Video: JW vs. Astralis

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Player: Sweden Jesper "JW" Wecksell
Match: Sweden fnatic vs.Denmark Astralis
Final result: 6:16 (6:90:7)
Match date: 26.04.2017
Map: de_inferno
Event: ESL Pro League Season 5 Europe
Weapon: AK-47
Action situation: fnatic down 0-3

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Sweden Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Bosnia and Herzegovina nikokokoko 
2017-04-27 15:45
JW Who?? Jw da KING
2017-04-27 15:45
why are you making news only for few of the latest highlights?
2017-04-27 15:47
We only make news for highlights that are better than usual
2017-04-27 15:49
nothing sick in that play though
2017-04-27 15:52
Sweden LimeyGaming 
+111 If theres anything that should be made a highlight from yesterday it should've been apex demolishing t-side against VP on nuke. That was sick. This is a good round but not special.
2017-04-27 15:56
Brazil thinking_ 
so ace with 1v3 afterplant vs full bought astralis isnt sick.?
2017-04-27 16:06
Its good/ok these days, considering clips like this back in the day would always make front page but now since there's so many good plays these days it would just fill up the page. There's plenty of aces like this that don't make it, u'd have to be on reddit to see them. I'm assuming it only made it cuz it's fnatic vs astralis, if this clip was on LAN, it would be considered "sick".
2017-04-27 16:49
Brazil thinking_ 
well can u give me a clip past month which is better than this?
2017-04-27 16:50
I'm not going to sift through reddit and see if theres anything that compares to this. Not saying the clip is bad, i like to watch all clips possible just like the 1.6 days. But from yesterday niko's 4k spray headshot was pretty sick but you don't see it on here.
2017-04-27 16:55
Brazil thinking_ 
it was nice, but that was against tier 2 trash team and they were ecoing so
2017-04-27 16:57
it's never an eco vs tec9 headarmor...
2017-04-27 16:58
Brazil thinking_ 
it really isnt better.
2017-04-27 17:20
Sweden Froxez 
much better and much harder to pull off jw is trade fragging, killing one in the back and got extremly lucky on the last one
2017-04-27 17:22
Brazil thinking_ 
WTF are u lost?? nip gave 3 1v1 to niko, jw outplayed astralis in afterplant.. damn people are lost these days
2017-04-27 17:23
Sweden Froxez 
yep he outplayed them and outaimed them in the 1v1's, i see more skill in this than jw's 1v3
2017-04-27 17:37
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
can some1 give this baguette a frog? he seems like hungry and cant think clearly inbe4, i dont give a fck about read only :D
2017-04-27 16:20
I'll have to agree on this one. Albeit some less skilled members on this site believe this is a sick play, it really isn't. None of the frags are anything out of the ordinary. What could be said about the clip is JW's movement on the site and then the gamesense to clear mid and go for the wrap-around. As can be seen with the last opponent, JW anticipated he had already reached the site, but instead was surprised by his presence in library and what's even more awkward is how many bullets the CT missed. Nice edit though, but the clip isn't really worthy of a highlight imo.
2017-04-27 16:32
I can't see how an ace with a 1v3 against #1 team isn't sick.
2017-04-27 16:34
I guess in your opinion it's the situation that is sick, not the actual play. I guess you should start making highlights of every 1v3 out there, because regardless of content they're sick. Right. Oh, and the opponent being the #1 ranked team doesn't really mean much when two of them don't even see you, one doesn't even have time to shoot because of his low HP and the other two missed all their bullets in an awkward fashion.
2017-04-27 16:39
"Two of them can't even see you" - that's because of JW using other teammates' distraction as an advantage "One doesn't even have time to shoot" - isn't that because JW positioned well? "Two missed all their bullets" - simply because JW dodged the bullets Can't see what are you trying to accomplish here
2017-04-27 17:06
using oither teammates as distraction - teammates which died btw, so he baited them, yes? If you bait your teammates for half of the frags and just refrag all the time, isnt really a sick play "dodged the bullets" in csgo???? lul, whats your rank?
