ESL Pro League NA reaches end

All 12 participating teams for the ESL Pro League Season 5 finals have been determined following the end of the North American regular season.

Albeit not quite exciting as in Europe, where the last two spots at the finals were decided by head-to-head record in a four-way tie, the final week of the North American Pro League division saw several teams fight tooth and nail for a top-six finish.

SK Gaming finished at the summit of the table with an 18-6 record, with two of those defeats coming on the very last matchday of the season, when there was nothing at stake for them anymore.

SK topped the North American Pro League division

Immortals and Team Liquid ended the season level on points, but it was the North Americans who placed second due to having a better head-to-head record. Renegades, who were recently in action at IEM Sydney, finished just outside of the top six, along with Luminosity and CLG.

ESL Pro League Season 5 North America final standings:

1. Brazil SK - spot at Pro League finals
2. United States Liquid - spot at Pro League finals
3. Brazil Immortals - spot at Pro League finals
4. United States NRG - spot at Pro League finals
5. United States Cloud9 - spot at Pro League finals
6. North America OpTic - spot at Pro League finals
7. Brazil Luminosity - $27,000
8. United States CLG - $23,000
9. Australia Renegades - $19,000
10. United States Misfits - $17,500
11. North America Complexity - $15,000
12. United States Rush - $11,500 (Relegation stage)
13. United States The Foundation - $8,000 (Relegation stage)
14. New Zealand Animal Squad - Disqualified

Animal Squad have been disqualified from the ESL Pro League after forfeiting their spot in the league, and will not even get demoted to the Premier division.

Rush and The Foundation will fight for survival in the league in the relegation stage, in which they will be joined by the second and third-placed Premier teams, Enigma6 and Ghost, respectively. Splyce are the 12th team confirmed for Season 6 of the ESL Pro League after winning the Premier division.

The Season 5 offline finals will run from May 31 to June 4 at the Verizon Theatre, in Dallas. The following 12 teams will fight for the lion's share of a $750,000 prize pool:

