GuardiaN: I'm not setting high goals

Our next interview of the series ahead of SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals is with Na`Vi's sniper, Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács.

Natus Vincere will return to top-tier competition fresh off a change, without Sergey "starix" Ischuk as the coach for the first time in two years, as he was relieved of his duties after the team added their third quarter-final finish in a row at IEM Katowice.

In his place, Na`Vi's former analyst Andrey "Andi" Prokhorov came into the picture, which we asked Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács about in our interview ahead of StarSeries Season 3 Finals.

GuardiaN hopes to meet all the best teams to evaluate Na`Vi's progress

The Slovakian sniper discussed numerous topics, including his team's bootcamp ahead of the event in Kiev, their goals for the tournament and in the long-term, as well as the Asian teams in attendance:

Recently the team removed starix as the team's coach, who has been replaced by Andi. What led you to that decision and what can Andi bring to the table? How do the two differ in their style of coaching?

The team felt that the work between the players and the coach was not complete and because of that we decided that starix has nothing more to give us in the future as coach. Meanwhile, we are using Andi as our coach, he used to be our analyst for two years if I'm right... He initiated this himself, he said that he wants to become coach and he knows where the problem comes from. The work he is doing is amazing, in the past days he spent more than 15 hours in game looking for new things for us. Simply dedicated 200%!

Will we see any significant changes happening in-game, be it in the individual roles or the team's playstyle as a whole? What have you focused on since IEM Katowice?

I am pretty sure you will see a lot of changes, that we will show at the event. We fixed a lot of issues in the team, we became closer, that means we used this bootcamp to become a real team with spirit. It works perfectly at the moment and I am pretty sure we will continue being this way. We understand that CS is a high-stake game and some of us are old enough to know that CS is not infinite and we have this team to become a formidable opponent to the best teams in the world.

In a number of interviews, you mentioned the team was arguing a lot and that you needed a long bootcamp again to fix those issues. Have you been able to do that? Can you tell us more about your bootcamp?

I myself initiated to become the captain of the team outside the game and I initiated things to change in our team and told our manager about it. He agreed with me completely and beside the game we are having some movement exercises like running, jogas, mediations and everything that is needed to improve our focus in-game. I think we are at our highest peaks skillwise, that means we have to fix everything beside it. This bootcamp is probably the best we had so far in our careers I feel.

StarSeries will utilize the Swiss system in groups, which means you can meet anyone. Who do you see as your biggest threats in the best-of-one scenario?

In my opinion it should not matter who you are facing, but how you prepare for the certain opponent. You simply have to be the better team in BO1's to pass this group system. I want to face all the strong teams in the group and all along in the playoffs such as, SK and Astralis to see how prepared we are and how much we have to work for the future events.

How would you compare the format with IEM's one? Are there any downsides to the Swiss format that you can think of?

It is hard to say if it has any downsides, you have to play all games the best you can. You can lose two games but still pass the groups, I think there are plenty of chances to fix your mistakes in your past games. The team that fails three times, we can say they were not prepared good enough to compete at the certain event. That's my opinion, but of course it needs time to figure out a perfect tournament system.

Could any of the underdogs, especially the Asian trio UYA, TyLoo, and MVP Project, have an impact in the groups in your point of view?

I always loved to watch Asian CS since CS 1.6, they are very high-skilled players with awesome aim. The only thing they miss is a good style and teamplay to compete with the best teams in the world. Of course TyLoo already showed some potential and they have defeated some of the best teams, so I am looking forward to seeing them again at this event. I don't know the other teams from Asia that are coming here to compete, but I am sure they can show us some nice plays.

Considering Na`Vi's disappointing results as of late, what goals has the team set for themselves at StarSeries? What result would you be happy with and what would you consider a failure?

I have been always a humble person, that means I am not setting any high goals. Simply play our best and show that we can still win some games or maybe events. It is still in the stars, unknown how we will perform. But I am still looking forward to play against all the teams we will face. If we lose then we lose. We will still work on our game and will not give up on being the best team.

What about your long-term goals, what progress do you want to make over the next few months, ahead of the next Major?

Our long-term goal is to be the best team this year, to win at least one major and win as many events as we can.

