CIS Minor group draw

Starladder has revealed the draw for the group stage of the CIS Minor.

Taking place at the GamerStadium, in Moscow, from June 8-11, the CIS Minor will kick off with eight teams, all determined by a closed qualifier, split into two double-elimination groups.

Both groups have two high seeds, which were given to the group winners of the closed qualifier, as well as two low seeds, which are held by the second-placed sides from the previous stage.

Vega Squadron pitted against Tengri in the first round

In order to be able to comply with the tournament rules regarding academy teams, Spirit Academy will rebrand to TS.Academy for this competition, in which they will also play under a different logo.

The CIS Minor will reward the top two teams with spots at the offline qualifier for the Major, from June 29 to July 2. A total of $50,000 will also be on offer at the Russian event, with the winner taking home $30,000.

Below you can find the group draw in full:

Group A Group B
Russia TS.Academy (Spirit Academy) Russia Spirit
Kazakhstan Tengri Russia Spartak
Belarus K29 Russia Quantum Bellator Fire
Russia Vega Squadron Ukraine pro100
ez pro 100
2017-06-01 21:04
ez for Sparta i mean Spartak. Putin told me Spartak is nr1.
2017-06-02 14:13
Italy Reyden2210 
2017-06-01 21:04
Poland MrLegionista 
2017-06-01 21:04
World fns1 
2017-06-01 21:04
JD | 
Poland PSZ 
2017-06-01 21:04
2017-06-01 21:04
Friis | 
Poland Austinn 
2017-06-01 21:04
Sweden WhisperingEye 
2017-06-01 21:04
Syria Gonezxzx 
get ready 4 throws
2017-06-01 21:04
United Kingdom Wmtv 
So many Russian teams
2017-06-01 21:05
whoever says that these teams are worse than EU minor are idiots
2017-06-01 21:05
Thanks for the laughs xD
2017-06-01 21:24
you're welcome we'll see who's gonna laugh
2017-06-01 21:25
Sweden LimeyGaming 
flag checks out.
2017-06-01 21:25
2017-06-01 21:51
Jame | 
Iceland xijmplr 
TeamSpeak academy ez 1uke is celebrity, he is at tv ads
2017-06-01 21:06
Vega and Tengri
2017-06-01 21:07
lol spitit n1
2017-06-01 21:07
Bulgaria RzE 
What a waste of a spots...
2017-06-01 21:07
Vega 16-2 NiP
2017-06-02 10:54
Norway jon_be_goode 
If they were better than the EU teams you wouldn't be so afraid of having them play in the same minor. This might scam a fairly good team like BIG, Penta or LDLC (who are all better than the teams at the CIS minor) out of a spot at the major qualifier.
2017-06-02 12:55
No one scares! Valve decide on 4 regions!
2017-06-02 13:16
Honestly vega is probably better than ldlc and penta right now and are 50 50 with big. those teams are overrated but they are just inconsistent tier 3 eu trash tbh, sometimes has some good upsets but not really good overall. vega on the other hand has been steadily gotten better since the last major qualifier and have a strong team dynamic and firepower. teams like big rely too much on *at least two* of their inconsistent "stars" like nex or tabsen or keev to show up huge and when they don't (at least one of them if not all of them do disappearing acts every other game) they blow. Rather have vega/tengri/spirit/pro100 have these spots than those, and penta with forever mediocre krystal LUL what a joke, it's just a mousesports academy team tbh, same with LDLC, just a lower french scene farm team with ex6tenz grooming them (honestly feel like ex6tenz can make a return back to the french scene if another higher tier team emerges besides envyus/g2 and needed a IGL, he has really improved since he gotten kicked long time ago, too bad he's competing with shox/happy for those spots).
2017-06-03 00:29
Norway jon_be_goode 
Well maybe Vega Squadron should have one of the spots at the EU minor then, not an entire minor for free all to themselves. Now that f3 have a spot at the qualifier from finishing bottom 8, and Gambit and Na'Vi are already legends, there are literally only shit teams to fill all but one spot at the CIS minor. Space Soldiers, NiP and Heroic all lost at the EU minor qualifier, do you really think these teams wouldn't have made it to the CIS minor when teams like Spartak and Spirit Academy made it?
2017-06-03 01:44
i dont get the T4 organisations that get themselves an academy team...
2017-06-01 21:08
Vega and Spirit will go to the qualifier.
2017-06-01 21:11
cajunb | 
CIS spk13 
2017-06-01 21:13
Armenia KKegham 
Vega and Spirit. ez for ma boys Mir and Davcost.
2017-06-01 21:17
Moldova OptimusBlyad 
2017-06-01 21:19
Group A -> scary af Group B -> so fucking ez for spirit nice draw ffs
2017-06-01 21:24
Latvia cr00ked 
go pro100 )))
2017-06-01 21:35
lmao 0 teams from cis minor would quali for eu minor, so baddd
2017-06-01 21:37
Lithuania Woozylul 
and 0 Asian teams and 0 American teams ...
2017-06-01 21:45
tyloo, flash, vici, maybe renegades c9, immortals, misfits, clg cis minor is just cancer
2017-06-01 21:47
United Kingdom trtr098 
of course they wont qualify for eu minor because they are playing for cis minor! smh
2017-06-02 23:45
because they are so bad and valve let him make minor but still better than uk scene
2017-06-02 23:53
United Kingdom trtr098 
eu minor qualifier so ez for xantares
2017-06-03 01:32
Russia Antist 
Huge respect to the EU players who relate well to the CIS players and teams. Thx.
2017-06-01 21:43
Vega to top group A and Spirit/pro100 to top group B.
2017-06-01 21:51
Finally high level cs, this EPL lan finals so shit
2017-06-01 21:52
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
2017-06-01 22:33
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
I feel sorry for some of the better CIS teams, having to play against some of these lower tier cheat teams to qualify for the major. Rough.
2017-06-01 22:37
Russia v1p3rrr 
2017-06-01 22:39
ez prediction ,TEngri Vega - Spirit Pro100 , then Tengri win Pro100 , and Spirit Vega, spots for TEngri and Spirit
2017-06-01 22:49
Cmon pro100
2017-06-01 22:59
We should vote about worse semi-pro nickname on the planet. My thoughts go with: balblna, FANAT ROCKA and It's my... it is very tough decision.
2017-06-01 23:12
Belarus p4vlik 
Make shelds to protect K29! Go! Go!
2017-06-01 23:38
Jame | 
Netherlands Polakva 
ez 0-2 and go to minsk
2017-06-02 05:26
Europe KappaKaako 
K29 only one that could do sumthing
2017-06-02 00:42
Vega & Spirit will win this
2017-06-02 05:25
China yakmonster 
lets look if CIS teams still throw in Minor ..
2017-06-02 05:38
Asia reez023 
Vega/Tengri & Spirit
2017-06-02 06:23
again in the grand final Vega vs. Spirit
2017-06-02 10:56
Vega vs Spirit in final
2017-06-02 12:25
CIS teams are pretty boring except for starix and maybe Vega.
2017-06-02 13:17
Russia St3ady 
2Ez4Starix and pro100
2017-06-03 15:36
Brazil cadik 
two slots for CIS. what a waste
2017-06-04 15:13
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