Denmark North Brazil SK
France G2 United States Liquid
Europe mousesports Brazil Immortals
Sweden fnatic United States NRG
CIS Natus Vincere United States Cloud9
France Envy North America OpTic
United Kingdom Tendies 
Not quite eu
2017-05-12 08:47
Germany GeoRg___J 
2017-05-12 08:48
without VP, astralis and Faze, EU squad just looks like NA!
2017-05-12 13:32
ahahahah, at least you tried
2017-05-12 16:33
What are the average viewership numbers for NA region and for EU region? I'm guessing NA numbers are much lower, except for maybe the SK/C9/OG matches.
2017-05-12 15:56
Canada PwnNewb 
eh I wouldn't be surprised if they are pretty high. Sometimes when I bet on garbage quality NA games I am shocked by how many viewers there are.
2017-05-12 17:51
Brazil mrschagas 
so fast, ma frend
2017-05-12 08:48
not quite bad either
2017-05-12 08:49
2017-05-12 08:47
gg sk top 1
2017-05-12 08:47
2017-05-12 08:48
Australia jobione 
2017-05-12 08:48
ahh, so close for Luminosity well played
2017-05-12 08:48
Brazil LaicaBoss 
despiting my flag, they did good imo
2017-05-12 13:09
2017-05-12 08:49
gl envyus
2017-05-12 08:54
misfits not rng
2017-05-12 08:55
2017-05-12 13:47
There was written like : 'Renegades failed to qualify despite a good run at DH tours 'eventually misfits had a God run there,while Renegades played purely at Iem
2017-05-12 14:17
NRG, Optic - waste of spots
2017-05-12 08:57
Lol, optic is definitely in the top half of the teams in this tournament. How are they a waste of a spot? Also they are probably the 2nd or 3rd best team from NA and better than 1/2 the teams from EU as well.
2017-05-12 11:12
You mean those who didn't qualify?
2017-05-12 13:53
Name a few
2017-05-12 14:30
Optic >>> Nv Optic > Na'Vi Optic ~ North Optic ~ Fnatic Optic ~ Mouz Optic < G2
2017-05-12 16:36
retard lol?
2017-05-12 16:57
chr1spe ~ desilusionnal fanboy
2017-05-12 18:48
-Nrg -optic +faze +astralis Would make this LAN much more interesting
2017-05-12 16:33
-NV -na'vi +faze +astralis would make this LAN much more interesting
2017-05-12 16:34
Brazil nexthi 
lol, its impossible 2 NA Teams leave to enter 8 eu teams, its more easy if - Navi and envyus to + faze + astralis
2017-05-12 22:33
Poland cGev 
Still better to take 8 eu teams and 4 NA -optic -c9
2017-05-12 23:10
bad bait they even got map against two Top 5 Teams (SK & c9)
2017-05-12 11:36
yeah and optic won 9 rounds vs sk in a bo3
2017-05-12 16:57
optic still better than liquid without a 5th source--Lan results
2017-05-12 23:21
would've much rather seen CLG in top 6 over NRG or OpTic the groups in playoffs are probably gonna be fucking retarded with one stacked group and one shit group. joke NA biased tournament
2017-05-12 08:57
i would rather see Luminosity, but maybe too early. whoever made it, made it and they deserve to be there, i hope they use some sensible seeding system and then all groups should be balanced. except maybe SK and G2 ending on same group which would be dumb from a human perspective
2017-05-12 09:40
considering Luminositys performance at DH Austin I think they're not ready for international competition. I think the teams that made it deserve it but I think teams like NRG will get absolutely smashed whilst some teams that didn't make it would have a better chance against the EU teams. makes for a worse tournament now imo. would rather see more spots for EU for the sake of viewing experience
2017-05-12 10:51
that has been a problem for a long while, thats why i mentionend LG cause there is structure to their play. afaik tacop just made an edgy comment on twitter about NA scene playing and practising too scrimmy i get what you say, but its alot easier to say this season now that astalis and faze dropped the ball. its no news the eu scene is a bit more competitive, but thats no excuse for astralis or faze
2017-05-12 10:57
not excusing Faze or Astralis, mainly talking about the NA scene here. every year there are 1-2 NA teams qualifying that would hardly beat the regulated EU teams on LAN although in the case of Faze they did have a bit of bad luck in that they lost some games in the beginning while using jkaem as a standin. still, should've probably won more games towards the end
2017-05-12 11:05
oh ok. i think its a shame astralis and faze didnt make it. but I think the top4 NA could give a real match to any top 4 EU. but below that, just think they got unlucky this season, its about focus and playing your best and in that regard perhaps EU teams plays more disciplined (better cs) and maybe deserves 1 more spot than NA. but i think its fair. if you do give EU 1 or 2 more spots, i think i would accept it if you include 3 or 6 more teams in the pro league. sounds reasonable right edit: more teams in eu in case theres more qualifying slots. in NA the balance seems fine
