Ghost sign Bee's Money Crew

Ghost Gaming have announced that they have completed the signing of the team known as Bee's Money Crew.

The move comes as little surprise as the North American team had garnered a lot of interest in recent weeks with a series of great results in online tournaments.

BMC first made headlines at the end of March as they secured the final spot in the North American ECS division at the expense of compLexity, whom they beat 3-0 in the promotion stage.

 CONNOR93 & co join Ghost Gaming

More recently, the team qualified for the upcoming ESEA S24 Global Challenge, in Leicester, and earned the chance to secure promotion to the next season of the ESL Pro League via the upcoming relegation stage.

The team are now rewarded for their hard work as they have linked up with Ghost Gaming, a recently-created organisation that was looking to expand into Counter-Strike after bursting onto the Gears of War scene.

"After carefully examining numerous offers, we have finally decided to go with an organisation that is one hundred percent invested in our best interests," team manager Rahul Walia told

"We are also one hundred percent invested in them and have full faith that they will help us grow as individuals as well as a team."

Ghost Gaming's team look as follows:

United States Andrew "ShoT_UP" Orlowski
Canada Matthew "Wardell" Bowman
United States Sebastian "seb" Bucki
United States Jason "neptune" Tran
Canada Connor "CONNOR93" Glover 

United States Phong "bee" Nguyen (coach)

