coldzera: I don't have a limit

With IEM Sydney coming to a close and SK lifting the trophy, we sat down and talked to Marcelo "coldzera" David, the MVP of the tournament.

Despite some matches in the group stage that came down to the wire, SK got through to the playoffs unscathed and put up a dominant performance against OpTic in the semi-final. FaZe awaited in the grand final, but the Brazilians got the win in an exciting four-map series, dropping only one map—Inferno.

coldzera won his second MVP award in a row, after being awarded one at cs_summit

We sat down with Marcelo "coldzera" David, who won the HLTV MVP by ZOWIE award due to his contributions in the SK's win, especially in the grand-final, and heard about SK's system, João "felps" Vasconcellos and the competition.

Coming into the grand final you knew you were going to be playing FaZe. What are your feelings, what did you expect from the match?

FaZe is a team that has a similar map pool to us so I'm not surprised we played these four maps. We like to play against FaZe, because map-wise they are a really good match, we expected a really hard match.

Our focus was to try and play our own game, so we studied them, but didn't do anti-strats. We have a lot of situations prepared and we are better than FaZe in them.

It was a long BO5, four maps played, was there a certain defining situation that you remember? There were a lot of clutches, what is left in your memory?

I think on Inferno, we had two situations when we could've finished the game, we had a 2v2, me and TACO vs rain and NiKo, I think. TACO lost the 1v1 after the trades, after that we broke FaZe's economy, and we had another situation where we had FalleN and TACO against rain. Both situations were crucial for us, because if win we break their economy, but we lost and the game was really close for us, but it was pretty hard to win.

Touching on Inferno, when I talked to TACO in the group stage he told me that you learned a lot from cs_summit, but you didn't manage to overcome FaZe here on Inferno. What do you think about the map, is there a clear favorite or is it still in the air?

I think, for us, Inferno is still in the air. We need to play more, have more situations prepared in the game. On CT side against FaZe it was hard because they played too fast and we are not so good when the team plays too fast. We are practicing, we will fix the mistakes on Inferno. Now we are a little bit more confident on Inferno, but at the next tournament we will be better.

Maybe it wasn't such a big factor in this game, but in general, your play on Train around ivy has been hard to deal with a lot of players, OpTic mentioned that in their interview. Can you tell me a bit about your thinking about it, what do you do, when and why?

When I play on the right side of ivy is when my team is behind the bombsite, so if the Terrorists go ivy they can't flank my team and kill them. When my team plays close to mid, I play close to the green train. It depends on how my team will play.

We tried to do new setups because now teams changed a lot on how to play Train. They are using ivy a lot more. If you die on ivy and they can split A on you, it's impossible to win. So sometimes I give ivy and play close to the five train, looking at ivy from the site. It's better for us because we are compact towards mid, and they need to look at all of the positions on ivy, so I get an easy kill.

One of the things we've seen at cs_summit and especially here is FalleN's form, he's back to his old level it seems, what are your thoughts on his AWPing coming back?

I think the system in the team is better now. felps stopped playing individual and plays inside the setups, giving more space to FalleN. For example on Train, when FalleN is looking at mid, felps is supporting for him. If FalleN is looking at the right side, felps is looking at the left side. So FalleN is relaxed about the other side and he can play his game. Now he is better.

Touching on felps, you said before the interview that he played great, what do you think about his performance at this tournament?

felps played really great, which is a surprise for me because he practiced a lot of new things, and it's hard when you practice a lot of new things to play so good and improve. He did very well in this tournament, I think was is the best player at this event. Now that he changed a lot, he plays for the team and has a different mindset and we've come back for the championships.

This is your fifth MVP award from the start of 2016, second of this year after being the MVP of cs_summit, and you've also been the #1 player of 2016. Where is the limit for coldzera?

I don't have a limit. (laughs)

I just like to play good and consistent, I love playing, so for me… I'll stop when I've won everything. That's my mindset for now.

Is SK back now? How do you see the scene in terms of the rankings with you, FaZe and Astralis seemingly competing?

I think that Astralis are now going down. It's normal, when you're competing, playing and winning a lot of tournaments, it happened with us, fnatic and now Astralis. All the teams study the top one in the world because they are always winning. Now it's hard, but right now I think FaZe is going up, they have good players, they have a good team right now. And I think G2 need to improve a little bit to be at the top, they have a good team and I think this year, CS:GO is the most competitive i has ever been.

Professeur writes for and can be found on Twitter.

