ESL India Premiership with $43,000

April 17th, 2017 21:06

ESL has announced that the second edition of the India Premiership will have over $43,000 up for grabs for Counter-Strike alone.

After a successful first edition, which came to an end in December, ESL India Premiership is back with three games - CS:GO, Dota 2 and Clash Royale, and a combined $100,000 prize pool, up from last year's $64,000 prize fund.

For the 2017 edition, which will run from April 26 to December 17, ESL has implemented a three-season structure, with offline finals in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi. The $43,000 allocated for Counter-Strike will be distributed equally between the seasons.

ESL India Premiership will feature three divisions 

A three-tiered structure is now in place, with a Master, a Challenger and a Starter divisions. The first two will feature eight teams each, while the Starter division will act as an open qualifier, with no team limit.

There will be promotions and relegations across the India Premiership divisions to give all teams a chance to reach the highest tier, in which players will earn money for every victory.

"The Premiership is currently the best competitive gaming tournament in the country," said Akshat Rathee, Chief Gaming Officer at NODWIN Gaming, ESL's partner in the India Premiership.

"It provides Indian gamers and enthusiasts to experience the global esports phenomena locally.

"The 2016 Premiership featured year-long tournaments, which took place both online as well as offline and featured competitions for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Clash Royale games."

Indian teams can register for the league by heading over to the competition's official website. Fans will be able to watch the matches live through the ESL India Premiership's Youtube channel.