2017-05-12 11:17
Lol, there is only 1 team from NA that I can even see an argument for being worse than the worst teams from EU. You clearly don't follow CS if you would rather see CLG than Optic though. Optic is better than half the teams from both NA and EU.
2017-05-12 11:17
lmao you think OpTic, NRG ot even Liquid would stand a chance against HellRaisers or Virtus.Pro on LAN? ahahaha, nice joke. maybe OpTic/Liquid can beat Kinguin but that's about it. Even EU Premier teams such as Gambit would smash some of the qualified NA teams xD CLG actually put up a fight at StarSeries against EU teams, while OpTics only BO3 win against a EU team on LAN in the entirety of 2017 was against EnVyUs at cs_summit you are either very biased or very retarded or both
2017-05-12 11:32
Japan kitzune 
rofl your biased if you think kinguin is on the same level as optic nrg or liquid. in case you missed it, liquid has become a respectable team for any tier1 teams
2017-05-12 11:54
wow did you not even read my comment? do you know HOW to read? I literally wrote "OpTic/Liquid can beat Kinguin". NRG? most likely not. they have done absolutely nothing against EU teams on LAN basically since the org was formed. they even lost a BO3 against Tricked in Copenhagen Games ffs, what makes you think they can beat any team in EU EPL in a BO3 at LAN? they'd barely beat the top teams in EU Premier tbh
2017-05-12 12:11
Omg what are you saying
2017-05-12 12:31
United States SpicyGrandpa 
1 million prize pool now, not 750,000
2017-05-12 09:14
France Evocat 
250,000 for the online stage (for teams which didn't qualify) and 750,000 for the lan final, so it's technically right
2017-05-12 09:21
United States SpicyGrandpa 
Ohh my bad
2017-05-28 07:52
Ez for oskarsports
2017-05-12 09:17
So glad misfits didnt make it.
2017-05-12 09:19
2017-05-12 09:32
The best NA teams actually got the spots. Damn.
2017-05-12 09:34
Korea Damianlee 
EU Relegation : VP / HR NA Relegation : Rush / ex-Selfless lul nice level pals
2017-05-12 09:35
Paraguay HighAIching 
+1 and both continents have the same amount of spots wtf
2017-05-12 10:03
Korea Damianlee 
well with astralis, faze and HR out of the european spots , EU = NA in these very EPL finals but indeed there are too much "only online" teams in NA so it easier for teams like NRG to get a spot
2017-05-12 10:48
EU=NA only teams here that didn't go out in groups everytime are SK and IMT while EU has g2, north (1 bad event), navi (1 bad event), fnatic ??? dk they've gotten better but I mean atleast they made it out of groups once with this roster unlike C9 liquid nrg and optic (lets be honest they got shat on by good teams at sydney lucky north fucked themselves NA logic 2 teams make it out of groups sometimes is just as good as 4 teams making playoffs
2017-05-12 17:01
NA 4head
2017-05-12 09:58
2017-05-12 10:26
United States Cheezyshooter 
$750k. This is quite the tournament.
2017-05-12 10:39
ez for NA again
2017-05-12 10:45
NRG at the LAN, not FaZe or Astralis. Good job ESL
2017-05-12 10:59
I think you mean good job faze and astralis.
2017-05-12 11:19
Only SK would qualify in EU EPL
2017-05-12 11:20
That is why the last final had zero teams from the EU side right?
2017-05-12 11:21
Cloud9 had the tournament of their lives, autimatic even admitted it. Back to being shit since then. Plus, all EU teams are much stronger now
2017-05-12 11:22
Cloud9, Optic, and immortals are stronger than half the teams that qualified from EU. Liquid is at least as good as a few of them.
2017-05-12 11:25
thats really funny man
2017-05-12 11:25
sh1ro | 
United Kingdom Dave2303 
They're all probably better than envyus but id put any other EU team that's qualified over NA (-Sk and maybe immortals)
2017-05-12 13:08
I'd put any EU team that is qualified equal to or under most of the NA teams except G2. I don't think even G2 is a huge favorite against Optic or C9, but they are definitely a favorite. The rest could easily lose to NA teams. Astralis, Faze, G2 and probably even VP though they haven't played well in a while are better than NA teams for sure, but the rest of EU could easily lose to any decent NA team.
2017-05-12 16:31
So, FaZe, Astralis and NiP are out, while NRG will play in the finals along with Na`Vi and mousesports, lol.
