IEM Sydney schedule announced

ESL has announced the format of the group stage and the schedule for the upcoming IEM event in Sydney, Australia.

IEM Sydney will be held on May 3-7 and will feature three out of the current top four teams in the world: Astralis, FaZe and SK.

The tournament will kick off with an eight-team Swiss system group stage, similar to the one that was used at ESL One New York last year. The attending teams will compete for one of the four playoffs spots in the ESL studios on Wednesday and Thursday, with a break day following on Friday.

MSL's troops will take on OpTic in the first match of the Swiss group stage 

After a day off, the action will move to the Qudos Bank Arena for the playoffs, where the four best teams from the group stage will battle it out in a single-elimination bracket. The semi-final matches will be played as BO3's, while the grand final will be a BO5.

The full schedule is available below:

Wednesday, May 3rd
05:00 Denmark North vs. North America OpTic BO1
06:10 Brazil SK vs. China ViCi BO1
07:20 Denmark Astralis vs. Australia Chiefs BO1
08:30 Europe FaZe vs. Australia Renegades BO1
09:40 Swiss Round 2 Match 1 BO1
10:50 Swiss Round 2 Match 2 BO1
12:00 Swiss Round 2 Match 3 BO1
13:10 Swiss Round 2 Match 4 BO1
Thursday, May 4th
05:00 Swiss Round 3 Match 1 BO1
06:10 Swiss Round 3 Match 2 BO1
07:20 Swiss Round 3 Match 3 BO1
08:30 Swiss Round 3 Match 4 BO1
09:40 Swiss Round 4 Match 1 BO1
10:50 Swiss Round 4 Match 2 BO1
12:00 Swiss Round 4 Match 3 BO1
13:00 Swiss Round 5 Match 1 BO1
14:20 Swiss Round 5 Match 2* BO1
  *If required  
Saturday, May 6th
07:00 Semi-Final #1 BO3
10:50 Semi-Final #2 BO3
Sunday, May 7th
05:00 Showmatch  
07:00 Grand Final BO5

ESL noted that the match starting times are estimated and that they may vary due to the length of the games. Also, for visitors, the doors of the Qudos Bank Arena will be opening at 12:00 local for both days of the playoffs.

Professeur writes for and can be found on Twitter.