wtf ? india league with 43k? how about putting that money into a scene with up and coming talented teams like finland, czech/slovakia or other countries ? ? ?
2017-04-17 21:07
oskar | 
Czech Republic Spirit__ 
+1 (Not because I'm Czech)
2017-04-17 22:30
United States No5712 
well, there has to be at least someone who's decent out of a billion people
2017-04-17 23:31
You think ESL is sponsoring the whole prize money ? Also INDIA is a HUGE market,compared all the small countries you mentioned,they already have enough coerage and access to good cs and facilities being in europe...
2017-04-18 01:09
Why not india? Finland has been in the cs scene for 16 years man. India has not
2017-04-18 01:42
Finland iPaZ 
+1 finland is already full of gods
2017-04-18 13:12
Estonia swag420weed 
Give joelzz handfull of xanax combined with ecstasy. No social anxiety and ez next major winner
2017-04-18 15:04
India L1nu5 
jOELZ on LAN? I aren't think that
2017-04-18 17:37
bro think about it. All those countries have upcoming Leagues to play for and are able to come up. What does India have? Nothing. You have to give them some time and aspiration because you never know what can happen, not saying they're gonna be good, but give them a chance. Finland and the Czech Republic have other small local tournaments and other shit like FPL that they can get exposure from.
2017-04-18 04:14
India is experiencing an esports boom right now, also, we had a MASSIVE 1.6 fanbase. It's the logical market to put money into now.
2017-04-18 06:28
And Yet No one remembers, how many Big Events Indian won in International scene in 1.6
2017-04-18 18:12
because Indian parents at that time were different from now! Things are little better now with Indian parents!
2017-04-19 09:11
Do you really think, non Indian parents do different stuff ?
2017-04-22 20:44
KLnT | 
Pakistan Huzaifa 
Dude they have good teams too don't be a racist ;)
2017-04-18 11:39
2017-04-19 10:46
World DK- 
All countries you've named can participate in normal EU tournaments with reasonable pings. However, i do think that eu amateur tournaments should have bigger prizepools so players can invest more time into improving at cs by going fulltime without having to deal with impossible financial struggles.
2017-04-18 12:16
Hello, welcome to ESL-India support. Do you wanna file a complaint about the product you are using from us?
2017-04-18 14:18
Yes. I don't know how to use Keyboard and Mouse all together putting them in good use to Play Counter-Strike. All I m confused about is, How to win all these money using some cheap hack or Having Contact through back door.
2017-04-18 18:16
because only a single city in india will have more gamers than all the countries you listed combined . do you even know the population of that country?
2017-04-19 10:49
Belgium kLp^ 
2017-04-17 21:07
Italy Er1cz 
2017-04-17 21:07
India PogChamp
2017-04-17 21:07
India parvdave 
more like 4Head India
2017-04-22 14:20
Switzerland Jubei 
No teams?
2017-04-17 21:07
India cs lul
2017-04-17 21:07
Poland Yoggy 
India have teams ?
2017-04-17 21:07
Romania alios24 
team Wolf Cologne 2014
2017-04-17 21:09
to be fair they didn't even qualify and didn't deserve to be at the major. they got fucked anyway lmao
2017-04-18 14:22
They got a free slot, because someone from India spent literally tons of money buying stocks at ESL GmbH. Now as a part of promotion in India, they got a slot to waste it anyways.
2017-04-18 18:11
What non-sense lol. Source please?
2017-04-20 11:02
Why don't you ask ESL India the same ? How they got that slot after LGB eSports didn't make it and Why ESL GmbH handed that slot to India, when there are far more capable teams sitting in the neighboring country to India.
2017-04-22 20:41
2017-04-17 21:47
wow so many good teams there
2017-04-18 15:01
blyat army lol
2017-04-18 15:59
Half of the slots were filled by smurfs or admins from ESL India to fulfil sponsor requirement. The first stage of Online qualifiers, only 120 approx teams shows up, whereas 256 teams are registered every time. Wow. Such scam much Wow.
2017-04-18 18:09
Ohh really? Stay shut if you dont know shit. There were no smurfs added by any admin for any tournaments by ESL India Premiership. Each team registred themselves for it. It's their choice if they did not show up. Stop acting soo arrogant if you dont even know 10% of the truth. Peace out.
2017-04-19 11:24
I guess, admins at SoStronk and Drag2Death are either too dumb not to understand the shady sh!t getting pulled by event organizers in the name of Filling up slots or Its just a coincidence, that every weekly tournament from ESL had the similar drama of teams not showing up.
2017-04-22 20:39
Germany ImTheBossss 
2017-04-17 21:08
2017-04-18 03:47
2017-04-19 10:48
United States WallehZz^v^ 
n1 ;D
2017-04-17 21:08
Brazil LukkasYuki 
Meanwhile ESL Brazil with BRL 20.000
2017-04-17 21:08
Germany ConAction 
wow thats so weird that they invest so much money into such bad players :D
2017-04-17 21:11
The funny part is you are German and disdaining them for being bad players like there are good german players :D
2017-04-17 21:20
Croatia DYS7 
At least the german scene has more potential than the indian
2017-04-17 23:11
considering the resources and the location of germany,they are fucking ultra shite.
2017-04-18 01:10
Croatia DYS7 
Well then get your shit economy together and have the same resources as germany i bet you, you won't have a better scene than germany, not even close to it.
2017-04-18 04:00
Switzerland Yabbahh 
Shit economy India Kek.. its more like.. fix your wealth distribution
2017-04-18 10:28
We don't play in EU how hard is it for your brain to fucking understand that? Your country is in EU and I laugh at your scene
2017-04-18 14:00
India L1nu5 
LUL rekt
2017-04-18 17:35
Croatia DYS7 
You dont have to be in eu to have a competitive scene Look at china they have a big cs sceneaybe not so known but big-money tournaments are happening there every week And btw i never said nor cried about croatia not having the resources or even if they have them not the scene I couldnt care less about them being competitive
2017-04-19 10:42
Mate they JUST got into the competitive scene before India...before that they HAD nothing too ? And yes PLAYING IN EU MAKES A difference. The chinese teams are all dogshit.
2017-04-19 21:19
Croatia DYS7 
"The chinese teams are all dogshit" Theyre better than indian teams for sure And say thatin 2-5 years again when china will explode in cs
2017-04-19 21:56
2017-04-17 21:20
Finland coswell 
Oh nice, Clash Royale! GL Indian guys!
2017-04-17 21:22
clash royale Kappa
2017-04-17 21:27
Clash Royale LUL
2017-04-17 21:31
EliGE | 
Latvia kj! 
> clash royale xDDDDDDDDDDDD
2017-04-17 21:40
wtf is clash royale
2017-04-17 21:43
People keep crying SCAM SCAM not knowing we've had similar tournament last year with somewhat similar prize pool, even Risky Gaming from UAE came to participate. After-movie of the same -
2017-04-17 21:45
who cares?
2017-04-18 15:02