2017-05-12 11:04
Hellraisers is much better than nip atm...
2017-05-12 11:07
who do you blame? really , who do you blame? nrg are able to take maps of SK online at least. vp have no wins online whatsoever
2017-05-12 11:20
whom to blame? stupid esl rules! why do 6 teams from NA qualify no matter they're worse than those EU teams that don't qualify?
2017-05-12 13:38
This is not a "the best teams in the world matching up each other" tuornament. Since the very first day EPL is about the best six from NA and the six best from EU. There in no reason to bitch about the spots...
2017-05-12 15:47
Reminder that if NA only had 4 spots this season, C9 wouldn't be going to the finals and NRG still would.
2017-05-12 15:49
C9 probably would care more about online matches to place higher, and they would place higher than fucking NRG for sure if it mattered in any way.
2017-05-12 16:33
who said their worse? the final standings is all on their back. sure there are less easy games, but not making top6? or even getting to relegation? and tehse are youre best teams? honestly I struggle to find any excuse the top 4 from NA can give ANY eu team a good run for their money (literally) as we know obviously SK and Cloud9 have the skill but also optic and Liquid, who have made impact in the past by winning tier1 lans or even getting to major finals. so.... 2 more teams and you blsme the system? tbh they just fucked up astralis, faze, and especially VP
2017-05-17 03:11
Have I said a single word about VP? I was talking about FaZe and Astralis that easily are better than any team from NA.
2017-05-19 13:29
Nip isn't even near to be at the finals,m8.
2017-05-12 14:06
navi isn't that bad made it out of groups of every big event they attended this year
2017-05-12 15:06
and once they meet more or less strong team, they lose to it...
2017-05-12 16:33
yeah lost to astralis 3 times and SK which most teams would lose... its a lot better than optic, liquid, c9, NRG, NV who haven't done shit this year. optic sure top 4 iem playing non salaried team twice got destroyed by the good teams... their summit sure w.e but again really bad teams NRG got destroyed by tricked at Copenhagen games... liquid slowly getting better but last place at Austin (mostly NA competition in their group) and top 6 at summit losing to mixwell C9 went out in groups twice at DH and iem, 4th at summit (Brax fill in and played the best for them) and went out in groups at DH austin NV 1 win on lan in 9 maps fnatic there are some ??? about them but it looks like they've been getting better mouz sure 1 lan only but did get top 4 got destroyed by G2 tho (beat them on one of their better maps tho) IMT? up and down so saying a fucking Navi is at this lan so it sucks isn't fair when they've had better performances than most of the teams there. Also guess who has the same performances as navi? NORTH top 8 top 4 top 6 top 8 nobody ain't sad that they made it right even tho they had the same achievements in 2017
2017-05-12 16:50
to compare navi to NA shitbags - seriously? i compare navi to T1 teams and navi hasn't done shit yet, while astralis and faze have done at least something worth mentioning in the last months. NA should have no direct spots at finals at all
2017-05-13 13:25
ESL Pro League NA should only have max 4 spots
2017-05-12 11:05
2017-05-12 11:06
then EU should have 4 slots as well
2017-05-12 11:21
Japan kitzune 
if you wanna be the best, beat the rest. whats the point giving EU 6+ slots if they cant capitalize on it? let the 6 best of each continent slug it out, seem fair no?
2017-05-12 11:26
Let's have all teams play a combined league, you already who ends up in top 12
2017-05-12 11:51
I guess that wouldn't work bcuz of the timezones.
2017-05-12 14:09
Ping would be shit, too.
2017-05-12 15:48
Liquid, NRG, Immortals and C9 instead of Astralis, Faze, VP and Hellraisers. ROFL
2017-05-12 11:06
Na'Vi, Envy, Mouz instead of Astralis, Faze, VP, and Gambit ROFL
2017-05-12 11:20
chrisJ | 
Germany 1buffen 
Mouz actually better than all na teams excluding sk
2017-05-12 12:12
Yeap... Navi is pure dogshit atm.
2017-05-12 12:48
Navi has had good performances in 2017 tho if u say navi u should also say north (literally same placings), fnatic, mouz, g2
2017-05-12 16:52
it's not NA's fault if faze, vp and astralis are dogshit and can't beat nV, mouz and na'vi.
2017-05-12 18:03
World h8DD 
Well Liquid looks good after the acquisition of Twistzz. I know who i'm gonna cheer for after the likes of Faze and Astralis sitting home watching the tournament on Twitch :/.
