SHOOWTiME: Goal is the playoffs

With DreamHack Austin looming on the horizon, we sat down with Gustavo "SHOOWTiME" Gonçalves and quizzed him on Luminosity's preparation for the event.

Luminosity secured the very last spot at the DreamHack event after topping the North American qualifier, beating CLG, compLexity and Misfits along the way.

It will be the first offline event in quite some time for the Brazilians, who have only competed online since ESWC 2016, where they were sent packing in the group stage after being forced to play with a stand-in.

SHOOWTiME discusses the latest team results

Read on to find out what Gustavo "SHOOWTiME" Gonçalves had to say about his expectations for DreamHack Austin, the latest results, Marcelo "coldzera" David's criticism while stepping in for SK Gaming, and more! 

Let's talk a bit about your latest performances. You placed 3rd-4th at iBUYPOWER Invitational Spring and at the DreamHack Open Tours NA Closed Qualifier after losing against Cloud9 and Misfits, respectively. What have you learned from it?

About the iBUYPOWER defeat, I believe that it was a normal result, considering that they are one of the best teams in North America. We managed to beat them on one map and, although the outcome was normal we could have played the last map better. After playing Overpass against Cloud9, we changed our style on the map and I believe we have improved a lot on it. The series against Misfits was a really close one, we made many mistakes and Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan was on a really good day, and they beat us.

Last time you were at a LAN event was in Paris at ESWC 2016, where you failed to get through the group stage after losing against both Platinium eSport and k1ck.oldschool. Do you think that nowadays, with your team's progress, you could do better in the tournament?

On that occasion, we did not have our AWPer, Gustavo "yel" Knittel, who was sick and could not travel to France. We played with a last-minute stand-in, David "Xp3" Garrido, who now plays for Denial. It was really tough for us, the line-up was new, and playing with a stand-in and communicating in English really took a toll on us. I am sure that, if it were today, our performances would be way better. Today, we are much better organised, and with the full line-up we could go further.

Back in March, you qualified for DH Austin after defeating Misfits in the semis and CLG in the finals. How have you been preparing and what have you improved since then?

We have been focusing on maps that we did not practice much, and are we essentially trying to practice in accordance with the opponents we come across in the tournaments in which we are playing or are about to play, because we know we need to have a strong map pool, with a lot of options and ways out. In the last week, we have been intensifying our practices for the final Pro League matches and to be in good shape in Austin.

You will play against HellRaisers in your first match in Austin. What are your thoughts on them and on the two other teams of your group (Gambit and Heroic)?

HellRaisers are a team that have been improving a lot in the last few months. I believe they are one of the teams who have improved the most after the ELEAGUE Major, and I am sure it will be a very tough game. Our group is really hard, Gambit and Heroic are also some good teams – it is worth reminding that Gambit just made it to the cs_summit final and are Major Legends. Heroic have also had some great results, last week they beat in the Pro League and they also made it to the IEM Katowice semi-finals after a really hard group.

Many consider you to be the tournament's underdogs. Do you think that this factor can help you surprise other teams? What are your goals for Austin?

We might surprise since only a few people believe that we can do something in a group with Heroic, HellRaisers and Gambit. I believe that every team will prepare to face us because there are no unbeatable teams, anyone can beat anyone, especially in a best-of-one match. Our main goal is to reach the playoffs, and I believe that, in a group like ours, that would be a great achievement in itself.

Your countrymen Immortals will play against Liquid, and eventually G2 or Cloud9 in Group B. What do you think of their chances?

Immortals are already well established in the scene and I believe that, if they play at their best, they will advance from the group stage. On a good day, they can beat strong teams, just like they did at IEM Katowice. I believe they are candidates to win the tournament. I will cheer for them to make it to the playoffs. And, who knows, we could have another moment like we had in the grand final of last year’s DreamHack Austin [Tempo Storm vs. Luminosity].

SHOOWTiME admits that being kicked by Immortals was a hard blow 

Many believe that, after SK and IMT, you are the next Brazilian team to succeed. Does this bring you pressure or confidence?