Canada Matthew 'Wardell' Bowman
Matthew 'Wardell' Bowman
Maps played:
United States Jason 'neptune' Tran
Jason 'neptune' Tran
Maps played:
United States Phong 'bee' Nguyen
Phong 'bee' Nguyen
No team
Maps played:
United States Andrew 'ShoT_UP' Orlowski
Andrew 'ShoT_UP' Orlowski
Maps played:
Canada Connor 'CONNOR93' Glover
Connor 'CONNOR93' Glover
Maps played:
United States Sebastian 'seb' Bucki
Sebastian 'seb' Bucki
Maps played:
the future of NA
2017-04-20 11:42
To be completely honest, they are probably one of the best NA teams out there right now
2017-04-20 11:44
+1 feels weird but true
2017-04-20 11:57
I mean really, Other than OpTic, Team Liquid, CLG, Complexity and Cloud9, they really are the best.
2017-04-20 11:58
im sure they could give any of those teams a good run for their money. looking sharp and motivated unlike some other NA top teams
2017-04-20 12:02
I mean they beat coL 3-0
2017-04-20 12:23
SK > RNG > rest of NA
2017-04-20 12:33
SK isn't a NA team.
2017-04-20 13:02
neither is rng
2017-04-20 14:02
neither is it better than na teams
2017-04-22 01:13
RNG lol yea they're better than c9 and liquid
2017-04-20 15:33
2017-04-20 16:39
Rng is ass
2017-04-20 15:37
did u not see BMC take SK to overtime? this team has so much potential and they're young too
2017-04-20 12:57
And neptune is only 15
2017-04-20 14:58
U r fku
2017-04-20 17:52
They are much better than Complexity imo,with much better potential tbh
2017-04-20 14:20
coL is absolute rubbish. People say the team is better now with Desi and Slemmy, I dont fucking think so. At least with APE, they managed top 8 at that Canadian LAN in September (Losing in very close fashion to EchoFox) and a top 4 finish at some Chinese LAN (losing to Heroic).
2017-04-21 02:39
I think Orlowski used to be a top MMA fighter a couple years ago, didnt really expect him to switch to gaming
2017-04-21 01:45
Wardell is gonna get poached and become Koosta #2, you heard it here first
2017-04-21 00:46
How is this even news?!?!?!
2017-04-21 16:24
Andorra TYZ4 
Where is Bee, though?
2017-04-20 11:42
Post edited 2017-04-20 11:42:58
2017-04-20 11:44
Andorra TYZ4 
are we in the same timezone, lad?
2017-04-20 11:47
Post edited
2017-04-20 11:48
Andorra TYZ4 
2017-04-20 11:49
2017-04-20 12:56
HLTV has the sane time no matter your timezone.
2017-04-20 16:48
He became the coach but I would have loved to see him taking the leader position
2017-04-20 11:44
I'm sure that he thought that an up and coming player deserved a chance on a top NA team, so he was willing to give up his role as an active player so that ShoT_UP could get his feet wet in the semi-pro / pro CSGO scene. I'm looking forward to seeing how this team performs. They've always been a bit spotty in terms of performance, but for the most part have shown that they have the potential to play with the pros. It's nice to see a team with mostly young players because they are the future of CSGO, with 1 or 2 more experienced players guiding them along the way.
2017-04-20 11:59
Cringe top comment hunter edits posts :DD
2017-04-20 13:16
Good luck to them!
2017-04-20 11:42
2017-04-20 11:42
SEb is a Champ
2017-04-20 11:43
best na team
2017-04-20 11:42
Ethiopia Azylu 
Question is, are they on salary?
2017-04-20 11:42
No BMC major stickers awful mistake
2017-04-20 11:44
Welcome Ghost
2017-04-20 11:48
Wardell deserves a good pro team right now, he's so fuckin good
2017-04-20 11:50
better than warden?
2017-04-20 11:55
at least 10 times better
2017-04-20 12:06
RIP best team name
2017-04-20 11:59
: (
2017-04-20 12:18
United Kingdom tr4c 
Bee's Ghostly Gang
2017-04-20 12:02
I wish they had kept the name BMC
2017-04-20 12:13
team manager Rahul Walia told Chutya bc,yeh bhi koi team hai?
2017-04-20 12:16
good luck boys! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-04-20 12:19
"The team are now rewarded for their hard work" Although "team" refers to a group of people, the word itself should be treated as singular shouldn't it?
2017-04-20 12:20
I think the use of singular verbs with collective nouns depends on the context of the sentence, so the sentence could either be "The team are now rewarded for their hard work" or "The team is now rewarded for its hard work" - the difference lying in whether or not the noun is being discussed as a singular entity. I believe both methods are acceptable, but it's an interesting point to mention.
2017-04-20 12:31
Seems that you are right about both being correct depending on the context for British English. I was under the impression that collective words such as team and group were to be treated singular. Probably because in Dutch those words should almost always be treated as singular. Although there are exceptions where it's plural or where it doesn't matter. LANGUAGE y u hef 2 b so difikult?!?!
2017-04-20 12:55
I don't even want to get started on how complicated grammar can be in Finnish - it's like English grammatical rules took methamphetamine, cartwheeled off a cliff and fell arse first into a barrel of geese. I totally get your point though. :p
2017-04-20 21:51
A barrel of geese. That... Sounds oddly specific.
2017-04-20 22:54
I speak England and think this is correct...
2017-04-20 14:48
Can confirm both are correct or, more accurately, neither sentence is wrong. Context is everything though. E.g. If you are talking about the players of the team, then you would more likely use the 1st sentence, "The team are now rewarded for their hard work" However, if you are talking about the org as an entity (rather than the people), you would likely use the second sentence, "The team is now rewarded for its hard work". I didn't care much for school, but my English teacher happened to be my head of year, so I had no choice but to learn this stuff! Also, being English kinda helps! :)
2017-04-20 18:23
Yeah, English has a bunch of odd rules I didn't quite understand at first when learning the language. Luckily I studied there for a year which helped me improve my command of the language significantly, although I definitely do still make mistakes.
2017-04-20 21:52
France cedd 
I wish they still had vSa on the team that kid is a monster
2017-04-20 12:21
PHOONg PogChamp Jebaited
2017-04-20 12:37
Wardell biggest awp talent out there right now! But i guess i would have suggested to keep Bee as IGL. But who could do an amazing coaching as well, + he is a monster of a reserve player as well. I think this will be extremely good!
2017-04-20 12:50
After Bogdan Kappa
2017-04-20 14:21
who cares
2017-04-20 13:16
Anyone but germans ofc Bcuz the german scene is non existant
2017-04-20 13:54
2017-04-20 13:31
I can definitely see these guys in future NA shuffles if they continue to do well
2017-04-20 13:42
Good to see the Asian scene growing up !
2017-04-20 14:26
Connor is a fucking monster, the most underrated player in NA ever
2017-04-20 14:36
I'd say he is a solid player for this team. He isn't amazing but he never performs poorly either.
2017-04-21 02:41
NA's future
2017-04-20 15:09
They were never going to be like JaX Money Crew, so good signing.
2017-04-20 15:24
Ukraine faj 
another sketchy org?
2017-04-20 16:41
Crondle and Bee are smart guys I don't believe they would sign with them if they had any doubt that the org has their shit together
2017-04-20 17:22
Wardell best sniper NA
2017-04-20 17:07
Barely makes permier playoffs and wins vs teams online that are going through roster changes...but yeah somehow they proved themselves? LOL
2017-04-20 18:02
Papa Emeritus sign Bee's Money Crew PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
2017-04-20 18:12
"Bursting onto the Gears of War scene" There's more scene in UK CS than Gears of War lad.
2017-04-20 18:15
Lul at ghost gaming Gl with the shady org
2017-04-20 19:11
bee... damn... they should've kept the name and made their own org
2017-04-20 20:35
Worse teams have orgs, im suprised it took so long for these guys to get one considering they have some solid up-and-coming na players.
2017-04-20 20:48
2017-04-21 10:32
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