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Na'Vi shall dominate
2017-04-02 14:42
Germany GeoRg___J 
2017-04-02 14:42
2017-04-02 16:59
India TYZ4 
not with guardian. If they -guardian +worldedit -simple +(anybody less toxic) they WILL dominate.
2017-04-02 17:31
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
WTF :D +worldedit ? Change top5 AWPer to top 20 ? Don't be idiot pls
2017-04-02 18:02
India TYZ4 
flag checks out
2017-04-02 18:03
to be honest, worldedit playing out of his mind recently.. but changing him for guardian wouldnt be the best idea
2017-04-02 18:19
Guardian in good form now stfu Buda
2017-04-03 05:54
s1mple isnt that toxic anymore
2017-04-03 10:16
Lmao, if you do that they wont even be able to beat NiP
2017-04-03 19:10
Hungary PURE_JOJ 
2017-04-02 18:07
Germany GeoRg___J 
NaVi is shit with s1mple and they don´t care lul
2017-04-02 18:58
Bulgaria GreoN 
2017-04-02 16:36
No, they wont. Me and GuardiaN know it. NaVi is bad because s1mple ruined the team chemistry. He is doing whatever he wants in the server, not respecting team decisions, force buying, overpeeking and even raging at this teammates. S1MPLE MADE NAVI WORSE! THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. That's why coldzera is miles ahead of him. -s1mple +ZEUS MAKE NAVI GREAT AGAIN Quote from adreN "s1mple was honestly a terrible teammate. For ex: at the major he basically never once showed up to prepare as a team / watch a demo / create a gameplan. s1mple has incredible talent he just needs to understand what it is to play as a team / be a teammate. "
2017-04-02 17:27
Romania Tise 
Okay Mr Analyst.
2017-04-02 18:11
Zeus isnt gonna join Navi again now that Gambit is actually good and his teammates basically booted him.
2017-04-02 21:45
Na'Vi shall dominate... In the bo1's
2017-04-03 00:09
navi will get rekt anyways
2017-04-02 14:42
2017-04-02 14:42
Gux | 
Sweden EczeL  
2017-04-02 14:42
shox | 
Canada dB- 
g0d guardiaN
2017-04-02 14:42
Good for you Guardian you lad
2017-04-02 14:42
Russia Hainz 
Nice really
2017-04-02 14:42
Malta Trance_Lover 
How Na'Vi has fallen, from a top 5 team for at least 6 months to this maybe top 10 team.
2017-04-02 14:43
No good IGL
2017-04-02 14:55
top 3-4
2017-04-02 16:58
Malta Trance_Lover 
yeah, even that (From about November 2015 til April/May 2016).
2017-04-02 17:00
Guardian <33333
2017-04-02 14:43
Germany enzin 
"I'm not setting high goals" "Our long-term goal is to be the best team this year, to win at least one major and win as many events as we can."
2017-04-02 14:44
HLTV with clickbait titles
2017-04-02 14:45
2017-04-02 14:47
Yes, can you see the difference? I'm and our?
2017-04-02 15:20
"Our" is still him included
2017-04-02 16:23
Of course, but he is not setting high goals for this tournament. But their goal as team is to be the best team this year and blah blah. :D
2017-04-02 17:29
France StickyRice 
Typical NaVi, so delusional and hoping for things way too high for their team.
2017-04-02 15:24
Bulgaria GreoN 
He is not setting high goals for this tournament if you can't read or maybe you are baiting.
2017-04-02 16:38
nice clickbait
2017-04-02 14:46
Lets go NaVi
2017-04-02 14:52
Turkey KISIR 
Nice bait 10/10
2017-04-02 14:56
Norway Napapijri 
"to win at least one major" :D nt
2017-04-02 14:57
Turkey spaceSfanboi 
Click bait af
2017-04-02 14:58
2017-04-02 14:59
Sometimes I feel like NaVi is like a broken relationship what is not functioning anymore, but both sides insisting to keep it alive and hoping for something bright.
2017-04-02 15:02
2017-04-02 17:36
2017-04-02 15:19
2017-04-02 15:27
Yugoslavia ToBeHonest 
Time to retire
2017-04-02 15:49
clickbait on HLTV, nice edit:im dissapointed, striker
2017-04-02 16:14
Guardian not good anymore after injury and pimple come into team
2017-04-02 16:17
Navis progress? They've been together for like 6 or 7 months lol llll
2017-04-02 16:48
cool story bro. good luck.
2017-04-02 16:54
sounds like he wants to leave anyway he's not as good as he used to be
2017-04-02 16:55
Lost all respect I had to GuardiaN.
2017-04-02 17:07
So delusional hahaha
2017-04-02 17:24
-seized -edward +zeus +adren navi top 1
2017-04-02 18:01
so who has a supporting role ? lmao teams only with superstars will never work
2017-04-03 17:46
zeus? everyone else but the entryfragger? nt no brain
2017-04-04 00:08
you already saw what only superstars do they won 1 tournament because s1mple had the best tournament of his life tbh and after that ? xdd nt gold nova scrub
2017-04-04 14:11
gl Ladik
2017-04-02 18:03
Argentina Matrek 
2017-04-02 18:03
xD gl vlad :D
2017-04-02 18:08
Xyp9x | 
Denmark STATiC^ 
Good read gl GuardiaN & Na´vi :) Great interview Striker.
2017-04-02 18:21
Europe kennyBeast 
no shit you arent setting high goals, you are trash xd.
2017-04-02 18:33
loser's mentality
2017-04-02 18:38
rly though no hope in ur team
2017-04-03 00:15
Ukraine XFESTER 
2017-04-02 18:49
interview with bot
2017-04-02 19:03
Turkey KacaKTV 
navi too strong
2017-04-02 19:15
-seized +zeus navi top1
2017-04-02 19:43
So many stupid people, who can't understand simple answer and how he meant that. Such a shame for you guys. :D
2017-04-02 20:56
Guardian used to be such a talented player, such a flashy awper and now he's barely a top10 awper on a good day...
2017-04-02 21:07
navi players every tournament: ''this is the best bootcamp we ever had, we should be top 3 in the world with this form'' then proceds to get rekt at the next tournament LUL
2017-04-02 23:06
Malaysia phyzell 
this guy needs to take MDMA. Always a sad child.
2017-04-03 00:45
ez for navi t1 elite match fixers
2017-04-03 02:09
France cedd 
losing zeus was worst mistake the team has made, cutting seized for simple would have made a lot more sense
2017-04-03 08:35
Albania Kush9 
useless navi interviews ... they will pass the group stage with insane stats and lose hard in playoffs vs legends like vp and sk ... ez prediction ... thank me later
2017-04-04 00:25
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