Americas Minor qualifier matches set

PGL has revealed the matchups for the first round of the closed North American qualifier for the Americas Minor.

On May 13-14, 16 teams from across North America will compete in a Swiss stage to determine the last five sides who will be in attendance at the Americas Minor, in June.

Misfits - who recently finished third-fourth at DreamHack Open Tours -, Luminosity and CLG are among the eight teams invited, with the other eight participants having been determined through an open qualifier.

Misfits will fight for a spot at the Minor

The top five teams will join invited duo Immortals and Cloud9, as well as South American qualifier winner paiN, at the $50,000 Minor, where two spots at the offline qualifier for PGL Major Kraków will be up for grabs.

Below you can find the matchups for the first Swiss stage round, which will pit invited teams against qualified sides:

United States NRG vs. United States Trumps Anime
United States Misfits vs. United States Broken Alliance
United States CLG vs. United States Guerrilla Tactics
Brazil Luminosity vs. Canada Ajax
North America Complexity vs. United States Bushido Boyz
United States Rush vs. United States Mask Off
Argentina Miami Flamingos vs. United States FakeOutNation
North America Eclipse vs. North America RONIN
Ukraine set10 
2017-05-09 18:34
United Kingdom Nokzide 
ez for misfits surely
2017-05-09 18:38
Other anarh1st47 
Ez for ajax, Asynchronous Javascript And Xml
2017-05-09 20:31
Denmark AstTop1 
i really want trumps anime stickers
2017-05-09 23:28
Agree #MakeMericaGreatAgain
2017-05-10 08:23
css, php, html, jquery, bootstrap - tier 1
2017-05-10 00:59
Other anarh1st47 
bootstrap tier 2 i think
2017-05-11 18:10
2017-05-10 06:50
Argentina damik1ng 
2017-05-10 17:16
you mean shahzam.
2017-05-10 14:34
United States kdpetr0 
woooooo lets go
2017-05-09 18:38
PRO | 
Portugal migboss 
Ez 4 JonY boY
2017-05-09 22:34
Argentina damik1ng 
It's the moment Jony, we want many "al carajo" GOGOGO!
2017-05-10 17:18
Argentina Rawix 
2017-05-10 23:56
Turkey DespeCito 
2017-05-09 18:34
Other anarh1st47 
2017-05-09 18:34
Brazil XEMBAO 
GL Miami, LG and Misfits
2017-05-09 18:43
And broken alliance, they have a Brazilian XD
2017-05-09 18:47
tac, fake taco
2017-05-10 18:35
tac is new coldzera, tac in 2018 is IMT.tictac
2017-05-11 17:44
tictac new top 1 player, skill+tic. Rating (?)0.86
2017-05-11 17:47
Denmark AstTop1 
what about trumps ANIME?
2017-05-10 09:28
2017-05-09 18:35
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
2017-05-09 18:37
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
2017-05-09 18:35
ez for clg and misfits
2017-05-09 18:36
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
RONIN without miknutty?? lol i aren't think that
2017-05-09 18:35
Poland mamba99999 
Tier1 event
2017-05-09 18:36
Bushido boyz xDD
2017-05-09 18:36
Splyce, Enigma6, and Ghost/BMC all have the MDL LAN so can't participate. FeelsBadMan [*]
2017-05-09 18:36
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
They would not qualify tho
2017-05-09 18:44
You're overvaluing how good coL, RUSH, Miami, Eclipse and all open qualifier teams are. All three teams are more than capable of qualifying for that LAN.
2017-05-09 18:50
(hint) look at his flag
2017-05-09 19:27
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
What are you trying to say with that ? I am not saying miami is going to qualify ..
2017-05-09 22:38
True, experience is all in LAN
2017-05-09 20:08
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
Nrg , misfits, LG , CLG are in .. the 5th place maybe is in dispute ..
2017-05-09 22:40
why the fuck this shit is still allowed to happen???
2017-05-09 21:16
Clg, Lum, Misfits, nrg, compl
2017-05-09 18:38
Canada GRTman12 
2017-05-09 18:39
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Nice! Let's go LG, we can do it! We are the champions! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-05-09 18:39
Denmark AstTop1 
what about misfits
2017-05-10 09:29
2017-05-09 18:40
Argentina nargeN 
2017-05-09 18:41
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
ez for guishorro and -shoowtime +kNg
2017-05-09 18:43
"Bushido Boyz" one man army
2017-05-09 18:44
Poland SUUL 
ez for Miami Flamingos
2017-05-09 18:44
Turkey Purchase 
ez R E O V A gl RONIN
2017-05-09 18:45
4more played as Trump's Anime Team in open quals so you know who you cheer for
2017-05-09 18:46
Brazil nexthi 
where is paiN?
2017-05-09 18:47
They're already in the minor, this is only the qualifier. Pls read the news then you comment
2017-05-09 18:48
Brazil nexthi 
Okay ty , i Just see the Marches in that :/
2017-05-09 18:50
France VeryG2Guy 
closed qualifier with c9
2017-05-09 18:48
Argentina Kamps22 
2017-05-09 18:48
That's the bomb, if you know what I mean
2017-05-09 18:49
I already knew it CD, it was obvious since they didn't try to qualify for the close qualifier
2017-05-09 18:51