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Marcelo 'coldzera' David
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Brazil João 'felps' Vasconcellos
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Sweden WhisperingEye 
2017-05-07 14:53
Coldzera arrogant prick. S1mple much better. Kappa
2017-05-08 19:34
2017-05-07 14:53
Friis | 
Poland Austinn 
2017-05-07 14:53
2017-05-07 14:53
India Gandhii4 
2017-05-07 14:53
Ukraine Al13nB0RN 
2017-05-07 15:03
Finland Sandetek 
2017-05-07 14:53
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
Yes you do.
2017-05-07 14:53
1# in world
2017-05-07 14:53
Croatia mds818 
Swedes got something to say about that.
2017-05-07 14:53
Sweden crindz 
2017-05-07 15:06
2017-05-07 14:53
br power <3
2017-05-07 14:54
Rofl cockyzera
2017-05-07 14:54
nt kennysbot
2017-05-07 14:56
2017-05-07 14:54
He is gonna be top1 hltv player 2 years in a row
2017-05-07 14:56
GeT_RiGhT 2.0
2017-05-07 15:07
Portugal tioNik 
GeT_RiGhT 2.0 indeed xD
2017-05-07 19:01
Germany No_Kappa 
2017-05-07 19:28
France t3r4byt3 
MVPs: MLG Columbus 2016 ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals ESL One Cologne 2016 cs_summit 2017 IEM Sydney 2017 5/6 events SK won, he was the MVP holy fuck
2017-05-07 14:59
2017-05-07 18:34
France t3r4byt3 
mate it clearly says DH Austin under EVP, not MVP
2017-05-07 19:47
Those awards have no meaning now...they give one on every single tier2 event. Keep those awards only for real big tournaments not for Gaming Paradise type shit
2017-05-07 15:00
Israel BingoBango 
Gaming paradise that's some archaic shit
2017-05-07 15:03
Slovakia Ujhazy_Istvan 
counterpit bra bra bra
2017-05-07 15:10
But come one they cant give MVP on events like those MVP awards mean nothing because its not the same being the MVP of a tier2 event and being the MVP of a Major...
2017-05-07 15:13
Sweden X-rAy 
who cares about major? like topteams werent playing top1 and other topteams were at this event... whats ur point? i really cant get there..too much stupidity taking away his credit...we all know hes the most consist player anyways.. u can just be biased and say what u want. there is no other player u can compare to cold. there inst a ronaldo messi thing.. its cold...and then...the others who shine sometimes
2017-05-07 16:25
Dont even try to bait, im talking about cs_summit not this event, cs_summit was a shame and there shouldnt have been a MVP award for that tier2 event, this one is fair
2017-05-07 17:29
I don't get what's wrong with giving out awards. These MVPs aren't meant to be exclusive or anything.
2017-05-07 20:01
At the end of the year they will look into the MVP awards to see who is the best player and a MVP given in a tier2 event should not be the same as the MVP given in a Major, is it hard to understand?
2017-05-07 20:05
I'm sure they weight the tournaments accordingly. HLTV knows what they're doing. The MVP awards are just shiny objects for people to feel good about themselves. In the end I'm sure xyp9x and his Major MVP >= Coldzera's 2 tournaments.
2017-05-07 20:07
United States hehexddd 
MVP at a Major is weighted far more than MVP from cs_summit. c'mon bruh
2017-05-07 20:28
Yeah thats why, I hope they have that in consideration and not just count all MVPs like the same
2017-05-07 21:07
United States hehexddd 
They definitely don't. Trust me :)
2017-05-07 21:08
Netherlands EliteBekkers 
The only thing he has no limit on is his ego.
2017-05-07 15:07
Slovakia Ujhazy_Istvan 
2017-05-07 15:10
Russia cuba_libre10 
the sign of a true winner indeed.
2017-05-07 15:12
cold its a new heaton very brutal player deserve to take first place for the second time
2017-05-07 15:09
Best player is gtr and not this cheater noob....... Gtr is consistent for many years this kid only found undetected cheat in late years .......... Lucker noob ........ Jumpshot bs ......
2017-05-07 15:26
Norway insy 
2017-05-07 16:07
2017-05-07 16:09
2017-05-07 16:25
I am not biased i am not like your ginger thorin
2017-05-07 16:38
get right is the best player of 2014 or something
2017-05-07 17:42
Look at his name. Why would you even reply xD
2017-05-07 20:02
idk man, boredom i guess? lmao
2017-05-07 20:12
Sweden crindz 
great interview, it's fun to hear what the best player in the world thinks about positions and stuff, in this case on train. and ye, inferno is still up in the air. gz to coldg0d and SK!
2017-05-07 15:10
World AFNO 
Lmao at people that are salty about what Cold said. You do realize that question itself is stupid? How should he know his own limit? He keeps improving and getting better... how do you even answer that question? He clearly has huge talent when it comes to CS GO, and many people look up to him as THE best player. He is allowed to boast about his skills a little. I have no idea why people are so butthurt.
2017-05-07 15:12
Slovakia Ujhazy_Istvan 
"How should he know his own limit?" it's called self reflection
2017-05-07 15:20