clash royale lul
2017-04-17 21:46
Ez 4 issa
2017-04-17 21:48
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
nice! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-04-17 22:00
How much is a flight ticket to india? I might go and pick up that 42k dollars
2017-04-17 22:02
i would sponsor you,but you are probably shite,keyboard warrior
2017-04-18 01:11
Estonia swag420weed 
Sponsor me, will find 5 Estonian pugstars who will rekt India. No scam. Only accept Bitcoins
2017-04-18 15:07
Lol bangladesh's best team got rekt last season. bangladesh's best team is literally level 8-9 faceit scrubs who lose PUGs to randoms daily.
2017-04-18 04:57
Ever heard of fakeflagging?
2017-04-18 14:00
I'll nuke u kid
2017-04-20 06:37
Says someone from bangladesh where the scene is three-four tiers below India. FeelsBadMan
2017-04-18 11:20
Ever heard of fakeflagging?
2017-04-18 13:59
Clash Royale are you kidding me LOOOOOL
2017-04-17 22:18
uRa | 
Morocco urachicho 
Risky came to get that free money LUL
2017-04-17 22:37
nice Indian scene, major winners 2k18 confirmed
2017-04-17 22:51
2017-04-18 00:44
Other mikecool 
2017-04-18 01:45
FalleN | 
United States Shrikky 
Why is everyone so negative? its ESL you dfs.
2017-04-18 02:00
India itsmeturbo 
I mean what else can you expect from 13 year olds on hltv lol
2017-04-18 03:50
India rohansamal 
No use of so much money if we cant snap about it !!!!!
2017-04-18 04:02
India realy?
2017-04-18 09:46
Happy for India that they'll get some valid leagues and events there. All the best!
2017-04-18 10:04
We have already have ESL leagues and tournaments before, it was just not featured on hltv
2017-04-18 13:58
Estonia swag420weed 
Feelsbadman, even Estonian random lans are featured on hltv xd
2017-04-18 15:08
Switzerland Yabbahh 
That moment when clash royal scene is bigger thn csgo scene in india Top kek literally p2w or get rekt
2017-04-18 10:31
soo many comments deleted by hltv admins :) thank you
2017-04-18 14:06
Brazil bob1csgo 
nice! gl 4 teams!
2017-04-18 14:10
why the all triggered indians in this thread? if i lived in a shitscene country not worth investing in i would atleast admit it.
2017-04-18 15:05
so according to u all other countries except India have good scenes ? did Brazil have scene ? its only when luminosity won few majors the scene started growing .. Its your mindset which makes you think so
2017-04-18 16:55
there werent tourneys in brazil :>
2017-04-18 17:04
So they do have now right ? stop judging Indian scene if you dont hv any knowledge whats happening here . ESL is there to grow a Gaming scene in India . And it is growing at a very fast rate . We have many tournaments coming up this year which u gonna see :) hf cya
2017-04-18 17:13
And its not your money . Its ESL who is investing in India and Esl does invest in your country tournaments too :)
2017-04-18 17:16
idk what your on about, probably mental illness
2017-04-18 19:25
But other SEA countries can participate too? We did participate last year so...
2017-04-18 15:09
Well, the page on ESL says everyone is allowed appearently.
2017-04-18 17:22
Clash Royale LMAO :DDDDDD
2017-04-18 15:36
Wouldnt visit India if someone paid me first class flight and best hotel. Country is disgusting for our first world standards. But that competition isnt for foreigners so whatever hf lel
2017-04-18 16:44
Lol as if anyone needs you to visit. They don't care.
2017-04-21 23:16
I remember a LAN in Inida in CS 1.6 many teams go there, russia players warn another teams (Hooch) don't to go cuz LAN will not happening and it was so. They said India big prizepool but at the event 0 peoples was there, just empty chairs. Probably someone can remind ? So India threaters I would not trust them.
2017-04-18 17:01
That story is soo old bro ! why u guys dont come out of it ? we are in 2017.
2017-04-18 17:06
But it shows bad experience from where you can know that not happening again, at that times teams hasn't a sallary and paid travel byself.
2017-04-18 17:27
India L1nu5 
Other orgs had already warned M5 about the scam. Why wud they still choose to take the risk if players had to pay for travelling by themselves? I mean what's the point?
2017-04-18 17:33
My Friend. They still have empty chairs with less than 100 people in the crowd always. And Yet they go ga ga about their events.
2017-04-18 18:03
From your comments, you just hate Indians, you have no valid argument. They clearly showed ESL 2016, it was excellent. This time it is going to be better. So why don't you suck up and go hop some kangaroos.
2017-04-21 18:53
I never hated Indians, Becoz I m one of them. What I did tried to prove was, How badly gaming events are organized out there and scam show in the name of gaming. I can take names, unfortunately you won't ever find out how you or the player were or are and will be scammed end of the day.
2017-04-22 21:22
If any team needs a fifth for this tournament hit me up. I think I shoot pretty well ;) (non indian players are allowed, right!??!)
2017-04-18 17:20
Ofc. They will do the qualifiers for Indian teams and Invite UAE and Who knows other countries for final LAN event.
2017-04-18 18:01
kNgV- | 
World CA1MAN 
i guess the majority has to be indian? if not sorry but i'd guess 3/5 p team has to be indian. would make sense to invite other teams aswell tho
2017-04-18 18:05
It's not a requirement on ESL, it seems.
2017-04-18 18:09
kNgV- | 
World CA1MAN 
well the gl :)
2017-04-18 18:11
There won't be any ESL Qualifiers for UAE or other nations. Wait for land finals, they ll invite some teams from outside to fill slots.
2017-04-22 21:24
Germany RinoxLuca 
Clash Royale lmao
2017-04-18 17:44
Oh Not Again. How about you guys pay the teams their winnings from last event ? Watch out for threatening calls from Mr. Rathee to teams attending other events.
2017-04-18 17:59
Dude, do you realize these events are organized by two different organization. Are you that stupid?
2017-04-21 18:52
2 Different Organization ? Names and their President/Owner pls. Just for your info, ESL India, Valve India, Nodwin Gaming run by the same guy. I know, there's no such thing called valve India, but over the phone, it does exist for threatening people. If you're assuming, I have mixed both IGC and Whatever the EFF happening now. Please go back to your csgo, dota 2 teams and ask them, how long they have been not paid (or If paid, after how much hassle)
2017-04-22 21:17
I was just thinking the other day how it was cool to see the Asian scene grow, but I wanted to see something in India too. Will be interesting to see what sort of high-level talent might be hidden there! Btw, what the hell is Clash Royale?
2017-04-18 18:00
2017-04-18 18:05
Game Carnaval never forget
2017-04-20 00:05
Dude, do you realize these events are organized by two different organization. Are you that stupid?
2017-04-21 19:04
So many idiotic kids spotted. Hate for no reason. ESL 2016 India was good. I hope this will be even better
2017-04-21 18:54
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