Best photos from Pro League Finals day two

The group stage at ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals came to a close yesterday with six teams earning their spots in the playoffs. Here are some of the best photos taken throughout the day in Dallas, Texas.

The day started with the upset from Immortals on G2, while fnatic beat the one of the local favorites, Cloud9. After going 3-0 on day one, SK lost both matches of their remaining matches to the French teams, Envy and G2.

SK, Envy, and fnatic then had to play mr3 tiebreakers, which eventually saw the Brazilians and the Frenchmen going through over the Swedes, joining G2 in the playoffs.

Group B was less chaotic with North getting an opening win and automatically guaranteeing their spot in semis, while Natus Vincere, despite their good start against NRG, eventually fell to OpTic and failed to secure their slot in today's quarter-finals. mousesports' victories over OpTic, NRG, and Liquid gave them the second place of the group, while OpTic's win over Natus Vincere gave their countrymen Liquid the third and last spot in the playoffs.

Without further ado, here are the best photos from day two, taken by our photographer, João "rzyx" Ferreira:

You can find the rest of the photos from day two in our gallery here, while photos from day one can be found here.

nice photos as usual from HLTV <3
2017-06-01 18:12
2017-06-01 18:12
Sad pictures everywhere
2017-06-01 18:12
Belgium bioZARRRD 
2017-06-01 18:13
Sweden ThorinEk 
Why no photos of Fnatic?
2017-06-01 18:41
There are more photos in the related galleries if you check the featured links at the end of the news piece.
2017-06-02 13:06
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