ESL announces $1m Intel Grand Slam prize

June 12th, 2017 19:00

ESL has revealed the first details about the Intel Grand Slam, a $1 million prize up for grabs by the teams competing in the ESL/DreamHack circuit.

The Intel Grand Slam is a separate prize that will be awarded to the first team to win four out of ten $200,000+ tournaments hosted between DreamHack and ESL.

The first of such events will be ESL One Cologne, which will take place in early July at the Lanxess-Arena, with 16 teams vying for their share of a $250,000 prize pool.

ESL One Cologne will be the first event to count towards the Intel Grand Slam

ESL and Intel will also offer $100,000 to any team able to put a stop to a potential Grand Slam winner. In case a team already have three titles to their name and lose the fourth final, the winning team will get $100,000, provided that they are not in contention for the Intel Grand Slam prize themselves.

Once an Intel Grand Slam winner is found, the trophy count of all teams will reset, and the race for a new champion begins.

Below you can find the events that are confirmed for the Intel Grand Slam:

  • Germany ESL One Cologne - July 7-9
  • Sweden DreamHack Masters Malmö - August 30 - September 3
  • United States ESL One New York - September 16-17

UPDATE: ESL Pro Gaming director Michal "Carmac" Blicharz has since revealed that the first event to count towards the Intel Grand Slam is ESL One Cologne, not the ESL Pro League Season 5 finals as originally announced by ESL.