It does not bring pressure because we challenge ourselves to improve and reach the top. We know we are just at the beginning and that there is a long road ahead, but we believe that, with hard work, perhaps we will soon be at the top alongside those teams.

In January, after beating Selfless 2-0, you guaranteed a place in the ESL Pro League. What are your goals for it and for the rest of the year?

Our goal is to reach the playoffs. We have a tough task ahead because we need to win every game remaining in the round-robin stage, and we still have to face Cloud9 and Liquid. It is still possible, we only depend on ourselves, but we know it is hard and we will do our best. As for the rest of year, we want to play in as many LAN tournaments as possible. We will have the qualifier for the Minor coming up, and we want to be there.

Last year, in July, you were dismissed by Immortals for a player (zews) who had not played the game for a long time. Was it tough for you?

Yes, especially because we had won DreamHack Summer, but it was a decision I respected.

A month later, you joined SK to replace fer on a temporary basis. Many spoke about some comments that coldzera made publicly about you. How did you deal with that criticism and with the pressure of playing for the world's best team?

At first, I was very upset, but I know he was worked up, and right after he apologised to me. No doubt that there was a lot of pressure to replace Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, one of the best players in the world, right after the team had won a Major and was number one in the world. It is not easy. But they did everything for me to be as comfortable as possible with my playstyle, which is very different from Fernando "fer" Alvarenga's.

Despite that, what were the positives that you took from that experience?

They taught me a lot. I changed some aspects of my game thanks to the opportunity of playing for a very experienced team, a two-time Major champion. I am grateful for the opportunity and the trust they had in me. Albeit temporary, it was an experience I will take with me for the rest of my career.

