Americas Minor teams determined

All eight teams taking part in the Americas Minor have been determined with the closed qualifier coming to an end.

Over the last two days, 16 teams battled in the closed qualifier, played in an adjusted Swiss format, in which two losses resulted in elimination while three wins ensured qualification.

In the end, all of the favored sides qualified. With Skyler "Relyks" Weaver standing in for Sean "seang@res" Gares (who wouldn't be able to attend the Minor due to his wedding taking place during it), Misfits made it through unscathed alongside NRG.

Misfits will attend the Minor, but without seang@res

With three wins and one loss, Luminosity and Complexity followed, while CLG grabbed the last spot after coming back from an 11-15 deficit on Cache against Bushido Boyz.

With five teams joining South America's open qualifier winner paiN and invited sides Cloud9 and Immortals, these eight lineups will take part in the Americas Minor from June 8-11, where they'll fight for two spots at the PGL Major's offline qualifier.

United States Cloud9  Brazil Immortals  Brazil paiN  United States Misfits
United States NRG  Brazil Luminosity  North America Complexity  United States CLG
United States Skyler 'Relyks' Weaver
Skyler 'Relyks' Weaver
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Sean 'seang@res' Gares
Sean 'seang@res' Gares
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Tendies 
Shame about Trump's anime team, they deserved it a lot.
2017-05-14 23:50
United States ImFat 
Yeah, rip :(.
2017-05-14 23:56
Argentina FoxterGaming 
Not at all but okey
2017-05-15 00:24
Nice wanna see immortals vs c9
2017-05-14 23:51
2017-05-14 23:50
Calling it right now C9 and Immortals go to major Qual with C9 taking the Minor
2017-05-14 23:51
C9 cant beat Immortals on LAN
2017-05-15 00:08
Im gonna take that bet. how much is in? 50$ in skins?
2017-05-15 00:12
Brazil mrschagas 
C9 lan? 4Head
2017-05-15 00:55
In a langame between C9 and IMT I would set the odds to 60:40, favoring C9. So if this bigmouth would accept my bet, Im a 10% favor in my eyes, thats really good.
2017-05-16 17:21
United States Jamila 
IMT don't have a 5th
2017-05-15 00:58
NA CS PogChamp
2017-05-14 23:55
get these complexity losers outta here
2017-05-14 23:56
Misfits and C9 will win it. Immortals always choke major qualifiers.
2017-05-15 00:00
Not major qualifiers though
2017-05-15 05:09
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Imo 4 teams here got the biggest chance. C9 Immortals Misfits CLG (Depending on Koosta hitting his shots and team playing good overall) otherwise Luminosity.
2017-05-15 00:03
United States SpicyGrandpa 
I think NRG have a muhc better chance then clg or lg
2017-05-17 05:57
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Yeah ofc, but that depends on Koosta imo
2017-05-17 14:49
just imagine if Immortals doesnt qualify again :D LUL
2017-05-15 00:08
Brazil chococaine 
thats the minor tho, they have never failed at the minor
2017-05-15 06:46
hippien | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
Immortals and C9/CLG will make it
2017-05-15 00:14
Glad Relyks gets to play.
2017-05-15 00:32
CLG and Immortals
2017-05-15 01:22
Cloud9 and CLG
2017-05-15 01:43
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Let's go Brazil! We can do it boys! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-05-15 01:44
United States CWalker 
cough cough Fnx cough cough
2017-05-15 03:14
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
No Liquid?!?!?!? Serly!?!?! One of the most expensive NA team, can't even play at the MINOR!?!?!
2017-05-15 01:54
United States morkmodkip 
They don't have to go through the minor. They are already at the qualifier for the major.
2017-05-15 02:29
felps | 
Brazil Fr4m3 
2017-05-15 02:30
Qualifier for the Minor is over, now the Minor, then the qualifier for the Major, then the Major? Do I have it right? This whole qualification system is a mess
2017-05-15 02:01
United States morkmodkip 
Yes, its very simple, it just a simple list process.
2017-05-15 02:30
this is true -> minor closed qual quals - minor closed qual - minor lan - major qual lan - major ezpz
2017-05-15 05:10
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
would be funny if theres only br teams at the minor
2017-05-15 04:08
Asia reez023 
Misfits & C9 to Krakow
2017-05-15 04:53
RIP Trump's Anime Team. I wanted to see the stickers :/
2017-05-15 05:05
CLG need to stop playing cache in BO1s against NA teams
2017-05-15 06:26
Brazil chococaine 
immortals and c9 locked pretty much
2017-05-15 06:45
Spain chanSw0w 
Why is not OpTic?
2017-05-15 12:50
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