2017-05-12 11:18
Astralis and Faze lul
2017-05-12 11:27
chrisJ | 
Germany 1buffen 
Ez 1. Lan win for mouz!
2017-05-12 12:11
Turkey HypnoSia 
No faze not hard for sk
2017-05-12 12:18
United States EmperorTrump 
Too bad CLG not qualified, I like them.
2017-05-12 12:39
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
I would be surprised if SK doesn't win this, without FaZe & Astralis being there. Only team I see that can challenge them is G2, and that's if they play their hearts out. Also, I have this strange feeling fnatic will do some serious damage this tournament, let's see...
2017-05-12 12:57
why you think SK so good? they did lost Renegades yesterday, G2 show very good CS last time, special aim,amazing performance. Fnatic was very good in last games, for Navi this tournament will be very important, special for players, I think they will be tryhard too
2017-05-12 16:11
World smash143 
6 spots for EU and Faze/Astralis can't even make it through over NV. Salty EU fanboys complaining one of the very few tournaments where NA teams get equal slots. Given the history of esea in NA I think it should be equal.
2017-05-12 13:28
North America khansab2000 
2017-05-12 13:33
Brazil neyzambo 
Final G2 x SK
2017-05-12 13:32
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
Wow that's going to be the shittest EPL so far. Should be 4 NA spots and 6 EU.
2017-05-12 14:45
NA will win
2017-05-12 14:51
Will be easy for the brazilian teams
2017-05-12 14:55
United States Vox_Lunae 
Too bad clg didn't make it, they look promising.
2017-05-12 15:04
People say "Eu 8 spots Na 4" but C9 won the last season...
2017-05-12 15:12
damn eu teams are so shit these days NA takeover continues
2017-05-12 15:26
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Well done! Sad for LG, but Let's go BRAZIL, we can do it my boys!!! We are the champions! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-05-12 15:34
"7. Luminosity - $27,000 8. CLG - $23,000 9. Renegades - $19,000" But CLG and Renegades have more points than LG, haven't they?
2017-05-12 15:35
No, they finished the season below them in the rankings. ESL bases ties off the matchups against each other, so if you went back and looked at the head to head matchups, CLG probably lost to LG and RNG the same.
2017-05-12 15:52
According to this page CLG and RNG have more victories (points) than LG. It is not a tie.
2017-05-12 16:06
Well I don't know what to tell you then, because on the ESL website, on the broadcast, and on the Liquipedia website, they're all tied. So I guess HLTV got it wrong?
2017-05-12 16:11
Yeah, I guess thats it. I think they removed Animal Squad matches (and that would be the reason why ESL website shows only 24 matches for each team, and not 26). So them end up tied.
2017-05-12 16:17
Brazil SucessoEaLama 
where is FaZe,Astralis ? wtf easy for Sk maybe xD
2017-05-12 15:59
Why did NA have spots like EU? Na haven't many good team like EU,NA have 4 good team?, - Sk, Imortal, Liquid and Optic, 4 spot will be ok for NA
2017-05-12 16:06
Because if there were 4 spots for NA, Optic and C9 wouldn't have made this LAN final, and NRG would have anyway.
2017-05-12 16:11
C9 it's will not be big lost, because they did played disgusting last time, I think teams like Faze,Astralis, HR,VP most better than Cloud9,NRG,Optic,Immortals
2017-05-12 16:17
Brazil wAc 
c9 are the current champions of esl pro league and are definitely better than mouz and nv so stfu
2017-05-12 18:10
Cloud9 had 1 tournament, after they didn't show something good, they play like NIP now or worse
2017-05-12 23:26
so ez for sk HAHAHAHAHA
2017-05-12 16:12
SK will win this and consolidate their 2.0 era.
2017-05-12 16:29
United States Upmind 
Only the Major can really solidify their 2.0 era. If they win, I cry. xd
2017-05-12 16:45
United States Upmind 
LG fucked themselves. Literally had the spot won, but couldnt finish it off.. GG
2017-05-12 16:43
Brazil nexthi 
2017-05-12 17:56
>OpTic and NRG over CLG
2017-05-12 18:16
they should only have 4 spots not fckn 6
2017-05-12 18:18
2017-05-13 07:05
FNATIC will destroy them all!
2017-05-13 11:20
Moneyball; all the same orgs at the top . we need a new statistic perhaps a low-tier team that excels with certain personalities no one ever thinks of this come on animal squad; you can be the next athletic a's
2017-05-14 01:18
Poland mamba99999 
Just look at it and compare NA to EU...
2017-05-19 13:36
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