Brazil Gustavo 'yel' Knittel
Gustavo 'yel' Knittel
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Brazil Marcelo 'coldzera' David
Marcelo 'coldzera' David
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United States Shahzeb 'ShahZaM' Khan
Shahzeb 'ShahZaM' Khan
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France David 'Xp3' Garrido
David 'Xp3' Garrido
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Brazil Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
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Brazil Gustavo 'SHOOWTiME' Gonçalves
Gustavo 'SHOOWTiME' Gonçalves
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Germany Krisb 
nice interview
2017-04-26 23:51
playoff is the goal maybe?
2017-04-26 23:52
GODTiME and the new LG is comming guys, only wait
2017-04-26 23:53
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
2017-04-27 16:18
BR scene after hiko spoiling how people really are in that country
2017-04-26 23:53
He didn't bring any new LUL
2017-04-27 00:07
You're actually believing in what he said LUL
2017-04-27 00:28
Leave CS scene for a second. Don't tell me now that people cannot rob you on the street or people being kidnapped often. There are so many videos about that specially on tourists. Dont get me wrong. I have a brazilian friend and he is awesome but I see why he is here and for what situations had to leave
2017-04-27 07:34
Well, but it could happen in any part of the world, and even considering the data that you saw, it isn't in the entire country, which city of Brazil did u see the videos? if you consider only this little part of data as the entire country, than you view is biased.
2017-04-27 21:45
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
yeah keep believing the NA attention whore and drama queen
2017-04-27 00:50
Actually I don't give a fuck about Hiko being threatened to death, he's bitching all around, and I agree that people are making such a drama for nothing. I mean, it's not like those kids would really do something against him or his family, since they're just retards seeking for attention.
2017-04-27 01:07
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
Finally someone who understands that this "threats" were being made by stupid 12-year-old kids and Hiko is just acting out on it and talking shit of a whole community because of that! Thank you!
2017-04-27 01:11
Seen alot people that are over 18 doing death threats on hiko on twitter in portuguese so ye...Most of them were 15-16
2017-04-27 13:07
Brazil chococaine 
br players have nothing to do with the minority of the fanbase in brazil, i'm really ashamed of everthing that happend to hiko but u cant generalize :)
2017-04-27 03:49
I replyed just above of what I think. I am sure that the phrase was the classic CS one about hiko with br
2017-04-27 07:38
Brazil RauleS 
Ez 4 SHOOW & Co.
2017-04-27 00:01
Brazil LukeCS7 
"and i believe that" Is this Roman Reigns talking?
2017-04-27 00:03
Ez 4 YelleN
2017-04-27 00:05
Brazil Luca0 
GL show. GL LG. You guys deserve this!
2017-04-27 00:14
people can make fun of shoowtime, but he already won dreamhack, 2x0 nip finals on sweden, won bo5 against vp on lan etc... basicly did most than 90% of whole NA player together LUL =) respect
2017-04-27 00:27
2017-04-27 00:52
United States swiftScope 
2017-04-27 00:55
just facts :> prove me wrong then :>
2017-04-27 01:04
United States swiftScope 
i just lmao you dumbass
2017-04-27 01:04
ok, cuz I was thinking you were another na blind fanboi that would not agree with obvious facts =)
2017-04-27 02:01
2017-04-29 05:08
Nepal OTAN 
ez for G2 anyway
2017-04-27 00:41
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
2017-04-27 00:43
Brazil WolfRayet 
2017-04-27 00:43
Brazil jvecs 
2017-04-27 00:58
basic CS? i arent think that we PRO CS now bois GODTiME
2017-04-27 01:00
showtime knows the basics of cs. we smart we friendly we <3 standins!
2017-04-27 01:02
Singapore repu1se 
Humble guy, wish him luck
2017-04-27 02:09
New Zealand PROALTO 
Cool interview, sober , realistic and humble... hope succeeds further down the road in his career...
2017-04-27 02:27
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Let's go SHOOWTIME, GO BRAZIL ZIL ZIL! do it buddy, nice interview, congratz! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-04-27 02:30
showtime 1-1-14 half Goal is playoffs LOOOOOL
2017-04-27 02:32
Brazil Charizaldo 
"They taught me a lot." 2-1-18
2017-04-27 02:36
You would do better I guess. Let's see where you are and where Shoow is. Ahh, he is among pros, you are among ditry pants, boxes of chips and empty coke cans. Get a shower.
2017-04-28 02:50
lol I actually feel bad for shoow , he seems like a nice humble guy
2017-04-27 03:19
go learn the basics of cs, shoowtime
2017-04-27 03:50
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
Shoowtime is delusional if they think they will achieve something in that group. If they have some close games, i will be already impressed, because LG is so shit against NA, imagine against tier 2 in world, lol.
2017-04-27 05:09
gl shoowtime!
2017-04-27 06:24
Not gonna happenxDDDDD
2017-04-27 06:49
United States vaz 
great player, respect
2017-04-27 08:21
rain | 
Indonesia lather 
Gustavo 'SHOOWTiME' Gonçalves 2-18 -16 29.3 0.13
2017-04-27 10:01
Kazakhstan dc7 
nak's crew has better team play, they could go further plus kNg > FalleN
2017-04-27 11:59
Switzerland Alpollo 
Luminosity will go 0-1 in first game!
2017-04-27 12:43
GL Showwzinho
2017-04-27 15:35
2017-04-27 17:13
Brazil Marcola 
ur goals will not be accomplished, unless some miracle happen, sry.
2017-04-27 18:24
gl shoowtime and lg!
2017-04-27 19:11
Iceland PrTz1 
NT shoow
2017-04-29 18:47
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
NT, better luck next time SHOOWTIME <3
2017-04-29 18:53
Sweden Alheny 
não sabe o basico dos playoffs
2017-04-29 18:54
Brazil nexthi 
feels bad, gl in next time #GOLG
2017-04-29 18:56
playoffs without basics of CS ayyyyy
2017-04-29 18:59
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
and yet they managed to qualify and actually be there on LAN playing and getting experience, while you sit there hating on him. It was their first LAN ever as a team anyway
2017-04-29 19:00
ofc some random brazilian come to defend his team. This was their first "big" event that they managed to qualify, true, but they prepared HARD for it and results are total mess. They played like trash and I'm sure they know it themselves. Good luck to them in future but they most likely won't achieve anything without big changes in-game (or maybe even roster change).
2017-04-29 19:12
shut up faggot kid -coldzera wp to luminosity, this will give them good experience for their next LAN showing.
2017-04-29 19:02
2017-04-29 20:12
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
2017-04-29 20:22
or dead last thats cool EleGiggle
2017-04-29 21:00
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