TACO: "We weren't ready to play on day two"

Our next interview from ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals is with Epitacio "TACO" de Melo, who shared his thoughts on their poor finish to the group, the tiebreakers, and today's quarter-final against mousesports.

SK started the group with three convincing wins versus Cloud9, Immortals, and fnatic, but ultimately finished Group A with a 3-2 record, dropping one-sided matches to G2 and Envy.

TACO felt SK got complacent on day two

Winning one of their two mr3 tiebreakers against fnatic and losing the other to Envy, SK secured third place in the group and thus a spot in the quarter-finals.

Read on to find out what went wrong for Epitacio "⁠TACO⁠" de Melo and company on day two, as well as his thoughts on the tiebreaking format and the upcoming quarter-final battle with mousesports: 

The first day went really well for you, 3-0, three very convincing maps, but then on the second day, everything fell apart and you lost to both French teams one-sidedly, what changed?

Maybe we didn't prepare like we did for the first day. Also, G2 and EnVyUs are two great teams. I think we kinda lost our focus or something like that, because we thought that a 3-0 was enough to go to the playoffs, but it was a lesson that we're gonna take to the next tournaments.

Do you regret having left Cobblestone through instead of Cache against G2, or is it more about mistakes that you made in the match?

We didn't know how G2 play Cobblestone, we never watched them play it, we knew that they are really good on it, but also we feel really comfortable to play Cobblestone. We chose Cobble because of their gamestyle, we think they're really aggressive and on a map like Cache it's easier to get kills being aggressive, while on Cobblestone you need more teamplay or passive actions. Now we know that they're very good on Cobblestone, but it is one we're very comfortable on as well.

Similarly in the EnVyUs match, such a tough loss on Inferno, what made it so one-sided?

I think the veto was not good for us, we had to choose between Cobblestone and Inferno, and like I said, Cobblestone is a great map for us, maybe better than Inferno or on the same level at least. But the thing is, we know that EnVyUs is having good results on Inferno in EPL, they almost beat FaZe if I'm not wrong. We chose to play Inferno because we're really confident on this map as well, but in the end - of course it's easy to say this now - Cobblestone would have been better or us.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you've played these tiebreakers before with the mr3's, what do you think about the format?

I don't care about the format, when we accepted the invite and when we signed the contract to play the tournament, we just have to accept it, play and shut up. Of course we can give our opinion, but during the tournament it's not fair. If we knew that the format was going to be like this, we just have to play and that's all.

In theory, would you rather have 16k startmoney in the tiebreakers rather than 10k? That seems to be one of the most criticized things about the format...

16k would be better for the CT side, but like I said, I really don't care.

Going over to playoffs, you now know you'll face mousesports who secured second place in Group B, what do you make of the match-up?

We're gonna be ready for tomorrow, we weren't ready to play today but tomorrow we will play with 100% focus and we're gonna watch more, veto better, we're gonna do everything we didn't do today. It's gonna be a hard match, mouz is a good team, they showed they're doing really well, but as favorites I think we're gonna win.

Brazil Epitacio 'TACO' de Melo
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k0nfig | 
World R4ZV1
2017-06-01 15:22
ez 4 mous nobs
2017-06-01 15:22
6 replies
Brazil luisss
Lets see my friend
2017-06-01 16:32
Brazil luisss
2017-06-01 21:03
4 replies
gratz BRAZIL you play very good
2017-06-01 21:26
3 replies
Brazil luisss
Thanks!! Recognition is everything
2017-06-02 05:10
2 replies
i hope SK will win with g2 semifinal
2017-06-02 15:19
1 reply
Brazil luisss
and i hope vp will comeback from this shit! SYA
2017-06-03 05:01
Indonesia DezfanzeR
the problem xD
2017-06-01 15:22
Spain Alser
Hopefully they're not ready today either xd
2017-06-01 15:22
2 replies
Haha true
2017-06-01 16:36
but if they are... RIP Mouz
2017-06-01 18:00
mOE | 
Iraq Bad_Guy
2017-06-01 15:23
2017-06-01 15:24
Brazil inside_1
go sk
2017-06-01 15:24
no shit taco!! ._.
2017-06-01 15:26
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Yeah, you could definitely tell there was some struggles within SK on the second day. Stay strong TACO. :) Your fans will cheer for you. :)
2017-06-01 15:26
4 replies
I agree. Im a big TACO fan. Siema Jonty.
2017-06-01 15:46
3 replies
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Siema, Mohamed_Gustavson. :) TACO is truly an underrated player in my eyes. Have a good day, friend.
2017-06-01 15:48
I am as well. If HLTV hadn't removed the ''primary fan'' thing you would see "<3 TACO" beside my name. He's perhaps one of the most underrated players today. But people keep thinking that professional CS is the same as Match Making where all that matters is your K/D... Sad.
2017-06-01 18:02
1 reply
Sweden Flukey
Every team needs a TACO, the man who will do everything the others dont want to do.
2017-06-01 18:20
Just an excuse, they got just overruned and now try to find excuses.
2017-06-01 15:27
1 reply
Brazil Nimenz
Excuses? I just saw a player accepting his team's fault.
2017-06-01 18:18
2017-06-01 15:28
Dumb comments, also no preparation for opponents, seems cocky af team xdd...
2017-06-01 15:30
1 reply
Brazil hunte[R]
agreed. Didn't prepare for opponents, playing to hide strats thinking they were classified. Anyway, they got what they deserved yesterday, hopefully SK from day one will play today
2017-06-01 15:49
Poland flq89
So bet on Mouz or sk
2017-06-01 15:36
1 reply
Germany ssaH
mouz + 5,5 rounds ( 1,9 odd ) but stil very risky
2017-06-01 16:35
Taco : 16k would be better for the CT side, but like I said, I really don't care.
2017-06-01 15:37
if you dont care about alot of thing why you did the interview?
2017-06-01 15:40
G2 and Envyus Great teams ahahah biggest troll ever
2017-06-01 15:50
2 replies
France AnTr3aS48
ah yes like nip and fnatic
2017-06-01 16:02
1 reply
Woooow. Respect sweeden.
2017-06-01 16:13
France StickyRice
Brazil always finding the worst excuses ever.
2017-06-01 15:52
1 reply
2017-06-01 16:32
2017-06-01 16:01
uhhh still he couldn't just say that NV or G2 played better in those particular matches, trying to blame everything else but not themselves lol
2017-06-01 16:31
1 reply
He should blame himself, he's the worst on that team tbh
2017-06-01 16:38
Why is he in denial? Just accept the fact that you fucking lost so you can work on it and come back harder instead of coming up with excuses.
2017-06-01 16:53
100% focused.. watch vetos.... bruh, SK and friends just walked into a mousetrap. putting my life savings on mouse to win the series.
2017-06-01 17:27
2017-06-01 17:57
mouz take my energy
2017-06-01 18:04
Finland ginbay
2017-06-01 18:09
good experience for ropz to play vs sk
2017-06-01 18:11
2017-06-01 18:20
Taco is never ready.
2017-06-01 19:33
720 | 
World cl^
you are never ready fking bot
2017-06-01 23:02
I like SK but I didn't like these words. You are not ready to be Top 1 then
2017-06-02 05:21
HLTV good job, nice interview as always! Thank you, we appreciate that! And TACO/VACO, focus words, you all know what need to do... so let's go to strike them on semifinals now! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-06-02 20:12
its ok...hope they win next tournament :3 #RUNSKG
2017-06-05 10:23
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