* +1, they MUST take this, if they don't, they can forget about being a tier 1 team, at least this year. All in all i think this is going to be a great event, can't wait for it!
2017-03-27 18:00
Final IMT x Gambit
2017-03-27 15:32
2017-03-27 15:37
cool =D
2017-03-27 15:41
Czech Republic MrM4sl0 
2017-03-27 15:57
congratz felippe1! Ofc the lvl of the majority of the qualifier teams were horrible but it was fun and lg have a real chance to show up.
2017-03-27 16:14
LG I'd getting stable but still have problems. They will need to work hard to know their problems to evolve.
2017-03-27 16:33
G2 x Gambit on the finals. Dont know who will win..
2017-03-27 16:35
Czech Republic Limacool 
Ez for HR, they will win this.
2017-03-27 17:29
Looks like a fun group of teams, everything can happen. Obviously G2 is favorites and I'm excited to see them on LAN again. I hope C9 or Liquid will win though, would be good for the NA scene to get a little success experience. They need it!
2017-03-27 17:33
Ez for Immortals... or G2... or Gambit...
2017-03-27 17:51
yel | 
Brazil tuikon 
or Heroic... or C9... or Liquid... or LG... or HR
2017-03-27 20:13
ez for CLOWN9
2017-03-27 18:25
Europe KappaKaako 
Wow need more NA SUPERIOR teams
2017-03-27 19:10
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
hahaha the two best teams in the NA region already aren't even from NA... (SK/IMT) now let's make it three? hahahah NA CS 4Head
2017-03-27 19:39
lol Liquid, OpTic and Cloud9 will always be better than LG
2017-03-29 09:47
Nope, Liquid is a slump..everyone can beat them and Clown 9 are chokers, I like them but they have been a bad performance in Tournaments.
2017-03-29 14:30
I think Liquid is so underrated right now. When they have their fifth I am pretty sure they will be the best na team by far which is able to go to playoffs. All three teams are still better than LG. Did you really spend 45 minutes to reply to three of my replys?
2017-03-29 14:56
Do you really think that one player will be the solution for Liquid? xD okay boo The only team you've said that can beating LG EASILY is OpTiC, the others will have so much difficulties to play against LG Actually, I have spent literally 45 min to reply to everyone who was talking shit.
2017-03-29 15:30
Yes. The player is called stanislaw. I didnt talked shit in any of these replies lol.
2017-03-29 16:29
Sweden lagcats 
close matches between these teams
2017-03-27 19:17
NA ridiculous scene BR dominates NA
2017-03-27 19:40
2 teams fron NA, two teams from SA, two teams from EU, two teams from CIS
2017-03-27 20:21
IMT vs G2 Major qual. rematch on the finals.... pls, make it happen !!
2017-03-27 20:43
Brazil erfur 
Congratz LG you deserved!!
2017-03-27 20:59
Tier 5 tournament ez for gambit
2017-03-27 22:04
Nope, IMT got this ez
2017-03-28 00:22
15 minutes drive to Austin Convention Center. EZ PZ
2017-03-27 23:08
It's easy being an American nowadays, isn't?
2017-03-29 14:26
France kennySsSsS 
i'm cheering for G2 but immortals are the favourites no doubt
2017-03-28 01:12
Don't forget Gambit :6
2017-03-29 09:13
gmabit wil ltake this ez
2017-03-28 04:27
United States darkun 
this should be an exciting tournament, no clear favorite, just a bloodbath brawl
2017-03-28 05:45
hr over gambit in the final
2017-03-28 06:14
Ez 4 Gambit G2 superwhat?
2017-03-28 06:42
Austria Faguette 
top 3 NA soon to be only brazilians
2017-03-28 10:05
C9 is winning this tournament
2017-03-28 10:59
2017-03-29 04:17
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