You will never say that this is my last mvp ever bcuz i will be banned tomorrow for vac xD and you won't say that i will get six bcuz i'm best xD. No good anwser really.
2017-05-07 15:24
World AFNO 
How does he reply then? My limit is _____? The sky is the limit as people say. Every competitor would say the same... the goal is to win everything. You don't go to a tournament and aim for 3rd... 4th place... you go with the mentality to win. He has the skills, he has the teammates... the pieces are falling into place and they are playing beautiful CS. So he boasted a little bit. Boooo fucking hoo, cry me a river. Like I said, I don't get the salt.
2017-05-07 15:26
Slovakia Ujhazy_Istvan 
this is why cs players need training. their vocabulary is so limited (to the extent where they either sound like the most insecure sack of shit or like a cunt with an enormous ego)
2017-05-07 15:32
Can you give us an example of how he could've said that without hurting the feelings of oversensitive ppl ?
2017-05-07 20:59
nah, it only sounds like that to people who lack oral english comprehension
2017-05-08 11:01
"I have no idea why people are so butthurt." Hint: HLTV
2017-05-07 15:22
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
as always my brother! I'm really PRIDE of you <3 so much! Congratz, well deserved! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-05-07 15:14
astralis will come and destroy you at the next major overratedZERA
2017-05-07 15:23
SK is back at the 0 tier lvl, Astralis can touch the stars but the limit for SK is the infinity So: Ez next major for SK :D
2017-05-07 16:40
2017-05-07 17:11
Nice to see you're alive, m8. Thought you had killed yourself after sk's victory EleGiggle
2017-05-07 18:07
2017-05-07 18:07
You've always hated sk so much on this site. I imagine you feel bad watching them winning
2017-05-07 18:09
I dont hate them.
2017-05-07 18:17
Nah, I think you do...
2017-05-07 18:21
You do SO MUCH lol
2017-05-07 18:35
And thats why I dont see you as someone who deserves to get my attention.
2017-05-07 18:38
For speaking the truth? :/
2017-05-07 20:14
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
dont mind him, hes a butthurt salty hater
2017-05-08 10:52
females and kids cringe
2017-05-08 01:24
best player in the world by far!!! GODZERA!! <3
2017-05-07 15:26
device | 
Israel Aarod 
GODZERA showed up again and destroyed FaZe.
2017-05-07 15:29
people are angry because cold said whatever he thought would get the sk fanbase hyped ok
2017-05-07 15:31
Nice clickbait title hltv, totally out of context lol
2017-05-07 15:36
Brazil nnz 
2017-05-08 15:36
I know you like clickbaiting for the views HLTV, but maybe you should consider a more nuanced title next time so the whole comment section isn't kids bitching about the out-of-context headline
2017-05-07 15:41
2017-05-07 20:15
Brazil nnz 
exactly that, lol
2017-05-08 15:37
India otgps 
to be honest, Coldzera has 4 total MVPs. With the amounts of events these days and the opportunities SK had with teams slumped over and injuries to best players, shuffles, roster changes, coaching changes etc, that's a really low number for someone who was the "#1 Player of 2016"
2017-05-07 16:05
2017-05-07 18:36
2 mvps on majors
2017-05-07 20:07
Brazil seltinn1 
one of the best players in CSGO story
2017-05-07 16:06
jOELZ | 
Korea Hunyango 
Thorinn: Push it to the limit! the limit!
2017-05-07 16:28
Brazil godinh0 
fuck off cold is a beast
2017-05-07 16:38
Brazil BrunoRomio 
2017-05-07 16:49
Lul Fallen, felps and niko played so much better than coldzera.
2017-05-07 17:25
Nope. Fallen did great in one map, ok on others, same with felps. Coldzera destroyed every single map, as usual.
2017-05-07 18:03
no way, coldzera played like a GOD in the playoffs
2017-05-07 20:00
LUL "Ill stop when ive won anything". This guy is so brazilian,proud of him
2017-05-07 17:44
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
on overpass he carried all SK by himself, i'm not sure if SK would have won if cold wasn't at his finest
2017-05-07 19:17
yeah and thats the interesting factor about him, hes always (95%) delivering.
2017-05-07 20:16
"By himself" is kinda harsh on the rest of the team, specially on Felps, who played amazingly.
2017-05-07 20:57
Best player in the world right now hands off!
2017-05-07 19:48
Switzerland GoTMedicine 
I lost all respect i had for Coldzero
2017-05-07 19:49
2017-05-08 16:13
2017-05-08 16:37
China ene1nz 
ofc he does: fov 100
2017-05-07 20:08
2017-05-08 05:29
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
best player in the world. IEM Sydney proved why once again
2017-05-08 10:51
Portugal maf1aFoxfan 
best player of all the time in cs history.
2017-05-08 11:00
Brazil VAC0 
"let's not set a goal. Let's leave an open goal, but when we reach a goal, let's double a goal". Dilma Rousseff
2017-05-08 22:58
seems like you do ump45ecofarmzera. suddenly so bad ahahahahaha
2017-06-03 21:03
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