kennyS: "Comeback on Overpass very important"

After G2's triumph at ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals, we got a hold of the tournament's MVP, Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, to interview him about the grand final against North and upcoming events.

G2 began the grand final by winning two maps in a row, a narrow Cache and a one-sided Cobblestone, before falling short on Overpass despite a huge comeback attempt (from 2-14 to 14-16) and clinching the title with a 16-3 scoreline on Inferno.

In our interview with one of the winners and the Most Valuable Player of the event, Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, we discussed the grand final and G2's events in the near future:

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France Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
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aimlock on other maps important too
2017-06-05 03:40
Norway insy 
Retarded amerifat important too
2017-06-05 12:49
Czech Republic acio 
cry is free
2017-06-05 13:29
just like your mom is free!
2017-06-05 14:32
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
Hey now
2017-06-05 20:00
youre a rockstar
2017-06-06 11:10
World fns1 
2017-06-05 03:40
United States Jrfaster 
Would be more impressive if it wasn't North
2017-06-05 03:41
United States Binsnl 
Would be impressive if it was C9 or Lulquid huh?
2017-06-05 03:56
United States Jrfaster 
Na would be more impressive if it was faze or any decent EU team c9 and liquid are a joke
2017-06-05 04:08
United States Binsnl 
Faze isn't an NA team bro
2017-06-05 04:22
United States fff 
and the sky is blue. shut up.
2017-06-05 04:52
United States Binsnl 
thanks Sherlock, he said Faze was an NA team
2017-06-05 08:45
Canada ssau 
No, he didn't. Read it again.
2017-06-05 14:17
United States Binsnl 
I thought he said "Na" as "NA" not "nah" lol
2017-06-06 04:23
United States fff 
agreed, it is kind of confusing
2017-06-07 03:19
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
he said "na" or "nah"
2017-06-05 20:01
North is a decent EU team, and the fact that G2 had to beat both SK and fnatic to win this event, was impressive enough to solidify them as a top3 team
2017-06-05 08:48
Top 3 after this? Nah mate.
2017-06-05 10:27
They are definitely among the 4 best teams in the world atm. In no order, the only tier 1 teams are SK, G2, Astralis and FaZe. They can all beat eachother at any given Sunday. FaZe usually beats Astralis. SK usually beats FaZe G2 usually beats SK Astralis usually beat G2
2017-06-05 10:33
Honestly G2 had a tough path, beating Envyus, SK, and fnatic in groups, then 2-0 SK before spanking North. North did have an easy path but anybody from Group B was going to, tbh.
2017-06-05 04:09
United States Jrfaster 
Yeah. Group stage was more entertaining then the final tbh.
2017-06-05 04:23
gAuLeS | 
Liechtenstein KotoPRO 
Its hard to say. Just like SK , G2 relays too much on individual performances... Like , Sk didnt Win this because coldzera played way below his averege ... If carryS stops showing up for some reason , G2 Will be way less powerfull
2017-06-05 06:26
Yeah, the much I watched the final it was the same story all over again. Some player in G2 makes a ridicilous solo play to win a round. And yeah looking at the scoreboard coldzera didnt show up at all vs G2. If he'd be on top of their team as usual, the result would have been very different.
2017-06-05 10:32
I have to disagree, yes kennys hit a lot of shots but he didn't actually made insaaane plays which saved the round or maps etc, it was really a team effort with good team plays, good angles, crossfires etc. So saying they only relied on kennys isn't true imo
2017-06-05 20:02
Not saying it was kennys. Sometimes apex, sometimes bodyy, sometimes shox. 1 player making insane shit almost every round.
2017-06-05 20:24
Looking at the results between G2 and North in the past half year or so, North should be at least as good as G2. This could easily have been a much closer match.
2017-06-05 10:28
Switzerland MaesterRhaegar 
G2 x SK Gaming, we saw who's the best awper in the world currently. But for now, G2 is the best team in the world, with a wide map pool.
2017-06-05 03:42
SK in 2017 LUL
2017-06-05 04:09
Yes we did, it's kennys.
2017-06-05 04:15
nt guy from irrelevant country
2017-06-05 05:04 Take your own conclusions. FalleN, the best awper in the world, the 2nd best player of 2016.
2017-06-06 16:21
Because of one game he couldn't even carry? Nice try, and where was he in the past 6 months? Thought so.
2017-06-06 16:28
FalleN, the monster, the IGL, is coming back, the best AWPer in the world, the 2nd best player of 2016.
2017-06-07 17:13
G2 is not the best team in the world and their cache and overpass needs a lot of work just beating the 3rd best team in the world is not enough to be the best
2017-06-05 05:10
They won a tournament without best 2 teams, that means that they are 3rd best case scenario, but I will consider them just top 4 atm
2017-06-05 10:32
Definitely max top 4.
2017-06-05 10:33
SK beat faze 3-1
2017-06-05 12:52
Norway Phancy11 
Mvp on dreamhack, same here, next mvp on major mark my words
2017-06-05 03:42
Looks like kennys is back.
2017-06-05 03:46
2017-06-05 03:47
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
next event; going out in groups... just like last year with g2
2017-06-05 04:05
Kenny top 3 player for 2017 surely and a possible major champions G2. #G2ARMY
2017-06-05 04:22
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Gotta say Striker has come along way as an interviewer. Feels weird seeing any CSGO interview conducted by anyone but Striker. Either way GGWP kenny & company. G2 is looking good.
2017-06-05 06:11
That is kind words! I taught him everything he knows.
2017-06-05 07:24
Australia xeLp 
2017-06-05 10:25
2017-06-05 16:04
Ukraine stochou 
Kenny best
2017-06-05 07:16
his englando is good gg kenny
2017-06-05 10:11
who the fuck did he thank in the final?
2017-06-05 16:54
Finland ginbay 
Saatana turpakii
2017-06-07 13:13
Malaysia phyzell 
Comeshot is way better than a comeback!
2017-06-07 20:03
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