United States FatNick 
Mask off, fuck it mask off
2017-05-09 18:49
#GoFlamingos #GoMisfits #GoBrokenAlliance!
2017-05-09 18:49
United States V1ruh 
so ez for misfits
2017-05-09 18:52
ez for misfits
2017-05-09 18:53
Brazil mth^ 
GL LG GL Miami
2017-05-09 19:05
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
Fakeout, but no Mythic. pathetic.
2017-05-09 19:06
They didn't play the qualifier - so how would they be here?
2017-05-09 19:19
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
invites? :)
2017-05-09 19:20
You think a stream team that couldn't even win Main should be invited? Move along.
2017-05-09 19:21
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
Considering "Eclipse" got invited, yes.
2017-05-09 19:24
Eclipse just went 14-2 in their first season of Premier - you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
2017-05-09 19:33
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
:( I probably should've researched more before saying that, but how do you think mythic would've done if they played in premier last season instead of main?
2017-05-09 19:32
2017-05-09 19:32
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
Middle of the table, or lower part?
2017-05-09 19:36
Mythic lost against HEAT (a mix of Rank G players) then Miami Flamingos beaten them easily in the next bracket in some Qualyfier. That talks a lot.
2017-05-09 19:58
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
that was cologne, wasn't it?
2017-05-09 19:58
I think so. I remember that spLyce move forward over Miami (19-17 on such a tight game where Miami was winning like 14-8 or something), before that Miami beaten Heat easily and the last one prevailed over Mythic on a tied match (16-14). So by logic spLyce > Miami > Heat > Mythic. Changing the topic a little bit I seriously think that Miami could make the way to LAN Qualyfier. Those guys have truly potential and they usually go deep on LAN events because some latin-american blood or something (talking specially about JonY, tutehen, and guishorro).
2017-05-10 01:30
Da fack u talking about, when have they go deep in a LAN? I know they have gotten pretty close to qualifying to some but that's it. They need to stop crumbling under pressure and then they might have some chances to qualify to closed qualifiers
2017-05-10 06:31
Wtf? They've been there with proxure 2 months aprox. Stop scrumbling? They are doing their best to qualify for any tourny ofc they can win or loose thats part of the game but they are getting better and better. Im always said its about time! The key is that they have more experience than before and now the can reach to the 5th spot (they can beat coL for example).
2017-05-10 15:18
They have lost a few important games when they were up 14-9 They're doing great and have accomplished a lot in such a few time but they'll have to step up if they want to become T2 NA
2017-05-10 15:26
That was before. Now they have more experience and not sure if they are gonna make it to the lan minor but they will be in form for this qualy. Ofc they need to be in premier aswell to level up the hole team. In the meanwhile the events will know mf so this is not the last chance. And surely MF are going to renovate that contract with them.
2017-05-10 16:06
Hope so,they have good chances to take the fifth spot. Let's hope MF can do it
2017-05-10 16:09
JonY and tutehen did it big on TWC. I don't fucking care if they were not Miami Flamingos yet, but they cleaerly improved their level on this event and played way better than on many Lan tournaments in Argentina. Same with Proxure and sickLy winning the LAN qualify to some Chinese tournament that I can't remember the name and showing some good shit that they didn't show before. Ofc they've a lot to improve if they want to make some big goals, but they're for sure in the good way. They already showed a lot of improvement and fixed mistakes. Which games are you talking about? The only one I remember that they crumbled under pressure was against spLyce.
2017-05-10 18:12
2017-05-09 19:10
United States ldKuKluxKlan 
2017-05-09 19:23
Argentina juanme555RIP 
where is paIN??!?!?!?!? they won the minor qualifier
2017-05-09 19:23
Which is why they are already in the Minor.
2017-05-09 19:24
Argentina juanme555RIP 
:O :O you mean the actual major minor where the teams that went out in group stages in EL Altanta 2017 are?!?!?!?!? that's fucking insane :O :O: O:O:O:O:O:O
2017-05-09 19:25
No, that is the Major Qualifier.
2017-05-09 19:26
Argentina juanme555RIP 
D: D: D: do u have a link to the minor that paIN is gonna play in?
2017-05-09 19:41
I actually feel sorry for you having to answer these questions
2017-05-09 20:15
sickLy | 
Colombia sickLy 
hahaha some people that dont even use GOOGLE! omg!
2017-05-09 22:47
Argentina damik1ng 
sickLy ninja style <3
2017-05-10 14:04
sickLy | 
Colombia sickLy 
:D :3
2017-05-10 21:35
Brazil Charizaldo 