ez 4 vici
2017-04-20 14:47
ez af for fa ze
2017-04-20 15:09
Why always china vs Brazil??
2017-04-20 17:36
FalleN | 
World TigaJun 
2017-04-20 22:29
Danking | 
China Jaylen 
Idk why they always make Chinese vs SK/IMT
2017-04-21 08:57
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
r u mad?
2017-04-25 02:11
Australia DabBoy 
2 Ez
2017-04-20 14:48
Morocco Gg2734llolol 
2017-04-20 14:47
2017-04-20 14:47
Australia so_obvious 
2017-04-20 14:48
Russia Lightsaber 
2017-04-20 14:48
Brazil CHEMyyy 
no more tournaments in australia look the time zone who will watch this ?
2017-04-20 14:48
australians nice to have one event every 3 years dont you think
2017-04-20 14:49
1st game is at 6 am for me. Perfect.
2017-04-20 14:59
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
I'm living the same time zone as Sydney. 1st match at 13-00 - its perfect))
2017-04-21 16:15
Israel asafborger 
No G2 no party
2017-04-20 14:48
Brazil BLKtheBLACK 
RUN viCi
2017-04-20 14:50
Group stage will be played at decent hours for me, since ill be at classes in most games, but playoffs and fucking final at 6am gg
2017-04-20 14:50
Lol 7 o clock cet? Are you serious australia? Even for your timezone it is incredibly early??? Why do you do that? Whats wrong with u?
2017-04-20 14:51
Brazil MiBrS2 
Thats because of US timezone, there the games will be at night
2017-04-20 14:54
So what.
2017-04-20 15:01
Brazil MiBrS2 
Can't you do 1 + 1 ? A lot of views are from US and views are money m8
2017-04-20 15:20
Lul. I'm glad that you can do 1+1, but do you think people who decided to host the tournament in AU didn't think about it?
2017-04-20 15:28
Brazil MiBrS2 
"Thats because of US timezone, there the games will be at night" ??????????
2017-04-20 20:54
Who cares about US timezone...
2017-04-20 20:58
Brazil MiBrS2 
"Can't you do 1 + 1 ? A lot of views are from US and views are money m8" Are you Dumb ? Holy shit
2017-04-20 21:02
Lul. I'm glad that you can do 1+1, but do you think people who decided to host the tournament in AU didn't think about it?
2017-04-20 21:13
Brazil MiBrS2 
ok, thats enough Bye
2017-04-20 21:17
I'm glad that you finally understand that organizers don't care about NA views. It wasn't easy for your brain, so that's enough indeed. Bye.
2017-04-20 21:19
Early wake up is good for your health. 7 am isn't so early though.
2017-04-20 15:02
Sure :D
2017-04-20 15:11
Netherlands PATOZR 
Can't watch :/
2017-04-20 14:52
Lol mad Brazilians, SK wont get out of the groups anyway you don't have to watch them
2017-04-20 14:53
Comments like this one make me watch, SK is the more discredited team in the world, they won two majors when nobody believe
2017-04-27 13:42
Moldova OptimusBlyad 
2017-04-20 14:57
100 viewers in group stage RIP ESL
2017-04-20 15:10
United States ViKaLiBuR 
LMFAO T1 CS vs Irrelevant CS
2017-04-20 15:14
Indonesia DezfanzeR 
LUL sk always meet china team
2017-04-20 15:21
Faroe Islands shubaNNN 
AU timezone, best timezone <3
2017-04-20 15:23
2017-04-20 15:24
Australia DrunkChef 
u dont have to worry since sk wont be there.
2017-04-20 15:51
bro I like to watch cs, seeing sk just gets me nervous.
2017-04-20 16:39
what we deal with every other tourney, one every couple of years isn't going to kill you, hell just watch the vods later in the day if it is such a big deal for you
2017-04-21 07:09
09:40 Swiss Round 2 Match 1 BO1 10:50 Swiss Round 2 Match 3 BO1 12:00 Swiss Round 2 Match 4 BO1 13:10 Swiss Round 2 Match 5 BO1 Shouldn't it be Match 1 - 2 - 3 - 4?
2017-04-20 15:30
2017-04-21 01:59
walle | 
Australia sini_ 
I was hoping to see some group matches but nope, bo* matches >.<
2017-04-20 15:40
Nepal OTAN 
Seriously ViCi instead of a top tier team...
2017-04-20 15:44
8 teams? wtf is this poverty shit
2017-04-20 15:56
Sweden skyvlan 
Astralis will win
2017-04-20 16:00
Well... terrible schedule here. I'll pass this :P
2017-04-20 16:09
Sweden Div-\ 
Wooooo morning schedule, not that bad! I thought it would be terrible for europeans!
2017-04-20 16:31
final 2am xD
2017-04-20 16:47
Hungary PURE_JOJ 
potentially can we see a 16-0 with this astralis vs chiefs?
2017-04-20 16:49
Iunno, chiefs been waiting their whole life for this, I'd say they'd have some pretty decent strats to get atleast 1 round..
2017-04-27 14:09
Final at 2am Ez
2017-04-20 16:56
Australia Flyntos 
Everyone shitting on Australian timezone, even tho we've put up with American and European timezones for the last 3 years without complaint. But as soon as one big match is in Aus, everyone starts having g a fucking whine like it's the end of the world Stfu and put up with it for one fucking tournament Thank u to all non-australians that understand this
2017-04-20 16:57
+1 People keep complaining (Ar Pe Braziliians people) "OMG fucking noooo scene shit time zone" Most Australian teams attending the one major-2 Most Brazilian teams attending the one major-1 Most Swedish teams attending the one major-2 Most Danish teams attending the one major-2 I rest my case
2017-04-20 23:03
fuck these times dude
2017-04-20 17:19
Australia Flyntos 
Fuck European times dude. This is the first time I can watch a game that's not NA, at reasonable hours. First time in yeara
2017-04-20 23:22
RNG beat FaZe confrim
2017-04-20 18:35
7am final ez
2017-04-20 18:48
United States Theking5221 
rip timezones
2017-04-20 20:53
Australia Ap0c 
LOL @ all you whinging kids complaining about Timezone......I've been getting up at 2am-5am to watch Major tournaments in Euro for the last 3 years, harden the FUCK up, i'm sure you can handle doing it once. Fucken pleb cunts the lot of ya
2017-04-20 21:01
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Nice IEM! thank you HLTV, we appreciate that! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-04-20 21:04
Honestly, there won't be any fun in those first matches. I mean, Optic is going downfall, even North will have problems to choke against them. SK is really bad right now, but not bad as China tier. Astralis don't even need to comment, and unless the entire Australia begin to pray to Renegades, FaZe will smash them.
2017-04-21 02:08
Chiefs could do alright in Swiss system since it's a lot of BO1s which is where they could upset.
2017-04-21 07:07
Australia lyt3x 
Everyone complaining about the times should understand that some regions like Oceania have to watch all other tournaments to those times, so have some respect.
2017-04-21 08:41
buster | 
China qwe8706 
good time zone
2017-04-21 09:47
Everyone being whinny about the timezone, friggin get a life.
2017-04-22 03:43
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
World > Australia Island Final at 7 AM Woooo When its 7AM in Sweden its 3PM in Sydney... Are you fucking joking? Yeah, lets place the final at 3PM Sydney time instead of playing the final at 6-7PM Sydney time (around 12PM Swedish time) Australia (ESL) needs to think with their brains and play all matches at good times (Not 3PM Sydney time lol)
2017-04-27 13:50
If final was at 6pm, got delayed for some reason, waited for pre-game to start and then went to map 5 the players could be potentially playing past midnight. And that's a crap time to play 100% for ~$100k
2017-04-27 14:06
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
w/e if the clock goes over midnight? Alot of finals here in EU start at 8PM (Bo3/Bo5) and ends at 1 AM (Depending on Bo5 or Bo3) Look at this one: Thats a fucked up time, that game ended around 7AM for me. FaZe-Astralis ended around midnight for me.
2017-04-27 14:39
Australia sazzgsu 
bo5? bit overkill dont u think?
2017-04-24 00:47
This timezone is good to be honest! I like this morning schedule more then the Dreamhack Las Vegas late night schedule, watching SK - VP at 4 AM was super ResidentSleeper.
2017-04-24 08:38
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
oh yeah absolutely! Here the first match is 00:00 and the last is 08:10... On a fucking Wednesday. So if I wanna watch it I have to not sleep through the night. But yeah what can I do
2017-04-25 02:13
should i hate on ESL PRO LEAGUE S5 just cause it was in Brazil and the final vs at 00:00? no. You had summit, las vegas and major this year, enough is enough.
2017-04-25 15:37
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Final: 07:00 Thank mr Australia
2017-04-27 13:45
Lmao @ all of you complaining about time zones, I don't give a shit thanks to insomnia.
2017-04-27 13:57
This "bad time zone" stuff triggers me so hard. :( The time is set to benefit players and spectators who will be at the venue, not upset kids who want to watch it from their bedroom on the other side of the world...
2017-04-27 14:00
looking forward to it. rip my sleep though
2017-05-02 01:12
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