ESEA reveal Season 25 details

ESEA has revealed details for Season 25, which features a marginal increase in prizemoney as well as the addition of a Turkish open division compared to the last season.

Season 25 of ESEA League will see its prize pot increased from $140,000 to at least $150,000 across all divisions, which will also include a new Open division in Turkey.

The registration period for new teams interested in participating has begun; they can do so over on the ESEA website until May 22.

GODSENT clinched a spot at the S24 Global Challenge

Teams that have participated in the previous season will be moved once season 24 officially closes on May 1. The next season will then kick off on May 28.

The current season is still underway with eight teams locked in for the $50,000 Global Challenge taking place in Leicester, United Kingdom, from May 13-14.

World CE2K 
turkey? really?
2017-04-15 20:56
2017-04-15 20:57
Turkey SG^^ 
why not?
2017-04-15 21:05
Because we dont know if erdogan will allow cs in turkey
2017-04-15 21:36
Turkey SG^^ 
you actually have a point.
2017-04-15 21:38
thats a valid argument
2017-04-15 21:44
I dont think it will get ever that big
2017-04-15 21:47
2017-04-15 20:55
2017-04-15 20:55
Nice, GL!
2017-04-15 20:55
2017-04-15 20:55
2017-04-15 20:55
2017-04-15 20:55
nice thank you ESL
2017-04-15 20:55
2017-04-15 20:55
The current season is still underway with eight teams locked in for the $50,000 Global Challenge taking place in Leicester, United Kingdom, from May 13-14. nice :D
2017-04-15 20:56
miami flamingos invited to premier?
2017-04-15 20:56
Ty esea.
2017-04-15 21:00
Very much needed
2017-04-15 21:07
So what is this mean? I don't get it.
2017-04-15 21:21
cs pro scene growing in turkey, maybe he meant that
2017-04-15 21:45
2017-04-15 21:07
150k for premier league ? Wtf
2017-04-15 21:09
i was don't know this details
2017-04-15 21:09
Ffs they are not ashemed lmao! This year prize pool will be increased from 140000$ to 150000$!!!! I am literraly laughing my fucking ass off (for noobs that's lmao)!!!! They should be ashemed and forbidden from holding an competitive event
2017-04-15 21:35
Leicester, UK Literally just a Muslim caliphate
2017-04-15 21:38
Andorra TYZ4 
They said Leicester, not Sparkhill
2017-04-17 01:49
Why is there french open for us in france, and germany open, uk open, russia open and now even turkey open. But there is no nordics open? So many players in finland, sweden, norway and denmark..
2017-04-15 21:43
They have their own minor leagues? I guess.
2017-04-15 21:52
Season 25 already? How? Esea been going since 1.6
2017-04-15 21:55
because they have 2 seasons every year, not just 1.
2017-04-16 12:42
three seasons per year, not 2 :)
2017-04-18 05:02
2017-04-15 21:58
add north africa open division please
2017-04-15 22:07
i want too !
2017-04-16 01:39
every region deserves to be represented they can just make a middle east and north africa region together
2017-04-16 12:38
Turkey <3
2017-04-16 13:32
so so english only ok
2017-04-16 17:56
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