NRG, Misfits, CLG, LG and complexity
2017-05-09 19:31
-compLexity +Miami Flamingos
2017-05-09 20:35
should be ez Bushido Boyz
2017-05-09 19:32
Uruguay Faq^v^ 
Let's go Flamingooooooooooooooos!
2017-05-09 19:59
North America Oakz 
hope flamigos make it
2017-05-09 20:10
es3tag | 
Germany vipitis 
NA Minor ez af while EU Minor and even Minor closed qualifier is stacked af
2017-05-09 20:13
Argentina damik1ng 
Ok. Super german boy... It' true, German is superior to others... The history proved :)
2017-05-10 17:25
Chile Cristoff 
2017-05-09 20:31
Argentina lucOn_k 
#GoFlamingo from Cordoba By Lucon !
2017-05-09 20:39
What happened with eUnited? Did they not play?
2017-05-09 20:39
Mask Off is jcrueL/MAiNLiNE/mitch
2017-05-09 22:56
#GoFlamingos !
2017-05-09 20:46
Argentina Konigmdq 
#GoFlamingos is the moment !
2017-05-09 20:49
cheering for Trumps Anime
2017-05-09 21:25
Lets go eclipse and fakeout and guerilla tactics :)
2017-05-09 21:43
where the hell is Ghost?
2017-05-09 21:44
2017-05-09 22:55
2017-05-09 21:48
Ez for Trumps Anime
2017-05-09 21:54
gl LG¡
2017-05-09 22:11
2017-05-09 22:15
ez for miami flamingos <3
2017-05-09 22:34
World dddouseddd 
2017-05-09 23:23
Best sa nose of all times <3
2017-05-09 23:58
go MF <3
2017-05-10 00:06
Argentina MrHyde3 
Go MF and LG for that spot on the LAN!
2017-05-10 01:13
Brazil xMoita 
2017-05-10 01:28
Miami trash got invited wtf
2017-05-10 01:37
nt nepal scene
2017-05-10 03:34
It is true that they suck considering they cant even qualify for esea premier. Somehow they got invited along teams from esl pro league? All the player in miami trashmingos are overrated as fuck hope they get deported.
2017-05-10 05:23
It's their first NA experience and they already won Esea open league, so they're just waiting until ESEA admins make the decision to invite them to Esea Premier, which is very likely if you take in count that they lost one game in the whole league on OT and the max amount of rounds they lost in a single match was 10. Btw they already beaten some Premier teams, and in the past days they couldnt take it against splyce (already a Pro League team) lossing 17-19 which means they've good potential and could make it big if they keep this path.
2017-05-10 07:12
Winning esea open with most teams that are pugs? While they got pay to play csgo and stay in gaming house. How about they qualify through esea main like how luminosity gaming did. Even after that they need to play against premier teams which are 10x better than the team they face in esea open. Luminosity gaming did it and qualify for esl pro league and they 100% deserve the invite. While miami flamingos with the similar story have stayed in usa for like 1 years and still cant qualify for any notable league and lans.
2017-05-10 08:32
They've been there since February/March, not 1 year
2017-05-10 12:22
Look what they have been doing in two or three months! Actually in one year they could be in the top10 of NA.
2017-05-10 15:22
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
They need to play ESEA Open to be able to play in ESEA Main. They already won ESEA Open, they are guaranteed in ESEA Main and they can be invited to ESEA Premier. Are you fucking dumb? @edit Flamingos is in USA since february if im not wrong.
2017-05-10 16:34
Argentina w33nter 
Yes they played first two matches for esea open season from argentina with 150 ping. Won 16-2. Keep supporting they are taking this seriously! Thanks
2017-05-10 17:15
God, your arguments haven't a solid base. You're talking about things you've no clue. Dude, they've been in USA for 2 months as five people (3 months if you take in count the time that Proxure was playing from Chile cause of some Visa troubles). If they have to play on Esea Main I'm pretty sure they'll make it to finals and ensuring their place on Premier league. They've beaten tons of Main teams already. Btw Luminosity've been on USA for like 1 year or more and they didn't do some big shit yet.
2017-05-10 18:04
2017-05-10 01:55
EZ for Miami Flamingo. These guys are going to give everything to leave Latin America at the top of NA
2017-05-10 03:03
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
These guys are going to give everything to leave Latin America* FIFY
2017-05-10 16:32
arg team lul
2017-05-10 05:25
United States EmperorTrump 
NA tier 4 scene is hilarious. Trumps Anime lmao
2017-05-10 05:27
Ez For CLG
2017-05-10 06:29
NiKo | 
Argentina LocustoR 
2017-05-10 07:30
misfits 100%
2017-05-10 07:45
Singapore Trisha 
Way too easy for trumps anime
2017-05-10 09:55
Argentina w33nter 
GL Flamingos! Best of lucks! Keep the hype
2017-05-10 17:11
United States hehexddd 
Trumps Anime wtf lol???
2017-05-10 17:12
2017-05-10 18:11
2017-05-10 19:11
go flamingos
2017-05-11 03:35
Lets go trump anime u can do this #RoadToMajor
2017-05-11 09:21
Chile Darksking 
2017-05-11 21:33
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