G2 invited to ESL One Cologne

G2 have been confirmed as the seventh team to be present at ESL One Cologne in July.

G2 are joining NiP, SK, fnatic, Natus Vincere, Virtus.pro, and FaZe in the team list for ESL's next event, as revealed by the organization via social media.

shox & co. will be present at ESL One Cologne

Both G2 and EnVyUs went out in the group stages of the ESL One Cologne Major last year. Now, after having merged the teams into one, they will be looking to make an impact on German soil.

The event will once again take place at LANXESS Arena in Cologne and will be played in early July, but information about the format and group stage has yet to be revealed.

With G2 confirmed, this is the team list as of now:

Brazil SK Sweden fnatic CIS Natus Vincere Poland Virtus.pro
Europe FaZe Sweden NiP France G2 Other Invite
Other Invite Other Invite Other Invite Other Invite
Europe EU qual.  Europe EU qual.  North America NA qual. Other TBA
Gratz superteaM, its G2's event now!
2017-04-20 16:38
Ez for faze
2017-04-20 16:39
It's always NiP's event bro.
2017-04-20 16:40
Minor and Summit are NiP's events, they will get rekt in Cologne, sry jako
2017-04-20 16:41
United Kingdom LNX_ 
I don't even think NiP will do well at Summit.
2017-04-20 17:04
France Bouf 
I don't even think they will do good at the minor.
2017-04-20 17:50
United Kingdom LNX_ 
I agree. Like they have some good BO1 results, but in a BO3 I can't see them even beating a half decent team.
2017-04-20 17:57
Like people said StarLadder was G2's event, lul
2017-04-20 17:09
United Kingdom LNX_ 
They did step up at StarLadder though. I feel like they're starting to find their feet now.
2017-04-20 17:58
They went to the final lmao, what's the point
2017-04-20 18:11
i arent think they did
2017-04-20 18:15
quarter-finals* but they proved that they can win an event like Cologne.
2017-04-20 18:16
By reaching quarters you prove you can win an event like Cologne? Lul, no. Maybe if they actually won something they would prove they can win big events.
2017-04-20 19:49
It's not like they lost to a t2 team or smth, it was FaZe They're showing big improvement, you can expect them to win Cologne tbh
2017-04-20 22:11
And the same people said the same about StarLadders. Now they won't win this, and we can expect them to win the next tournament. On and on and on.
2017-04-20 22:28
I never said they would win StarLadder, I actually believed they MIGHT survive GS with a 3-2 record. Cologne is in 2,5 months, they have time and room to improve, and they can check what went wrong against FaZe, and try a few things on smaller tourneys, like DH
2017-04-20 22:42
Nobody fucking said that LUL
2017-04-21 01:21
Revenge of SmithZz
2017-04-20 18:09
Rip olive oil
2017-04-20 16:38
Denmark gran- 
Its gonna be lit
2017-04-20 16:38
R.I.P good tournament
2017-04-20 16:38
more competition = better tournament so not rip.
2017-04-20 17:24
2017-04-21 15:53
no astralis already pulled out.
2017-04-21 15:57
Czech Republic OxyK 
2017-04-20 16:38
India 682 
2017-04-20 16:38
2017-04-20 16:38
2017-04-20 16:38
2017-04-20 16:38
2017-04-20 16:38
Yes :D
2017-04-20 16:38
2017-04-20 16:38
They are going to win
2017-04-20 16:38
Nice! Hopefully they show up this tournament :/
2017-04-20 16:38
Switzerland d^b 
no major no care
2017-04-20 16:38
2017-04-20 16:38
yea pls invite Vedro.Noopro, I wana bet against them
2017-04-20 16:39
nip invited instead of vega? what the fuck
2017-04-20 16:41
2017-04-20 17:09
2017-04-20 16:43
Fuck the major, this tournament is the Meca of Cs.GO I will be there :D
2017-04-20 16:44
will you really travel from swe to de just for this?
2017-04-20 17:05
yeah, why not? its summer, visit cologne (seems a nice city), go to a legendary cs.go event, see teams that i like. Whats so strange about it? :D
2017-04-20 17:07
I'm doing the same from the UK though
2017-04-20 17:21
nice, it would be great to meet gaming fans from all over europe
2017-04-20 17:25
doing the same from cologne though
2017-04-21 01:38
ahah n1
2017-04-21 01:48
Finals : G2 vs FaZe
2017-04-20 16:44
2017-04-20 16:44
2017-04-20 16:46
2017-04-20 16:48
You're baiting, right ??
2017-04-20 16:52
They refused the invite because of the Major
2017-04-20 17:08
2017-04-20 17:45
PGL Krakow will be the Major in July. ESL One Cologne is a week before PGL, and Astralis wanted to focus on the Major
2017-04-20 17:48
Ohh okey, thanks :)
2017-04-20 18:41
let's fucking win this bois!!1 I may still buy tickets now.
2017-04-20 16:51
It would be a really good event if Astralis could be able to play :( Edit: North next plz
2017-04-20 16:53
I wouldn't be surprised if North took the same decision as Astralis.
2017-04-20 17:11
+1, danes are crybaby cowards by nature
2017-04-20 17:25
Nice b8
2017-04-20 17:27
yer b8...
2017-04-20 17:28
2017-04-20 16:57
INVITE IMMORTALS! OR I WILL CALL ISIS to make a team to participate in the tournament!
2017-04-20 16:58
And here we see irrelevant NIP stealing spots to teams that could actually try to challenge the 1st place.. Just disband already
2017-04-20 17:02
United Kingdom LNX_ 
Just get rid of Friberg.
2017-04-20 18:01
Current line up id only keep disco xizt and f0rest
2017-04-20 18:36
United Kingdom LNX_ 
Disco? Have you been living under a rock?
2017-04-20 18:37
Yes is mikelelel still a pro?
2017-04-20 20:30
Don't pretend that you're trying to bait.
2017-04-20 20:31
I meant draken.. shows how much nip means to me xD
2017-04-20 20:32
Invite North
2017-04-20 17:03
g2 era incoming boyss
2017-04-20 17:04
2017-04-20 17:06
next team should be North
2017-04-20 17:08
2017-04-20 17:13
They declined cause of the major
2017-04-20 17:23
I can't wait for this event
2017-04-20 17:19
-NiP +Astralis +North would be perfect
2017-04-20 17:20
so far so good.
2017-04-20 17:20
Wasted spot
2017-04-20 17:30
invite hellraisers and north
2017-04-20 17:37
gg 0-3 at the major
2017-04-20 17:38
its not going to be swiss system
2017-04-21 18:26
when qualifer?
2017-04-20 17:40
May 20-21
2017-04-20 17:49
Hope HR will get in :)
2017-04-20 17:45
2017-04-20 17:48
Mousesports and North next invite pls
2017-04-20 17:50
Not bad after all, gonna be a gud pre-major tournament
2017-04-20 18:04
Reunion OTAN 
WTF is Virtus Pro doing there????????
2017-04-20 18:31
It's a normal lan not a major, all trans get invite, even shit teams like vp and nip
2017-04-20 19:32
Wait for Major in Krakow my friend. (Vp)
2017-04-20 19:48
No Astralis no party
2017-04-20 18:52
2017-04-20 19:38
2017-04-20 21:13
Expected, they came with good performance last tournament! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-04-20 21:14
Hope they win.
2017-04-20 22:47
invite IMT, please?
2017-04-21 01:27
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