Evil Geniuses again with Canadians

January 22nd, 2009 17:23
The North American organization Evil Geniuses housed for a long time a Canadian and an American Counter-Strike team. Up till recently it has however only been an American, but Evil Geniuses have now announced their new Canadian roster.

Evil Geniuses have recycled two players formerly playing in Evil Geniuses, being Halston "Tekn1kal" Bellintani and Nick "chosen" Lalonde. They will team up with three former members of Sway Gaming, Wilson "ryennn" Chen, Dave "heller" Marentette and Matt "adr" Caverly.

With the changes, the Canadian Evil Geniuses roster is:

Canada Matt "adr" Caverly
Canada Nick "chosen" Lalonde
Canada Dave "heller" Marentette
Canada Wilson "ryennn" Chen
Canada Halston "Tekn1kal" Bellintani

Alex Garfield, Executive Director of Evil Geniuses states:

"We considered a multitude of options for our Canadian Counter-Strike division before deciding on this lineup. We left no stone unturned, and really considered every possible roster combination available to us. We thought long and hard about our options, and came to the conclusion that this group of players was the best fit for EG. 2008 was a great year for Sway Gaming's Counter-Strike team, and Dave, Matt, and Wilson played a huge role in that success. We think that teaming them up with Nick and Halston, two of our most talented, dedicated players, will help EG to once again raise the standards for Canadian Counter-Strike."

The team is to be competing in the CEVO-P and ESEA league and will be travelling to major LAN events in both Canada and North America. The team will furthermore play a show match against the American Evil Geniuses team tonight.
nice :)
2009-01-22 17:29
Time and HLTV IP ? :)))
2009-01-22 17:33
Very good news for canadian team. I hope they show good result in the CEVO-P and ESEA league. And good luck play a show match versus American Evil Geniuses team tonight.
2009-01-22 17:43
Brazil fzZ 
gl guys
2009-01-22 18:39
2009-01-22 19:23
we want to see Shaguar :-)
2009-01-22 19:28
Netherlands adrbb 
oh lol a canadian adr =[
2009-01-22 20:19
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