2017-06-12 19:01
wow... just wow
2017-06-12 19:02
Andorra TYZ4 
Ez for VP
2017-06-12 19:02
shox | 
Switzerland znon 
2017-06-12 19:03
Nice 1 million
2017-06-12 19:03
astralis doesnt involved on the first 2 event lol
2017-06-12 19:09
astralis doesnt involved on the first 2 event lol
2017-06-12 19:24
Andorra TYZ4 
astralis doesnt involved on the first 2 event lol
2017-06-12 19:35
Xyp9x | 
Denmark SpiteJ 
Esl Pro league season 5 doesnt count tho
2017-06-12 20:08
Belgium JvRcs 
Hype holy molly
2017-06-12 19:02
Sweden OptimusBlyad 
2017-06-12 19:02
2017-06-12 19:02
JW | 
Brazil Dino1 
2017-06-12 19:02
2017-06-12 19:04
2017-06-12 19:02
ez skins
2017-06-12 19:02
2017-06-12 19:03
No anti cheat but over 1m in prizes lmfao
2017-06-12 19:03
ESL anti cheat is great, but Valve uses VAC a.k.a. the worst anti cheat, that could be written in 3 hours by any programmer.
2017-06-12 22:25
holy shit
2017-06-12 19:03
That's pretty good
2017-06-12 19:03
That's really cool
2017-06-12 19:03
United States gtmaniacmda 
2017-06-12 19:03
2017-06-12 19:03
North America Oboe 
This is great. I love to see ESL and DH teaming up to do something new and exciting for the scene!
2017-06-12 19:03
Well, they are owned by same company...
2017-06-12 19:07
North America Oboe 
Didn't know...still I think it's a really cool thing they are doing.
2017-06-12 19:16
ESL DH ESEA owned by same company. Just different brands.
2017-06-12 21:05
allu | 
Finland Murco 
oh shit nice
2017-06-12 19:03
2017-06-12 19:04
When you want VP to play good just put more $,
2017-06-12 19:04
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
WESG 2016? no? $1,5M They lost Kinguins...
2017-06-13 09:51
Major was like week later?
2017-06-16 20:00
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
Thats the reason not to win $750k?? With that money they might go to the rest like nV at major))
2017-06-16 23:45
They wanted a Major title too... They outplayed themselves. if they did not lose some rounds they would win major :)
2017-06-17 03:25
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
2017-06-12 19:04
Events victories will be split between G2/SK/Astralis and FaZe but i feel like G2 is the only one that might have a shot at winning 4 out of 10.
2017-06-12 19:04
Fucking well done 2 tournament of invite festivities so my boys from HR cant even compete for it :(
2017-06-12 19:04
ez for fnatic
2017-06-12 19:05
This article is wrong, first event will be ESL One Cologne 2017, not EPL s5 finals
2017-06-12 19:05
2017-06-12 19:17
Best way to make it more likely than some teams are cheating ...
2017-06-12 19:06
Your sentence is utter bs. Try again.
2017-06-12 19:28
Turkey xAiakos 
2017-06-12 19:06
Canada uhJake 
This is sick
2017-06-12 19:06
ez 4 who they call g2
2017-06-12 19:07
100K ez for NiP
2017-06-12 19:07
2017-06-12 19:07
If this would have been done since the beginning of CS:GO fnatic would have won this (DreamHack Winter 2013, ESL One Katowice 2015, EEPL S1, ESL One Cologne 2015(, EEPL S2).
2017-06-12 19:11
Sweden KRlMZ 
2017-06-12 19:16
2017-06-12 19:17
So now teams can not skip a tournament. Well played.
2017-06-12 19:18
SK|Gaming Grand Slam Champions! that sounds nice. I think only Astralis can compete for this, or if any other team wakes up, maybe g2
2017-06-12 19:18
SK has to win t1 events first for this to happen lol.
2017-06-12 21:05
So basically this means nothing? No team is going to win 4 out 10 tournaments, its very fking unlikely
2017-06-12 19:18
Lithuania Skiirt 
Yeah it will be really hard but that's what makes it interesting.
2017-06-12 19:41
2017-06-12 23:29
tabseN | 
Spain Alser 
That's very cool, have to give it to ESL when they actually get it right
2017-06-12 19:23
So this is like a tennis ATP tour, but for CSGO? Nice
2017-06-12 19:23
Finland Emvi 
Well thats a way to get teams accepting invites.
2017-06-12 19:24
It will make all the top teams compete and not skip events :)
2017-06-12 19:26
Astralis wont skip any more tourneys
2017-06-12 19:27
Wow thats so cool but what do they mean when they say they give 100k$ to the team that wins against a team that already has 3 titles, because even though they loose the one game lets say they won all 3 titles in a row before, they still have 6 chances to get the million dollar right? And when does the team in that case gets the 100k$??
2017-06-12 19:28
Yes, any 4 victories count, they don't have to be in a row (because then no-one would ever win them lol). A team only gets the 100k, to my understanding, if they beat a team that would have won the grand slam if they had beaten them in the final. So, an extra incentive not to pay out the $1 million :D Really cool to see this co-operation between DH and ESL, should mean that more top teams play in DH events too.
2017-06-12 19:43
Okey thanks ! So they also get the 100k $ even though when the team with 3 wins has still chances to get the 100k $ after their loss then?
2017-06-12 19:51
Yes, that would make sense. I assume this carries on at least until someone wins, as I don't really see anyone winning 4 events in 10 to be honest.
2017-06-12 19:59
In the current competitivness of csgo I dont think so either :D That is the best timing possible for DH and ESL to implement this feature ;P
2017-06-12 20:01
Cyprus Xeeh 
DH and ESL are owned by the same company so it's not hard to cooperate
2017-06-14 01:35
DH is owned by ESL.
2017-06-16 23:54
2017-06-12 19:29
Cool, now ESL let ibp play in your tournys and im subbin to your youtube channel
2017-06-12 19:30
G2 here we go wooo.
2017-06-12 19:49
Just sibscribed esl teitch nerwork yotttutbe thisbis goodly
2017-06-12 20:00
If we could count the dreamhack tournaments that already happend this year gambit would easily get the 1m
2017-06-12 20:02
nope they weren't $200 000+ events
2017-06-12 20:17
ez gambit=lanbit
2017-06-12 20:14
g2 wins all of them so easy for them, there is no reason to watch this tournaments when you already know the winner.
2017-06-12 20:17
gona take forever like a year
2017-06-12 20:27
ez for Federer
2017-06-12 20:54
astralis doesnt involved on the first 2 event lol
2017-06-12 20:55
someone tell esl to stop boring bo5 finals, bo3 is always better, both for viewers and players.
2017-06-12 20:57
2017-06-13 09:55
ESL has fingers crossed that no one actually wins 4 out of 10. If someone does ESL will pull some technicality BS on roster change or some shit and not pay out anyway.
2017-06-12 21:59
ez for cloud9
2017-06-13 08:19
industry is growing, investors pumping a lot of money on the market
2017-06-13 11:39
Grandfinal will be Navi-Astralis Nuke 16-0
2017-06-13 14:19
wow. such wow
2017-06-13 17:20
Austria shaakeh 
2017-06-13 22:12
2017-06-13 22:13
No but wait what happens if 3 different teams are all at 3 wins then some forth team comes out of nowhere and wins the last one? Do they get 100k or 300k? And then what happens to the rest of the 700-900k?
2017-06-14 03:13
People shit on ESL all the time, but they are doing some good shit right here. #96 noone gets the prize if noone achieves the grand slam. Would be cool if they make it a jackpot system the year after If team D won only 1 in your example, hence stopped some team with 3 wins from achieving it, they'd get 100k as they say. If along the way one of those other 3 teams who end up with 3 wins, had 2 wins and beat someone with 3 wins, they would get 100k at that time but then become ineligible since they'd now have 3 wins too Easy ? It seems the worst financial situation for ESL would be.. Team A wins 3 Team B beats them 3 times in the next 3 and gets 3x100 = 300k Team C beats either A/B 3 times in the next 3 and also gets 300k Team A B or C wins the last and gets $1m, ESL pay out $1.6m Of course the best situation is no team wins more than 3, or if someone gets to 3 they don't make it to a final and ESL pay out $0 in bonuses. They have tons of money, its an > $100m Euro valued company, this is just a good idea to bring incentive to teams to plan out and push hard in at least SOME of those 10 tournaments. The increase in quality of gameplay and marketing factors make it worth it to them I'm sure, should be plenty of real quality games and hype tournaments as it proceeds ! Just my 2c but I like it. Good stuff ESL
2017-06-14 09:19
Stewie2K | 
Israel Aarod 
Teams are going to fight really hard for this one.
2017-06-14 16:28
finally something good coming from esl
2017-06-14 16:34
Major prizepool needs to be increased now
2017-06-17 03:29
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