2017-04-27 18:25
Using the dodging of bullets as a valid reason to label this clip as a highlight emphasizes even further how you're nowhere close to a skill level which allows you to determine what is a good play. Did JW do some matrix shit, or did the CT choke? Obviously you can't tell.
2017-04-27 21:28
I knew you would say that. Astralis are a "#1 team", yes but they just fucked up massively in this round. Is that what you wanted to showcase? Cause JW didnt have to do anything specialto win it, he even misread the situation
2017-04-27 18:24
Denmark JohnMcDonalds 
Ehm.... Every game mr Dev1ce play then? Where is these highlights, mr VP?
2017-04-27 15:57
2017-04-27 16:06
Luxembourg alex24 
JW the best
2017-04-27 15:49
2017-04-27 15:52
Sweden Froxez 
wtf is this shit? if this is better than usual then where is niko's 3v1 clutch (4k) against nip the other day?
2017-04-27 15:53
that was a 3k tho
2017-04-27 17:00
this 1v3 ace clutch vs. the top ranked team in the world was way better than NiKos 1v3, although that was nice as well no need to cry my friend
2017-04-27 17:32
Sweden Froxez 
2017-04-27 17:49
NiP just rushed NiKo one by one and NiP were already down 0-12 with not a single bombplant so they had basically already lost the match. the flashbang vs. f0rest was really nice but overall not as nice as JW's ace JW's play was a display of great movement, positioning and decision-making, as well as totally outplaying Astralis in the final 1v2. fnatic were also down 0-3 at that point so the round was way more important Last kill wasn't just luck, gla1ve just missed the initial HS and JW side-strafed away from the spray and adjusted extremely good and killed him please, learn to recognize a great play when you see one and you won't have to further embarrass yourself like this
2017-04-27 21:33
Sweden lagcats 
jw is fking nuts
2017-04-27 16:24
Glave is realy bad he cant get trade kill so many times
2017-04-27 16:42
Don't you understand Makku? Even though you made a video of a great player getting an ace against the #1 team in 1v3 afterplant situation, you should actually be ashamed since there are good players like Shox and Niko that also get great plays occasionally. Like how can you completely f*ck up like this!?! Oh, and didn't you also see that one or two of the Astralis players didn't even see him when he shot them? This isn't due to the great movement, situational awareness and gamesense that JW had in that moment. No, this was just luck and lucky clips should be banned from hltv. Shame on you.
2017-04-27 16:56
Great plays from JW by using the enemys mistakes.... This how almost all highlights made dude..
2017-04-27 16:57
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
if he had no gamesense he would stay at plant like a retard and wait for his death
2017-04-27 17:08
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Haha, these guys don't even understand you're being sarcastic.
2017-04-27 21:03
s0denone I started to fear no one would understand.
2017-04-27 22:48
2017-04-27 16:55
he has like 30% of my skill, not bad
2017-04-27 17:00
lul kennys best, guardian bestest but jw the bestest
2017-04-27 17:24
MAKKU y u do dis? I tried to get rich fast but failed. Fuck this
2017-04-27 17:42
lol this is a fucking highlight? where is ropz oder lowel ace against HR??? body wallbang against astralis??
2017-04-27 17:51
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp haHAA always whine about everything and cant check hltv youtube channel haHAA
2017-04-27 17:53
ok ;) but there was no news like this!
2017-04-27 18:49
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
if they posted every highlight there would always someone unhappy, either for spam or for too many "bad highlights"
2017-04-27 22:38
JW | 
Sweden JW_top1 
ez for jw, the best awper in all of cs
2017-04-27 17:59
Europe m9_ 
why do they still put up csgofast ads lol
2017-04-28 00:41
Poland eksnajn 
MAKUCH... best movie editor?
2017-04-28 01:25
kids crying about 'nothing special' cool, now do that against astralis
2017-04-28 11:12
Nans | 
Europe IANpUk 
JW good but not best,JW BEST!
2017-04-28 13:37
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